I Told You So 446

Prayer Answered

Remember in my last post I was trying to figure out why the West was fighting Putin but was having Putin negotiate a deal between the West and Russia's ally, Iran, and giving the farm away to Iran?

This morning just before 2 am God woke me and said, "Hey, stupid, this is why" and now I have to share that with you. Pay attention to people's actions instead of just their words because their actions tell you what they are really up to.

First, you have to understand that our intellectually superior, brilliant, natural elite, lefty upper class trash royals have still failed to learn the lessons their ancestors have always had to keep learning the hard way every 150 to 200 years for more than 3,000 years now and that it is the rich who need the military and law enforcement to protect them the most because the arrogant fools have the most to steal, not the middle and lower classes. You have to understand that the greedy upper class trash see the military and law enforcement as preventing them from stealing even more.

Having failed to learn this vital lesson, they spent the last 30+ years single mindedly tearing down our militaries to launder that military money into their greedy pockets and so those militaries could not and would not try to stop them from setting up their dictatorships over our nations and the rest of the world, while not stopping to realize that much of the rest of the world was building up their militaries. By the time the arrogant, inbred fools got finished tearing down their own militaries and barely had the most powerful single military in the world with no real worthwhile allies to help, the rest of the world had seen what was coming and formed an alliance to defeat what is left of our militaries, with Russia being the strongest of those alliance militaries. In other words, the Eastern Alliance is more powerful than the Western Alliance.

After the West had their dictatorships set up or almost set up, they knew they had to at least get rid of Russia's military and probably also China's military but saw the trap the upper class trash had created for themselves.

The West started by taking out much smaller Eastern allies hoping that would make it possible for them to get the rest of the Alliance to submit but that failed so they decided to take out Russia by staging nukes in the northeast of Ukraine to take out Moscow figuring that would cause the rest of the alliance to submit but Russia saw that trap and flipped the trap by the West for Russia into a trap by Russia for the West.

The West then saw that trap but tried to bluff Putin but Putin got fed up with their continued efforts to destroy Russia, called their bluff and set the bait for the West in the trap by invading Ukraine but the West has been refusing to take that bait because they knew they would lose that battle so they tried an economic and financial war against Russia and her allies but quickly lost that battle too.

And you still think the upper class trash are smarter than you?

The West continued to try to bluff Putin into submitting while trying to find some way to destroy Russia without having to fight a war with Russia and the Eastern Alliance they knew they would lose because, when their troops got tied down fighting Russia, the rest of the Eastern alliance would join battle spreading out what was left of the West's military thin enough for the Alliance to beat them. Putin got fed up with the West refusing to stop trying to destroy Russia one way or another and decided to invade Europe to destroy the West and kill the royals off to put an end to the West's insanity.

When the West saw the Eastern Alliance making the moves to start WWIII, which they knew would destroy the West because the upper class trash had weakened the Western militaries so badly, they knew that their plan A had failed, they panicked, turned to plan B to save their evil butts, and started very desperate negotiations with Iran to set up the Muslim Caliphate based in Mystery Babylon and Iran insisted that Putin do the negotiating with Iran for the West and it was the West who submitted.

Right now, the top nations in the West are frantically giving away the farm and selling out their allies to Iran (and the Eastern Alliance) to have at least a little part in a Muslim global dictatorship. Right now, they are selling out Israel really badly.

I also think the continuing war in Ukraine is, in part, to distract from the terrible negotiations with Iran and the US giving the farm away to Iran.

BTW, China, India, and other nations are also involved in those negotiations.

Right now it looks like just the strongest nations in the West are being allowed in the negotiations with the rest now having to settle for crumbs or just being dumped by the West.

I told you before that the Muslim council that rules the Muslim Caliphate is 10 leaders but, this council may be allowed to be larger to accommodate more nations, at least for a while.

