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This video shows something very interesting. Soros' health has declined really bad so that he can barely think and speak. I will be surprised if he lives out the rest of this year.

It looks like he will be burning in Hell soon and his eldest son will replace him.

It looks like he will never make it to man's prison but will soon make it to God's eternal prison, which means he will stop causing harm to other people and that is a good thing.

The theme for that video is that Soros is in a panic because their globalist culture won't survive because they can't get rid of Putin and set up their global dictatorship.

Note that Soros is calling for all-out war against Putin or WWIII on steroids, which the left will lose for the reasons I have shown you in the past. What he does recognize is that their globalist efforts are failing and will fail if they don't get Putin out of their way. He knows the globalists are running out of time and he is so obsessed and desperate he is insisting on escalating the first true global war involving every nation on this planet.

What does Soros have to lose with a global and/or nuke war, he is probably going to be dead in a few months anyway and it shows just how obsessive and compulsive his evil is. Even on his death bed, Soros is demanding they wage a global war to set up their global dictatorship before he dies.

BTW, the way it stands right now, the West only has 3 nuke armed nations; the US, UK, and France and The East has Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, India, and Iran. A nuke war won't be purdy and the East is not just going to surrender.

Remember that I told you years ago that we would need to set up a separate Internet to fight the left?

Turley tells you that Russia is doing that. Gee, what a coincidence.

Death of the Western Empire

Remember that I have been telling you that the EU was going to shatter into pieces and Germany and Italy would very likely be among the first to desert?

This video tells you that BOTH Germany and Italy have caved and are going to pay for Russian gas and oil in Rubles. Bwahahaha!!!!

Remember that this is where you got tomorrow's news today.

That is TWO of the EU's top five nations caving to Russia and leaving the others behind. Well, at least we know Russia won't have to invade them and that leaves only Spain, France, and the UK plus the US. If Spain and France cave, which is now likely, it is over with the exception that Russia may still have to attack or invade one or both of the UK and/or the US and the US better stage a strategic retreat to protect her own turf, especially with China making advances in the Pacific Ocean.

That almost settles it, the evil upper class trash royals are not going to get their global dictatorship, which is why Soros is fit to be tied, but that doesn't mean they won't keep trying to turn their own nations into dictatorships, you know, like the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Now they only have a few options to SHARE a global dictatorship and my money is on them working to get an alliance with Iran and Islam so expect to see them openly begin building Mystery Babylon soon, you know, just like the Bible says.

They are not going to just quit. They will try to find some other way to get the evil they want, even if it is just a little of their evil with individual national dictatorships. Even then they will continue to try to get more because greedy and power mad people can never have enough.

There are two other things to watch here. First, the US dollar is going to take a nose dive in value.

Second, you watch Germany reopen the pipeline from Russia that the US made them close.

You better keep an eye on that.

Remember that I told you that we should not cause trouble with Christian Russia? Do you believe me yet?

Now the Western lying media and x-spirts are using information about Russia sending 1,500 "obsolete" T62 tanks to the front line as "proof" that Russia is losing and is desperate, you know, while Russia is crushing Ukrainian forces in the Donbass area and still has more than 11,000 tanks.

The arrogant fools are so busy spinning anything and everything they can to keep the lie alive that Russia is losing the war and Ukraine is winning the war that they are not considering other possibilities, which is going to bite them in ye ole tush.

With Russia still having more than 11,000 tanks left and them sending 1,500 T62s to the front, it is more probable that Russia doesn't need the better tanks in Ukraine any more so they are conserving their better tanks by using the T62s.

You have to understand that Russia now has their cauldrons in place and is devastating the enemy forces with artillery, rockets, missiles, and bombs so they don't need their tanks front line. They are probably keeping the T62s out of range of the enemy tanks and other weapons to act as a protection if anything manages to break through their front lines. They are just a "stop gap."

Now they could use their best tanks for this unless they are moving their best tanks to the front lines for invading Europe, after any needed repairs and usual maintenance. This should be seen by the West, who prefer to keep their intellectually superior heads up their butts, that Russia is preparing to invade Europe because the West proves more and more every day that they are not going to stop trying to destroy Putin and Russia so the West can set up their beloved global communist dictatorship. Satan's spawn are obsessive, compulsive crazy.

My guess is that the arrogant upper class trash fools are about to be surprised again because they refuse to pull their heads out of their butts or echo chambers to take a look at reality.

Putin is about to do another preemptive strike because the left is forcing him to again and, to do that, he needs his more advanced tanks on the European borders and not finishing the war in Ukraine so he is moving his T62s to Ukraine to free up the more advanced tanks.

What, you think Putin is going to prefer to use those T62s as part of his European invasion force while keeping his better tanks behind for clean up in Ukraine? Did a light bulb just come on?

That is the most logical and probable reason for Putin having more than 11,000 tanks and moving 1,500 of his worst tanks into Ukraine. The T62s are just clean up because that fight is almost over.

