I Told You So 454

Psychological Warfare

Remember that I keep teaching you about psychological warfare?

This video titled "US Military's Most Terrifying Weapon" tells you some about it. Yes, it is real and it is a science. I use it all of the time to see what the upper class trash and their evil minions are doing to us.

This video is just a brief introduction and that is a very good title. If you are not careful, don't pay attention, and don't question everything you are told, they can control your mind. They are right now using their lies, misinformation, and propaganda concerning the Ukraine war to control even some conservative minds and the more liberal you are, the easier it is to control you mind. That is why the lefties are called sheeple, with psychological warfare, they are very easy to control.


Remember I have been telling you that the Western Alliance was already falling apart?

It is falling apart faster than I thought it was. According to Bloomberg, this last Friday, May 13, the EU sent its member states "revised guidelines" that companies can continue to buy oil and gas from Russia "without breaching their sanctions" as long as they pay in dollars or Euros.

That should not make sense to any sane, rational person.

What the companies are doing is opening accounts in Russian banks, paying those banks in dollars or Euros, and those banks are converting those dollars or Euros into Rubles to pay for the gas and oil.

Well, so much for ye ole Western Alliance.

This tells me that the European Union nations are tired of being bullied by the British Royal Family run UK and US and are just ignoring them. Don't be surprised if they openly join Russia's side against the British Royals soon.

WWIII has already been lost by the British Royals because now it is just the UK and US against almost all of the rest of the world, except for in the Pacific West and that is looking worse every day.

I told you they shouldn't mess with Putin.

At least part of this is because the Western caused inflation is driving up the price of gas and oil, which is making Russia even more wealthy, while making the Western nations less wealthy, and could eventually make Russia the wealthiest Christian nation in history.

Ye ole British Royals are failing at ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING they are trying.

But, hold it, I thought that, according to the Western x-spirts, Russia is being crushed by Ukraine?

Man plans, God laughs.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

This video tells you almost everything I have been telling you about Russia and Ukraine and he systematically destroys the lies of the West. The Ukrainian military is being crushed even worse than he knows, the Western lying media continue to try to spin it to save their credibility, and Europe is now folding to Putin's demands just like I told you.

It suddenly got harder to get anything concerning the Ukraine War because the liars no longer want to talk about it. They have been clearly exposed.

Did you notice that these recent mass shooting in the US happened at the same time Ukraine is imploding in the war and the EU is folding and submitting to Russia, you know, along with this UFO crap? Nah, they wouldn't be distracting us from the truth, would they? Gee, what a coincidence.

Note that the surrender of the steel mill had been finished in negotiations days ago when the US Military intelligence testified about it before Congress and I told you about it and they just finally finished the surrenders today. The evacuations always finish days after the surrender negotiations have been completed.

Also, he didn't tell you about the Russian big cauldron, the siege of Odessa that started days ago, and the Russian small cauldron at Kharkiv.

And Congress is still voting to send $40 billion in "foreign aid" to Ukraine? Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash criminals have turned our government into a money laundering racket?

Since I wrote the above, they passed the $40 billion money laundering racket.

BTW, the liars are trying to save their butts by saying that Russia has "softened" concerning Sweden and Finland joining NATO because Russia is weak.

Really? Then why did Putin cut off electricity to Finland and now just cut off the gas and Finland has not yet even joined NATO?

Turkey is saying that they should not let Sweden and Finland into NATO so some in NATO are now saying they should expel Turkey. If they do that, Turkey will join forces with Russia and the Eastern Alliance, which will be another big screw up by the intellectually superior upper class trash.

Turkey is demanding that they get F-16s and F-35s but she has Russian S-400 SAMs that will capture electronics information from the US fighter planes and make it available to Russia to use against US weapons systems so she is not likely to get what she is demanding. Also remember that the US has bases and a number of nukes in Turkey, which could be a problem in getting weapons and nukes out, if we dump Turkey. That could get very ugly really fast.

Plus, with Turkey demanding increased US weapons like the F-16 and F-35, Turkey's enemy, Greece, is now saying that, if Turkey gets better weapons, Greece will need better weapons to counter Turkey's new weapons.

Watch this video about that mess.

