I Told You So 456

Note that this is my 2,000th page on this site and I hate being right about some things but God tells me to write so I write.


God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

This is very interesting and politically massive.

In this video the first half shows that Hillary's career is over and she may be facing criminal charges for being complicit in the crimes of the Russian Hoax.

Gee, why am I not seeing more about this in the news?

The second half shows that Pelosi has been excommunicated from the Catholic Church until she repents of her position on abortion. This has destroyed her evil political career because, if she does not repent, then it would be a sin for any Catholic to vote for her because it would make them complicit in her sins. This means that very few Latinos can vote for her and no other Catholics can vote for her.

If she does repent, then her lefty, pro-abortion supporters won't vote for her and she is finished.

This is a lose-lose situation for Pelosi but a big win for the US.

It looks like God meant what He said because both of their sins have found them out. God has finally had enough of both of them.

Lefty Idiots

I can't believe the things that lefties say and choose to believe so they can justify continuing to vote Commierat. They are so dishonest with themselves that they tell themselves lies and then choose to believe those lies to cover for what their leaders are doing to them, their families, and their friends.

For example, I see them saying that the president can't affect the price of products, you know, like gas, so they can continue to support Afghan Joe. "No, it gots tuh bee duh oil companies and their greed, not the president's actions and policies."

"Why, duh president decreasing oil supply in relation to demand ain't going to increase oil prices." And they blatantly ignore that ALL prices are going up and not just oil because of him and his party irrationally printing huge amounts of dollars causing the US dollar to decline in value.

And then Biden came out and said he can control the price of gas. Oops!

If it was Trump driving up prices, you know the liars would be screaming from the mountain tops about Trump destroying our economy by driving up prices. They are liars and hypocrites.

It is just like the Bible says about the end times, they will believe a lie because they want to believe the lie. Those people have such little integrity that they can't even trust themselves.

They don't care about the harm their leaders are causing to them, their families, their friends and others as long as they can justify voting for their party to be able to belong to their lefty crowd.

I used to respect some of these people but they are destroying that respect by destroying their credibility by choosing to believe their own lies so they can continue to vote for criminals. It is like they are having an international stupid contest and it is close.

I have seen more intelligent rocks lying alongside the road.

BTW, did you notice that the lefties using this school shooting to distract everyone from Ukraine, higher prices, shortage for baby formula, abortion, and other problems? How long do you think they will use this story to distract you from everything else?

Remember that I have been telling you that all of the great academic crusades have failed and NOT ONE has succeeded? Remember that I been telling you that the left is destroying our nation so they can build their commie dictatorship? Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties, especially the upper class trash never quit? Remember that I told you that God is opening eyes?

This video tells you all of that and more. More and more people like Tucker and Turley are realizing more and more of what is going on and telling you about it.

Fortunately, God is using people to fight back and cause the left to fail enough that they don't get everything they want and need for their dictatorship, while letting the left succeed enough to show their true colors. They prove me right every day in that the only thing that will stop their evil is their death.

Note that the upper class trash are going around saying that they are going to make this a better world, you know, to impress the stupid people.

What you should be asking is, "For whom?" They definitely are not working to make this a better world for you but for themselves. But, hey, it fools the stupid people into thinking the upper class trash are working to make this a better world for the stupid people.

Remember that I have been telling you that the lie the upper class trash have used for thousands of years to con people into submitting to the upper class trash absolute rule is that the upper class trash are more intelligent than you so they know what is best for you so you should submit to their absolute rule over you so they can take care of you and they have NEVER taken care of anyone but themselves?

This video shows you that is still their con. Why, they know what is best for you and are going to set up their global dictatorship so they can force you to do what is best for you in spite of the fact that everything they are doing is failing.

Nothing has changed or ever will because they just keep doing the same things again and again to get absolute power so they can oppress, rob, enslave and murder you at will.

And God said, "There is nothing new under the sun." The upper class trash have been doing the same evil crap for thousands of years and the stupid people keep falling for it.

