I Told You So 439

Andrew Cuomo

Remember that I have been telling you that the only thing that will stop the extremely evil and corrupt upper class trash is death?

I read that, even with his severely damaged reputation having forced him to resign as New York governor, Cuomo is working to restart his corrupt political career. It is insane but, you watch, if he does manage to restart his political career, how many stupid people will vote for him. These evil tyrants cannot rule without the stupid people.

This insanity never stops because the upper class trash just can't leave other people alone and they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough.

Keep an eye on this.


This video shows that Biden betraying Israel by restarting the Iranian nuclear weapons...uh...I mean peaceful Iranian nuclear civilian program could easily force Israel to drop the US as an ally in order for Israel to protect itself. Now, no one can trust the US as an ally because no one can trust a traitor, not even another tratitor.

And you thought I was wrong about the left trying to destroy the US? Really?

They are doing an excellent job of it. Oh, I know, it is just one of those lefty magic coincidences.

If Biden does destroy the US/Israel alliance, I expect to see Israel to form an alliance with Putin and Russia out of necessity to survive.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that the Western states in Canada will almost certainly break away from the main or Eastern lefty parts of Canada?

It is happening right now as shown in this brief video because Saskatchewan is now ending Brandeau's tyrannical mandates within their state. I now expect to see the other Western states follow suit in the near future, especially Alberta and British Columbia.

Then I later found this video from Australia showing that Brandeau's party is turning on him because they are running at least as scared as Brandeau but are not arrogant enough to be belligerent and stupid.

This shows that the evil tyrant Brandeau is losing and the truckers are winning because his party can remove him from power and it looks like they have panicked and are getting ready to in order to save their own butts.

"Hey, let's stuff Brandeau's evil butt under ye ole commie bus."

Then, even later, I found out that Alberta has rescinded their mandates. This means that Eastern Canada will have to change their name to Canaduh.

Keep an eye on this.


This video shows a sudden reversal in what Germany has been saying and is making me wonder just how much Biden has bribed him and his government to make such a radical change in their policies towards Russia.

This has me wondering where Germany is expecting to get the replacement oil and gas in the event that Russia shuts off their supply because of hostilities against Russia. Their green energy crap has already been failing for several years so you Germans might get a little cold and have to start cooking with wood burning stoves again.

Since Biden has shut down significant amounts of our oil and gas production, I can't see the US providing that energy for Germany unless Biden has plans to send all of our oil and gas to Germany so we will get cold and have to learn to cook with wood stoves again.

Since I wrote this, I have seen a number of other videos in which Germany, France, and Ukraine were saying one thing to Biden and another thing to each other while negotiating a peace deal with Russia, which they may already have.

After his meeting with Putin, Macron told Ukraine that Putin will not increase tensions with Ukraine and will be pulling his troops back after this "training exercises" are soon completed.

I am seeing Macron going his own way against the British Royals and this is no surprise to me because I don't know how many times I have watched the British Royals screw Macron and him have to just take it but he obviously didn't just take it and began working on breaking the EU away from control by the British Royals.

It looks like the royal infighting I have been warning you about is already under way and Macron is fighting to not have to submit to the British Royals any more.

If Biden and the British Royals continue pushing for a war against Russia, they could also end up fighting the EU along with China, Iran, and North Korea.

Also, I recently got some confirmation that the good guys and real soldiers are getting out of the US Military and joining militias. They are even leaving the Marine Corp in large numbers leaving behind the "just do it" soldiers who don't have a true allegiance to the US Constitution and will enforce the lefty dictatorship on everyone.

I have also seen where a Canadian Monty quit the force and is providing the truckers with security and the cops are leaving the Ottawa police force.

God is sorting out the good cops and military from the bad cops and military.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that conservatives are pushing back and winning across the US?

This video shows a little of how that is happening and spreading quickly. He shows that everything the left has been trying is failing and back lashing against the left by driving increasing numbers of people to the right. The lefties are their own worst enemies because their insanity is being increasingly exposed, opening eyes, and turning more and more people away from the left.


Remember that I have been telling you that it is the left that is staging an insurrection to seize control of the US Government?

This video shows some of that. They are even turning our law enforcement that are supposed to protect our elected members of Congress against the Republican members of Congress in the same way that Hitler used his thugs as weapons against anyone who opposed him.

The left doesn't quit, they just keep grabbing for more and more power, and are getting increasingly radical and violent and the Nazis in our law enforcement commit these crimes without hesitation.

Remember that I have been telling you that the more the left fails, the more desperate they will get and they are getting very desperate right now.

Keep an eye on this.


Do you still believe that the upper class trash are more intelligent than you are because dey gots more money dan yuze gots?

They are so stupid they can't figure out that, when they force you to do things of a medical nature that they have to know will not work, the results will eventually prove they lied.

They told you the masks will prevent infection and spread of the disease and recently were forced to admit the masks don't work.

