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I just saw a news story that a new pipeline from Spain to continental Europe was going to help wean Europe off of gas from Russia.

But, hold it, Spain gets its gas from North Africa by a pipeline and doesn't produce enough/any of its own gas.

Is this a con or what? What is Europe going to do when Africa cuts its gas?

Remember that I already told you that Spain is facing the serious possibility that its African supplier will cut off the gas to Spain.


Something that I am watching is that Russia made an agreement with Ukraine to not attack Odessa so they could ship out the grain stored there to other nations. This allowed Ukraine to move troops into the area and attack Russia in Crimea and Ukraine is bragging about it.

Now, what do you think is going to happen with that?

Russia is going to find the Ukrainian forces hiding in Odessa and take them out but Ukraine, raging war out of Odessa, will cry foul. You can't believe anything that comes out of Ukraine.

That is an easy prediction.

By international law, Russia can now go into Odessa and crush the Ukrainian forces there to stop the attacks, especially since Ukraine has violated her agreement with Russia.

Mystery Babylon

I realized that I have never written a synopsis or brief overview for the building of Mystery Babylon and have only written about the bits and pieces or "dots" individually anywhere from months to years apart.

What I need to do is connect the dots to briefly draw the picture of what is going on based on what I have learned in conjunction to what the Bible says and, as far as references, you will have to read back through my blog to find those references because this is just a synopsis and it would just take too much time from my continued blogging for me to dig them out of more than 2,000 pages, besides, you will learn a lot more, if you do read back through them.

First, every square inch of Ancient Babylon is considered holy ground by the Shiite Muslims who now rule both Iran, Iraq, and Babylon. This means that no one can build on even one square inch of Ancient Babylon.

Second, it is a part of Shiite end time prophecy that Babylon MUST be "rebuilt" next to or near but not over ancient Babylon, before the Shiite messiah, called the Mahdi or the Biblical Antichrist, can come, therefore, a new Babylon MUST be built right next to or near Ancient Babylon to fulfill that prophecy. The Shiite Muslims in Iran have been wanting to do that very badly since before Saddam Hussein ruled over Iraq and Babylon.

Remember that the Muslim caliphate that will rule over Mystery Babylon will be ruled by a council of 10 leaders fulfilling the Biblical prophecies concerning 10 horns and 10 toes.

They want their Mahdi (the Antichrist) really bad because he is going to lead them to conquer and rule the world just like the Bible says Mystery Babylon will rule the world.

This is as much of an obsession for the Shiite Muslims as globalism is for the upper class trash or conquering and ruling the world is for China. In their minds, there is no maybe about this; it is an absolute fact to them.

Before Obama, I read articles about the Shiite Muslims working towards doing this and that is why Obama, who is clearly a Shiite Muslim, started the US State Department giving millions of your tax dollars to the World Monuments Fund in 2009 as a front organization to do this with the first payment of $2 million along with over $150 billion he just gave to Iran. It was one of the first things Obama did right after he was first elected, within 3 months of taking office. The US State Department has given at least hundreds of thousands of dollars to that fund every year since then.

I saw several architectural drawings and proposals for Mystery Babylon that were more impressive than anything I have seen built anywhere in the world and wrote about them more than a decade ago. After I wrote about them, they disappeared from the Internet and Google has increasingly started blocking my searches for information about the building of Mystery Babylon, especially when I find and write about information about them building it.

They had to do the building of Mystery Babylon in 3 steps: 1) surveying ancient Babylon to make sure no one would build on any part of it, 2) begin dredging the Babylon River and then the harbor and building the infrastructure of the city, 3) begin building the city buildings and such.

2 years ago this coming November, they finished the surveying of ancient Babylon so building could begin and about a year ago, they finished dredging the Babylon River up to where they plan to build Mystery Babylon. They now need to dredge the harbor and build the infrastructure so they can begin building the city. For all I know, they have already started that but I can't find any information about it so far but they can't hide it from me forever.

Years ago I read that the government of Iraq is promoting rich people and major industries to build in Mystery Babylon, you know, the way the Saudis are trying to get the same people to build in Neom. I even read about plans to build an airport there.

While Obama was in office, I read that China had purchased a lease on a massive oil field not too far from where they plan to build Mystery Babylon, bought land where they plan to build Mystery Babylon, and was planning to run oil and gas lines to the harbor to fill huge tanker ships.

I also read that the British Royal Family purchased land where they plan to build new modern facilities in Mystery Babylon, they have been complaining about the declining ancient castles they use for living quarters and business in England, they don't want to spend more than a minimum of money maintaining those castles because of their plans to build more modern facilities in Mystery Babylon, and have even closed off entire wings of those castles, including famous Windsor Castle, to save or not waste money.

I also read that the Vatican purchased land where they plan to build a new modern facility in Mystery Babylon, move the entire Vatican to Mystery Babylon, they said they plan to convert to Islam, and the Pope made a visit to Iraq a year or so ago to meet with the head Shiite leader in Iraq, who has final say over building in Mystery Babylon, probably to include talking about the building time schedule for Mystery Babylon.

I also read that a number of other major corporations like and including Exxon have purchased land where they plan to build Mystery Babylon, some, including Exxon, have purchased the leases to oil and gas land in Iraq, and plan to run pipelines to the harbor in Mystery Babylon for loading tanker ships, and I probably named more of them in prior essays years ago.

I would not be surprised to find out why the West keeps bargaining with Iran so intensely instead of punishing her to submit to their will is because Iran is using the ability to continue building in Mystery Babylon as a significant bargaining chip.

