I Told You So 477

Republic of the US

Remember that I have been telling you that the left has destroyed the Republic of the US and are trying to finish it off to setup their global dictatorship?

This video shows you how close we are to the Republic of the US being finished and the left consolidating their dictatorship power.

It is very disheartening but God warned me and I warned you years ago that it is going to happen so we can plan and deal with it.

This is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Remember that I have been telling you that God is opening eyes so that more and more people are seeing and admitting the ugly truth?

This video shows you just how good of a job God has done with that when only 12%, the hard core commies (who think the "US economy getting better means it is dying"), say the economy is getting better and 70% are saying the economy is getting worse so that they are not just blindly believing the left's lies any more. They are paying attention and thinking for themselves.

That is very encouraging and, hopefully, a sign that God is about to relieve us from this evil. We are going to need most of that 70% to build our new nation after the left finishes destroying this nation.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are?

He points that out too. For thinking they are so smart, the upper class trash really is extremely stupid.

I am convinced that the conservatives will soon have to separate from the left or "divorce" in order to have any freedoms and not be completely oppressed by the evil left. That will fulfill the dream God gave me about safe zones for the good people.

The unconstitutional and illegal acts of the FBI causing people to turn against the FBI will start forcing the good people out of the FBI or to seek protection by moving to specific conservative stations or groups within the red zones for the FBI.

Be careful about this "abolish the FBI" thing because the left is liking the idea as much as their defund the police thing and we need a good FBI to enforce national laws.

The current problem is that the FBI has been taken over by lefty criminals at the top and the left isn't liking that? Really?

All of the people at the top and many of the rest are bad guys abusing the power of the FBI but remember that God told me that better than 80% are good guys. That means we need to clean out the FBI and not abolish the FBI.

The left would LOVE to abolish the FBI because then they could do as they will to you regardless of federal law and the US Constitution.

EU Invasion

Remember that I told you that Russia would turn off the gas and other exports to Europe to destroy their economies and weaken their ability to fight before she invades?

This video shows just how close they are to that RIGHT NOW. Gee, what a magic coincidence with everything else concerning the escalation of this war coming together at the same time and, when it starts to get cold in November, it will begin to hurt Europe the most.

In this essay, you will see a number of magic coincidences pointing to November, you know, when you just know the left is planning riots across the nation after they lose control of Congress and will create chaos, weakening the US, making us more susceptible to invasion and attack. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

You better prepare for those November riots, you know, just like the riots Linen used to seize control of Russia to set up the communist Soviet Union. If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present. Besides, our commies are taking everything right out of the books used by Hitler, Linen, Stalin, and Mao.

What? You think the already proven violent and power mad commies are going to just peacefully give up control of Congress and this nation? Really?

You better bet that Putin's spies know about the riots the left is planning after they lose control of Congress in November.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

You think this wasn't all planned out in advance by the upper class trash to destroy the US?

Then, after I wrote that, they later told you that they are expecting Putin to completely shut off the gas when they get their first cold spell in November or December.

Note that he tells you that Germany is Europe's largest and strongest economy and it is right now on the verge of a recession, that means that the rest of Europe is at least as bad off. He gives you the details about how bad it really is for Germany. You need to keep an eye on Germany because as Germany goes, so will most of Europe.

Note that he tells you that "nearly every country on the continent is facing potentially profound energy shortage, soaring prices and slower growth", you know, like I told you would happen before Russia and her allies invade Europe. It won't be long and the European nations won't have enough economy left to fight a sustained war against Russia and her allies.

Many of the EU nations will probably surrender when Russia masses her troops for the invasion.

Note that the Euro, for the first time ever, is now less valuable than the US dollar so it will be weaker and able to buy less, you know, fewer weapons and munitions for the war, while they are trying to ramp up for the war right now. It is like I have been warning you.

The upper class trash royals are destroying Europe too, people.

Wow, all of the great sounding stupid ideas of the upper class trash royals and their lefty academe like sanctions against Russia are really working so well. /sarc

How long do you think it will be before they have to surrender to Russia? How long do you think it will take these upper class trash geniuses and elites to figure out just how bad they have screwed up? Do you still think they are smarter than you because they said so, especially since they have been wrong about everything else? Maybe the elites should think about leaving their upper class bubble once in a while to see what is going on in the real world?

He also tells you that all they have to do to stop this crisis they have brought on themselves is stop the war against Russia and leave Russia alone but the West won't do it because the only thing that can stop those human demons from trying to set up their evil global dictatorship is death. They are destroying the West in a vain attempt to get their beloved global dictatorship because they don't care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts.

They talk the talk about caring about you but they don't walk the walk.

