I Told You So 455

War Drum Beaters

Remember that I have been warning you that you can't believe the x-spirts on TeeBee about the Ukraine War or any other military actions because they work for the military industry and it is a conflict of interest?

This video does an excellent job of proving this. Those x-spirts tens of millions of people listen to and believe have ZERO credibility!!!

They are paid professional liars who make money from war regardless of who wins or gets killed. All they care about is themselves and their bank accounts. If you listened to and believed any of them, you were played for a sucker and a fool.

Do you believe me yet that you can't believe ANYTHING you see on TeeBee without question? Do you believe me yet that the ONLY reason they are supporting this war is for money and to get rid of Putin so they can set up their global dictatorship?

Any more, they are almost all just professional liars. They don't care about you or anyone else.

You better know that ALL of the corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle who are beating the war drums are also making money from this war in at least some way, some in numerous ways. They are evil devouring brute beasts and human demons.

People, I have been watching this evil crap for more than half a century. You should have seen how the corrupt politicians like Ted Kennedy and LBJ were making tens of millions of dollars from US soldiers dying and being maimed for life in the Vietnam War. It is sickening!

I am absolutely convinced everyone of these evil things will burn in Hell for the harm they cause other people so they can make more money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Left Bluffing

Remember that I have been telling you about how the left keeps bluffing to show more strength than they really have?

They tried bluffing Trump and he kept calling their bluffs, which always failed. They tried to bluff Putin into submission, which is why he called their bluff by invading Ukraine. They tried bluffing with their unconstitutional misinformation program and backed down when the conservatives called their bluff.

This video shows just one more case of the left bluffing to try and show strength they don't have.

Most of what they do is bluffing because they don't have the power and control they want you to believe they have. They are the world's greatest bluffers and the world has figured it out. If you call their bluff, you will beat them.

The lefties never learn and keep doing more of the same things that always fail.

These greedy, power mad, evil people are all going to be very surprised when they suddenly wake up burning in Hell someday soon without their power and wealth, where they can never again cause harm to anyone and realizing they will burn forever.

Death of America

Remember that I have been teaching and showing you that the US is dead and just has not finished kicking yet with this being the nation I was born in, love, and served?

This video shows you how the left is working to finish destroying the US but he doesn't tell you that it is so they can set up their communist dictatorship.

One thing I have been thinking about and realized is happening while watching this video is that the Commierats are working to break up the US into a number of smaller and less powerful nations as vassal kingdoms under the British Royals based on race and culture.

Biden Bus Ride

Remember that I have been warning you that the left needs to get rid of Biden before this next election to prevent the GOP from using the Speaker of the House, they will soon control, to replace Biden and put Trump into office?

This video shows one more effort by the left to make Biden look bad to justify getting rid of him.

Also, it would be super stupid for the left to replace Biden with Hillary because recent testimony proved that she was involved in the Russia Hoax and should face charges, which means that, if she does become president by the back door, the GOP will be able to easily impeach her so her political career is dead.

Just like I told you, they have to replace Biden with someone clean, you know, they can't be a lefty politician with a criminal track record.

Keep an eye on it.

Ukraine War

This video is a good example of how you can use an enemy's propaganda to gain valuable intel. Note that he unintentionally said a few things as part of his lies that give us evidence of what is really going on.

First, he said that it is hell in the Donbass area, meaning his troops have been encircled by Russia in the Russian cauldron and are being destroyed the way I have been telling you and showing you.

Second, he mentioned that Russia is laying siege to Odessa the way I have been telling you.

Third, why did he not brag about his troops pushing Russia back from Kharkiv?

Because those troops have also been encircled and are being destroyed and he isn't going to brag about that.

The way you have to work this is you have to get a little bit of the truth here, get a little more of the truth over there, confirm as much as you can, and piece it all together to get the true picture. It makes it much easier when they are telling you something like Ukraine is crushing Russia and then say that Russia is doing something they could not possibly do, if they were being crushed. Pay attention to the little things.

Espionage = pay attention, remember, think, use common sense, question, and connect the dots.


To understand a person, the first thing you have to do is know what their dream or end game in life is. Once you understand what a person's or group's dream or end game is, everything else is them trying to get there.

Erdogan made it very clear years ago that he is trying to revise the Ottoman Empire with him as the ruler or dictator and use the revived Ottoman Empire to conquer and rule the world. He is an upper class trash power mad whacko.

Then you have to understand that the Ottoman Empire was the last Muslim Caliphate that managed to last until the early 1900s, the leader was the Caliph or ruler and that Islam requires that the Muslims will eventually conquer and rule the world and enslave or slaughter all non Muslims.

For about a decade now Erdogan has been calling for all Muslims to unite with him to conquer Israel, you know, so Erdogan can stand on the Temple Mount and give the order for all Muslims to kill all remaining non Muslims to prove that Erdogan is the Muslim Mahdi so all Muslims will be required to submit to his rule and fight to conquer the world.