I also would not be surprised to find out that this green energy crap is meant to decrease the importance of oil and gas to the West so they can improve their bargaining position to build their new facilities in Mystery Babylon, without being under the control of Iran and Shiite Islam but, like all things they are doing, that seems to be failing really bad, especially with their sanctions against Russia, who is an ally of Iran, destroying their economies.

The richest, most powerful people, corporations, and nations in the world bought land and plan to build in Mystery Babylon either near to or right next to Ancient Babylon and my guess, which is usually right, is right next to Ancient Babylon or they would not have put construction on hold until they finished the survey to make sure no one would be building right on Ancient Babylon.

Remember that I taught you that seemingly little dots can tell big stories.

Remember that this is just a brief synopsis concerning what I have learned over more than a decade of researching this project. I hope that clears some things up a bit for you and it definitely explains a lot to me.

People, that is the main reason why no one is going to spend much money building Neom.


Remember that I told you about how stupid the fear mongering was concerning the nuclear launch codes?

Mark sent me the following in an e-mail that reminded me of other stuff I didn't mention (Mark is also an Air Force veteran):

"It Is amazing that the leftist idiots don't know that when a president's term is over, the nuclear codes are changed. And they have no clue about the terms Two-Man Concept, Broke Arrow, Bent Spear, Empty Quiver, etc. I guess they have watched Dr. Strangelove too many times."

Thanks, Mark. I had forgotten to mention some of that stuff. They are not going to raid Trump's home for old launch codes. These lefties fear mongering about Trump taking launch codes home are only showing how ignorant they are. There are hundreds of safeguards for nuclear weapons most people, especially the media, don't know about.

The more you learn, the more ignorant and stupid the lefty journalists should look to you. They are just jabbering clowns.


Mark also sent me the following in that e-mail:

"Putin is 1000% smarter than the entire Biden Regime. I agree with you that stupid people don't know they are stupid while they personally believe they are brilliant. That applies to all members of the Bidden Regime and a good many leftist Congressmen and Senators."

The average IQ range is 85 to 115 and I would not be surprised to find out that the average IQ for the lefty upper class trash, their puppets, and their thugs was significantly less than 100, with many of them below 85. I am absolutely convinced that very few of them could pass freshman and sophomore hard science courses and those that can probably don't have a lick of common sense or they wouldn't believe in Marxism or any of the other crap they believe.

Come on, the conservatives, Trump, and Putin are outsmarting these rich idiots at every turn and everything they try is failing, they can't possibly have an average IQ of even 100. From what I am seeing, the only thing most of them know is how to use big words, which is just a lefty language. So they can speak, read, and write lefty, big deal. A 7 year old child could do that.

Interesting Video

This is a very interesting video where he shows or teaches a lot about a number of things.

First, when I first heard about this story, I found out that there is only one mosque in Albuquerque, New Mexico that is attended by both Sunni and Shiite Muslims and, knowing that better than 90% of Muslims who are killed every year around the world are killed by other Muslims, almost always because of the Sunni and Shiite hatred for each other, I wondered whether this was because of that 1,400 year old war and hatred between Sunni and Shiite Muslims but I decided to wait and see.

Note how everyone was misled by these stupid media stories because of the misinformation the left has put out about Muslims instead of telling the truth.

Notice the ignorance and deception of the media and how they present stories to increase viewership. They regularly sensationalize the stories to scare people to watch for more information. Most journalists and media are disgusting.

Notice how information provided by someone from within the mosque, after the first murder, was ignored and could have prevented further murders because of the idiot lefty narratives that people are afraid to question.

Notice that they didn't even think about something going on within the Muslim community but were focused on a hate crime from outside the community in spite of statistics to the contrary.

Notice how, even after it was proved that this was a Sunni vs Shiite problem, the media still continued with the lefty narrative to the detriment of the Muslim community. Instead of addressing the cause of the problem to prevent future problems, they just swept the cause under ye ole rug and maintained their narrative.

My first guess about it being a Sunni vs Shiite problem turned out to be right because I understand the Muslim world. There had been some altercation between a Shiite woman and four Sunni men that caused the Shiite father of that Shiite woman to murder the four Sunni men. I wouldn't be surprised to find out they even raped her because Sunnis and Shiites raping each others' women is quite common.

My first thought had been that the police should investigate to see if there was some kind of conflict between Sunnis and Shiites within the Muslim community and I even thought about posting that as a comment on one of the TV stations in Albuquerque to help solve the problem but then I realized that, because of their lefty brainwashing, they wouldn't listen to me so I decided to just wait and see. I knew that there was a better than 90% probability that was the problem and it turned out to be the problem but you can bet that the lefties still have not figured that out.


Remember that I have told you a number of times that, when things get bad, people will start abandoning their pets to survive on their own?

This video shows they are already doing that in Britain by dumping their pets because it is getting bad. This is going to happen everywhere as things get worse.

I have warned you that one of the things you have to watch out for is dangerous pets being dumped by the pet owners, who care more about their pets than you, you know, things like poisonous snakes and spiders or even small to large predators.

This will get very bad before this is over.

You can thank the upper class trash for causing this problem. Not only humans will pay for their wickedness.


Remember that I told you years ago that, if the top people in the CCP are taken out in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, China could fracture into two or more nations because of internal conflicts?

This video shows you a little about those different factions within the Chinese Communist Party that would turn on each other in a power grab, breaking China apart.

This would be good and bad for China. It could cause a lot of fighting and killing but it could also set parts of China free from oppression.

For example, it could open the door for Tibet and Xinjiang to be freed and even allow Taiwan to invade and take control of at least part of China or, by making alliances with one or more other factions, even take control of all of China to free all of the people.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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