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This video shows that even people in other countries know what is going on and he put it very well.

He also confirmed what I told you about the upper class trash have been working on this since WWII. He told you that he faced the same fascist bullying and punishments from the British establishment for taking a stand against the WWII establishment.

I have been telling you that the Euro-American royals have been working on setting up their global dictatorship since 1947 or WWII and he confirmed it.

He also tells you what I have been telling you that the "US is going down the drain" or is dead and being finished off by the lefty upper class trash royals.

He also tells you that this will probably benefit Trump by making most Americans angry at the establishment.

This video is a very interesting and revealing truth that Trump cannot be disqualified from running for and holding office even if he is found guilty of illegally having classified documents in his possession.

This is a very interesting video you should all see because he is giving you warnings about what to expect next from the lefty commie traitors following the Trump raid. You should be concerned about this because you could be next.

I have watched this evil crap happen in other countries for decades and now it is here.

Do you believe me yet that this Republic is dead because of the criminals running our nation and they are just finishing it off?

The only thing this raid is going to do is 1) prove how corrupt the left is and 2) anger the American people even more to vote even more against the Commierat criminal organization.

It is another already failed plan by the left.

Man plans, God laughs.

Bwahahahahaha!!!! I just found out that the left is insisting that we no longer call the FBI raid on Trump's home a "raid" but we must call it a "visit".

I guess the FBI just dropped by for tea and cake, right? Maybe they didn't find anything? Maybe the left has figured out that it is already backfiring on them? Why do all of the things the left keeps doing keep failing?

Because they are so out of touch with the reality of most people's lives that they have no clue how we will respond. All they know is what they keep saying to each other in their little echo chamber rich bubbles that have nothing to do with reality because their upper class trash bubbles are all they know. They are less knowledgeable about real people than a two year old. They think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are.

The left is defending the raid by saying that the FBI had a warrant and a judge had to sign off on that warrant.

You mean that there are no corrupt judges? Gee, what happened to all of the corrupt lefty judges all over the nation?


Do you want to see a very important reason why the lefty upper class trash royals are so enthusiastically working towards depopulating the planet, you know, murdering off better than 90% of the people on the planet, pretty much everyone but the whites?

Just watch this video and pay attention to the quote from Darwin (#7 book), while remembering they all believe in evolution. They have been working towards doing what Darwin said for a long time.

Do you get the picture yet?

Oh, I know, they keep treating the other races with special favors but notice that everyone at the very top is white and you should realize those white upper class trash are just setting the rest of the races, especially blacks, up for a massive sucker punch by killing them all off to purify the human race and "distance themselves from the apes."

Keep in mind that the majority of children being murdered by the left's abortion are black children. Oops!

Remember that actions mean more than words.

He also showed some other top lefty books from about the last 200 years that promoted killing off nonwhites, especially black people. They have been wanting to depopulate the planet for more than 100 years and are still trying today.

What they are achieving is depopulating Paradise of themselves and populating the Lake of Fire with themselves. Hey, Satan's spawn like it warm.


Remember that I told you that Saudi Arabia started the Neom City project more than a decade ago to build a big international city in northwest Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt where they could pipe their gas and oil to the Red Sea to get it past the Strait of Hormuz, which is controlled by Iran?

Their plans were so spectacular and ridiculous that they couldn't get anyone to invest enough money to even begin to build this huge project so they dreamed an even bigger fantasy project they couldn't sell still called Neom and then, after that failed, dreamed up an even more irrational and fantastic project with con artists like Musk dreaming up really wild fantasies like his colonizing Mars fantasy to get the super rich to spend the really big bucks to make Saudi Arabia trillions of dollars richer.

For some reason, the Saudi Royals have let rich con artists, who get rich conning rich people like them, convince them that the bigger the fantasy, the more money it will bring in but they never sell because not enough of the rich are as stupid as the royals.

And you think they are smarter than you because they have more money than you because they got born into the right family? Really?

This guy's video shoots the crap out of their latest fantasy along with some other such fantasy projects that have failed and he only shows you a few of those other failed fantasy projects dreamed up by rich con artists like Musk. They are now calling their third Neom fantasy "The Line" and it is really stupid.

I think this guy does a very good job of analyzing and shooting the crap out of this fairy tale project.

Just build a modest port city with docks and pipes for loading oil and gas onto to tankers?

Nah, that wouldn't bring in the really big bucks to keep ye ole royals rich after they run out of oil and gas.

Then build a modest port city that encourages building factories, farms, ranches, and such?

No, it has to be a super duper fantasy to get those rich suckers...uh...people to build the best and most woke city, factories, and such, you know, the city of the future using technologies that don't exist yet.

So they will end up building nothing, which will make them rich? Maybe they should get rid of ye ole con artists and build something with their own oil and gas money, you know, half a trillion dollars, that they can grow and will actually work?

I have seen a number of stories and articles about such mega projects to con the very wealthy that have failed or done poorly such as that palms project thingy that didn't do too well and they ended up living in stagnant ocean water because the tides can't flow through their wonderful looking structures well enough to clean the shorelines. In case you don't know, stagnant water kind of stinks.

There was a project built in Turkey years ago to get the rich to buy elaborate houses in a big city for the rich only where all of the houses were small castles and, the last I read about it, they didn't sell one house and it cost Turkey a fortune.

This is Saudi Arabia's third try with the city of Neom and they just keep getting more and more wild with no one putting any real money into it.

The royals have hundreds of billions of dollars and can't figure out how to make money with their money. Heck, if nothing else, just start an international bank and give huge loans to the rich and other nations.

