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I was just watching a very popular sailboat cruising video where the people on the boat where throwing such a fit about all of the over fishing that is damaging the aquatic life on the Bahamas and Caribbean islands. For more than 20 years I have followed sailboat cruising from when there would be just a handful of boats in the harbors on the islands to now having as many as hundreds and, in some cases, more than a thousand sailboats in the same harbors of the same islands.

I have been watching them fishing for their meals and the fish populations declining during that time. While these specific cruisers were complaining, in the same video they went fishing a number of times for their meals, you know, depleting the fish populations more.

What these cruisers were complaining about where the small local commercial fishing boats that were so evil and over fishing the areas, you know, to get the fish these cruisers and other tourists eat in the local restaurants. Of course, they are blaming everyone else instead of admitting they are a part of the problem.

You should see how the cruising life style has changed in the last 20 years from relatively few sailboat cruisers to hundreds per island port and they don't get it that they are a big part of the problems they are causing and complaining about.

Interestingly, none of the comments I saw realized it either. "Why, it can't be us wonderful cruisers, it has to be someone else, you know, those OTHER fishermen."

Keep an eye on this with so many more people going cruising every year. With YouTube having so many sailboat cruising channels, their numbers or exploding.

An easy prediction here is that, these people and that video could easily be starting an international movement that could easily cause islands and nations to start banning cruisers like them from their waters and put an end to their life style in order to save their local fish populations.

Did you know that we humans have hunted more species into extinction than all other predators COMBINED? Did you know that we humans are the only predators in history to hunt every known species on the land, in the air, and in the water?


Remember that I told you that the failure of the upper class trash in their efforts to destroy Russia and being backed down by Russia threatening to invade Europe along with the consolidation and growth of the Eastern Alliance have destroyed the left's globalism, caused them to panic and dump their globalism, and they are in damage control trying to save what they can as quickly as possible? Remember that I have taught you that the evil left never quit, they always regroup, reorganize, and keep on with their evil efforts?

The final death throes of the left's globalism happened so quickly, within just weeks, and it took them by surprise so that they have not had time to even regroup yet and have been thrust into damage control to save what they can. You have to understand that they lost a lot of power over other nations and probably wealth too. They probably lost at least 50% to 70% of their global power. Many of the nations they had power and control over just a month ago are now out from under the upper class trash control and in the Eastern Alliance. This is an incredibly massive change in the world order.

Politically, they have plunged most of the world, especially the parts they had control over just a month ago, into utter chaos and they are trying to put as many pieces back together as they quickly can but too many of the pieces are not wanting to go back together and back under their oppressive rule. The world has not been this chaotic since Rome fell.

You have to understand that our greedy and power mad leaders dumped their globalism when they suddenly realized that it is dead and not just dying and then quickly and desperately turned to the next best thing and only thing they had a hope of getting even partial control of the world, especially with their continued efforts in the Western nations failing, which is the Muslim Caliphate based out of Iran and Babylon. They are selling the farm to Iran to just get any position of power at the top to save their evil butts.

At about 10 to 12 minutes into this video Turley finally begins to tell you about how even the lefty media are admitting that their beloved global dictatorship is dead; not dying, but dead.

(Note that is a 1.5 hour video and I have to watch so many videos, sometimes more than 60 in a day, and read so much news that I simply can't justify watching more than about 30 minutes of any videos, especially the live videos like that one, which tend to ramble. I just had to quit at 30 minutes for this one.)

Basically, the globalism is over and even the lefties are admitting it, they are in a panic, and are frantically and desperately trying to save their evil butts and as much power as they can by making deals to set up a Muslim Caliphate with them on the 10 member council while pretending they are still the power of the world to fool their stupid Western supporters.

Remember that I warned you that the increasingly pagan run West picking a fight with increasingly Christian Russia would not end well for the West?

One important thing you have to understand here is that, with their globalism, most of the royals had been made promises as to what they would get under their global dictatorship and, now that their globalism has died and they no longer have control over much of what they had control over just a month ago, those promises cannot be kept so you are going to have a lot of very unhappy royals when they finally regroup and reorganize with those unhappy royals demanding, "What do I get now?"

