I Told You So 478


Remember that I have been telling you that the US CANNOT respond to all of the threats against us and our allies because we only have a one front military?

This video flat tells you that we cannot respond to all of those threats at the same time just like I have been telling you and I have been telling you for more than a decade that our enemies know it and were planning to use it against us just like they are right now.

Always remember that our military is NOT infinite. Unfortunately, our upper class trash are too stupid to understand that.

BTW, I keep seeing increasing videos and news telling us that Russia is about to collapse any minute now and Ukrainian troops are knocking on Moscow's door and then I find a video like this video telling me that the UN is working with the US and EU to get Russian food and fertilizer being sanctioned by the US and EU from Russia to the West soon or there won't be enough food in the West in 2023.

Hold it, if they have already defeated Russia, why don't they just take the food and fertilizer? Why do they have to work to get Russia to sell it to them?

Oh yeah, they are really kicking Russia's butt, aren't they? /sarc

The Left

When I saw this video, I ignored it because the title didn't mean or say anything to me but Mark watched it and sent a link to me so I watched it.

What Mark pointed out to me was that Bill said a number of times what I have been telling you, which is that the upper class trash really are not very intelligent. People, thousands of years ago the royals became the richest people in the world by putting together armies of thugs to use violence, not intelligence, to steal from the hard working and much more intelligent people.

Then, out of arrogance and to fool the stupid people, they started the lie that the reason they had more money is because they are more intelligence, when the truth is that they had more money because they had fewer morals, values, and ethics, not more intelligence.

They were too stupid to earn half as much money legally so they stole and murdered to get everyone else's money, which is why Jesus said that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into Heaven. For thousands of years, almost all of the rich have been corrupt members of the royal families. God doesn't want them in Paradise because they would destroy Paradise just like they have destroyed everything else.

What Bill is showing is that more and more people are realizing the upper class trash are not as smart as they think they are and are actually pretty stupid and they just lie and steal their way into power and wealth.

But I saw much more than that in that video. Yes, the lefties definitely are not very intelligent, which is why everything they do fails but there is more in that video and it is a good video.

I appreciate the heads up that Mark gave me because of what the video tells us.

First, Bill has trouble getting his head around how evil the left is because he is an atheist and doesn't believe in religion and, therefore, has trouble believing in and dealing with evil. You have to understand that all religions are about good and evil and they teach you about evil so you can better understand how evil people can be. If you don't study religion, especially Judea-Christianity, you are not going to learn to really understand how evil bad people can be, which is why I call them such things as the "spawn of Satan", "human demons", and such to drive home how evil they are and, yet, words cannot accurately describe how evil they really are.

Second, Bill does a good job of explaining a number of things such as why they raided Trump's home but there are other reasons than Bill explained. They went there for a number of reasons, some of which I have already explained.

Third, Bill did a pretty good job of explaining what I have been telling you about us being where the Founding Fathers were when they stood up against their government and fought for their freedoms and rights.

Note that they quickly learned that sending a letter to evil rulers did not cause the evil rulers to stop being evil and it never will. The only thing that stops evil people from being evil is death and, even then, God will have to eternally incarcerate them in his eternal penal system, the Lake of Fire, to protect you from them, you know, what the Bible calls the second death.

Then he told you about our Founding Fathers taking a stand for their freedoms and rights.

You have to understand that these evil lefties have already made it very clear that they will murder any and all of you to get what they want. They have been telling you that they plan to murder more than 7 billion men, women, and children around the world to get what they want because they are that violent and evil. There is NOTHING nice about the left.

The Founding Fathers proved that the only way you are going to stop the violent evil people is to be better at the violence. It takes violence to protect yourself from violence and the conservatives don't want to believe that because they have been brainwashed by the left (for some reason) to believe that violence against the left is bad and violence doesn't solve anything. Our Founding Fathers knew better.

The conservatives want to keep trying to solve this mess peacefully but the left won't give up their power peacefully. You are not going to just peacefully beat them at the polls or in court and they will peacefully quit. The only thing that is presently keeping them from finishing consolidating their power and control over you is because they fear your violence against them.

