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Space Aliens

Remember that I warned you more than a decade ago that the upper class trash would use fake space aliens to tell you to submit to the upper class trash absolute rule "because they know what is best for you"?

Congress just released a "report" stating that they don't think all UFOs are manmade.

Here we go so hang on. The next thing you know, they will "make contact" with fake space aliens who will tell you to submit to the rule of the intellectually superior, natural elite upper class trash. The left will tell any lie to get what they want.

Hey, their god is Satan, the father of lies, so you cannot believe a thing they tell you. Hey, like father, like children.

BTW, them saying that "not all UFOs are manmade" is them admitting that most are manmade just like I told you years ago. The idiots give you little clues like that all of the time with their lies because they always tell you just a little truth to make their lies believable.


Remember that I have been telling you that most countries in Africa have joined the Eastern Alliance and sided with China and Russia?

This video shows you a number of African nations siding with China on Taiwan against the US (all but 2 African nations). Note some of the things those nations say about the US and its policies.

The mischief of the West's upper class trash royals is coming back to haunt us. The things they did to the people around the world for hundreds of years has turned most nations against us and now it is payback time but you can bet the top royals won't stick around to be held accountable for their crimes against those people. You and I will have to pay for their crimes because the cowards will cut and run.

Hey, maybe we could get them to cut and run to a colony on the sun?

Then you have China and Russia working to actually resolve the problems that the US and UK caused by arming militants and terrorists and supporting dictators. The US and European troops are being kicked out of African nations as Russian and Chinese troops move in.

Remember that, under Obama, the US and Europe started wars in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (the Egyptian Army reversed our actions and toppled our puppet we put in power), Syria, and Ukraine to name a few.

The other nations have gotten tired of this crap that caused the deaths of their people and destruction of their economies and nations, keeping all of them in poverty while making the upper class trash royals rich. We made it easy for nations like China to spread propaganda to turn those nations against us even more.

So, how many of these African nations will participate in the soon coming invasion of Europe?

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Hey, invade and sack other nations if you want other nations to invade and sack your nation.

The world is mad at us because of our upper class trash; very, very fighting mad, and they are fighting back. Civilization as we know it could very easily be coming to an end in at least most of the world.

You think I am wrong that the lefties are destroying civilization?

This video proves me right because they are already destroying the civilization in the greatest nation and civilization in history. The rest of the world will follow suit and that snowball has already started its downhill journey.

You think I am wrong about the upper class trash being above the law?

Watch this video and I don't know how many times I have seen this evil crap over the decades and it is just getting worse. There is no law or justice for the upper class trash because they OWN the law.

People, this is so close to being just like Rome before she fell it is amazing. Keep an eye on Alaric Putin.

There are so many things to say about this video because it shows that many people really are stupid and ignorant enough to believe what the lefties believe in spite of the over whelming evidence but it also shows that the upper class trash are intentionally destroying this nation and it also shows just how much they are destroying this nation. We really don't have much left of this nation to destroy before it implodes like Rome did.

Note the differences between what Trump did and what the left is doing right now and the left is clearly, blatantly, obviously intentionally destroying this nation very quickly. They can't destroy this nation fast enough.

Also note that he said that he wrote a 22 page essay, which is the same reason I call my educational writings on this blog essays.


I am looking for confirmation concerning the US sending B-52s and F-15s to Poland, which is really, really huge. Those are the big guns.

I keep seeing the liars posting that Ukraine is winning the war and crushing Russia AGAIN but I also see an occasional post that Ukraine can't win the war, the US is having to send more potent weapons to Ukraine (because she is winning the war?), and that the US (with a tiny bit of help from the UK) is building up for an invasion into Poland by Russia, which tells me that, if Russia was losing in Ukraine, she wouldn't even be thinking about invading Europe, which is a no brainer.

What, do the morons think the US is sending B-52s and F-15s to Poland to give to Ukraine to finish winning the war against Russia? Really?

What a mess and it is amazing how few people get just how bad it really is but I do keep seeing signs that increasing numbers are aware and my daughter keeps telling me about other people knowing what is going on. God has opened a lot of people's eyes just like He told me and I told you years ago.

I also see that people are stocking up because they know all hell is about to break loose and they keep saying things like, "It is coming!"

All of that bad stuff I listed happening AT THE SAME TIME in my last essay ain't no coincidence and most people are not even paying attention to half of it. Boy, are they about to get the shock of their lives.

Then I went cruising through the conservative media and saw that they are now not posting any stories about what is going and it is obvious that things like Biden forgiving school loans and the FBI raiding Trump's home along with some other things are being used as distractions from this.

