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People have been taught to refuse to believe that the bad people running our nations would ever conspire or work together to do their evil against us. Oh no, they just accidentally and magically do the same evil thing in the same place at the same time in the same way. "It's a miracle, baby!"

This video shows that isn't true by showing the details of a number of exposed conspiracies, some are pretty evil.

Over the last 65+ years I have seen plenty of conspiracies and was even trained by the military to find and identify conspiracies. Yes, bad people conspire or work together all of the time to cause you harm.

Russian Invasion

Remember that I have been telling you that Russia is ramping up to invade Europe and the US in the not too distant future?

This video tells you that the US forces in Europe are higher than they have been before and still increasing. It tells you that we are deploying the 101st Airborne, one of our best units, to the Russian border.

Yeah, it is just a coincidence. /sarc

He even tells you at about 3:20 into the video that we are deploying our troops to Poland for a possible Russian attack, you know, where I told you Russia would attack. Gee, what a coincidence.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

The US is going to cover for the stupid lack of military maintenance by European leaders by providing most of the military defense for their nations because they don't have much to fight with because they have spent decades stuffing their national defense money in their greedy pockets.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load. You people better know that, if they keep sending troops to Europe, you will be all we have to protect the US itself so you better get ready.

Mean while, the moron, power mad lefties are trying to disarm you. Hey, they won't be here when the fecal matter hits the fan, they will be in Mystery Babylon building their new mansions with the money they stole from you.

Maybe we should take the passports from these evil things so they can't run from the war they are causing?

Note that he talks about the massive NATO troops in Europe being a total of a little over 300,000 but he doesn't tell you that Russia alone has 1,200,000 military personnel, not including her allies. That 300,000 force will quickly dwindle with Russia's pre-invasion artillery, missile, and bombing attack.

Do you believe me yet that we need to stage a strategic retreat from Europe and pull those troops back to protect the US?

Latin America

Remember that I have been telling you that almost all Latin American nations have joined the Eastern Alliance on the side of China and Russia?

This video shows you why because it shows you that all of those nations except Brazil are now Marxist nations, you know, like China and against the capitalist US.

He names a bunch of those nations and their commie leaders.

Remember that God told me in a dream that our new nation will take nations all of the way down to the southern tip of Chili?

He names Chili and, if all of those Latin American nations commit acts of war against us, we could end up annexing everyone of them following the war. The new Christian United States of America could cover most of North America and all of Central and South America along with the Caribbean and Polynesia.

Is the picture getting clear yet?

"Lord, deliver us out of the hands of our enemies and deliver our enemies into our hands!"

Remember that I told you that I was watching for war games involving Russia, China, and Latin America?

Then I found this video about Russia, China, and other countries involved in war games in Venezuela. Gee, what a coincidence and this close to November just like everything else.

He tells you some of the other nations involved like Cuba, Nicaragua, and even Pakistan AND, most importantly, this is being billed as "Anti-Western War Games." Gee, what a coincidence, they are training to invade the US just like I told you.

I expect their invasion to concentrate on our entire southern border. Some of them will invade the Southwest from Mexico covering from Commiefornia to Texas and others will invade the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida and launch from Mexico and Cuba.

Gee, let's see, Russia and her allies are ramping up to invade Europe from the east and north, Russia has troops working with African nations with Europe concerned about an invasion from those nations from the south, you know, into Spain, France, and Italy (Russia my only have to take out Poland, Germany, and Britain), the US is building up troops in Poland, where I told you Russia would invade Europe, Russia, China, and other nations are having war games in Northeast Russia near Japan and Alaska, you know, where I told you Russia would invade the US from the west into Alaska with the US forming a new airborne battalion in North Alaska to defend against a Russian invasion, China is staging war games all around and very near to Taiwan, North Korea is ramping up for war against South Korea like I told you, with the US and South Korea starting war games at this time, China is meeting with Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations to get them to join the Eastern Alliance and leave Israel alone, Russia and a number of other nations are having war games in Iran, China, Latin America, and the Muslims have been infiltrating sleeper cells into the US, and now Russia and China are having war games with a number of Latin American nations south of the US, where I told you they would invade the US from.

I think that covers it all.

He even named the 4 principle players I warned you against, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea coming together against the West along with their allies.

Gee, I wonder who made all of these anti-American countries turn against us?

Oh yeah, the lefty upper class trash royals and their global dictatorship obsession. Gee, all of those nations have united and turned against us because they don't want to be ruled over by the royals with their global dictatorship. You can bet the royals are so arrogant they didn't think that would happen.

Hey, not only are increasing numbers of people within our Western nations turning against ye ole royals but so are most of the nations in the world.

Is that enough coincidences for you to get the picture? Maybe the royals have finally gone too far?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure the heck out of your red zones, and lock and load because we are about to go hot and we don't have much time left.

Do you believe me yet that the US should give a few dozen nukes each to Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan for self defense? Do you believe me yet that, right now, I would love to see some sign that our black closet is still operational? Do you believe me yet that the royals are so inbred insane that they will destroy the entire planet to get what they want?

A lot of people globally are going to die in this war.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.


Remember that I told you that her Fauci belongs in prison and possibly hung for his crimes against humanity?

