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Remember that I have been teaching you about our government, media, and big business corruption?

Suddenly, the conservatives are uncovering more and more of this corruption. Sooner or later you will believe.

This video teaches even more about the corruption taking place in this nation and even on a global basis. It also shows that, yes, these are conspiracies where the different lefty factions work together or conspire to do their evil.

Note that, what the left calls misinformation or disinformation is really any information that proves the left is lying. Any more, the left does almost nothing but lie because they are the lie.

I hope you realize by now that Jen Psaki is just a professional liar used by the president to spread their lies. She gets caught in her lies all of the time and just keeps lying without any shame or anything.

Note that Joe Rogan points out that everything the government, including Fauci, said turned out to be wrong.

What? Fauci didn't know that everything he was saying was wrong?

Yeah, the left is blatantly lying to you, God is making it blatantly obvious, the conservative media are reporting the truth, and the left knows that they have to stop the truth so people will start believing the left's lies again.

Interesting Video

What she says is plausible in this video. The nutshell version of what she is saying is that Trump is working to get so many true Republicans elected for them to take control of both the House and Senate and those Trump is working to get elected are talking among themselves about RECRUITING Trump to be the Speaker of the House because the Speaker of the House does not have to be a member of the House AND THEN Trump would be able to use their majority in the House to impeach both Biden and Kruella, making Trump President because, just like I told you, the Speak of the House is in line behind the Vice President to be president so, if he is Speaker of the House and gets rid of both the President and Vice President, then Trump becomes President.

These conservatives really want Trump back as president as soon as possible.


This video is about Putin recruiting Argentina as their ally against the US and UK. Putin is putting together his own international federation of allies to be able to take a stand against the US and UK.

Keep in mind that Putin is currently negotiating with all of the EU and already has allies with China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea, who also have allies with other nations like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This is a smart move increasing Russia's power and decreasing the power and influence of the US and UK. It is my opinion that Putin is much smarter than the inbred leaders of the US and UK.

I Told You So

Remember that a few years ago I told you that, following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 Russia would take Turkey to regain the church cathedrals in "Constantinople" for the Christian Orthodox Church and Putin would get saint hood?

Watch this video about the prophecy of Russia going to war against Muslim run Turkey and taking back those same cathedrals. Gee, what a coincidence.

Note that Russia's top special operations unit has been assigned to that religious order by Putin. Gee, what a coincidence.

Gee, you don't think Putin has been working and planning towards doing this, do you?

Also, in other news, I found out that Biden is deploying his mighty force of 3,000 US soldiers facing Belarus, you know, where Putin has over 30,000 top Russian forces deployed. Yep, I just know that Putin is shaking in his boots over that one. /sarc

I later found out that those "3,000 US troops" are actually going to be a little over 2,000 troops from the 82nd Airborne.

I just know that Biden and the upper class trash are going to cause a really big US military disaster with Russia, especially after Afghanistan. They shouldn't be allowed to command the Boy Scouts in a softball match against the Girl Scouts.


This is hilarious. This is the headline at MRCTV by Nick Kangadis:

"#DeleteFacebook Trends as Meta Stock Loses Reported $200 Bil. Amid Declining User Numbers/Profit"


"Being as upfront with you as I can, Facebook sucks in stereo. The only reason I have an account anymore is because I need it for the job that I do. That being said, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg got his just desserts this week as news came out that Facebook was losing regular users to the tune of '500,000 fewer daily log-ins.

All of that resulted in declining profits for Facebook's relatively new parent company, Meta."

What? Did the great and mighty genius Markus Zuckerburgus think he could bully, terrorize, and oppress his clients for political reasons forever and not get back lash?

If you think Zucker was forced to resign for causing the destruction of CNN and Dorsey was forced to resign for causing losses at Twitter, wait until you see Zuckerberg be forced to resign, probably "for an inappropriate relationship with a frog." I read that Zuckerberg was "almost in tears during the board meeting". Yeah, he knows he is going to get fired.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." Me thinks Zuckerberg's sins are finding him out right now.

