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I just saw a title on a YouTube video that asked, "Will America Be Invaded". I have already told you that at least two nations have quietly and secretly invaded the US, they just have not started their military actions yet though you can bet they have secretly started gathering intel and staging practices for their future actions. Those nations are China and Mexico and you can bet there are others. You can bet that Britain, Canada, Cuba, and Venezuela have troops here.

Keep an eye on this because they have a pretty good size army in the US.

Concerning guns; if you don't have enough people who will be willing to use their guns to fight for their freedoms, the guns won't matter and you can bet the lefty upper class trash are hoping there won't be enough people willing to use their guns to fight for their freedoms.


This video shows some more of our glorious government corruption and, just like he said, you are being ruled by crooks.

Do you believe me yet that they are criminals? Do you understand why they fought Trump tooth and nail to keep Trump from cleaning up their mess they love so much? Do you believe me yet that all they care about is themselves and their bank accounts?

This video shows the corruption that is growing in this country and the threats it poses to you. Every day the upper class trash work to make this nation more corrupt so they can have more control over you.

Remember that I have been telling you that the things the upper class trash are doing in this war against Russia, they are destroying the US?

Tucker tells you that at the end of that video. I have been warning you and it is now too late because the dominos have already begun to fall. It is going to get really bad and you can thank the left.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.


I am going to share some things with you about Putin that the lefties don't seem to have figured out yet. I will connect some dots for you.

Remember that Putin was a KGB officer in the Soviet Union? Remember that I was trained to recognize and deal with the KGB during the Cold War? Why was I trained to deal with the KGB during the Cold War?

Because the KGB controlled and managed the Soviet spy system and they had spies throughout the world, especially in the West.

You have to understand that from before WWII with FDR our stupid lefties were working with the Soviet Union to use the Soviet Union as the base for setting up their glorious commie global dictatorship and, when the Soviet Union failed in 1991, the stupid lefties turned their back on Russia and started their globalism with its base being them infiltrating and taking over the West with Russia now planned to be subjugated by the left's globalism.

It seems the intellectually superior idiot lefties forgot something very important, which is that the KGB still had their spies everywhere and let Russia know what was being planned against Russia. That is why Putin has been able to flip almost everything the left has done to take down Russia and it is also apparent that Russia let certain allies know about the lefty plans like China, Brazil, Iran, India, and maybe even North Korea, which is why they are now all working together in an alliance against the Western lefties. It seems that Putin has also let other nations like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and maybe even Israel in on what the lefties are planning, which explains why Saudi Arabia and the UAE have also flipped on us.

The Eastern Alliance has their KGB spies everywhere and they know what is going on. That is why the Eastern Alliance formed and began preparing about 30 years ago by forming things like BRICS and other things. The KGB is still there and still working; the Russians just changed the name to fool the stupid lefties.

Remember that most of the royals are evil tyrants but Trump is a black sheep just like the US Founding Fathers were?

There also seem to be some royal "sheep" working with Russia providing her with intel about what the lefty upper class trash royals are planning and doing.

Once again, the inbred, simple minded upper class trash royal lefty goats became so focused on their plans they didn't look to see what others were doing, especially Russia, China, and others including certain of the US Military. That is why everything the lefties do keeps failing, you know, like their beloved Soviet Union failed.

Do you still think they are smarter than you because they stole more than you can earn?

This video shows a map at about 5 minutes into it that tells you just who is sanctioning Russia and who is not. Basically, it shows that Europe, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are facing off against the rest of the world but the lying lefty media are making it look like Russia and China are taking on the rest of the world. It is like I have told you, the lefties are not doing as well against Russia as you are being told by THEIR media. They are lying to you.

Turley even tells you that the EU is not banning Russian oil so this war and what the lefty upper class trash are doing is causing a split between the US and the EU and even within the EU.

Wow, great unity, huh?

Also, this shows that the US sanctions are turning most of the rest of the world away from the US, forcing them to begin using the BRICS banking system, to using Russian and Chinese currencies, and could easily bring down the US by causing other nations to stop buying US debt and even unload the debt they already own, among other things.