This video shows you that her Fauci thinks so too because he is quitting before the GOP can take control of Congress and start investigations into his crimes but ye ole GOP are saying they plan to investigate him regardless of whether he is still holding office.

Do not be surprised to see Fauci and some of his accomplices disappear to other nations that will not extradite them back to the US to spend the rest of their evil lives living in luxury at your expense.

Keep an eye on this because there are likely going to be other criminal lefties resigning and fleeing about the same time.

British Royals

This morning I realized that some of you might wonder why so many of the British Royals were members of the German Nazi Party. Let's connect some interesting dots here and open an eyeball or two.

Remember that I told you that the Hapsburg Royal Family inbred themselves infertile and into extinction?

They were not the only ones and this explains a lot.

A few hundred years ago the English Royal Family also inbred themselves infertile and without heirs to ye ole English throne so they brought in their cousins from Germany and, to fool the people, the German Royals replacing the extinct English Royals changed their last name to Windsor after the English castle, the Windsor Castle.

That is right, all of those "British Royals" are actually German Royals, which should tell you that both WWI and WWII were the German Royals fighting the German Royals because they are all German cousins. They were just the two biggest family spats in history killing hundreds of millions of you peasants.

So, when "British Royals" joined the German Nazi Party that was mostly German Royals (Hitler was just a front man for the German Royals to fool the peasants into fighting for the royals), they were all cousins so, to them, no big deal. It was just another family spat like the royals have been having for thousands of years, you know, killing off hundreds of millions of you peasants.

Now, this will open an eyeball or two.

Remember that I told you that, after Nazi Germany, you know, the German Royals, saved the Spanish Royals from being overthrown by a civil war in Spain before WWII, do you better understand why their cousins, the Spanish Royals almost all became Nazis too?

Hey, baby, they were all family so let's all join the royal Nazi Party, which also explains why the "British Royals" ruling Britain, who didn't join the German Nazi Party were friendly with the German Nazis until the war started.

Guess what, at that time, almost all of the royals in the world joined the Nazi Party, who saved a branch of their family from being toppled by the Spanish Civil War and many are still closet Nazis today.

Do you get the picture yet?

Oh, but it gets better.

Remember that I also tell you that there are good royals and bad royals? Remember that I taught you about the Founding Fathers being members of the British Royal Family (they were also German royals)? Remember that I told you that there were 3 basic groups of British (and German) royals in the US at the time of the American Revolution?

There were the royals who called themselves "Tories" and wanted to remain under the rule of the King of England, there were the Christian royals who called themselves "Founding Fathers" and wanted to break away from the rule of the King of England to set up a Constitutional Republic, and there were the royals who "preferred" to set up a Constitutional Republic under the condition that slavery remain legal and their descendants became leaders of the US Confederacy and the Democratic Party and caused the US Civil War to keep slavery legal.

Is that picture getting clearer?

But it gets better.

Well, all of those royals were still around and their families were still quickly growing following the US Civil War (which was British/German royals fighting each other) and they are still around today. Almost all of the US presidents have been British/German royals and that is important to remember.

Did you know that the Democrat Party lead by British/German royals tried to keep the US out of WWII by preaching pacifism until Japan attacked the US at Pearl Harbor because they were also Nazis and wanted the German Royal Nazis, you know, their cousins, to conquer all of Europe and the rest of the world so they could set up their global dictatorship or British/German monarchy?

Guess who started the movement for "Globalism" in 1947?

Yep, the British Royals and the US Democratic Party, who are still closet Nazis. Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you get the picture yet? Now, do you better understand things? Gee, I wonder why the US Royals didn't teach you this in school, especially since most of the US Royals ruling this country have been members of the Democratic Party for more than 150 years? Why wouldn't they want you to know the truth about them and their conspiracies to rule the world and return the US to being under their monarchy and you being their oppressed and impoverished peasants, surfs, and peons? Do you now understand what those royals mean when they say, "You will own nothing and be happy?"

You know, just like the royals did to your ancestors for thousands of years. Hey, the royals just want their planet and slaves back.

Yeah, I bet those dots opened an eyeball or two. Suddenly, everything became as clear as glass and you can more easily understand what is going on in this world right now that is going to get many of you killed because of the inbred royals and their greed and lust for power.

Nothing has changed but the names for more than 3,500 years. It is still the same royal bull crap. They NEVER quit trying to get their global monarch with you as their slaves.

And God said, "There is nothing new under the sun." Unfortunately, that is true.

I bet you also better understand what Jesus meant when He said, "It would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into Heaven." Yeah, that got very clear and they will ALL be held accountable for their crimes against God's Law (that they hate for obvious reasons) and against humanity. They are the worst criminals in history.

But it gets better (I bet you get tired of hearing that from me.)

Do you now better understand why the bad royals, who have always embraced paganism so they can be above the laws they force on you, so they can "do as they will to you" with impunity and have brainwashed so many of you to hate God, God's Law, the Bible, Christianity, and a Christian theocracy where they MUST also abide by the Law and cannot do as they will to you, you know, lie, steal, and murder, while pretending to be Christians to fool you? It just got kind of obvious why they are waging war against Christianity, huh?

Why, them living by the same laws as you peasants is beneath them.

Hey, the royals want to own everything so you will own nothing and you better be happy they didn't murder you too.

But, always remember that there are good royals and lots of bad royals.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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