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Speaker of the House

Keep in mind that, if the Commierats don't do what I say they have to do, Pelosi will be out of work as the Speaker of the House in less than a year anyway so her resigning a few months early so the Commierats can keep power will just be an investment.

Don't be surprised if she resigns soon.

BTW, Meghan and Harry just had a "secret" meeting with ye ole Queen and I thought they were mad at her and were not speaking to her any more. Gee, what a coincidence. Don't you just love the timing?

So much for ye ole royal drama, huh?

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that, if the Western lefty upper class trash keep causing trouble for Putin, he will invade again?

Well, they have gotten even worse than the first time that caused Putin to invade Ukraine and now Zelensky is whining that Russia is preparing for a series "of new offensives".

Gee, who would have thought?

Definitely not our inbred, brain dead upper class trash but it gets better.

Remember that it was the US CIA who staged the political coop in Ukraine in 2014 and you can bet it was them who extracted Zelensky from Kiev to Lviv and then to Poland and set up a studio with a green screen so Zelensky could fool everyone into believing he was fighting beside his people while he was hiding in Poland.

I have been watching and Putin is bringing in troops from other nations like Syria and Kazakhstan. He just got supplied Muslim terrorists from Iran's proxy armies in the Middle East.

People, Putin doesn't need troops from other nations to finish off arrogant, blathering Ukraine. He has more than enough troops to do that job, if he really goes there to do that job. Remember that last time, he told us that he did not want to occupy Ukraine, he only wanted to get concessions for neutrality and leave, which is what he did but now Ukraine isn't keeping their word.

Putin has more than enough troops to just crush Ukraine so why is he massing troops from allies?

The only possibility is to just invade Europe and put an end to this crap, in which case, I expect the two main culprits, the lefty US and UK to lose some skin this time around so I am watching to see what damage Putin is planning for us and, believe me, he can cause us damage.

This video shows more reasons why Russia is being pushed to invade Europe and note that they are talking about deploying nukes with this move.

Why would Iran and its allies supply troops for Putin to invade Europe?

Because they know the invasion will tie down European and US troops making it easier for Iran and her allies to succeed with their attacks against other nations.

Our upper class trash never learn because they almost never pay the price for their crimes. It is always we, the people, who pay for their mischief. Maybe God will bless us and hold the evil upper class trash responsible this time.

Remember that I told you that we only have a one front military today? Did you know that, in 1968 there were 3.5 million soldiers on active duty and today there are only 1.4 million on active duty. There were 2.5 times more soldiers on active duty in 1968 than there are today.

Also you need to understand that not only does China have more ships in her navy than the US does but China's Navy is concentrated in the South China Sea, Western Pacific, and Indian Ocean where as the US Navy is spread out in every major water way in the world.

Remember that I have been telling you that China will definitely support Russia for an invasion of Europe and they are just in the preparation stage?

This video shows that China definitely KNOWS that, if Russia goes, China is next because China already knows that the Western upper class trash are working to overthrow China but the West has to wait until they get rid of Russia because the US only has a one front military.

Here is another video showing that China MUST stand with Russia or they are next. When Russia decides to go into Europe, China will do their part or die. (Ignore their crap about Russia failing.)

Do you understand why we have the mess we have? Why?

Read this article and note at the end that they quote Trump as saying what I said years ago, that the military leaders don't know how to win any more because they are instead trained to prolong wars to make our military industry more wealthy plus their hands are tied behind their backs by our corrupt politicians and upper class trash, who make a lot of money from prolonged wars.

If you study US Military history, there has been a growing trend to promote politicians in the US Military instead of accomplished field commanders and you can see this with such things as the study of some of the greatest generals, who often were held back and denied military permission for needed operations by generals who were politicians first and military officers second, you will see this is one of the biggest growing problems in our military.

If you put all of that together, what does it tell you?

Militarily, we are in very big trouble.

Remember that I told you that a pending invasion of Europe by Russia will cause some European nations to make buds with Russia?