Do you believe me yet that the US and West waging any kind of war against Russia can and probably will finish off the US?

There are so many ways this could bring down the US but the upper class trash are too arrogant to admit they could be wrong.

It is like I have been telling you. God is using Putin to break up the Western upper class trash world dictatorship. I told you that, if we went against Putin in a war, God would use it to crush the West because our leaders are God hating pagans and Putin is turning Russia into a Christian state.

What happened is that Satan said, "I will take over Russia" and God said, "OK" and took over the West, which destroyed Satan's Soviet Union so Satan said, "I will take over the West" and God said, "OK" and is taking over Russia and using Russia to destroy Satan's Western upper class trash.

You just might want to turn back to God because His team is the winning team and I don't care what nation it is. If you keep voting for Satan's God hating pagans to be your leaders, you are voting to be on the losing team, which is why everything the left is doing is failing.

What is happening is, because of their insane greed and lust for power, the lefty upper class trash are destroying the US as the greatest military might in history and causing Russia to replace it because they just can't stop their insanity.

BTW, remember what I told you about the standard practice of the rich for financial management to where they only have a "net worth" of about 20% of their claimed or imaginary worth?

You better bet that Putin knows this and he knows everything else I have told you about how to implode our economy and destroy the wealth of the arrogant upper class trash. All you have to do is implode our economy by about 20% to 30% and all of the rich and the banks go broke with our total economy collapsing to nothing but your local barter system with ye ole upper class trash either living in cardboard palaces in alleys or stepping out of tall buildings.

You better keep an eye on that.

People, that is why arrogant Zuckerberg was on the verge of tears when FB dropped by about 7%; he was within 14% of shopping for a cardboard box or taking flying lessons from the nearest tall building. He was terrified.

If they drop the value of FB stocks by 20% to 30%, Zuckerberg AND his ENTIRE mid to upper level management team AND all of their fascist censors will be out shopping for cardboard boxes and dumpster diving for dinner. That is why there is a move, probably started by some M.B.A.s, to make a mass move of people from FB to somewhere else.

I am looking for information on this move and will gladly join it because that one move will scare the crap out of the upper class trash more than anything else you have done, including the trucker's convoy. Besides, you will really get to see Zuckerberg cry.

If you want to bring down almost all of the upper class trash, the major banks, and destroy the US economy, you just cause a sudden drop in the US economy of about 20% to 30% and it all quickly goes away because their wealth is just numbers in computers. The Eastern Alliance can do that and the idiot upper class trash have set it up so they can do that because of their run away greed.

Remember that I told you that China could crash our economy by simply stopping shipping enough of the products produced by their slave labor to make our evil upper class trash more wealthy?

In this video at about 6:30 it states that China could "cut off shipments of products to the US (West) by simply supplying Russia with those products" like electronic chips.

Think not? Then why did Biden just say they are going to increase electronic chip manufacturing in the US?

Then in this video it also says that China could cut off products the US now depends on along with 4 other types of warfare against the US. Note that their "opinion warfare" is called psychological warfare by the military. This should show you just how vulnerable the greedy and power mad upper class trash have made the US to fighting a war with China or its allies. The arrogant fools have sucker punched themselves.

Note that he also points out that China is already waging war against the US.

Gee, who would have figured?

Not the upper class trash, they are not smart enough to think of anything that isn't stupid. Gee, I know, let's collapse the Western economies and find out how many of the inbred, greedy, power mad, upper class trash royals who caused this mess will end up living in cardboard palaces and dumpster diving for dinner or decide to take flying lessons from the tops of tall buildings.

God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools." Well, they have gotten past the "wise" part and are now doing the "fool" making part.

Does your brain hurt yet?

I love it in that video when Tim totally blew up about the media and our leaders being pure scum just like I have been telling you for years. It was beautiful and revealing. His eyes are finally opening to the ugly truths about our leaders, media, academe, and other spawn of Satan. He is finally getting it.