Remember that actions speak louder than words and their actions are ALL saying WWIII is escalating right now. I have studied enough history telling me how nations ramped up for war and I see it happening right now.

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

If you don't believe me that you can't believe anything the left is telling you about the war in Ukraine, especially coming from Ukraine, just watch the first 17 minutes of this video, where he shows you really bad things that Ukraine is doing and lying about from a number of independent sources. It is very bad what Ukraine is doing to their own people and blaming Russia.

You know that Ukraine is not winning this war or even holding her own when she has to do such horrible things to her people and blame Russia to keep getting money and weapons.

Remember that I have been telling you that it will take years to build many of our weapons systems?

This video is exposing the US sending billions more dollars to Ukraine to buy weapons that won't be built for years. It takes a lot of time to build a lot of very sophisticated modern weapons, you know, years. We don't have years to ramp up for this war.

Then I found this at Breitbart by John Hayward:

"Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) took steps this week to restore diplomatic relations with Iran, a tacit acknowledgment that President Joe Biden's reckless determination to restore the Iran nuclear deal will make Tehran vastly more rich and powerful, not to mention bringing it closer to deploying a nuclear umbrella."

China has persuaded two of the Sunni nations on the Arabian Peninsula to make buds with Iran leaving Israel with fewer friends facing Iran.

Will China be able to persuade the rest?

Keep an eye on it.


Have you noticed that Meghan and Harry are getting increasing media exposure right now?

Keep an eye on it.


I just realized that Fauci may be getting hired to work for some big corporation he made huge money for (this is quite common for bureaucrats who make big businesses big money) with a really big paycheck, benefits, and bonuses. This sends a message to other bureaucrats to do the same, you know, like and steal for the big businesses.

Keep an eye on it. The most probable would be Pfizer.


In absolute desperation, the left is submitting unconstitutional law after unconstitutional law to get your guns so you can't blow their brains out. Their strategy is two fold.

First, they intend to break your bank by making you litigate them again and again until you can't litigate anymore because they know it takes money to litigate and then their unconstitutional laws cannot be challenged and will stand so they can send their thugs in to take your guns from you.

You have to understand that it doesn't cost them anything to pass new unconstitutional laws because they are using your tax dollars they can spend all day. This is a war of attrition against you by the criminal politicians.

To counter this, you MUST also litigate so that they have to pay your court and attorney's fees so you can keep litigating as long as they keep passing unconstitutional laws.

Second, just in case that fails, they are setting up this war against you, you know, after they cut and run, to overwhelm you. You like to say that there are a hundred million people in the US with guns so they are working to bring hundreds of millions of enemies against you to overwhelm you and they are giving those enemies the strategic advantage by infiltrating them into your nation so you are surrounded from within, which is why I keep telling you to secure your red zones.

They are working to bring a few hundred million people from China, a few hundred million people from Latin America, a few hundred million Muslims, and tens of millions of their criminals like Antifa and gangs against you at the same time, while spreading your troops out around the world so they can't help you. That is what all of this illegal immigration is really all about. It has very little to do with them voting and more to do with them being able to overwhelm you.

Do you believe me yet that the US should stage a strategic retreat back to the US to defend the US?

They are bringing your enemies here to your country and neighborhoods, not over there where your troops are. Think about it.

The upper class trash are determined to take your guns away from you one way or another and/or kill you. They are stacking the deck against you so you BETTER secure your red zones and be ready to fight the worst fight in history. You are going to be fighting hundreds of millions of their commie soldiers in your own country, cities, and neighborhoods using military grade weapons against you with much of your military over seas.

You Will Own Nothing

The upper class trash began working on this right after WWII, you know, when they started their globalism in 1947. This is all planned out.

Before WWII, most people saved money to buy homes, cars, or anything else. Only the rich could take out loans to buy stuff because only the rich could pay the interest or what we call "rent on money" for loans.

People came home from the war with years of back pay so they started buying lots of stuff and the banks started their con to get people to accept taking out loans or mortgages to buy homes and then cars and then everything they "own".

"Hey, why only own a $20,000 home when you can own a a much better $40,000 home?"

I remember my grandparents warning us against this but people quickly realized that they could own and use more by using loans to buy stuff, not realizing that, for the long term, it would cost them more by paying rent on money.

Today, it is gotten to where almost all people owe much more than they own and will probably never pay it all off. Hey, they got us used to living in debt.

They also wrote the laws to decrease the risk to the banks so that, if you make a down payment of $20 thousand on a $100 thousand home and have $20 thousand in equity and the value of that home drops down to $80 thousand so that you lose all of your equity and the bank owns everything, you will either make another payment of $10 to $20 thousand on that home to return to having equity in the home or the bank now owns that home and "you own nothing".