Jimmy tells you that it is inevitable that the people will revolt but they don't have guns to fight with for their freedoms and lives.

Maybe Russia will provide them with some?

Note that he told you that the EU tried to get more gas from the US but we said no, then they tried to get more gas from the Middle East but they said no, then they tried to get more gas from Africa and they said no, just like I have been telling you would happen. Gee, what a magic coincidence. Remember that the UK already said they will cut off gas to continental Europe when it gets cold.

This is looking more and more like it is the US and UK upper class trash royals destroying Europe too so they can have control over all of the other royals too, while also "depopulating" Europe because this is going to kill off a bunch of Europeans and the aliens who recently moved there unless they soon surrender to Russia or join Russia and the Eastern Alliance against the US and UK.

I have been telling you that a lot of people are going to die because of the evil of the upper class trash royals. When that happens, I am willing to bet that a lot of people will finally start storming the upper class trash castles. Hey, I have been warning you that this is going to keep getting worse until the people stop the upper class trash.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

This is one of Jimmy's best videos and he really lays it out well.


After completing 4 days of military operations to gather intel for a future invasion, China has stopped her military actions telling me she is not ready to invade Taiwan yet and needs to work on the intel she gathered in those 4 days. Remember that China openly said that she plans to invade Taiwan in November.

I was concerned when she extended the operations after their initially planned 3 days that she might be using this "protest" as cover for building an invasion size force 10 to 15 miles from the Taiwan coast but she obviously isn't ready for that attack yet. Don't be surprised if she creates or finds a lame excuse for staging another and larger military operation to build up their invasion force that close to Taiwan to decrease their loses.

Most people really underestimate the military might and power of Taiwan plus that it is an island fortress so that taking her will cost someone dearly.

What China will do is review the intel, begin making plans and training her troops for the invasion based on that intel, and then plan the invasion, if she thinks the intel says she can take Taiwan without too much in losses.

Remember that she wants to also conquer the rest of the world so she has to have enough resources left after taking Taiwan to conquer the world. She can't use up too many of her forces taking little Taiwan. China would be better off taking the rest of the world to isolate Taiwan and starve her out.

If they are invading in November like China said, they have about 2 to 3 months to prepare for that invasion so keep an eye on it. We are getting close, people.

Then, by the strangest magic coincidence, I got this from Newsmax by Charlie McCarthy:

"Russian surveillance aircraft twice this week flew into an area monitored by U.S. military officials in Alaska, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) authorities said.

NORAD detected, tracked, and identified Russian military aircraft entering and operating within the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

'On two separate occasions, over the past 2 days, the Alaskan NORAD Region detected, tracked, and identified Russian surveillance aircraft entering and operating within the Alaskan ADIZ,' NORAD tweeted late Tuesday night ET."

Wow, at the same time China was gathering invasion intel for Taiwan, Russia was gathering invasion intel for Alaska right where I have been telling you she will invade when ye ole fecal matter hits ye ole fan. Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

Keep an eye on this.

I see military experts and the upper class trash being arrogant because dey tink the US Military can't be defeated, after all, it is the most powerful military in history (even though I have shown you obvious weaknesses that our enemies know about).

Tell it to the Romans who had the most powerful military in history when Rome was sacked and tell it to the British who had the most powerful military in history in the 1770s when a rag tag colonial army defeated them.

No military is invincible, especially when it is lead by idiots.

God said, "Pride goes before the fall." That pride always causes the arrogance that causes people to get stupid and make mistakes, you know, like our arrogant stupid people today are making lots of mistakes.

We would not be the first nation in history to lose a war with the most powerful military in history. Our military is not infinite, is only a one front military, and can be defeated, especially by a significant alliance.

NEVER, EVER, EVER over estimate yourself or underestimate your enemy.


In the Bible, God gave us a law stating that the government/church could only charge one tax, a 10% flat tax on income. They couldn't tax your land, they couldn't tax your vehicle, they couldn't tax you purchases, and they couldn't tax anything else. They had to run the government AND the church COMBINED on a flat 10% income tax UNTIL they "separated the church from the state" with the church getting to keep that flat 10% income tax and the government could then tax you anything it wanted.

Have you figured out yet why they are so adamant about separating the church from the state? Do you get the picture yet why they have brainwashed you to hate a Christian theocracy? They couldn't tax you until you have nothing and are still happy they didn't murder you under Biblical Law, could they?

God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Read the Bible, it only allows one 10% flat tax on income or a tithe. They can't tax anything else to steal from you. They have to manage the government AND the church on a 10% flat tax on your income. That requires that you keep the government small and efficient, working for the people and not oppressing the people.