People, if Russia is "losing the war", being "crushed" by Ukraine and they still have more than 11,000 tanks, they are NOT going to send their 1,500 worst tanks in to turn the tide of battle and regain the initiative so they can win the war! Duh, hello!

It looks like the West is about to get the WWIII they wanted but not the exact WWIII they want. Once again, the arrogant fools are not going to like what they actually get.

Man plans, God laughs.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash cause better than 90% of our problems and, if you want to solve or stop most of our problems, you have to get rid of the upper class trash?

This is sick, the NATO Secretary General is SPINNING "what would it mean for Ukraine to win the war?" And the lying lefty media are helping him spin this new lie.

Hold it, everyone knows that you win a war when you defeat your enemy...but not anymore. Now you can win a war, if you get a deal from your enemy that you can accept even if you lose half of your nation to the enemy.

I kid you not, that is exactly what the liar is selling so they can keep selling the lie that Ukraine is crushing Russia and can win this war so they can keep you supporting them sending tens of billions of your tax dollars to Ukraine so Ukraine can make them rich by purchasing weapons from our military industry and to weaken Russia so they can destroy Russia to set up their global dictatorship. "Why, Ukraine doesn't have to actually defeat Russia to win the war. Ukraine can actually be defeated by Russia and still win the war."

You know the stupid people are going to buy this, right? Hey, why should the stupid people change now and quit believing every lie the upper class trash and their media tell them?

Conspiracy Theorist

Remember that I have been telling you that, yes, I am a conspiracy theorist because I KNOW that the upper class trash do work together or conspire to do their evil to you?

This video shows you the elites themselves telling you that they do conspire to do their evil to you and they are telling you what some of their plans are. You just might want to pay just a wee bit of attention.

It is time for the people to wake up and become conspiracy theorists by knowing what the upper class trash are conspiring to do to all of us.

Listen to Rand Paul because what he is describing is royalty and their monarchy. That is who the globalists are and what they are trying to setup, just like I have been telling you for more than a decade. You don't get to vote for these evil elites and they have absolute control of you, you know, just like a monarchy.

Mass Shootings

This video sets straight what the international mass shooting statistics really are.

For years, I have been hearing the lies from the left how only the US is having mass shootings but I knew that couldn't be true with the violence I have regularly seen from outside the US. It turns out that my observations were right; the US is ranked only 63rd in the world.

Note that this is just gun violence and doesn't include attacks and murders with other weapons.

What most people don't understand is that, before guns were invented, violent crime around the world was much, much worse than today. Things were so bad until the last few hundred years that you didn't dare travel between towns alone and unarmed. That is the biggest reason why people traveled in caravans around the world.

The gun made things much more peaceful because it leveled the playing field for women and small men against big men.

If the left gets rid of guns, violence will get many times worse globally.

Note that the left is not telling you that more children die by abortion than are dying by guns.

Wow, they really care about children, don't they?

At Uvalde everyone is throwing a fit because ye ole cops didn't rush right in and save the kids.

That is because, more than a decade ago, the courts ruled that it was not the responsibility of the cops to "protect and serve" the people, you know, risk their lives to rush right in and save your butt so, of course, the cops now believe and practice that it is not their job to risk their lives to rush right in and save your butts.

Wow, that worked well, didn't it?

This is just one more reason why you need to be armed, trained, and organized to save your own butts. When the cops get there, they don't just rush right in to save your butts because they are now trained to NOT rush right in and save your butts because of slick talking attorneys and idiot judges.

I have been waiting for this to backfire on the cops and judges. Just remember that, when you are pointing fingers, to point at least a few at the slick attorneys and stupid judges; because of them, the cops are now trained that way and they were doing what they were trained and ordered to do.

"Hey, don't risk your life to save someone else's life, not even children, you're just a cop."

So now FBI agents are condemning the cops for not doing what the courts said is not their job.

Uh, shouldn't the corrupt FBI clean its own house first?

They don't exactly have a spotless record right now.


This video explains why ALL of our prices are going up and they tell you what I have been telling you. They are radically increasing the supply of dollars while the demand is falling way off and that always destroys a currency and increases the numbers of the currency required to purchase anything and everything.

You have to understand why the upper class trash keep telling you they have made the economy better. It is all based on THEIR definition of economy. You see, forget that the economy really sucks for you, their economy is doing really great when they are getting much more wealthy. Their definition of economy is "Them getting rich at your expense."

So, by their definition, the economy is doing fantastic, forget about your definition and that it is destroying your life.


Christians used to wonder for decades how the US is going to fit in with end time prophecy because it was the greatest power and economy in the world.

You have to deal with the ugly fact that, because of our corrupt upper class trash and the damage they have been and are doing to the US, the US as we know it simply will not exist at the beginning of the Tribulation because the lefties have destroyed our nation and are doing their best to finish her off.