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

BTW, note that Turley said that, when the researchers reported their findings to the media, the media wanted nothing to do with it.


Because the media are owned by the evil upper class trash and, if those journalists reported the truth about their bosses, they would be fired. Never forget that the upper class trash own ALL of the MSM. If you work for them, you say what you are ordered to say or you lose your job and most of them would rather lie about everything than lose their jobs for telling the truth about anything.

I saw a headline that said that the left always uses these disasters like the recent school shooting to promote their agenda.

No, after decades of watching it, I am convinced the left creates these disasters to promote their agenda. It is no coincidence that these mass shooting always happen at just the right time in relation to other events and their agenda.

They are desperately trying to get rid of guns so they can more safely set up their dictatorship and failing so they stage a mass shooting in a school and then pretend to care about those murdered children, you know, while demanding the right to murder children with abortion.

People, the upper class trash do not care about children, you, or anyone but they know most of you care and they are willing to murder as many children as they have to in order to get you to help them get rid of guns.

Hey, they already murdered more than 60 million children in just the US with abortion; what is a few dozen more in a school?

The only people they are concerned about not getting shot are themselves and they will send nut cases to murder as many of you as they can to prevent themselves from being shot when they set up their commie dictatorship.

They need to investigate the shrinks these shooters are always seeing, while on medications, to see of those shrinks are being paid by someone like Soros to brainwash mentally ill people on drugs to go out and murder people.

It is just a wee bit of a coincidence that these shooters are always left of center seeing lefty shrinks, while on medication, have a police record, have plenty of money for plenty of guns and ammo along with other things, and they always do these shootings when the left needs to distract you from other messes they have just made and/or to promote being able to steal your guns.

People, expect these mass shootings to get more frequent between now and the elections, you know, by a magic coincidence. This needs to be thoroughly investigated and everyone involved must be held accountable.

Biden asked why do such mass shootings only occur so frequently in the US?

The answer is obvious; because no other countries have Commierats using such mass shootings to steal everyone's guns so the Commierats can set up their commie dictatorship.

I trust anything the left says about as far as I can throw Moby Dick up wind in a class 5 hurricane.

Rigging the Election

Remember that I have been warning you to not get over confident about the results of the coming election because the lefty commies would just rig the elections again?

This video shows that is exactly what the left is trying to do. They just got a ruling in a federal court that, if a person is CHARGED with insurrection, not proven guilty, that person can be barred from running for or holding public office.

If that is allowed to stand, all the left has to do is accuse or charge all conservatives with insurrection and no conservatives will be allowed to run for or hold public office. Keep in mind that, if this stands, they don't have to charge ALL Republicans to win, they only have to charge ENOUGH Republicans to win.

That in of itself is an insurrection and attempted coup of the US Government.

To punish someone for a crime because they were just charged with the crime and not proven guilty for the crime is unconstitutional because they have not had due process, therefore, that ruling is unconstitutional.

Why is it an insurrection?

This video shows you why the left is trying to disqualify as many members of the GOP as they can. The left knows that, if they don't cheat and cheat big, they can't win. They have to completely steal this election and not just rig votes in a few key states. They are not going to play nice or legal. Expect the very worst from them.

You better keep an eye on this because this is just the beginning of the left's criminal actions to seize control of the US Government and even local governments. It is going to get very crazy and ugly over the next 4 to 5 months because the left cannot stop their evil. They are proving me right that the ONLY thing that can stop them is their death.

Tim states in that video that the left is doing this because "they know they are going to lose", you know, just like I told you that they are not going to just sit on their butts and let you beat them. The evil lefties will do anything and everything they have to in order to get what they want, including mass murders.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because it gets worse every day.

The left is going to use every dirty trick and crime they can think of to get their beloved commie dictatorship. This is just getting started so don't start celebrating yet and, even after the election, if they lose big, they will try to overturn all of the elections they can, you know, stage an insurrection.