Wow, what a horrible thing. /sarc

Under Biblical Law, they would not be able to pass new taxes so they could hire 87,000 more IRS agents to force you to pay even more taxes so they can steal more from more people faster. Gee, I wonder why the pagans feel God, the bible, and Christianity oppresses them.


Have you noticed that every time Ukraine supposedly (they claim they did) destroys something Russian, they brag about it for days and even weeks but, if Russia destroys Ukrainian stuff, you never hear about it, and Russia just keeps right on rolling, destroying more and more stuff? Gee, you don't think that is Ukrainian lies, misinformation, and propaganda, do you? I mean, if Ukraine was destroying lots of Russian stuff, wouldn't those same people be posting videos of Ukraine destroying lots of Russian stuff? With them both using the same weapons systems, how do you know that is really Russian stuff being destroyed and not Ukrainian stuff; because lying Ukraine said so?

I don't believe a thing Ukraine says. So far, it has all been lies.

BTW, have you noticed that the news sources providing the truth about Ukraine and other events are disappearing? Where is Tucker Carlson?

It is almost impossible to get the truth about what is going on in Ukraine, Taiwan or anything else.

I guess those sources were a threat to the military industry making tens of billions of dollars supporting an already lost war in Ukraine?


All of the whacko lefties are trying to justify the FBI raiding Trumps home with the unconfirmed statement that the FBI was looking for nuclear weapons documents and that insanity quickly evolved into "Trump had the nuclear launch codes."

These ignorant clowns have been clearly watching too much TeeBee and Hollyweird. If Trump had taken the nuclear launch codes, they would have just changed the launch codes and probably do whenever they change presidents anyway PLUS they change the codes on a regular basis to prevent someone from getting the codes and using them sometime later.

This means that, even if Trump did take the launch codes, they would have been changed by now so they would no longer be effective.

What? You think they are still using the same launch codes they were using in 1970?

Besides, the launch codes DO NOT automatically launch our nuclear weapons the way TeeBee and Hollyweird make you believe. All they do is make it possible for the President to quickly give the Pentagon PERMISSION to launch nuclear weapons so, if someone did manage to get their hands on the current launch codes and used them, they would just be giving the Pentagon PERMISSION and not a command or order to launch nuclear weapons and the Pentagon would quickly figure out that it was a false permission and not launch.

All of this fear mongering nonsense concerning the nuclear launch codes is built around the Hollyweird and TeeBee crap that the president pushes a red button and all of our nukes automatically launch at one time, which is pure bull crap.

Normally, the Pentagon would contact the president and say they need to use nukes, the president would use his launch codes to send a message giving them permission to use nukes, and then the Pentagon would decide which nukes to use against which targets and it may only be one nuke against one target.

That is all the launch codes do.

It is like I have been telling you, nuclear warfare is much, much more complex than what TeeBee and Hollywierd tell you. The president DOES NOT push a button and all of our nukes launch at the same time. That would be really stupid and only someone in Hollyweird would dream that up.

It is just like with conventional warfare. The president gives a general and his staff permission to wage a war and then the general and his staff decide when, where, and how to wage that war. The president doesn't do that part of waging war. All the president does is APPROVE what the generals and admirals want to do.

When I was in the military during Nam, as one of many "nuclear safe guards", the Pentagon had a council of about 10 to 12 generals and admirals who did nothing but monitor world events concerning the use of nuclear weapons. If the President were to use the nuclear codes to send the Pentagon a message concerning the use of nukes, the final decision as to whether or not to use nukes was made by that council, not the president. All the president did was to give the Pentagon HIS PERMISSION to use nukes and the final and strategic decision was always left up to the Pentagon.

Then I remembered a really stupid movie Hollyweird showed decades ago where a Pentagon computer got hacked and started launching all of our nukes and I realized that such movies are where people have gotten the idea that, when the president uses the launch codes, it automatically launches all of our nukes. That has never been possible. There is no computer on this planet that can launch more than one or two nukes.

Then you have all of the bull crap floating around taught by ignorant lefty college professors to scare their stupid students that we have almost launched nukes a number of times and barely managed to prevent it. "Why, we almost died!!!"

The closest we have come to launching nukes was the "Cuban Missile Crisis" where we didn't get within two weeks of having to launch nukes because of the fail safes built into the system.

Let me give you a very brief nutshell version of a few of the "fail safes" built into the nuclear weapons system.

First, the Pentagon keeps the President briefed on military matters where the military might have to use nukes. That means that a top military officer from the Pentagon is within a brief time of being able to contact and talk to the president at all times to provide the president with information concerning an event in which nukes might be necessary. If such a matter should arise, that officer and the president will discuss it and, if the president decides to give the Pentagon permission to use nukes, he will use the launch codes to send a message to the Pentagon telling them that they have his permission to use nukes. That message will not launch one nuke!

