I Told You So 45

Concerning the deals the Commiecrats are making for their "October Surprise", I told you the commie's had already offered Hillary a new high level position and she had accepted it to leave the position as Secretary of State so the Commiecrat puppet masters could give the Secretary of State position to Biden. I just read this at Newsmax.com.

Hillary Touted to Replace Gates at Pentagon
Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 02:07 PM Article Font Size

There is growing speculation that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will replace Robert Gates at the Pentagon when he steps down sometime early next year.

And then...

The appointment of Clinton to replace Gates would be historic. The former first lady and presidential candidate would be the first woman to serve as Defense secretary and only the second person – after George C. Marshall – to have served as both secretary of State and Defense, according to The Hill. “That might appeal to her,” Gelb told The Hill.

Gee, what a coincidence. (/sarc)

Note all the firsts for women because women are 51% of the vote and a greater percentage of them make decisions based on emotions than men plus all liberals many moderates make decisions based on emotion rather than logic. This should tell you that the Commiecrat strategy is to go after as many of the women voters as possible and their husbands/boy friends. They are increasingly losing the race card as more and more blacks and Hispanics realize that the Commiecrat liberal Marxism is bad for them and switch parties. They are trying to go after the women's votes in all racial and ethnic groups. Also note they are still playing the voter block game instead of dealing with issues because the Commiecrats lose on issues.

It should be pretty easy to see what the October Surprise will be. Before October, they will get Biden to resign and take over the position of Secretary of State from Hillary while announcing that Hillary will become the first every female Secretary of Defense. That will move Queen Pelosi up to being the first every female Vice President which will begin to create the euphoria among most women, many moderates, and liberals the commie's want to use to win enough seats to keep both the House and Senate. Then, in October, they will get Obama to resign for some noble sounding reason like "for the good of the nation" which will move Queen Pelosi up to become the first ever female US President which will only heighten the euphoria among the voters to a peak causing many of them to put the issues aside and vote with their emotions....you know, like they did for the first ever black president.

In other words, they are trying to cause enough euphoria that it will turn most of the voters back into emotional mindless sheep so they will vote for the Commiecrat Party regardless of the Commiecrat terrible record.

This is all very important now that the latest AP poll shows that 56% of the American people disapprove of Obama's performance on the economy. The poll also stated that, "Among registered voters, 49 percent say they would vote for the Republican candidate in their congressional district — half say to express their opposition to Obama — while 45 percent say they'd cast their ballot for the Democrat. Therefore, if you remove Obama, you change half of those who plan to vote for the Republicans. I bet some light bulbs just came on in some of your heads.

Now guess who the Commiecrat puppet masters are preparing to run for president in 2012? Pelosi is currently very hated and, after the euphoria of her being the first every female US President wears off, the Commiecrat puppet masters know she won't have a prayer against Palin in 2012 because the vote will be back to the issues. What was the biggest complaint the conservatives had against Hillary? She didn't have enough international experience to be president. So the Commiecrat puppet masters are getting her that experience as Secretary of State and then Secretary of Defense. They are grooming her to be the perfect presidential candidate against Palin.

Obama and the black Muslims have other plans. BTW, after Obama supporting the Ground Zero Mosque and everything else the Muslims have wanted, it should be blatantly obvious that he is a poser Christian and devout Muslim. If you have not figured that out by now, you don't know how to figure.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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