People, as a nation, we let the upper class trash talk us into turning our backs on God and He is permitting them to destroy our nation because of it just like God did with Israel. The longer it takes us to return back to God, the worse it is going to be.

If we want to have anything left of this nation when the dust settles, we better turn back to God soon.

Biological Warfare

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash are waging biological warfare against us, they are using the Wuhan Lab as a front for releasing those viruses, and that COVID 19 was just a dry run?

This video should make that extremely clear to you. They didn't even have the Monkeypox virus in China so they manufactured the virus (called "biological warfare research and development") only 3 months before the virus suddenly showed up in numerous countries at the same time by the most incredible magic coincidence.

The lame excuse they used for bio-engineering this virus (weapon) is so they could develop "a tool for detecting the virus".

Gee, why do you think they might need a tool to detect a virus that has not been in most nations? You don't think they were planning on releasing it globally as a weapon, do you? Do you get the picture yet?

Then Roman goes on to show you what viruses the upper class trash plan to use against you next, you know, the highly pathogenic H7N9 virus that is transmitted by both chickens and mice.

Gee, I wonder why the left has been so adamant about killing off free roaming feral cats that keep mouse populations below epidemic levels? You don't think they are planning to use pandemic rodent populations to spread deadly diseases to kill you off, do you, you know, like I have been telling you for about 20 years now? Do you believe me yet that I don't like being right about some things the upper class trash are doing?

I have been warning you for about 20 years and they are right now doing the biological warfare research and development to make it happen. Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today because God shows it to me and I show it to you.

You just might want to farm a clan of free roaming feral kitty cats to get those mouse and other rodent populations down below epidemic levels. It turns out that those free roaming feral cats they have taught you to hate and kill off are the best defense you have against some of the really terrible biological warfare weapons they are developing and planning on using against you, you know, like H7N9 and Yersinia Pestis, better known as the "Black Plague" that almost wiped out mankind 700 years ago.

Gee, I wonder why they have brainwashed you to believe the lie that free roaming feral cats are the only animal on the planet that devastates ecosystems and not 500 pound African lions, 2,500 grizzly bears, 18 foot crocodiles, or great white sharks?

No, the most dangerous animal on the planet is the 8 pound free roaming feral house cat that is very low on the food chain because most other predators eat it and almost everything it eats reproduce so quickly.

"If you don't kill them all off, house cats are going to take over the planet and then the entire star system and then the entire galaxy!!! Waaa, Waaa, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!"

It looks like their strategy is to kill a few hundred million with this bug, a few hundred million with that bug, and finish the rest off with Yersinia Pestis but, to do that, they have to get rid of the free roaming feral cats, because they are what stopped the Black Plague from wiping out mankind 700 years ago.

Did you note that the H7N9 virus has a 35% mortality rate, dwarfing COVID 19? Do you believe me yet that COVID 19 was just a dry run?

Just remember that, untreated, Yersinia Pestis has a mortality rate of 90% and, when it infects your lungs and becomes the Pneumonic Plague, it has a mortality rate of 100%. You ain't seen nuttin' yet, baby. You don't know real fear yet.

The Monkeypox is just them still testing their release and fear mongering control systems.

They have proved that they are making the bugs and releasing them in such a way that it is now obvious those releases are pre planned with Wuhan being their front for releasing the deadly weapons. THAT is biological warfare and they are murdering people, know they are murdering people, and keep murdering people so dey can habs der global dictatorship. These evil monsters should be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Do you believe me yet these things are evil human demons and spawn of Satan?

You just might want to join the global prayer vigil to pray long, pray hard, pray often, and lock and load. The evil upper class trash make things worse almost every day now so you need God's hand to protect you more every day now.

At the end, Roman shows you a trailer for an organization that is working to uncover where all of the money for this corruption is coming from and who the upper class trash really are.

Yep, they are getting ready to prove me right again, aren't they?

Hey, God has his armies and Satan has his armies too. You are about to find out that I have been right all along about Satan's armies and their evil conspiracies against you to set up their evil global dictatorship and murder you off. The upper class trash are not doing all of this for their entertainment.

"Hey, for fun, let's see how many millions of people we can murder off this week."


Something you should always remember about the military and law enforcement is that they are all humans and there are both good and bad humans.

That should tell you that there will always be good cops, FBI, and military and that there will always be bad cops, FBI, and military. You must judge each person individually based on what they do and that is very important in determining who is running and in control of those different agencies.

If the bad humans are in control, they will ALWAYS cause harm to people and corrupt everything until the good humans do their job, stand up to, and stop the bad humans.

Right now, the bad humans are mostly in control of most of the really important parts of our government and the good humans must soon stand up to those bad humans before it is too late. The longer the good humans wait to do their job, the more people the bad humans will cause harm to.


This guy is the best I have seen of anyone using sarcasm to show just how stupid the lefty propaganda really is. He really outdoes himself in this video so I decided to share it with you.

Yes, the lefties really are that stupid.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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