It is a simple fact that, if this election fails to give you back control of your nation from the control of the evil people, the only thing you will have left will be violence and you becoming violent scares the crap out of them.

We are going to have a war because the left is going to force us to have a war and they are leaving us no other choice. People, the people who taught you that violence is always bad and does not solve anything are using violence against you to get what they want against your will.

Maybe they lied to you about violence to keep you from using violence against them to stop their evil?

Why does the left keep talking about "a divorce" with the right?

Because everything they are doing is failing and they know they are about to lose what control they have managed to gain and they are hoping they can retain the control and power they have over the territories they do have so they can keep working towards gaining control over what they do not have. They don't want to have to spend the time and effort to take back what they have now.

Young Athletes

From March 2021 to March 2022, 769 athletes have dropped dead during competition from cardiac arrest, with their average age being just 23, you know, from the beginning of when was the highest rate of vaccination for COVID, you know, with ye ole murder vaccine.

But, hey, that is just a magic coincidence. Forget about the increased heart problems in people who were vaccinated and that increasing the work load on the heart for vaccinated people who are having heart problems caused by the vaccines will cause cardiac arrest.

The videos show that these people just suddenly drop dead because their hearts just suddenly stop. I have never seen or heard anything like it in my studies in sports medicine.

This is just going to keep getting worse. Hey, the upper class trash told you they are going to depopulate the planet or murder off better than 95% of the people. I guess they didn't lie.

Keep an eye on it.

Then I saw a video about a study done in Thailand Mark sent me a link to, which shows very high levels of heart problems in young people who had the Pfizer vaccine. Gee, what a coincidence.

He explains why exercise with myocarditis, you know, like the vaccines cause, is bad and can kill you.

People, this is no coincidence.

In this video he sarcastically discusses these sudden deaths in athletes without trying to make a connection between the vaccines but the inference is obvious.

Importantly, watch how those athletes just suddenly drop like a sack of potatoes. It is very impressive.

Keep an eye on this because it is only a matter of time until the truth comes out.


Remember that I told you that the upper class trash are actively helping China eventually destroy the US? Remember that I told you that I couldn't figure out why they would sell out the US to make large sums of money because, after China takes over control of the US, you know she will hunt down and kill all of the upper class trash who sold the US out?

This video is just one example of the many ways I have seen the upper class trash helping China destroy the US or defeat us in a war.

It just does not make sense for them to sell out the West, making it possible for China to take over the US UNLESS the upper class trash do not plan to be depending on the US and UK for protection from China. Therefore, when God reminded me that the upper class trash had already purchased land where they are going to build Mystery Babylon, take at least some of our military there along with our military industry and make buds with Iran, then and only then did what they are doing make sense.

By selling out everyone else on the planet, especially in all of the Western nations, they are making all of the money they can while they can to be able to pay for their new military in Mystery Babylon to protect them plus the war they have started will greatly weaken all of those other powers so they won't need as much of a military to protect themselves.

THAT is the only thing that makes sense in all of this. The upper class trash simply does NOT plan on being in the Western nations depending on protection from Western militaries. They plan to move to Mystery Babylon and set up their own military while the rest of us destroy each other in the war the upper class trash started.

These evil things clearly deserve to burn in the Lake of Fire forever.

Why else would the upper class trash put themselves at risk by selling China stuff that will increase her ability to defeat the Western militaries?

He even points out that they are putting profits above security and shows his disbelief too. He then shows you how really terrible this mess is and why I couldn't understand why the upper class trash were helping China improve her military up to the point of being able to defeat the US Military with China being so obvious about conquering and ruling the world and openly stating they plan to kill or enslave everyone who is not Chinese.

Chris clearly doesn't understand this either and is quite frustrated about it.

Remember that, since Obama, they have been infiltrating Muslim, Chinese, and Latin American sleeper cells into the US and Muslim and African sleeper cells into Europe to destroy all of the Western nations. I have seen it reported that quite a few of these illegal aliens have been using military camouflage to sneak into the US, including ghillie suits used by military snipers.