You have to keep in mind that the Bible says there will be 10 horns or leaders for that government when the Tribulation begins, just like has always been for the Caliphate, and then says that government will conquer everything to the West and then to the East, which should tell you that the leaders of the Western and Eastern nations who make it into the Caliphate government before the Tribulation will either be killed off before the Tribulation or they will have moved to Babylon and lost control of their nations or there would be no need for their Caliphate government to conquer those nations.

There is a strong probability that those leaders will be killed off in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, after the negotiations and their Caliphate government is formed and their numbers will be decreased to just 10 leaders and only Muslim and royal leaders (the clay mixed with iron) who have lost control of their other nations. Keep an eye on this.

Also, all of this should tell you that they will very soon accelerate the building of Mystery Babylon so keep an eye on that too.

Remember that I told you that Putin would attack our gas and oil resources in Alaska to weaken our nation?

It turns out they plan to just take back Alaska with a military operation, you know, after we paid them for Alaska but, hey, Mexico wants to militarily take back the oil rich Southwest land the US bought from Mexico in 1849.

Then we will have to be even more oil dependent on Russia so you know that will tie down even more US troops in Alaska.

This video shows you several things I have told you about. First, the Russia economy and Ruble are already recovering from the Western financial and economic attacks and, second, the non cooperation of most of Europe with the sanctions and other matters concerning Europe proving what I told you about those nations not being fully on board with the US in this war.

I told you that, if Russia invades Europe, most of those nations will either declare themselves as allies to Russia or as being neutral in the war leaving almost no one but the US and UK to fight Russia for Europe with a few minimal militaries as actual allies. We will quickly lose that war and Russia knows it because very few of the Europeans will help fight their own war.

Remember that I told you that the US and UK are losing this war and everything they have done and are doing is failing and even back lashing against us?

This video shows you just how bad everything Biden is doing is failing and back lashing against us. He tells you about Putin requiring everyone to use Rubles to purchase anything coming from Russia just like I told you, he tells you about how Putin prepared for every bit of this in advance just like I told you, and he tells you about Biden's sanctions forcing Russia, China, and India closer together just like I told you.

The only ones really suffering from this war against Russia are the Western nations.

Now do you believe me that we should stage a strategic withdrawal from Europe to a stronger position in the US and shore up defenses for Middle Eastern and Pacific areas that are more important?

If we try to stand and fight in Europe almost alone, we are just going to needlessly lose troops we will need somewhere else and that is exactly what Iran, China, and North Korea are waiting for.

Do you believe me yet?

The greedy, power mad upper class trash royals picked a fight we are paying for and it could easily get worse very soon. Note that he points out that one of the biggest weaknesses in Biden's sanctions is that the greedy upper class trash talk the talk for virtue signaling but don't walk the walk because of their greed and remember that it is their greed that created this mess. They are too stupid to give up money to conquer the world because they don't realize that, if they conquer the world, everything will be theirs, which will be much more than the money they refuse to give up.

I am trying to figure this out because they have to know they can't win a fight against the Eastern Alliance right now, especially not by engaging Russia in Europe but this video shows that Obama's people are doing a little deja vu from when Obama was president looking for an excuse to invade Syria. It looks like the arrogant fools didn't learn from that mistake or they are heavily on the take from the military industry.

Maybe they are trying to start a war in Europe in hopes that it will cause the European nations to take the side of the US and UK? Do you believe me yet that when the greedy, power mad upper class trash get fixated on something, no matter what the consequences, they won't quit; they just keep on and keep on and keep on? Maybe what the war drum beaters are doing is giving Zelensky a way to get the US and UK involved in this war so the war drum beaters can make their billions of dollars?

Let me share a little something else with you concerning Putin.

Remember that I told you years ago that, while I was in the military I was trained to recognize and deal with the KGB?

When I saw Putin become the leader of Russia in 2000 and I knew he was a KGB officer, that got my interest and I thought this would be interesting so I began using my training in espionage to study him. I have watched him for more than two decades now, which is why I can predict his moves much better than our idiot leaders, you know, the same way General Patton learned to predict the movements of Rommel by reading his book and studying the man.