Man plans, God laughs.

I am thinking that Sweden and Finland would be better off joining the Girl Scouts.

BTW, Qatar may cut off gas to Germany.


Why are we now sending troops to Somalia?

Because Putin is winding down the war in Ukraine by destroying the Ukrainian forces. He has taken the steel mill, you can't get news about the big Russian cauldron so you know it is either being or has been crushed, Odessa is being crushed by Putin, and Kharkiv is turning into another Russia cauldron, though they keep spinning it as "Russia being driven back", you know, creating another cauldron pocket for them to be crushed in.

Russia has been destroying US weapons and munitions as fast as we can send them into Ukraine and Ukraine just can't last much longer and it should be obvious the West is backing down concerning Ukraine.

The upper class trash need another war to make tens of billions selling someone weapons paid for with your tax dollars, you know, as foreign aid given to that nation so that nation "can buy" those weapons.

You know that someone is making money off of it.

Baby Formula

They are reporting that Abbott and the FDA "have reached a deal" on reopening the baby food plant, you know, the FDA had to reach a deal with this shortage of baby formula.

It makes me wonder how much Abbott had to bribe...uh...I mean pay a fine to the FDA?

The Intergalactic War

Remember that I have been telling you that this entire mess is really a war between God and Satan, which, if you think about it, is an intergalactic war?

This video makes that very clear. This is all about Satan trying to seize control of the planet and wipe out Christianity and Christians so the pagans can do as they will, not realizing that, if all of them can do as they will to anyone they will, you know, including them, they will find out what it is like to be real victims and not just pretend victims because those pagans with more wealth and power will be able to freely prey on the others and their families.

If the pagans get what they want, for most of them, it will be the worst nightmare they have ever had. If you don't believe me, go study history because there is a pagan reason why the global population stayed so low for so very long.

The global population didn't break one billion until just before 1900, which was about 400 years after Christianity really began spreading globally. In a little over 100 years, mostly under Christianity, the global population has grown to almost 8 billion people.


Because, until Rome "converted" to Christianity in 312 AD and Christianity began to spread, at first slowly and then increasingly faster, this planet was ruled by pagans who believed in and practiced Satan's one law of "Do as you will" and they did as they willed to everyone they could.

They slaughtered their children to their false pagan gods by the millions everywhere, destroying their futures and they waged war on each other ruthlessly for wealth, often wiping out entire peoples by the millions everywhere. At the time that Christopher Columbus first sailed from Spain in 1492, every group of people on this planet who had land, had that land because they or their ancestors killed or enslaved the former owners of that land and took control of the land.

It is only under Christianity that slavery subsided but is still active in pagan run nations.

Please notice that for more than 100 years, it is the pagan lefties who have caused most of our wars on this planet, especially in the last 50 years, with it getting worse as the lefties increase their control of the planet.

When the pagan lefties regain control of the planet, they will resume continuous warfare against each other and quickly decrease the global population back down below one billion people or less and have stated that they plan to do so with their globalism. They will turn all of our mid to large size cities into future archaeological sites and are already doing that with their lefty run cities.

People, the God hating lefty pagans are just getting started with their rampant violence against each other and note that, when they rob, beat, and murder, they don't ask whether you are a Christian or pagan, they just kill anyone and everyone they want. In Paganism, might makes right and, if you have the might, you get to do as you will to those who don't and, if they have the might, you either die or become their slaves.

You better pray long, pray hard, and pray often.

God/Yahweh/Jesus is my commander in chief. I often wish I could raise up an army of angels and wage war against these evil lefties but I know God has His reasons for not doing that yet and He regularly shows me why He is being so patient with the pagans as He converts more of them to Christianity and shows the ugly truth about the pagans to more of us.

True paganism was not what they tell you it was and will not be what they promise it will be.

I sometimes wonder how we will solve a certain problem caused by the pagans, then I will turn it over to God for Him to solve those problems, and God will show me how He is using a person or group to solve that problem. He knows best.

BTW, watch this video and you will see that Satan's people are winning the war in Europe and this move they are trying to make will hurt Christians more than anyone else but will also enslave almost all pagans.

Common Sense

Let's use some common sense concerning what is soon going to happen politically in the US.