The lefty upper class trash all arrogantly believe they are so superior, magnificent, wonderful, and other such bull crap that no one can bring them down in spite of the fact that all other criminals before them have been eventually brought down because the intellectually superior fools never learn. They will all burn the same in Hell.


This video announces that the Israel-Iran campaign has "commenced". I guess this means that the fight is officially on and they are now at war.

Keep an eye on this.

False Flag

Remember that I warned you that the US CIA would stage a false flag event to justify the invasion of Russia?

This video shows that the US Government is claiming that Russia is going to stage a false flag event to justify invading Ukraine. Then the lefty run US Government and/or Ukraine would stage a real attack against Russia so that, when Russia counter attacks, the US can use the counter attack as justification for invading Russia.

Basically, the US "claims" that Russia is going to stage a "false flag event", the US stages an attack against Russia claiming that the US attack is Russia's false flag event, and then, when Russia counter attacks the US attack, the US will use that counter attack as justification to invade Russia. This is to make it look like Russia is the aggressor when it is really the lefty run US that is the aggressor.

That way, the stupid people will believe that the US attack against Russia is a false flag event by Russia so they can use Russia's counter attack as justification for a continued invasion of Russia.

Hey, the stupid people will fall for it.

Lefty Corruption

What this video shows is only one of many more lefty corrupt organizations with the BLM foundation not reporting revenues the way a nonprofit is supposed to report their revenues and at the official address for the nonprofit, there is nothing, which is illegal because they used a fake address. They are now under investigation by a number of states and people should go to prison.

This is typical of the lefty corruption, they create a shell or fake organization "for a good cause" to raise money they can launder into their bank accounts and pockets. The left does this all of the time because everything they do that they claim is for some good is really just for money and power because they don't care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts.

This means that all of BLM is now under investigation and is being discredited because of this corruption and it could be the end of BLM with many of them going to prison. Surprise, surprise. You know that Obama is not liking this.

I keep telling you that everything the left is doing is failing and falling apart because the right is fighting back and finding out the truth. You know the left is getting increasingly desperate so their actions will get increasingly desperate.

Remember that I have also been telling you that better than 90% of the people who graduate with a college degree cannot pass freshman and sophomore level hard science courses and that most of them only have about an average IQ or intelligence?

They point out towards the end of that video that research shows that the average IQ for college graduates is only 114, which is just average because the average IQ is 85 to 115 and the majority of the people on the planet have an average intelligence. That should tell you that at least some of the college graduates have a below average intelligence of 71 to 84.

Genius is 160+ and those people are incouraged to study the hard sciences by their counselors.

There are a number of things you have to understand about this. First, with so many geniuses in the hard sciences, it means that almost all of the rest of the college graduates, you know, in the soft sciences, are average intelligence or less.

Second, about 2/3 of the students have to be at or below the average intelligence for college graduates or at or below an IQ of 114 for that to be the average for college graduates, especially with so many students so far above average intelligence.

Now, know that almost all of our politicians, upper class trash royals, bureaucrats, media, attorneys, and even the lefty academe have degrees in the soft sciences, which require no more than an average intelligence with very few of them being intelligent enough to pass hard science courses.

And you think these people are more intelligent than you because they stole more money than you can earn? Do you get the picture yet that almost all of the people on the left, even the mega wealthy like Zuckerberg, Gates, Bezos, and others are not more intelligent than you because they have more money, they just have more money? Do you believe me yet that the stupid people are running the planet?

Most of them couldn't pass the prerequisite courses for the hard science courses I took in college. That is not bragging, it is just a simple and now obvious fact.

Now do you understand why I am so upset at these stupid people with soft science degrees, who can't even pass freshman level biology, stealing control of my medical care from people much more intelligence and better educated than these greedy and power mad lefties? Who do these criminals think they are?

Oh Yeah, dey tink dey is your gods, really stupid gods.

"But, hey, dey gots duh right degree from duh right unkneeburcity so dey gots tuh be smarty pants."

No, it does not require more than an average intelligence to get almost all of those "right degrees from the right universities" and I don't care what university you attend, soft sciences are the soft sciences and only require an average intelligence to get a degree in them, even a Ph.D.