I warned you, I warned you, I warned you and it is happening right now. THEY.WILL.NOT.STOP!!!! You have to stop them and this is going to be a fight right up until they lose the war and then some. Believe me, you will all be glad when they are all burning in Hell where they can never cause anyone harm again forever.

Do you get the picture yet as to why God MUST sentence them to eternal damnation to protect you?

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today because God shows me and I show you.

Remember that I have been telling you that the left really does work together or conspire to do their evil to you?

They point out about one third of the way through that video that the left really does work together or conspire to do their evil.


Remember that I told you that both Russia and China will move to invade Japan at the same time when WWIII really begins to escalate?

Surprise, surprise, surprise; this video shows both Russia and China flying nuke capable aircraft near Japanese airspace while Afghan Joe was in Japan. That was a very clear message and warning to Afghan Joe and the world.

When Russia goes into Europe, both Russia and China will go to war in the Pacific against Japan, Canada, and the US, while North Korea and China go after South Korea and China goes after other targets like Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and the West Pacific.

Yeah, that will spread out the US one front military like I have been warning you for more than a decade. If we do win that one, it won't be pretty.


Remember that Black Lives Matter was founded in 2012 when Obama was president, and almost certainly with his assistance, and he "looked the other way" when their first actions were burning and looting, you know, in the name of being upset?

This video tells you that BLM is imploding and probably on the verge of disbanding. You know this will upset Obama.

Let's review their history a wee bit. BLM was founded as a front organization in 2012 by and for the New Black Panthers, which are a subsidiary or branch of the Nation of Islam (for black Muslims) run by Obama's best bud and "role model" Louis Farrakhan, who Obama used to spend entire days at Farrakhan's house while Obama was president.

Yeah, you know that BLM failing isn't going to make Obama very happy because this means that absolutely everything Obama put together as President and later using Afghan Joe as his front man is failing.

Upper Class Trash

I got this from Bloomberg by William Horobin:

"The war in Ukraine has shown Europe doesn't understand how powerful it could be on the world stage and the bloc should 'flex its muscles' more than it does, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said."

She is obviously an arrogant, over educated fool who couldn't do a strategic analysis to save her life and, if they do what she said, there won't be a Europe left. I wonder how many people believed what she said. Before you "flex your muscle" you might want to build that muscle.

And you think the upper class trash are more intelligent than you because they said so?

Look, Europe has been hiding behind the US military so they wouldn't have to spend money maintaining their militaries and now they have nothing worth talking about to fight with.

What is happening here is that these arrogant, ignorant twits see that the US won't engage Russia in war directly and, without knowing anything about military matters, they are ignorantly and arrogantly thinking, "We can do it." Just remember that every time the Euro-American royals waged war against each other, half of them lost.

Are these arrogant, spoiled, rich idiots about to escalate WWIII?

Ukraine War

I finally got some more intel on the Ukraine War and it is just like I have been telling you.

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy blasted the West for lacking unity on Wednesday, as the Russian invasion entered its fourth month and Moscow's troops advanced in eastern Ukraine."


"Zelenskyy renewed calls for heavy weapons from foreign partners, saying the billions of dollars' worth already put up were not enough to help Ukraine's outgunned forces."

Hold it, I thought Ukraine was crushing Russia and would soon win the war.

You mean the media and x-spirts have been lying to us? And who would have figured that all of those billions of dollars and the weapons they paid for wouldn't do Ukraine any good?

That "advancing in eastern Ukraine" is Russia destroying those 18 or so battalions in its cauldron. It is taking time because the area of the cauldron is bigger than some US states and they do have at least 18 battalions they are encircling.


Remember that I have been telling you that China is extending is forces into the Pacific Ocean to advance on attacking the US?

I have not seen so much as a mention of this in the US news but this video from Australia tells us that China is currently working on making deals with 10 more nations like the Solomon Islands for building Chinese naval bases, you know, closer to the US and Australia. China has already made deals with the Solomon Islands and one other nation in the South Pacific. They are making deals with island nations as far east as at least Fiji, you know, bribing their corrupt leaders.