Just like me, he couldn't seem to say enough about how evil the lefties are. Just like me, he has realized that they have ZERO credibility.

Unfortunately, Tim is still believing part of the lefty media's lies about what Russia is really doing but maybe he will eventually see through that too.

He points out that "evil people have taken control" just like I have been telling you for years. He is getting it.

Do you believe me that God is opening eyes to the ugly truth about Satan's spawn?

Biological Weapons Labs

Remember what I told you about the biological warfare labs in Ukraine?

This video tells you more about those labs including that they were conducting research on new pathogens or biological weapons in those labs being funded by the DOD.

Then there is this video providing even more information about those biological warfare labs in Ukriane.

Please note that to destroy such organisms, all you have to do is burn them and it will kill them, which would not take 17 years.

Then note that the person at about 5 minutes into the video tells us that the US has bio weapons labs in 27 different nations. That means that there are hundreds of biological warfare labs funded by the lefty run government in 27 nations. That should concern you just a little bit.

You are being lied to, people.

Please remember that it has been made known that they have been doing biological warfare research on "the plague" just like I have been warning you about for decades. This is probably the most serious threat to you right now because that bug is extremely deadly and I would not be surprised to find out that they have been using places like Madagascar as real world bio test labs for that pathogen.

Remember that I told you about 20 years ago that biological warfare is more deadly than even nuclear warfare and why?

Do you get the picture yet how the upper class trash globalists plan to depopulate or murder you off?

I have been warning you about this for almost a quarter of a century. Hey, if they can't wipe you all out with one organism, they can do it with dozens of organisms from hundreds of labs. People, this is biological warfare being waged against ALL of the people by the upper class trash royals for power and wealth.

Do you still think these spawn of Satan are not evil?

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I said this about war in my last post?

"If you study history, you will find that every war for the last 3,000+ years was caused to make the corrupt members of the upper class (not all upper class) more wealthy. Not one war was caused by a poor man who said, 'Hey, let's put together an army and go die fighting other poor people to make the royalty rich.'"

This video tells us that Julian Assange says the same thing in different words about war. The people who most love war are the evil upper class trash who benefit the most from war by increasing their wealth and power.

Unfortunately I know that war is often necessary, especially to stop the abuses of power by the evil upper class trash and I know that we will soon have to fight another war to stop our own Western upper class trash, which God has shown me. Most people don't want to believe that but more and more are finally realizing it.

Educational System

Remember that I keep telling you that the lefty educational system, teachers, college professors, and academe are a very big part of our problem?

Thomas Sowell shows you that in this video about how the left uses our educational system to indoctrinate instead of to educate. He confirms everything I have been telling you for more than a decade.

Even if we manage to clean up this mess, to prevent it from happening again, you must get rid of the entire lefty educational system because that is what has mostly caused this mess.

Sailboat Cruising

You know that I love watching YouTube videos about sailboat cruising for a number of reasons. I was watching a number of such videos a few days ago when God made it known to me that many of these same cruisers I enjoy watching will soon and suddenly find themselves overwhelmed as the Muslims conquer the world after the beginning of the Tribulation.

They will either be killed or enslaved and their boats will be either stolen for use or sale or destroyed by the marauding Muslim armies. Many will be out cruising and others will be about to go out cruising when the Muslim armies overwhelm them.

I regularly pray for their salvation anyway but have done so more since God made this known to me.

This is going to be true for all people, many of them sports people and athletes. They will be working or enjoying life when the Muslim armies sweep through murdering the men and some women and children while taking the surviving women and children to be sold as sex slaves to other Muslims.

It will be very horrible and happen on a global basis because the Muslims will conquer the world and set up their caliphate as the one world government and one world church the Bible tells us about. They will be ruthless and, except that the rich have more to steal, it won't matter to them whether you are rich, middle class or poor. They will quickly depopulate the planet leaving no more than 1 to 2 billion people globally; just Muslims, slaves, and Israelites in Israel.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

I regularly pray for all of you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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