Also remember that I have told you that most of these inbred rich people's kids have to have tutors and/or bribes from the rich parents as "donations" to those universities to help their inbred rich kids get those degrees in the soft sciences? Remember that I taught you that inbreeding decreases intelligence and increases insanity?

Remember that I told you that most of these inbred rich people are rich because their rich inbred mommies and daddies got horny and for no other reason?

In this video Tim tells you about how stupid the upper class trash elites are and they are so stupid they can't realize they are stupid.

The upper class trash elites honestly believe that, because dey gots duh right degrees from duh right unkneeburcities dat dey is are be smarty pants in spite of the fact that they know they had to have tutors, that mommy and daddy bribed the unkneeburcities, and that they got degrees in the soft sciences because THEY WANT to believe they are superior to you and their only evidence supporting their beliefs is their "right degrees from the right universities" and that they have more money than you. Most of them would probably flunk an IQ test.

Do you believe me yet that the only reason most of them go into government is because they are too stupid to earn half as much money legally? Now do you also understand why everything the lefties are trying in the US and even around the world is failing?

It ain't because they are the smartest people on the planet.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they made themselves fools." That is God saying that they really are not wise and only think they are wise.

Think not? Why did FB just lose more than $200 billion in the stock market?

Because the arrogant little fool, Mark Zuckerberg, who is mega wealthy, was so stupid that he thought he could abuse his customers forever with impunity and it just backfired on him. They say the FB stocks plunged more than any other stock in history because Mark chased off so many of his customers by abusing them with things like censorship, FB jail for saying the truth, and other things that the FB daily logons dropped by more than 500,000.

I have been watching and waiting, while wondering how long it would be before his open hatred and abuse of about half of his customers would come back to haunt him and it just did, you know, the way super rich Zucker just got canned because he just destroyed CNN for political reasons.

Let me teach you about how fragile the wealth of the wealthy is. They are taught by their brilliant, all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, intellectually superior, natural elite college professors who got the right degrees from the right universities how to do things "the right way" or the way they were taught by their simple minded idiot professors, which is the only way they know how to do anything.

Let's say we have some rich, inbred, stupid guy we will call Zuckerberg who has a team of rich, inbred, stupid M.B.A.s who handled his financial accounts the way their rich, inbred college professors taught them to handle Z's finances and he is worth $100 billion.

You have to understand that, because of their extreme greed, they are taught to "maximize profits" by leveraging everything out to the maximum or about 80% to 90% of Z's maximum wealth. This means the M.B.A.s will take out loans for $80 to $90 billion dollars with ALL of Z's holdings such as stocks, bonds, land, businesses, and other wealth as collateral on those loans so they can invest those loans in other holdings to generate more wealth faster because they are so greedy that they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough, which they will leverage out the same so that Z doesn't really own much wealth and the banks own almost all of it. Z's exaggerated wealth is just "on paper". This is normal business for almost all of the wealthy, especially the upper class trash royals.

Let's say Z's M.B.A.s have 90% of his wealth leveraged out so Z actually is worth about $10 billion and the banks own the rest and the market or economy crashes so that Z loses $10 billion in wealth so that he doesn't own a thing and the banks own everything. At that point, the greedy banks can and will seize all of the rest of "his wealth" they actually own and Z ends up owning nothing, not a dime. Z just went from being worth $100 billion (only "on paper") to be worthless or broke and sleeping in an alley in a cardboard box.

Do you understand why Markie Boy was on the verge of tears in the FB board meeting?

He is on the verge of shopping for a cardboard box. In LA I saw a man with such M.B.A.s managing his wealth go from being "worth" $200 million to being worth zero dollars in just a few years because the economy took a nose dive and the M.B.A.s who work for the upper class never learn because it ain't their money and it is always easy to take more risks with someone else's money.