You also have to understand that the reason why the Muslims have not been able to unite into one Caliphate is because 1) all of their leaders want to be the dictator or Mahdi and not the ruled and 2) the differences in the different sects of Islam.

History proves that almost any power mad whacko will work with other power mad whackos to get what they want and then they will turn on those other power mad whackos.

What is the current situation?

The West is ruled by the Euro-American royals with the British Royal Family making a grab for power right now with them as the rulers and the rest of ye ole royals are thinking they want to be the rulers and not the ruled, so this is creating division in the West. This could easily drive Western nations like Germany and others to join the Eastern Alliance with Putin.

Plus most of the rest of the nations' leaders realize that, if the British Royals get their global dictatorship, those other nations' leaders and people will be killed off because the royals have been saying for more than 3 decades that they plan to "depopulate" or slaughter better than 95% of the people in the world, including those leaders.

Also, the US and UK are not front line nations in a war with Russia so they are safer than nations like Romania, Poland, Finland, Turkey, and others, who will bear the brunt of the ground war at the very start so US and UK have less risk in such a war and feel safer about starting such a war.

Muslims have been working to get something going towards setting up a Caliphate since the demise of the Ottoman Empire with each of them as the dictators but the West is making its move right now to set up their global dictatorship with the Muslims not even being close to ready, which means that, if the West succeeds, they all die so they are being driven to the Eastern Alliance to survive.

China made it public knowledge years ago that their end game is to conquer the world and enslave or murder all non Chinese with the CCP being the dictators with North Korea just being their vassal kingdom.

The Western upper class trash have been using China's slave labor to increase their wealth with them believing that the West will win the fight for global dictatorship and then wipe out China but the West's plans are failing and China is looking more like she could win and that is finally starting to concern the greedy upper class trash because they should know that, if China wins, they are dead.

Russia and most of the rest of the world just want to be left alone but the British Royals making their move for their global dictatorship is driving increasing numbers of them, you know, like India and Brazil, to the Eastern Alliance to survive.

Erdogan is finding himself in a really bad situation as a member of NATO and the UK and US trying to start WWIII with Russia. Turkey is a Russian neighbor with NATO forces inside his country with about 50 to 100 tactical nukes so he knows that, if the US and UK start WWIII, Putin will nuke Turkey to get those nukes before those nukes can be used against Russia.

Turkey also controls the Bosporus Straits between the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea and, if she tries to contain Russia's Navy in the Black Sea to keep them from being a threat to the rest of the West, Russia will attack her and, if she doesn't try to contain Russia's Navy, NATO will attack her.

Turkey is also a neighbor with Iran and her proxy nations like Syria and Iraq so that, if Turkey remains a member of NATO when WWIII starts, Turkey will be attacked from all sides. Turkey's best bet is to join the Eastern Alliance with Russia and Iran, which would shift that part of the Western front line to Greece, which Turkey wants to conquer anyway.

From what I am seeing, it is increasingly looking like Erdogan will do that. Almost every move the upper class trash makes chases more and more nations into the Eastern Alliance causing the West to lose ground.

This also explains why Erdogan is against allowing Finland and Sweden into NATO to prevent WWIII and demanding weapons systems Turkey will need to fight Russia and Iran, which Turkey knows the US probably won't give Turkey.

If Turkey gets kicked out of NATO and/or jumps ship, watch her try to keep the nukes and other weapons the US/NATO has in Turkey. That will quickly get ugly.

Keep an eye on Turkey.


I think we are about to see China invade Taiwan.


Because Afghan Joe said we would militarily defend Taiwan and the media, including the conservative media, are going ape over it, which will cause at least some of the people, probably most, to turn on Afghan Joe about the idea of the US defending Taiwan.

You know that China is watching this very closely and, if enough stupid people cause enough of a backlash about it, showing that the people of the US do not support the US defending Taiwan, China will quickly attack Taiwan before that attitude can change and she won't stop there.

Well, there goes another ally.

Then what?

The rest of our allies will reconsider being our allies very carefully and many will decide to change sides before it is too late. At that point, the US will be a paper tiger and all of the bad guys will go wild, even against the US, probably ganging up on the US.

I expect to see North Korea invade South Korea, China invade Japan, the Philippines, Australia, and other nations and start their takeover of the US, Iran put together a coalition to invade Israel, and Russia invade Europe, just to name a few.

It just keeps getting worse because too many people are idiots, especially the upper class trash. This is going to be like Feudal Europe but on a global scale with nations fighting nations everywhere.

I have lost all hope for mankind doing anything right and I know that our only hope is God. It is going to take the hand of God to save our butts this time.


It is very clear that the upper class trash are right now waging biological warfare on us. Suddenly, the Monkeypox shows up in a number of different and new nations at exactly the same time, you know, it is a magic coincidence.

I am wondering if part of the reason for the left supporting illegal aliens being allowed to just rush right into our nations is to use them to spread different diseases. I would not be surprised to find out that they are intentionally infecting some of them just before they cross into our nations.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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