First, conservatives have already made it known that their plan is that, upon gaining control of both the House and Senate, they are going to appoint Trump as Speaker of the House, which puts him in line to be president. Then, just like this video shows, they will impeach Biden to move Trump up to Vice President, and then get rid of Kruella, which they can easily do because of her obvious corruption and you better bet they are already putting together the cases to get rid of both of them to make Trump president. I have already explained that a president can serve for up to 2.5 terms or 10 years just in case they become president half way through someone else's term so he will be able to run again in 2024.

And what do you think the Commierats are going to do? What, you think they don't know what the conservatives are going to do with the conservatives telling all of us? Do you think they are going to just sit on their butts for the next 9 months and let it happen?


What is the Commierat plan?

They have been telling you what their plan is, which is to replace both Biden and Kruella with someone who can't be impeached and have a better chance of winning in 2024 or, more likely, someone who can finish establishing their dictatorship BEFORE this next election. They know that, if they don't finish establishing their commie dictatorship before these rapidly approaching elections, it will set them back half a century or more and none of these power mad, greedy lefties will get to be in power for their dictatorship. For them, it is clearly do or die time and they know it.

They have been telling you that they plan to use the same system to replace both Afghan Joe and Kruella with someone who can't be impeached and replaced by Trump, you know, they are NOT existing Commierat politicians. They have to have a clean slate that will hold up to any investigation.

Let's see, that sort of leaves out everyone they are proposing to replace Afghan Joe with, you know, Hillary and the rest of them, doesn't it?

The only person on the left that COULD include is Meghan. ALL of their current politicians could easily be put in prison by a good DA and you better bet they are ALL currently being investigated by conservative attorneys just in case and the left knows it.

Then, by the strangest of coincidences, Biden's own sister interviewed Meghan for being president. That was no coincidence, it is their plan.

Do the math.

But, what the left is doing now is what we used to call the "shotgun effect", where you try more than one option at the same time hoping something will work. While they are working on replacing Afghan Joe and Kruella, they are still trying to find a way to get rid of Putin to get Russia out of the way of them setting up their global dictatorship, while they are still in negotiations with Iran, while they are now trying to use WHO in conjunction with Fakedemics and fake vaccinations to gain control of the people all over the world to set up their global dictatorship.

And you think they are not making their final grab for power to set up their global dictatorship right now with them kind of running short on time?

Basically, certain organizations have become nothing but power and money grabbing organizations for the upper class trash. For example, WHO is for grabbing power and making the chemical companies money selling vaccines and testing kits while NATO is for grabbing power and making the military industry money selling weapons and munitions. The EU is for control of Europe and making the European upper class trash money, mostly through corrupt banking and government mismanagement.

Queen of England

I am wonder what is going on. After the British Royal Family telling us the Queen is too ill to appear in public, while clearly preparing to replace her with King Charles, she attended a very long social event that she should not have been able to be at for the entire event, IF what we were being told it true.

Then I see this video of her at ANOTHER public appearance just a few days later and the way she is "using" the cane makes it clear it is just a prop.

Has she regained the upper hand in their family power struggle?

Keep an eye on this.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are not as smart as they think they are and the rest of the people are not as stupid as the upper class trash think they are?

In this video Sowell tells you that they are not as smart as they think they are. They arrogantly love to believe they are far more intelligent than they really are, which means they are over estimating themselves and underestimating the people, which explains why everything they are trying keeps failing.

Eyes Opening

This may be one of the biggest moves God is making in opening eyes. More and more rich people like Musk and Bezos are beginning to realize that all of this Marxism is actually causing them to lose wealth because of the devaluation of the dollar causing inflation, which is causing them to increasingly turn on the left.

I don't care how much money you have, when the currency devalues, you all lose wealth because your money won't buy as much.

For example, if you have $100,000,000 and the value of the dollar declines by 20%, it is like you losing $20,000,000 or one fifth of your wealth and that is what is happening to the rich as well as everyone else. They are finding out that they lose more than you do because they have more to lose.

In the short term, they believed the radical commie lies, especially from their lefty college professors, about how it would benefit them but are now realizing the x-spirts are wrong and the system will eventually take them down too.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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