I Told You So 438


Remember that I have been warning you that Christianity and Christians are under attack by Satan's spawn?

It is no longer in just places like China and Muslim nations but is now taking place in places like Europe as shown by this video. You can't even preach the Bible, even if you are a religious leader.

This is what happens when you let Satan's spawn infiltrate your universities, media, and government. They will fight to destroy Christianity and Christians. Good old tolerance hard at work. You were tolerant of their paganism but now they refuse to be tolerant of your Christianity.

You just might want to join the global prayer vigil before it is too late. Satan's spawn are closing in on you everywhere.


Their magnificent leader, Brandeau, has tested positive for COVID.

Hold it, isn't he fully vaccinated?

If he is, then the vaccine he is forcing you to get didn't work and, if he isn't, then he is requiring everyone else to get the same vaccine he won't get.

Which is it?

Either way, he fails.

It turns out that the coward Brandeau has fled the capitol to an "undisclosed secure" location and is being reported that he has tested positive for COVID so he can stay in hiding as per this video.

You don't think the power mad little tyrant is having dreams about guillotines, do you?

I guess Brandeau must be concerned that his own people are so angry at him for his crimes against them that they want to give him a Bastille haircut. Hey, Brandeau, it is so you and you should love it, you can lose at least 10 pounds of ugly fat really fast. Just think, you can join your French Royal Family in Hell with their Bastille haircuts.

What? Did you think you could get away with all of this evil tyranny forever, Brandeau?

Remember that I have been teaching you that the upper class trash will never stop trying and, when they fail bad enough, they will always resort to violence?

When Brandeau got run out of the capitol building in Canada, he tried to use force by commanding the police to arrest the truckers but the cops did the right thing and refused to try to arrest the truckers.

Now Brandeau is trying to get the Canadian military to attack and take down the truckers fighting for freedom, you know, the upper class trash using violence and force to get what they want just like I have been warning you for years.

Now, if the Canadian military obeys Brandeau's illegal orders, they are complicit in Brandeaus treasons.

The question is, "Will the Canadian military do what is right or be complicit in Brandeau's crimes against their people and nation?"

The Canadians should bolt a guillotine to the sidewalk in front of their capitol building with a big sign on it saying, "Emergency: In case of tyranny, use this!"


Remember that I have been telling you how corrupt they have made our governments?

This video shows that the upper class trash use a number of ways to "legally" launder money to influence the elections instead of accepting the will of the people. Basically, the upper class trash own our governments so that those governments do whatever their puppet masters tell them to do instead of doing what is best for the people.

Here is another video showing more about the financial corruption of the upper class trash royals buying elections. He shows you some of how it works.

And you thought you were actually voting people into office instead of the upper class trash buying them into office? Really?

I have been warning you about this for years because, as an M.B.A., I am trained to manage those organizations that were intentionally designed by the upper class trash traitor attorneys to do just what they do. You also see how and why they had those same corrupt attorneys write the laws they wrote and then paid the corrupt politicians to submit and vote for those corrupt laws.

"No, it can't be a conspiracy. It just gots to be a magic coincidence, well, a lot of magic coincidences, an awful lot of them."

Now do you believe me that the lefties have used this "dark money" to start up hundreds of lefty YouTube channels to put out propaganda, lies, and misinformation, especially with unscrupulous "doctors" during this fakedemic? Do you get the picture yet?

I keep seeing more and more YouTube channels popping up putting out lefty propaganda. I would not be surprised to find out that they have thousands of these lefty fake channels.

They are criminals running their international criminal organization.


You will have to use captions but this video shows some of the reasons the corrupt lefty commie traitor upper class trash want to station troops in Ukraine. It will put US missiles within 7 to 10 minutes of Moscow just like I warned you and make it very easy for them to begin to conquer Russia or, at the very least, use extortion to enslave them.

This is exactly what I have been warning you about.

Do you believe me yet that the real reason why the US wants troops in Ukraine is to be able to quickly conquer Russia so the upper class trash can get Russia out of their way to set up their global dictatorship?

If the upper class trash do manage to stage troops in Ukraine, then Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea will be FORCED to stage a preemptive attack against the West before those troops can be properly deployed or deployed in adequate force. That is the only way they will be able to survive.

Note that China, Iran, and North Korea cannot afford to permit Russia to be taken out of the game, therefore, they will be forced to go to war to help Russia survive in order for them to survive.

Then, a few days later, I found this video that shows Biden is sending 3,000 US troops to Poland, Romania, and Germany to shore up that area so Europe won't be as afraid of Russia invading Europe to turn Eastern Europe into smoldering rubble so Europe, especially Germany, will be more inclined to support the US invading Russia, to distract from the lefty failures taking place and the Canadian truckers' rebellion against lefty tyranny.

"Hey, don't look up north because we lefty tyrants don't want you Americans to get any ideas about deposing our criminal tyranny."

This video tells you that NATO has not activated any troops for that area so the US is trying to force them to activate troops for that area to get Germany and other European nations to support the invasion of Russia and those European nations don't want a war with Russia.

The US and UK beating the war drums to go to war against Russia is looking more and more like a distraction from the lefties failing at everything else because it is looking like it is failing as an invasion.

Maybe the upper class trash failing to cause this invasion to materialize is God working to protect Russia without destroying the US?

Really, people, we are striking fear into Putin by sending 8,500 and 3,000 troops to face off against more than 100,000 Russian troops?

Oh yeah, I bet Putin is shaking in his boots. /sarc

Then I found this video for which you will have to use captions. At about 40 seconds into the video the Hungarian PM Orban states, "This means that not a single EU leader wants a conflict with the Russian Federation to flare up."

That says it all, people, the EU does not support the US and UK in a war with Russia. It could not get more clear than that. The US should not go to war against Russia because we could end up fighting the EU too.