Note that Turley also pointed this out.

You should expect this to get pretty ugly and see infighting between the dumped royals and the relatively few who will still get anywhere near what they had been promised. This is going to get very interesting as it develops.

When the royals and their puppets regroup, it will have to be back in the Western nations they still barely control and then their reorganization will get furious and chaotic. Don't be surprised to see members of the upper class trash die or go missing with many puppets just being dumped.

Man plans, God laughs.

For the upper class trash to be a reasonable part of the global Muslim Caliphate, they must consolidate absolute power in all of the nations still under their control and that is going to get very interesting, especially for the US.

You know that Afghan Joe isn't going to make that cut and maybe now you will see why ye ole Royal Family sent Meghan and Harry to the US to take control as her being the president to set up their dictatorship here, you know, ye ole Queen's vasal king and queen.

You can bet this will cause Obama and Farrakhan to realize they just got stuffed under ye ole royal bus, they will fight back and people are going to die.

Note that Turley pointed out that Canada has already cancelled elections until 2025, you know, with der Furher Trudeau as their dictator trying to consolidate their power and make his power permanent.

Then, after I wrote all of that, I found this video of Trudeau, who is French and not part of the British Royal Family, being torn apart by EU PMs for his "crimes against humanity". They really trashed Trudeau and ripped him a new butt hole. Gee, what a coincidence.

Are they already dumping Euro-American royals for members of the British Royal Family? Gee, I wonder which British royal they are going to give the job of being a vassal king of Canada to? The royals are regrouping and reorganizing, are they? Boy, that happened fast, didn't it?

This is only the beginning and could get very interesting very quickly because it won't just be Trudeau being put out of business but all of his criminal accomplices and they could even go to jail to silence them. Keep an eye on it.

If you think things were bad before, they just got worse because the upper class trash are clearly desperate.

Poser Christians

Remember that I have been warning you about poser Christians?

This video is telling us about one aspect of poser Christians blaspheming God with their beliefs and rituals, which is one of many reasons why we are being punished and our nations are being destroyed.

Based on what I have been seeing for at least 2 to 3 decades, better than half the professing Christians on this planet are probably poser Christians blaspheming God with their beliefs and rituals.

Gee, I wonder why the planet is such a mess? You don't think that we have ticked off God, do you?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because God is right now cleaning up this mess in part by forcing us all to choose between God and Satan by making times really hard. That is why the poser Christians will either get right with God, which most won't do, or choose Satan's side of the line.

He points out that, just during COVID 19, one in three Christians in the US left the church and are not going back. That is one third of the professing Christians from 2019.

You still think I am wrong that more than half of the self professing Christians are not true Christians?

God is cleaning out His church just like I told you He would.

Fortunately, God, Himself, is turning many pagans to Christ with dreams, visions, and His people witnessing. I guess God is replacing the poser Christians, who will soon openly turn to Satan and stop professing to be Christians with new true Christians.

What a mess we humans make of things. I want my own planet.


Years ago I warned you that China was moving troops to some of the South Pacific islands to increase their reach and strength in the Pacific and bring troops closer to the US.

This video tells you about agreements with the Solomon Islands where China can now base troops, bringing her troops, not only closer to the US, but also closer to Australia and New Zealand, you know, the same way the Japanese did during WWII to make it easier to invade Australia and New Zealand and cut off the US from those and other nations, while also bringing their troops closer to the Americas. Gee, what a coincidence.

Keep an eye on this because the Solomons are not the only South Pacific Islands China can now base troops out of.

Then I found this video that shows that China has now fully militarized a number of islands in the South China Sea. Note on the map he quickly shows at about 2 minutes that three of those islands just happen to be in the middle of a major choke point for shipping in the area.

Remember that I told you that, as soon as the US and UK got stupid enough to tie up troops in a war with Russia, then Iran, Pakistan, China, and North Korea would start their military actions and how Iran has already increased their hostilities? Remember that I told you that one of the actions China would take would be to cut off shipping to the US and the rest of the West? Remember that I also told you that China is positioned to cut off that shipping to the West with their increasing control of the South China Sea and their naval base at the south end of the Red Sea?