This video shows that is already going on and, if she gets elected, she plans to make France and NATO buds with Russia. If the people of France want to move to stop an invasion of Europe by Russia, they will vote for her on April 24th, sending a huge message to the upper class trash.

You can bet that, if Le Pen gets elected and makes buds with Russia, Germany and other nations will quickly follow because France is one of the big 3 in Europe. That one move will finish crushing the upper class trash New World Order.

Keep an eye on this.

They just keep proving me right. Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Remember that I told you that the West providing weapons and even man power to Ukraine would cause Russia to invade Europe?

It turns out that a major Russian newspaper has stated that WWIII has already started because of the West, especially NATO, providing weapons to Ukraine.

If this is true, you can bet that Russia, China, and their allies are right now organizing and preparing to go to war against the West right now and the idiot upper class trash are about to get more war than they thought. It is looking increasingly like nukes will be used and a lot of people are about to die because of the insane upper class trash obsession with their global dictatorship.

Those evil things just can't leave other people alone.


Remember that I have been telling you that the government and MSM have been lying to you about the Ukraine War?

This video tells you that is true. You cannot believe a thing they are telling you.

What else should this tell you? Since they were lying, what were they telling you?

They were lying when telling you that Ukraine is defeating Russia because that is most of what they have been telling you during the war and the most important information they have been telling you.

In other words, Russia is not losing the war just like I have been telling you.

He also tells you some of the lies the CIA and MSM have been telling you.

Do you believe me yet?

They just keep pumping out more and more lies and have even set up YouTube channels to pump out those lies. The amount of lying and misinformation is so terrible that I feel sorry for those people who have not been paying attention, trained for espionage, and can't see through the lies. The lies are so prolific that even I have trouble dealing with it sometimes but review the intel, which proves it is all lies or see new intel proving it is all lies. I can understand why so many millions of people believe those lies.

They have easily brainwashed most people in the West into believing their lies by just overwhelming them with the lies and denying them the truth but those lies won't last long when Putin invades Europe.

What are they going to tell the people then, that Putin, who got defeated by little Ukraine is crushing Europe? Who is going to believe that?

That is when the truth will be made known and the people will know they have been lied to.

I can't wait to see these evil liars standing before God on Judgment Day knowing they will burn forever for the harm they have caused billions of people. Not one of them will get away with one of their crimes.


Remember that I told you to quit taking your businesses public because it just makes it easier for the upper class trash to buy up controlling shares and then use your business for their evil?

In this video it tells you that Elon Musk wants to take Twitter private for that very reason. He KNOWS that the business will be vulnerable as a public business and safer as a private business.

Quit taking your businesses public and keep them private to maintain control of them and keep them out of the evil hands of the upper class trash.

Space Aliens

Remember that I warned you about the left using fake space aliens to get you to submit to the upper class trash absolute rule "because they know what is best for you"?

I just saw a headline that three 150 mile wide space craft are heading towards Earth for a meeting, you know, with our upper class trash no one can trust. Plus I keep seeing other YouTube channels showing proof of life on Mars that I guess just suddenly appeared because they couldn't find any of it for decades.

Get ready, this is going to get nuts and you already know what their message will be.

Gee, what timing that all of this stuff is coming together at the same time. It must be a magic coincidence because we know the lefties are too stupid to conspire or work together to do their evil.

Ukrainian Propaganda

Have you noticed all of the propaganda about Ukraine sinking the Russia Navy flag ship for the Black Sea with a land based missile?

Gee, I wonder why Ukraine didn't sink that Russian ship with one of their ships? You don't think that it was because Russia already wiped out the entire Ukrainian Navy weeks ago, do you, including the Ukrainian flag ship?

Have you noticed that the left only tells you about the little bit of damage Ukraine causes to Russia but not about Russia having destroyed almost all of Ukraine's planes, tanks, and all of their navy?

It is so they can get more people to believe their lies about Ukraine defeating Russia. You can't believe a thing the left says.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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