All of this war drum beating by the US and UK has become just about a distraction and to win as many seats as they can in the 2022 election. It is show and smoke and mirrors so that everyone involved should be ashamed. It is all a great big lie and con job.

Upper Class Trash Royals

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash royals see you as lowly peasants and animals and not as humans?

This video explains some of that quite well. The upper class trash royals are so out of touch with reality that they are clueless about reality and you are reality.

Also note how these arrogant, simple minded fools think that they can just sell out their own nations and people for money with impunity, not even stopping to think about what will happen when China is the only nation in control and to sell out for money. The fools don't realize that China knows that, when China is the only nation to sell out for money, these traitors will sell out China the same as they sold out their own nations, therefore, China will round the arrogant lefty fools up and execute them to keep from being betrayed by the fools. China executes Chinese who betray the CCP all of the time and they don't think China will execute them "because the fools are different and they are special".

China knows that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor.

Corrupt Courts

Remember that I have been telling you for years that too many of our courts are corrupt?

This video spends the first half to two thirds showing you how corrupt the DOJ is and, at the end, shows you how corrupt too many of the courts are, just like I have been telling you for years.

It gets more and more obvious every day that the upper class trash royals and lefties have caused extreme levels of corruption in our governments in an obvious effort to destroy our nation so the left could set up their communist dictatorship the left could use to set up their global dictatorship.

Do you believe me yet that these people are very evil?


Whoopi has been suspended from the View for her comments about the Holocaust for two weeks and she was partly right. Hey, the lefties don't want you to tell ANY of the truth. It is all lies or nuttin', baby.

You have to understand that the lefties have deceptively only been teaching you about the 6 million Hebrews the Nazis murdered in their death camps and not also about the other 6 to 7 million people, mostly Christians, to make it look like the Holocaust was all about race and not about destroying Judeo-Christianity.

They tell you the lie that Hitler was a Christian because Hitler publically stated he was a Christian the way Obama lies about being a Christian when he is a devout Muslim to get the Christian people to follow Hitler. The truth is that Hitler was a closet Luciferian or devil worshiper who used the death camps to wipe out Judeo-Christianity or Judaism and Christianity combined so it really wasn't about race, it was about religion.

Don't think so? Then why did Hitler have so many known Hebrews in his administration and as officers in his military?

If you research it, you will find out that is true. Some of his top people were known Hebrews that were not devout practitioners of Judaism.

Gee, the lying lefties don't tell you about that, do they?

Also, to cover up for the truth, the lefty historians only tell you about the 6 million Hebrews until you point out the other 6 to 7 million then they tell the lie that the other 6 to 7 million they intentionally failed to tell you about were blacks and homosexuals, which is only partly true because relatively few were. Almost all of the other 6 to 7 million they keep intentionally forgetting to tell you about were Christians, many were preachers. They don't want you to know that so the lefties can claim the Holocaust was all about race while the lefties are also waging war against God, the Bible, and Judeo-Christianity just like Luciferian Hitler did. Gee, what a coincidence.

So the left has finally gotten rid of ultra lefty Whoopi, but for only two weeks. People, she is just getting a paid two week vacation because she dared to tell the truth.

Then I have heard she is threatening to quit the show but that may be her preparing to negotiate a bigger check. We will see.


Remember that I have been warning you that China has been using its businesses to infiltrate soldiers into the US and make other preparations that are a threat to US national security?

This video shows how China is buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of US farmland and taking other steps to gain control of important parts of our nation like our power grid, which do pose a threat to US security.

Media Corruption

Remember that I have been telling you that the corrupt lefty media are a huge part of our problems?

This video shows you that the lefty media and lefty government are in the same bed with the lefty media being complicit in the crimes of the government. They, the lefty academe, lefty attorneys, lefty DAs, lefty judges, and others are accomplices in this lefty coup and insurgency. They are all involved in the same acts of treason.

Lefty Media

The lefty media started a fight about 100 years ago with the advent of radio they are now losing because it is back lashing on them. They started out with very subtle lies that were mostly true but not completely true that they got away with for decades.

As time went on, with them easily winning this information battle, they got more and more confident in their lying, got more arrogant, and started telling bigger and bigger lies until the lies have now finally started catching up with them. This was especially true with this fakedemic to where the lies were just too obvious and then God caused their fakedemic to begin openly proving their lies wrong.

Now it is completely back lashing on the left because fewer and fewer people are believing their lies so that their lefty commie traitor media are failing and the conservatives are gaining control in this information battle, telling the truth. It has finally reached a point to where the left can't win the information fight, if the conservatives just keep putting out the truth.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

Transgender Athletes

The easy solution to the transgender males stealing wins from females and destroying female sports is to simply boycott all sports that allow the transgender athletes to commit fraud and destroy female sports. Just don't show up as an athlete or fan because you being there is you supporting their fraud and stealing.

Go watch other sports that do not support the transgender fraud and thefts to support those sports, sending a message to the corrupt woke sports.

When the people making money running those sports see that you are willing to kill the sport, ending their over paying jobs, to stop the fraud, they will stop supporting the fraud. If none of you show up to watch or participate or watch on TV, they will go broke very quickly.

Boycott all sports that permit the fraud of transgender athletes stealing from women. You, the people have the power to stop this fraud by voting with your absence and money. Don't support those sports helping those athletes commit their fraud and thefts or you are complicit in their crimes against women.

Murder Vaccines

Remember that I have been telling you that, when it becomes obvious that the murder vaccines don't protect you from getting as sick or dying from the virus that the professional liars owned by the corrupt, tyrannical governments will just tell another lie?

They are now saying, "The vaccines provide a different kind of protection", meaning that they don't provide any of the previous protections you were told they provide and that they always knew they were lying to you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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