Then a team of officers in the Pentagon will decide whether, how, where, how many, and when to use nukes with certain throw weights. That team will give orders to send coded messages to people in the field, who will use or launch those nukes, and then confirm that message before the nukes can be launched. Then and only then will one or more nukes be used.

The fail safes include but are not limited to the president being briefed, the president discussing the matter with one or more top officers, the president using the launch codes to send a message giving the Pentagon permission to use nukes, the Pentagon team deciding whether or not to use nukes (they do not have to use the nukes just because the president says so - what if the guy goes nuts or makes a bad call), the Pentagon sending coded messages to the operators to use nukes and confirming that command to use nukes. Remember that is the nutshell version and it is much more complex than that but that is more complex than anything you will see on TeeBee or out Hollyweird or hear from any lefty college professor scaring their students.

Listen, if I got the launch codes and tried to use them, some generals, their staffs, and a bunch of grunts with rifles would be knocking on my door within hours wanting to know where I got the codes and I would be deep sea diving in really deep fecal matter. I couldn't launch a fart with those codes.

The FBI would not be raiding Trump's home for launch codes, period.

This video tells you more about what is going on with the Trump raid. Ingraham does a very good job of laying out what is really going on. She always does a good job and is easily one of the most intelligent journalists around.

This video shows you what questions you should be asking about this raid and what you should be watching for. It is a team of attorneys explaining things to you.

This thing is really heating up and I am seeing lefty trolls posting really stupid stuff for the haters and stupid people to believe and hide behind.

This video shows just how bad and fast this is heating up.

Do you believe me yet that God is opening eyes and I am wondering just how much more eye opening is required before God moves on these criminals? Do you believe me yet that the left has destroyed our Republic and they are just now finishing it off?

What the left has been doing for some time is NOT how a constitutional republic works, it is how a dictatorship works. The left is moving right now to consolidate their power for their evil dictatorship. That is what is going on.

"On the verge of a post constitutional republic", you know, one that is dead and just not finished off yet. "Truly evil people", you know, just like I have been telling you. "and they are going to do more bad things until they are stopped," you know, just like I have been telling you. "Trying to establish a dictatorship of the state against the American people," you know, just like I have been telling you.

Do you get the picture yet?

He tells you what I have been telling you for years, that the left is losing and extremely desperate so they are making a very frantic grab to keep from losing power and to finalize their power for their dictatorship. This is their last chance and they know it so you MUST win this fight or lose everything. If the evil lefty upper class trash don't succeed with this effort, they know they won't be able to set up their evil, satanic dictatorship for at least another 100 years.

The fight is on, baby, and you MUST win it.

This video shows you how unethical the judge was who signed the warrant to search Trump's home. This is really bad. Remember that I warned you about corrupt judges.

This entire thing is QUICKLY backfiring on the left, the judge, and the FBI. Even Democrats are turning against them for this unconstitutional crime.

Man plans, God laughs.

Green Energy

Remember that I have been telling you that these solar collector farms have huge fields of black solar collectors generating massive amounts of heat?

Just look at the massive size of these fields of solar collectors generating heat creating "hot spots" and look at the lack of vegetation to turn CO2 into O2 and to provide "ground cover" to decrease sunlight from hitting the ground between the collectors.

That is just one solar farm and there are many of them, especially in North America and Europe, generating massive amounts of heat. This one farm has at least a few square miles of heat generating collectors creating a massive hot spot, with the surface of those solar collectors at more than 125 degrees F.

Gee, I wonder why we are having heat waves and droughts.

Upper Class Trash Genius

Remember that I told you about the super rich doing a number of projects that failed miserably?

This video shows you some of the biggest such projects in the world by some of the richest people in the world that all failed and were almost all canceled after costing the extremely wealthy tens of billions of dollars. He does a very good job explaining what happened in this video but he forgot to tell you about the stagnant waters that have filled in around these closed off islands that is so bad that most marine life won't grow there.

Man plans, God laughs.

Over the years I have seen others too, most of which went completely bust and were abandoned.

And you think they are more intelligent than you because they have more money or they said they are more intelligent? Really?

Based on what God has shown me, both with the Bible and either with dreams or revelations, Neom will not work, they will end up building Mystery Babylon just like the Bible says and it will happen soon. That will fulfill Bible prophesy about the Tribulation. You might want to trust God and the Bible more than you trust man.

They clearly have the money, they just need to be turned away from their globalism, Neom, and other such projects and towards building Mystery Babylon, which will happen very quickly and succeed just like the Bible says it will. They have to start soon so keep an eye on it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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