They told you that the social distancing would help prevent the spread of the virus but recently were forced to admit it doesn't work.

They told you that the lock downs would prevent the spread of the virus and recently had to admit they don't work.

They told you that the vaccine would prevent infection and spread of the virus and were forced to admit the vaccines do not prevent infections or spread of the virus so they started the next lie that the vaccines decrease your chances of serious illness or death.

Even though they admitted the masks don't work, they are forcing your kids to wear the masks to school knowing those masks will cause bacterial infections in your sinuses and lungs resulting in bacterial pneumonia and sinusitis.

They are now finding out that making the kids wear worthless masks to school is causing speech impediments and other problems in the children.

Remember that the numbers of "infected people" have included both hospitalized with and because of COVID so they are heavily bloated so keep that in mind when looking at these numbers.

Remember that I told you that the differences in hospitalization between vaccinated and unvaccinated would decrease proving that the vaccines don't really provide that protection so they will have to come up with a new lie to justify forcing you to get vaccinated so they can keep getting bribes from the chemical companies for forcing people to "buy" the vaccines and the decreasing gap between vaccinated and unvaccinated is clearly happening, which is the important thing this video is showing and it will only get worse for them, forcing them to make up the next lie.

People, you have to be really stupid or lacking in common sense to lie to people about a medical procedure and not know that the end results will prove that you lied to the people, which will force you to cover your first lie with more lies.

It always works that way with lying because you always have to keep telling more and more lies to cover for your earlier lies until you just finally run out of lies the people will believe and that is where this is rapidly getting to now. The people are less willing to keep believing the lies of the government owned academic whores so those whores will eventually become worthless and be dicarded.

This proves what I have been telling you about people going into government because they are too stupid to earn half as much money legally but it also proves that getting a college degree does not mean you have common sense, which these criminals are lacking.

Remember that I have been telling you for years that the first and most important requirement for being a lefty is to not have a lick of common sense and these arrogant fools are proving that true.

Remember that I told you the left would back off on the mandates to make it look like they beat COVID so the left could falsely claim that "they save us all".

This video shows that is exactly what the left is doing by lifting their unconstitutional mandates. It is all show and has nothing to do with science or medicine.

Remember the destruction, harm, and deaths they caused with their unconstitutional mandates and don't let the left fool you with their lies and games. Remember that they have admitted that the masks, social distancing, lock downs, and vaccines didn't work, therefore, what they did was wrong. I already showed you last year what they should have done.

But you know the stupid people will believe the lies and keep voting these evil things into office to cause more and more harm to more people.

The lefties are criminals who belong in prison and not back in office to commit more crimes against you. Please stop the insanity.


I just saw a video where they were talking about colonizing Titan, one of Saturn's moons. I can't believe anyone is believing this garbage but it is because they are ignorant.

People, I already showed you that we cannot colonize Mars because it is far enough from the sun that it won't get more than maybe 20% to 25% of the light photons per square inch that we get on Earth and Titan is millions times further from the sun.

That moon is so far from the sun that it could not possibly get even 1% of the light photons per square inch that we get on Earth, which means you won't get enough light photons per square inch to grow mushrooms, much less most food crops. That is only one reason why that could not possibly be a habitable planet.

People, they keep lying to you to keep justifying stealing from you to "pay for" great sounding projects so they can launder a lot of that money into their pockets. It has gotten to where you can't believe a thing these criminals are saying.

They are professional LIARS, they lie for a living, and they have ZERO credibility. Quit listening to them because it sounds good and think for yourselves.


So, are you believing the lefty lies about Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal being stupid and not planned to end the way it did?

Then read this about Vietnam because it will change your mind.

In December 1972 I was part of Operation Line Backer that was designed to drive North Vietnam to the peace table and it worked, resulting in the US, South Vietnam, and North Vietnam signing the Paris Peace Accords in February 1973, just months later.

In 1975 Biden helped lead the Democrat Party in passing a law and over riding the presidential veto that forbade the US Military from providing ANY aid or assistance to South Vietnam, including providing weapons and munitions, and to immediately withdraw from South Vietnam if North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam.

As soon as that law became law, North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam causing a panicked withdrawal of the US Military that ended EXACTLY like the recent US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden and his fellow traitors already knew from EXPERIENCE exactly how the withdrawal from Afghanistan would end so it was obviously planned to end that way. Deja vu, baby. Gee, what a coincidence.

The way the withdrawal from Afghanistan happened and ended was not an accident or act of stupidity. It was PLANNED to happen and end that way by Biden and his pals.

It is called treason x 2.

Do you get the picture yet?

The withdrawal of Afghanistan ending the way it did was all planned by Biden and his fellow traitors in the Pentagon, you know, Austin and Milley. They intentionally betrayed our troops, our nation and our ally...again. No one can trust them because no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor.

When you have seen it in the past, your recognize it in the present.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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