What is funny, here I sit with no seed capital and I researched at least 150 to 200 different businesses in different industries trying to find a business I could start with very little seed capital and they have hundreds of billions of dollars and not enough brains to research starting businesses with it. All they can do is sit around on their lazy royal butts listening to the fantasies of rich con artists and going nowhere.

Heck, open a savings account with their $500 billion with 3% interest and easily live on the $15 billion a year or even invest it in a well manage portfolio at 10% interest and live on the $50 billion a year?

The stupidity of most rich, especially those running nations, makes my brain hurt.

Why don't I try to get them to invest a little of their money into one of my projects?

1) They are not looking for little projects because they are greedy and have to make mega money from every project they fund. That is why the con artists succeed because they promise the entire planet, the sun, the moon, and the rest of the solar system.

2) I don't lie, steal, or cheat so I am not going to make up a fairy tale project to get their mega money. My soul belongs to God, not Satan. I feel my most important thing is my integrity and it is more important to me than money.

3) Over the decades, I have turned down opportunities to make huge sums of money with such people but learned a long time ago that they always end up corrupting everything they touch. I have seen some of them go to jail. I would rather die poor and have God proud of me than get involved in a business with such people to make money I will leave behind when I die.

I know that I will have more wealth in Heaven for eternity than all of them combined will have here on Earth for a few years and leave behind when they die. I choose the better deal.


Remember that I told you that the cops and military have to make a decision between imposing these tyrannies on the people or upholding the US Constitution?

It turns out more and more cops are choosing by quitting blue cities and going elsewhere as is shown in this video with an interview of Fraternal Order of Police National Vice President Joe Gamaldi. He said that cops are quitting everywhere coast to coast by the hundreds to thousands and increasing numbers are quitting not too long before retirement.

They are choosing and this is God sorting out the good cops from the bad cops and only leaving the bad cops in those blue zone police forces. God is sorting everything out for the soon escalating war. He is putting the good guys on one side and the bad guys on the other side.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Republic of the US is dead and just has not finished kicking yet?

It has almost finished kicking and this video proves it. He shows you a number of examples why this is no longer a Constitutional Republic where no one is above the law and the law is enforced equally and fairly for everyone, from the top to the bottom. He even tells you that most people in the US know it and about two thirds of Democrats know it. God is opening eyes just like I have been telling you.

Do you believe me yet that our Republic is dead?

I have been watching our government corruption grow for decades and this raid on Trump to get rid of him as a presidential candidate is just more proof of it and how bad it has gotten. That raid should have opened every eye that will open because people in other nations are seeing it.

He does an excellent job with that video telling you just how bad it is.

Note that almost everyone now is calling the US a "banana republic", which is just slang for a very corrupt republic government that is not a true republic and where the people in power abuse their power to stay in power, steal from the people, and oppress the people, you know, by hiring another 87,000 IRS agents.

I keep seeing God making little moves in this mess, while allowing it to continue to expose the truth and give people more time to choose sides. I am waiting for God's shoe to drop and put an end to their wickedness, especially with so many Christians calling on God's name right now. I am getting the feeling it is going to happen in the not too distant future. I sure pray so.


Remember that I told you and no one else is telling you that, with China encircling and conducting a "training mission" around Taiwan to practice and test their invasion strategies and tactics, Taiwan is tracking and gathering intel about those operations to help Taiwan defend against such an attack by China?

At about 1:30 into this video he tells you that he "is surprised at how much China has exposed" concerning her strategies and tactics for invading Taiwan. That is like a football coach showing another team all of their offensive and defensive plays a few months before playing the other team. Think about that. You know that is going to cost China big time.

On the other hand, China may not wait until November to invade Taiwan and cold attack as soon as she can.

He also tells you how deadly that 100+ miles across the strait will be for China's forces and it is looking like everyone is expecting China to attack across that straight and are not considering other possibilities.

Mean while, I am trying to find the number of ships and planes being used in this "extended" military operation, which will tell me a lot about what is going on but ye ole idiot journalists are so militarily ignorant they don't get it and don't know enough about the military to ask the right questions.

I believe that China may be using a sucker punch tactic to invade Taiwan but I can't get any intel to confirm it. What I think she may be doing is using her "extended military exercise" to get as many ships, planes, and troops as close to Taiwan as possible to stage a close quarters surprise attack on Taiwan in order to decrease loses crossing the channel and increase her potential for success, you know, like Japan staged a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. This could be China's Pearl Harbor moment. If she gets a chance, she won't attack from all of the way across the channel.

I have seen comments that she has "increased her activities" but does that mean she has brought out more ships and planes and, if so, how many?

I believe that, if she gets it to where she has about 200 to 300 ships and 200 to 500 planes that close to Taiwan, she will suddenly attack and it will happen fast. From just 12 miles out, China will be able to have planes, missiles, and troops hitting Taiwan within minutes so that Taiwan will have very little time to react to defend herself.

I am not seeing any military personnel or experts even suggest this and, to me, this is just too obvious and tempting for China.

Why isn't anyone else seeing this? What, they expect China to pull all of her ships, planes and troops all of the way back to the Chinese mainland to stage her invasion? Really?

Keep an eye on this. I really hope and pray Taiwan and the US Military are.

BTW, I just saw that Taiwan is building many of her own missiles and has missiles that can reach Beijing and other targets deep inside China. Hey, maybe God will make it possible for her to invade China with a counter attack. It would not surprise me for God to use China attacking Taiwan for Taiwan freeing China. Nothing is impossible with God so pray for it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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