From a military perspective, it does not matter whether I like him or not because that is subjective emotionalism, which just gets in your way. I am trained to be objective and to respect anyone and everyone who might be my enemy at any time in the future.

That is why I can predict what Putin will do better than our idiot leaders who are too full of themselves and think too little of Putin.

I respect the man and know he is very intelligent, unlike our fool leaders who are too full of themselves to respect anyone but themselves, They are arrogant idiots who are being made to look like fools because they think too much of themselves and too little of Putin, which just provides Putin with opportunities to fool them.

Always respect your enemy!

I dare any of you to name just 10 nations on this planet that are not being run by bad people. Almost all of our leaders on this planet belong in prison for their crimes against humanity. If Putin is a bad guy, he is just another one of many.

BTW, they realized that Zelensky is now using a green screen for his videos to make it look like he is bravely still in Kiev. Believe me, the coward is hiding in Poland.

Shia Islam

Remember that I have been telling you that Shia Islam will be the one world government and church of the Tribulation and why?

I have found that I need to give you a brief explanation of why by listing some of the many ways Shia Islam fulfills Bible prophesy for which no other nation or entity even comes close to make it a wee bit more obvious.

1) The Muslim Caliphate has always had a ruling council of ten leaders fulfilling all of the Bible prophecies about the ten horns or toes being the number of leaders for 1,400 years.

2) Islam is both a government and religion or theocracy fulfilling Bible prophecy for both a one world government and one world church for 1,400 years.

3) Shia Islam (not Sunni Islam) believes that Babylon is their most holy city and must be rebuilt to be their global capitol for their government and religion for 1,400 years fulfilling Bible prophecy. I have regularly shown you that they started rebuilding Babylon under Obama when Obama gave them $2 million in your tax money in 2008.

4) The Koran is the most holy thing in Islam and is considered to literally be the number 666 and the number 666 is considered to literally be the Koran so that 666 is the most holy number in Islam for more than 1,400 years fulfilling Bible prophecy.

5) For more than 1,400 years, some Muslims, especially Shia Muslims, have been having the number 666 tattooed on their bodies and they are required to only tattoo it on the back of their right hand or forehead fulfilling Bible prophecy.

6) For more than 1,400 years the Shia Muslims have believed that, in their end times, their Messiah or Mahdi will come and they will call him "Jesus" just like the Bible says the one world government and church will call the Antichrist their Messiah and Jesus.

7) For more than 1,400 years the Shia Muslims have believed that, to prove a man is their Mahdi, he must stand on the Israeli Temple Mount and give the order for all Muslims to murder all non Muslims, especially Hebrews and Christians, just like the Bible says the Antichrist will do.

8) For more than 1,400 years Muslims have been taught that they must conquer the world and either enslave or kill all non Muslims the way the Bible says the one world government and church of the Tribulation will do.

9) For more than 1,400 years the Muslims have believed in their end time prophecies that two very powerful men will come and wage war against them, their government, and their church and that only their Mahdi can kill those two men just like the Bible says the two witnesses will do to the one world government and church and that the Antichrist will kill them but the Muslims call these two men "Japal" and say they are demons and not men of God. The Muslims are taught from the time they are children to fear those two men, the two Witnesses of the Tribulation.

10) For more than 1,400 years it has been a capital crime in Sunni Islam to practice black magic but is considered to be a good thing in Shia Islam with the Bible saying that the false prophet of the Antichrist or clerical aid to the Mahdi will perform miracles or do magic just like in Shia Islam.

11) All of these things concerning Islam were predicted to be identifying characteristics for the Tribulation one world government and church 600 years before Muhammad founded Islam. Gee, what a coincidence that Islam completely fulfills those prophecies without ignoring anything, bending scripture, lying about anything, or adding or taking anything away like no other entity in the history of this planet can do.

Do you understand why I KNOW that Shia Islam will be the one world government and church of the Tribulation and will conquer the world but they MUST wait until after the Tribulation begins or they will keep failing?