Do you get the picture yet? It is not if but when are China and North Korea going to cut loose on us?

Keep an eye on this because they are ready, willing, and waiting.

Stupid Rich

Remember that I have been telling you how stupid many rich people are because they can't figure out that they need the law enforcement and military more than the middle and lower classes because they have more to steal? Remember that I told you that it would only be a matter of time under the rule by the left and the criminals would realize they can steal much more in much less time by stealing from the rich, who keep funding and voting for the Commierats?

This video shows you how those stupid rich people who funded and voted for the criminal lefties are paying for their stupidity with increasing crimes against the stupid rich in Commiefornia. Gee, what a coincidence that the criminals are TARGETING the rich just like I told you they would.

And you still think those people are smarter than you because they have more money than you? Really? Why? Are you that stupid? Maybe, just maybe the stupid rich should stop funding and voting for the Commierats?


Remember that, in spite of what the Western war drum beaters are telling you, I told you that Russia is not losing this war, there is no stalemate, and Russia is making ground, just more slowly than first expected?

Wow, how different doest this US general in this video tell the story from how the retired US generals working for ye ole military industry tell the story.

I told you how, because of the shoulder fired rockets the US is providing Ukraine, Russia changed to encircling the enemy and pounding them with artillery, what that general calls siege warfare, which takes much longer. I didn't call it siege warfare because I knew a lot of people might not understand but he and I were telling you the same thing.

Note that I didn't see these people mention the effects of the shoulder fired rockets in this war, which is obviously huge. Those shoulder fired rockets could make tanks and helicopters less valuable and even obsolete in combat because the single soldier can now defeat them.

I keep seeing reports about Russia staging bombing attacks in Western Ukraine close to the Polish border, especially around Lviv. This should tell you that Russia has control of the air space over Ukraine and air superiority so that they can strike all of the way to Poland with impunity. It is little things like this that you have to keep an eye on and they tell you a lot, you know, like the reports by the commie media about Russia being stalled in the war or losing the war are bull crap.

You can't just freely perform airstrikes like that without air superiority and, with air superiority, you are not stalled or losing the war because you can always stage strikes against enemy forces to bomb the crap out of them.

One thing that is very telling about this is that the same "news sources" that tell you Russia is stalled or losing the war, are also proving it isn't true by telling you about such air strikes and show you pictures of the damage Russia is doing on a daily basis. They are insulting your intelligence.

Keep an eye on this.

Gog and Magog

The idea that God and Magog represented a military force that is Russia was made up in the 1950s and 1960s because of the Soviet Union, you know, to make it look like that war was much more immanent than it was and that the Soviet Union, our enemy, would lead that war against Israel. The concept of it being Russia/the Soviet Union came from the statement that Gog and Magog would come from north of Israel, you know, like Turkey, which was our ally at that time so it couldn't be Turkey, where the communities of Gog and Magog actually exist.

Today, if you have been paying attention, Turkey has been taken over by Muslim Erdogan and his Muslim cabal who want to revive the Muslim Ottoman Empire or Muslim Caliphate and rule the world, is not such a wonderful ally, and has been calling for the Muslims to unite to invade, conquer and wipe out Israel, just like the Bible says Gog and Magog will do, while Russia was helping Israel and is becoming a Christian state. Oops.

But, hey, that Gog and Magog fairy tale is part of the Eurocentric bull crap many preachers are still teaching and many Christians, especially poser Christians, are still believing.


Remember that I have been telling you for almost 2 years now that the number of people infected, hospitalized, and who died from COVID 19 was grossly inflated because of the government bribe of medical organizations getting an extra $3,000 per patient for falsely reporting patients as being infected and dying from COVID 19?

Here it is again, the government decreasing the numbers of people who died from COVID 19 as shown in another video further proving me right.

Do you believe me yet that the FBI needs to investigate EVERYONE who got $3,000 for reporting patients with COVID 19 for fraud?

They just keep proving me right, don't they?

Remember this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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