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Sailboat Cruising

I decided to start this essay with a little interesting educational fun so enjoy. It shows how much things have changed in the last 20+ years.

Sailboat cruising has really changed since I started following it by reading blogs online more than 20 years ago, you know, before YouTube. They all had a blog they would write on and put pictures on.

Back then, most of the cruisers were middle class working people in their 20's, 30's, and 40's who decided to enjoy life a little more and they loved sailing so they would get a good but not extravagant mono hull sailboat, get and keep it sea worthy, keep the luxuries to a minimum to keep it simple to decrease maintenance time and increase fun time, and take off for either the Bahamas or Caribbean for the cruising season and return to a "home port", usually on the Atlantic Coast, during the hurricane season. It was just to make their lives more interesting and fun, you know, enjoy life before you get too old to enjoy life.

They would both get temp jobs during hurricane season to make money for cruising the next season while doing maintenance to get the boat ready for the next season. They did annual maintenance to prevent having do prolong periods of maintenance later, you know, the way most of today's cruisers have to take off for one or two years to do mainteance.

There were a few who actually sailed across oceans or "crossings" but it was usually either between the Caribbean and South Pacific or Mediterranean Sea. With these couples, many of the wives didn't last more than one or two crossings before they would either make their husbands quit sailing, return to land, and "get a real job", you know, "screw your dream", or they would just dump their husband, return to land to find a new husband, and the husband would become a solo sailor. There were a few couples who lasted.

It wasn't that uncommon for wives to dump their husbands during the first year because it wasn't anything like they read about in the yachting magazines. They went from very active big city lives with lots of excitement and stimulation to just watching sunsets and working. I learned that most people who become addicted to exciting big city life have trouble breaking that addiction because their brains become addicted to a lot of stimulation. Peace and quiet drives them up a wall.

If your spouse has to have lots of wild parties, movies, and excitement all of the time, they are going to hate the peace and quiet of cruising.

Usually, the husband would want to do the cruising and the women would agree to go sailing thinking that it would all be lying around on the deck sunbathing but then find out there wasn't anyone to bring them drinks.

Her: "Hey, where are the servants?"

Him: "You are the servant." And she would be out of there.

There were not many whose egos took them off to "circumnavigate the world" and most of those who did had no idea what it was like in those other countries so they often had problems when entering other countries, especially Muslim and other primitive countries, because of significant cultural differences.

I learned fast to stay away from socialist countries, especially in Central and South America, because their big governments caused big problems for visitors, especially with signing out of their countries.

For example, I would NEVER go to socialist Costa Rica because their big commie government is so inefficient that it will take you 3 or 4 or more days of chasing around between at least half a dozen different government agencies that are closed most of the time (they are usually only open about 3 to 4 hours a day) and, when they are open, the wait is usually at least one to three hours just to get signed out in each of those agencies to leave their nation. Plus, after 90 days in their country, they made you pay a big luxury importation tax of at least $1,500 on your boat.

Hey, Marxists can't steal enough from enough people fast enough.

The cruisers normally worked part time, though I followed one couple who did writing for big marketing firms over the Internet so they could work from their boat, except for during hurricane season, when they went home to see family.

There was one couple that they would put into a city port for a few months, the husband would work on the boat to make repairs and do maintenance while the wife found a temp job in town to earn money for more cruising.

There were other couples who earned money by working on more wealthy cruiser's boats and computers.

It was mostly couples, some had a few children, and others were solo male sailors.

Their free time involved spear fishing, exploring islands, sailing just for fun, and hanging out late at night in a local bar, restaurant, or on one of their boats with a few other cruisers. Some cruisers, all they did was sail island to island to hang out in different bars, which they could have more easily done state side.

When sailing into a headwind, most of them "beat it up wind" by tacking or sailing to one side of the wind and changing to the other side in a zigzag manner so the wind was always hitting one side or the other of their boat. Sails don't work worth a darn going directly into the wind.

There were so few cruisers that they all knew everyone in any port in just a few days. A port would have from no other boats to maybe a few dozen other boats and I watched that number grow over the last 20+ years to sometimes more than 1,000 other boats in one port.

The fishing went from being very good with lots of fish (they posted pictures) to being very sparse and, in some places, illegal (they now post videos).

Today, most of them are upper middle to upper class rich people who have to have lots of luxuries because they are addicted to the easy life and stimulation and then complain because they have to spend most of their time and/or money fixing those luxuries. The salt in the water and air is very destructive to wood and anything corrosive like electronics.

Most of them live in catamarans that don't heel in the wind so it is like living in a house on the water. Cats are like mansions on pontoons that move around quickly without the normal boat motions of a mono hull so they are almost like not sailing, especially since they motor a lot of the time.

Basically, the rich saw the middle class having so much fun cruising and decided to do it too but in more luxury and with many more of them. They have pretty much taken over the cruising world and their attitudes are very different from middle class.