What is really disconcerting is that the deal with Fiji has been kept secret, you know, China doesn't want the US and Australia to know about it for some reason and Fiji is going along with that. The US is being or has been sold out by about a dozen nations in the Pacific.

It looks like China is militarizing the entire South Pacific, which is huge. This is a massive offensive move by China I have been warning you about. It is amazing I have to get this from the Australian media because none of the US media are covering this.

Why are the US media not covering this?

"Hey, forget Taiwan, we will just take the US and then Taiwan will surrender."

Listen, if those island nations have ports and airports than can handle China's military ships and planes, China won't have to take the time to build those facilities because she can just move right in and, if necessary, have her troops build barracks for housing the troops. China's military can be in those island nations with weapons, munitions, and supplies to support her sleeper cells inside the US within months and they will only be a month of less away from the US by ship and within hours by plane.

In case you have not noticed, our idiot upper class trash have already started WWIII and it is right now escalating. By the time Putin finishes what he is doing in Ukraine, China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and their Eastern Alliance allies will be ready for their next move, which will be on a global basis because the greedy, power mad upper class trash just can't leave other people alone. Everyone on this planet is about to lose people they care about because of the upper class trash.

You have to understand the big picture for what the Eastern Alliance has planned and their intentions are pretty obvious. They have been watching the US fight for more than half a century and they are planning to deliver the ultimate "shock and awe" attack. You will go to bed one peaceful night and be suddenly awakened thinking you are in Hell, with explosions and flashes of light all around you, if you survive long enough to wake up. They plan to do to you what Russia did to Ukraine on the first night of that war, when they quickly destroyed most of Ukraine's air defenses, planes, tanks, and all of her navy.

The upper class trash feel safe in starting WWIII with Russia because we have Europe and the Atlantic Ocean between us and Russia but Russia isn't going to attack the US from the east. Russia and China are going to do a coordinated attack against the US from the west. Russia will invade Alaska, which has a lot of open ground for an easy invasion and quickly give Russia control of a big chunk of our oil and gas resources and China already has at least tens of thousands of troops in sleeper cells all over the US they just have to wake up to fight and they are right now developing the Pacific Ocean supply line for reinforcements, weapons, and munitions for those troops with their primary direction of attack coming from the West Coast.

What should the US Military do?

First, we better all repent of our sins and get right with God so we can call on His name or nothing else will work. He promised us that, if we repent of our sins, turn back to Him, and call on His name, He will hear us, come and save us.

Then we have to regain control of the industrial might that our greedy upper class trash just gave to China to increase their wealth by using China's slave labor (the greatest sucker punch in history.) We need to quickly develop and have control of the industry required to fight a sustained war and take care of the needs of the people. Without that, you lose the war.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are really, really stupid from too much inbreeding and dope?

Then the military has to stage a strategic retreat from Europe back to the US to protect home base.

God taught me a long time ago that every well has a bottom and you can only get so much water from any well.

Our military is not infinite. It is very finite with just a one front military and the one front we need most to defend is our own nation. Without a base for our military, our war is lost.

Then we need to militarize the Polynesian Islands in the North Pacific as a buffer against China and Russia, to prevent China from resupplying her troops in the US, AND to establish a strategic location for troops so they can be quickly moved to either aid our allies in the West Pacific such as South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan or to the US, which ever is needed most.

We need to quietly move all of the forces in the US we can into underground, nuke proof "Black Coset" facilities from the Cold War to minimize the potential for surprise attacks. I pray, I pray, I pray that our Black Closet is still in order and functioning because this is what it was designed for and we really need it right now. If it isn't, we could easily lose this war. If it is, you are in for some really big surprises and, hopefully, it will be big and good enough to win this war.

Then we need to get maximum recruitment, training, and organization for our militias and secure our red zones. Every good man, woman, and child of 12 or older needs to know how to fight to survive.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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