You also have to understand that, if the banks lose too much money with bad loans, they go broke, which is what caused the US to become unnecessarily involved in WWI because those banks had loaned Britain and France $5 billion in 1917 dollars or about $5 to $10 trillion in today's dollars and Germany started winning the war, which would have bankrupted those greedy banks and destroyed the US economy. The US had to intervene in WWI on the side of Britain and France to keep them from losing the war or our greedy banks would have turned into smoldering rubble that would have made the Great Depression caused by FDR in the 1930s with his glorious socialism look like losing a small friendly bet.

You would be amazed at how fragile the upper class trash wealth really is because of the extremely risky way they have been taught to manage their wealth because of their obsessive greed. If the markets and/or economy go down far enough, they ALL go broke, even the banks, which is what would have happened in 2008 if the US Government had not intervened and bailed out the US banks, you know, because those rich inbred upper class trash bankers are not as smart as they think they are.

Right now, there is an organized move for a sudden and massive exodus from FB by their customers in the not too distant future and, if that drives the value of their stocks down low enough, almost everyone owning FB stock could go broke and be sleeping in cardboard boxes the next night. This is going to be interesting and you can bet that Zuckerberg won't be just "on the verge of tears" in his next board meeting, he will be bawling his spoiled rich head off while dumpster diving for dinner next to his cardboard box mansion in his alley.

Then there is Fauci who really thought he could blatantly lie every day forever but science and the results have proved he was lying so now he is in trouble. Listen, you can bet that the reason why Fauci got into government work is because he is too stupid and/or too lazy to build a successful business as an MD.

He has never had one patient but thinks he knows better than your doctors about your health because he is a government bureaucrat? Really?

Just look at all of the really stupid stuff the rich lefties keep saying and doing and then paying a price for their stupidity with none of the rest learning to not be so stupid. I have been watching the lefties having an international stupid contest for more than half a century without any of them learning anything from it.

Do you think these stupid people will learn?

Of course not, they are too stupid to learn. You will see others pay the price for hating and terrorizing their customers. Their biggest problem is that they all arrogantly think they are smarter than they are and that everyone else is dumber than they are.

Do you believe me yet? And you think these obviously stupid people are smarter than you? Really?

They keep proving otherwise every day.

Remember that they told me that I qualify for Mensa, which is the top 2%?

Listen, as intelligent and knowledgeable as God has made me, He regularly reminds me that I am not the only person on this planet who can think, something the left refuses to admit. My greatest asset is that God has and still does show me things that He has not shown to others, which is why God has me writing this blog, to share the things God has shown me with you.

Think about it.


This video shows that they are finally making a concerted effort to get rid of RINOs in the Republican Party.

My concern is whether they have a safety built into their system to keep the left from using the same system to take out true conservatives by making false reports against them.

Then the video goes on to show how FB has been, still is, and is now paying for destroying itself by bullying, terrorizing, and oppressing its own customers, causing those customers to flee to other platforms.

Again, Zuckerberg has destroyed FB for political reasons and their dictatorship aspirations are costing them everything. At the current rate the lefty Nazi insurrection machine is imploding, if the left doesn't violently seize control soon, it will be too late. It will probably take the left at least 100 years to rebuild the same insurrection machine they are right now destroying because their plans have failed because dey is such smarty pants.


It looks like the Canadian rebellion is the proverbial straw that is breaking the tyrants' backs around the world causing the lefty upper class trash fakedemic to implode and finish failing.

In this video it shows that Brandeau "changed his mind" about sending in the Canadian military to stop the truck protests so Brandeau can continue with his tyranny but it is more likely that the military told the mad little tyrant to stuff it, which is a great sign.

The video shows that states and even nations are now completely stopping the unscientific mandates and freeing the people. Me thinks some of them see the writing on ye ole wall, you know, Bastille II. The upper class trash global coup is failing but that won't stop them and you should know that by now. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because you should know that violence will follow.

Are you seeing yet that all of this tyranny has had nothing to do with science and medicine but is all about power, control, and greed just like I have been telling you?

After all, if this tyranny had anything to do with science, they would not just be dropping everything because the people are rebelling for their freedom. It was about power and control and, for the long term fight, the people are winning.

You better take steps to prevent this from happening again or they will do it again at the first chance they get. These steps should include new preventative laws and sending a significant number of the lefty criminals to prison.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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