The ones who use a mono hull today build on so many luxury items that their sailboats look like a sailboat with a gypsy wagon built onto the top rear of the boat. They build little covered wagons to protect them from the sun, rain, wind, and everything else the weather would share with them, you know, like living inside a house or apartment in a city. Hey, weather is for peasants and rich city people take the city with them.

They make pretty good money from making videos for the Internet, advertisements, and special sites plus they get free stuff from viewers so increasing numbers of them are becoming rich socialists. I am convinced that a lot of them start sailing for the fast, easy money instead of because of a love for sailing only to find out that it isn't easy.

Most of the cruisers today are couples, increasing numbers with one or two children, but there are increasing numbers of solo female sailors (many of whom are YouTube T&A shows to make money) and groups of four to six people on one boat.

Most are pagans but there are some Christian families cruising too and most of them seem to be providing a Christian witness to the pagans.

Hey, maybe some of you Christians would like to start a ministry?

I tried for decades to start such a ministry in bicycle road racing when the sport was the second most popular sport in the world but the churches wanted to keep their people siting in their pews paying those tithes instead of going into the world to witness to the lost the way Jesus said.

Somebody lost a bunch of crowns, didn't they?

You have to go where the pagans are to witness to the pagans.

Their most common past times are "sailing" to other islands or circumnavigating the world (often with the motor running), diving, with some spear fishing (not too much to catch any more and some places it isn't legal), playing on beaches, hiking islands, exploring the cities, towns, and villages with plenty of visits to restaurants and local stores, things like kite surfing, and increasing numbers of wild beach and boat parties. You know, they live more like big city people rather than trying to get away from big city life, they just take the city with them, especially when there are hundreds to more than a thousand of them crowded into one port.

When sailing upwind, very few of them tack any more with most of them just lowering the sails and turning the engine on to motor up wind because "tacking is too much work". They do quite a bit less sailing and more motoring. Hey, they are rich, they can afford the gas so why work.

Hey, I have taught you that MOST rich people are lazy and hire others to do their work for them.

With today's electric motors instead of gas engines, they get to do virtue signaling to their lefty friends by motoring upwind instead of sailing.

I still enjoy watching most of their videos because you get to see other places, there are some descent rich people, and the changes the boaters have caused. I pray for these people on a regular basis. When things get really bad on a global basis, many of these people are going to be in really big trouble, pending where they are when ye ole fecal matter hits ye ole fan.


Remember that I have been telling you that the reason most people who reach the top go into government is because they are so stupid and lazy they can't earn half as much legally?

In this video Ben Shapiro does a very good job of proving that is very true. Most government employees, especially politicians have never held much, if any of a job in the real world. They can't create anything but trouble for others and ways to steal from you.

He named off a number of top politicians who have done nothing in their lives but be corrupt politicians.

Most of them are absolutely worthless and evil parasites, who will sell out their own people for money at the drop of a hat.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Remember that God told me in a dream years ago that better than 80% of the people in law enforcement and the military are good people with the bad guys mostly concentrated at the top or in special groups?

I recently read several places that the good guys in the FBI, who are in the majority, are fighting an internal war against the bad guys in the FBI. They are investigating the bad guys trying to stop conservatives like Trump and parents protesting our public educational system brainwashing our kids, you know, the lefty Gestapo.

The way the media very simplistically portray it, it was looking like all FBI, Military, IRS, CIA, and others are evil, subhuman demons but I am seeing too many shadows moving in the background telling me that is only at the tops or in special groups for the reasons I have taught you.

In another dream, God showed me working with the good guys in the FBI and IRS after certain things began.

When we separate into our blue and red zones, just before the war gets really hot, these good guys will be working with us to help secure our red zones against Satan's spawn in the blue zones because the lefties will come after you in your red zones because they can't stand to see anyone else own anything or that they don't control. They just can't leave other people alone.


Remember about the corruption and criminal actions I have been telling you about ye ole royals?

This video is a really great example of just how evil they are. It shows a few of the British Royal Family that were Nazis, spies, and traitors for Hitler during WWII (there were many more and only one was ever prosecuted) and one who was a soviet spy following WWII, "who had legal immunity" from being prosecuted for his crimes, meaning he could keep committing those crimes, you know, just like almost all royals, who are above the law.

There are some good royals who tend to distance themselves from the most powerful royals.

It also shows that ye ole Queen Elizabeth had to know about these crimes by members of her close family and they still went unpunished. You know, like Prince Andrew and the little girls on a certain island that the Queen clearly knows about and is protecting him from prosecution because the royals are above the law.

You have to understand that hundreds of years ago, during the European Feudal System, the royals were butchering each other all of the time for power and control. It was nothing unusual for one of them to murder another one from the same immediate family for power and control of any throne and be murdered by another member of the same immediate family for that same throne within one or more days. It was a real royal murdering free for all.