Go ahead, prove me wrong by showing me one other nation or group of nations that can fulfill half of those Bible prophecies right now. You cannot do that accurate of a scriptural analysis with the EU without bending things, making up fairy tales, and just ignoring scripture so it cannot possibly be Europe that will conquer and rule the world during the Tribulation the way too many Christians have been taught and the actions of the upper class trash show that they know that is true.

Spoiled Brats

I keep calling people spoiled brats because we are spoiled brats today and most people don't realize it much less appreciate it. I am just trying to help them realize it and appreciate it.

If you don't think humans today, especially in the West, are spoiled brats, just study archaeology and you will quickly see how spoiled we are.

Just a few hundred years ago, forget about a few thousand years ago, people lived in much less luxury than we do today. They didn't have electricity, gas, TVs, computers, phones of any kind, refrigerators, space heaters, air conditioners, cars, planes, trains, anything but sailing ships that took months to get across the Atlantic, paved roads, sidewalks, elevators, or many other conveniences that we take for granted and should appreciate.

I became aware of this when I had a Navajo Indian friend in 3rd grade whose family of 14 was living in a 10 foot wide, round "Hogan" in Thoreau, New Mexico in the 1950s. Their hut had a small, open, wood fire in the center of it for cooking and heating, running water meant they grabbed a clay pot and ran to get some, they used the bushes for the bath room, the front door and their beds were Indian blankets, and they had no electricity or gas, no phones, no TV, and other things we "poor" people had living in trailers. We just thought we were poor and so did most other people.

It taught me to appreciate my trailer and what we had in it. Today I try to appreciate every little thing God has blessed me with no matter how "poor" I am seen as being.

Do you realize that NONE of the US Founding Fathers ever saw a bicycle? The bicycle had not been invented yet.

Think about this: Most of the middle class in the West today live in such luxury that they would have been considered wealthy in the West in the 1950s.

Yep, we are all spoiled brats and most of us don't even realize it or appreciate it.

Do you realize that you live better today that Jesus did 2,000 years ago? Think about that and be thankful you were not born 2,000 years ago, when Jesus was born.

New World Order

This is an eye opener, especially for the stupid people or those who are not old enough to remember it all.

Immediately following the fall of the Soviet Union, Bush I and a variety of academe and other upper class trash began openly telling us about their new "Globalism" and how they, the upper class trash were going to set up a one world government and "depopulate" or murder off better than 95% of the people on the planet.

After a while, conservatives realized this was real and extremely evil so the left did their usual mind games, changed the name to "New World Order", you know, with the same people doing the same thing, and started calling the people pointing out the ugly truth about Globalism "conspiracy theorists" to discourage the stupid people from listening to the conservatives.

Of course, the stupid people fell for it.

Then the conservatives began to figure out that the New World Order was the same ugly real conspiracy as Globalism and started telling everyone the ugly truth so the left changed the name again, this time to "The Great Reset", tah dah, while calling the conservatives warning everyone about the New World Order conspiracy theorists again to discourage the stupid people from listing to conservatives again.

Of course, the stupid people fell for it again.

With the left's evil conspiracy for a global dictatorship called the Great Reset failing because of their failing and backfiring war against Russia and the Eastern Alliance, Biden comes out preaching about (you are going to love this because you just can't make up the left's insanity) "The New World Order". What he really means is the NEW New World Order or the Muslim Caliphate the West is negotiating with Iran, Russia, and the rest of the Eastern Alliance.

"Hey, just keep changing the name and the stupid people won't figure it out until it is too late."

COVID Inflation

Remember that I have been telling you for almost 2 years that their COVID infection and death totals were being inflated because of the $3,000 the health businesses got for each COVID patient?

Then in one of my last posts, the CDC decreased the death count for children by 24% proving me right.

This video tells about how Massachusetts is decreasing their COVID death count by about 15%. Gee, what a coincidence.

They just keep proving me right, don't they? How many more will decrease their fake COVID death count before this is over and how many of the remaining count will still be fake? Maybe, just maybe the FBI should investigate ALL of those who got federal money for fake COVID death counts to get the $3,000 per person for fraud?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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