Gee, you don't think they are military sleeper cells, do you?

Yes, the upper class trash clearly are nuts, they clearly are stupid, but they also are clearly very evil. Remember that the upper class trash want all of our nations to destroy each other in WWIII so they will be the only powerful nation left to rule the world.

Then why are the upper class trash working to hold back Iran's military, especially from going nuclear?

So the upper class trash can more easily have control over Iran and her allies with their own more advanced militaries. They want to make the Middle Eastern Muslim leaders second class citizens to the superior elite upper class trash royals, you know, like the rest of the world.

You think I am wrong about the upper class trash destroying the West on purpose?

Then you have to explain why very wealthy millionaires and billionaires are building hidden survival bunkers in out of the way places like New Zealand to survive the coming apocalypse like is shown in this video.

They know what is going on, they know it is going to happen soon, and they are trying to prepare to survive it but, if China or Iran gains control of the planet, they will hunt these mega wealthy people down and kill them and you can bet they already know where they are hiding, you know, like the mega rich can build these super duper mansions without anyone knowing where they are.

Notice that there was a story about these rich guys' secret hideouts in the New York Post. Oh, China will never find them.

Yep, having more money does not mean you are more intelligent. It just means you have more money.

I am wondering how they think that having lots of currency from nations that no longer exist will do them any good? That stuff will be completely worthless just as soon as those nations stop existing.

Then Tim and company got lost and missed the message because they don't want to believe how bad this is going to get.

They just keep proving me right because they clearly do not plan on staying in the US or Europe because they know what is going to happen to the US and Europe. They are just not in on the Mystery Babylon deal because the inner core of the upper class trash doesn't plan on sharing the power and control of their global dictatorship with these mega rich just like I told you. Even these mega rich are being stabbed in the back and are on their own.

Law Enforcement

Remember that I told you that God told me that better than 80% of the law enforcement and military are good guys?

This video tells you that better than 53% of the people believe that there is an element within the FBI at the top who are Afghan Joe's "personal Gestapo" and Tim said that he is getting a feeling that there are different elements within the FBI waging war against each other, you know, like God told me and I told you.

Then I found this video, which shows that is very true with the same FBI unit that faked information about Trump and Russia that raided Trump's home. There are good guys and bad guys in the FBI and other government agencies including the military.

The same is true about the military and I told you how this happened. The lefty politicians would appoint traitors to head the different government agencies and those traitors would promote other traitors from within the organization to the upper levels, who would also promote other traitors within the organization to higher levels and they did this for decades until they had control of these government agencies at the top, while having good people working beneath them.

I watched this happen for more than half a century. It seemed pretty obvious what was going on but most people just didn't pay attention so the lefty quietly slipped it by most people.

You can't sleep while Satan's spawn plays, most people are finally waking up and not liking what they are seeing took place while they were sleeping. The more the left does wrong, the more obvious it gets what they are doing wrong.

Note that they talked about Trump being able to just get rid of the FBI and expressed a concern about needing someone to enforced federal law.

Did you know that the US Government has both Federal Police and US Marshals to do that?

What they need to do is get rid of the criminal traitors running all US Government agencies and replace them with law abiding citizens who will do their jobs right and for the people instead of for the upper class trash. That will solve their problems.

It isn't the government agencies that are bad but the people running those government agencies so that, if you replace those bad people with good people, then those government agencies will be good agencies. Changing the structure or function won't solve the problems, only changing the people running those agencies will solve the problems.

It is amazing that many people don't understand that. Any government or government agency will be bad, if it is run by bad people but almost any government or government agency will be good, if run by good people. They keep blaming inanimate objects for what evil people are doing. It is the people, not the objects that are bad.

A good person running a monarchy or even a dictatorship will serve the people better than bad people running anything.

God isn't going to condemn our organizations to eternal damnation but the people who used those organizations to do evil.

Replacing bad people running your bad government with good people will change your bad government into a good government.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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