It got so bad that the royals finally got together and made a set of rules that forbade the royals or the subjects of any royals from killing any of the royals, except in certain situations, meaning that they literally wrote laws making themselves above the laws they force on you, which is why they imprisoned Napoleon, a member of the French Royal Family, and didn't execute him the way they executed other people for lesser crimes.

It is also why they didn't try any but one of the British Royal Family who were members of Hitler's Nazi administration during WWII, regardless of the crimes they committed.

That is why Alec Baldwin, who is a member of the British Royal Family, still has not been charged with a crime.

Do you get the picture yet? And you still believe ye ole Euro-American royals are nice people?

Remember that I taught you about how almost all Spanish Royals around the world became Nazis and allies of Nazi German when Nazi German saved the Spanish Royal Family ruling Spain from being toppled in a civil war before WWII. That was why the Spanish Royals ruling Mexico got caught by the US Government making plans with Nazi Germany to invade the US from Mexico during WWII and Latino leaders gave sanctuary to German Nazis fleeing defeated Germany following WWII.

You have to understand that almost all Latinos running governments around the world today are Spanish Royals, some are good but most are not.

Over the last two thirds of a century, I have seen too much evidence to the contrary of royals being good people to believe the royals are all nice; only a few are. Most of them, not all of them, are very bad and evil people who want to rule the world and you dead. Hey, they want you to "own nothing" because they want to own it all and for you to be happy they didn't murder you this time.

I can't wait for Judgment Day when EVERYONE will learn EVERYTHING about how evil these things really are. It is so horrible it will surprise almost all of you.

Pay close attention in that video about how NONE of those people were even remotely close to being nice.

This entire mess is about the bad royals and their puppets and activist stooges.

Do you believe me yet?


Remember that I told you that what Ukraine was doing was placing troops inside of and on top of civilian and public buildings like hospitals to fire at Russians, which caused Russia to return fire, killing civilians?

Here is a video where he tells you that and more. He is exposing some of the war crimes Ukraine is committing against their own civilians.

Ark of the Covenant

I keep seeing items about where the Ark of the Covenant is hiding.

I remember seeing a lecture about 20+ years ago on a Southwestern Christian TV station by the newly appointed head of the Sanhedrin (they had just restarted the Sanhedrin) and member of the Temple Institute where he was asked if he knew where the Ark of the Covenant was.

He said that, during their excavations under the Temple Mount, they found a big crack in the stone wall in one area they could see through into a hidden chamber. Clearly visible inside that hidden chamber was the original Ark of the Covenant and other original worship instruments.

They figured that thousands of years ago the ancient priests realized that Nebuchadnezzar was going to take the city so they built that hidden chamber to put the Ark and other original things like the original lamp stand in and then completely sealed the chamber and buried the area. Apparently it has been buried since then because the returning priests coming back from Babylon didn't know about the chamber or where it was.

The Temple instruments that had been taken by Nebby and later Rome were extras they had built for their services. When they built both the first and second Temples the priests had replicas of all of the worship instruments except for the Ark made for their services and decor and those are what were taken by Nebby and Rome.

He also said that they already had the completely fabricated building materials for erecting the new Temple building sitting in a warehouse on flat bed trucks waiting for them to get permission to build a new Temple on the Temple Mount and that they could have it completed within 3 to 4 days of the time they started building it and, when the new Temple was finished, they would bring out the Ark and other original instruments.

I think I donated about $400 at that time towards building the new Temple plus they were building replicas and replacements for some of the items such as the clothing items because they didn't hold up well over the last 3,500 years for some reason.

I have never seen any reason why he would have lied about that so I figure it is true and am still waiting about a quarter of a century later. When God says it is time, they will build it. They even have a herd of "red heifers" waiting for that day.


As a scientist, I have watched the conservationists for more than half a century and they are doing no good and a lot of harm. The ugly truth is that the upper class trash funding the conservationists as front organizations are doing more harm than the businesses ever did. Their latest is their worst with the extreme damage they are doing to the ecosystems with their solar and wind farms. They are devastating our ecosystems.

The conservationist organizations are just evil fronts used by the upper class trash to steal tax money and donations, while gaining more and more control.

When the research on this comes out, it will horrify you at how much damage these ignorant do-gooders are doing to our ecosystems RIGHT NOW. It will probably take this planet 50 to 100+ years to recover from this mess so that the upper class trash can get more wealthy and the power and control they want over you. The upper class trash are right now proving that they will destroy this planet to get what they want. It makes me furious.

I just can't wait and pray for God to use the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to take out most of the evil, vile, subhuman upper class trash royals and their puppets and activist stooges. That will be a wonderful day for this planet and good people.

They say that every cloud has its silver lining and that cloud is gold plated.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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