Here we are today with the upper class trash having intentionally turned COVID 19 loose on you using Wuhan Labs as a front to decrease your savings and wealth and then they drove up the "value" of homes by using nonprofit corporations and your tax dollars to buy up so much land it drove up those values to insane levels, which means that, if you mortgage a home today, you owe the banks much, much more than 5 to 10 years ago.

Now, they stopped buying homes with those nonprofit corporations and your tax dollars to decrease demand so the values of the homes are now quickly dropping so that you will lose all of the equity in your homes so you will have to put the rest of your savings into that mortgage to also lose as the value of your homes decrease even more until you have nothing and the banks own your homes.

Remember that you also mortgaged everything else you own like cars, boats, planes, and EVERYTHING of any value. The upper class trash and their media they own trained you well.

With everyone losing their butts on their homes, they will stop buying all of the other stuff so that everything they have mortgaged will decrease in value and you will lose everything you own, you know, "you will own NOTHING", just like they already told you.

People, the arrogant upper class trash braggarts keep telling you their plans to show how smarty pants they are so you just might want to listen to their bragging.

By the time this is over, most people will own nothing unless it was either paid off or paid for in cash and, even then, they can take most of those things with things like increasing land taxes, car registration fees, insurance, parts, gas prices, and other COSTS OF OWNERSHIP, like I have been warning you about.

If you still have anything by the time their banks take everything else you own, all they will have to do is increase the cost of ownership high enough and you will lose the rest of it so "you will own nothing", just like they bragged.

Now, remember what I told you about people will not fight until they have more to gain than to lose by fighting, which means, you won't have much, if anything to lose before you start fighting?

Most of you only think you have more to lose than you have to gain but the reality is that you actually have nothing left to lose because you are going to lose it all anyway, if you don't fight, and you only have to gain by fighting for your freedoms and rights and to regain control of your nations. The upper class trash royals are already taking everything you have right now so you have nothing left to lose by fighting; you just don't know it yet. You will find out soon.

Now, they are hoping you will sell your guns to buy food before you start fighting.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load because we are very close to going hot. You can thank the lefty upper class trash royals for this hell you are about to go through.


Mark sent me the link to this site concerning pregnancy miscarriages caused by the vaccine.

I have never heard of a vaccine that causes the problems and deaths this vaccine causes. The more I learn, the more I become convinced this murder vaccine was designed as a bioweapon to use against the people to depopulate the planet by murdering people off.

I already showed you that the virus was engineered in a US bioweapons lab funded by Fauci and company, transferred to Wuhan Labs as a front to release the bioweapon on us, and then they engineered the vaccine as a bioweapon to finish us off.

The only punishment I can think of that is appropriate for the wickedness of this crime against 8 billion men, women, and children on this planet is eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire. I can't think of anything else that would be an adequate punishment for these evil lefty subhuman monsters and they can't get there fast enough. This is absolutely the worst crime in history, worse than all other crimes combined. Satan must be very proud of his evil children.

Note that they did all of this evil and harm in the name of doing good for the men, women, and children they were murdering and these heartless beasts and monsters have absolutely no remorse for the billions of men, women, and children they caused harm to, none.

I pray to God that He will soon send these evil things to Hell where they can never again cause harm to any more men, women, and children. They are horrid evil monsters only pretending to be humans. I can't wait to see these evil, vile, disgusting things stand before God on Judgment Day.


Incredibly, I am seeing lefties justifying the FBI raiding an Amish farm doing everything naturally for not doing what the government says. The stupid people are nuts.

"Yeah, yeah, the government should have absolute control over everything including how you wipe your butt!!!!"

My grandfather was a farmer before they had all of these government "safety regulations" and no one ever died from anything he grew. He wasn't stupid. He knew that, if anyone died from anything he grew, no one would ever buy anything he grew again and he would go broke.

I figure that, most likely, the upper class trash who own these major food corporations are so greedy that they are using your tax dollars to get rid of all of their competition. But then I also realized that, if the upper class trash control all of the food production, you won't be able to start a black market for food to survive.

The jerks are so greedy and power mad that they just can't leave anyone alone. They can't stand to see anyone else own anything or that they don't have absolute control over.

One of the first things you are going to have to do is to take control of these major corporations owned by the upper class trash that bought up all of their competitors and split them up into all of those businesses they bought up to all be privately owned so the upper class trash cannot use them to control you. They should have never been allowed to buy up all of their competitors.

A business should not be allowed to buy up any of its competitors or suppliers for those competitors.

People, we have a bad government because we have bad people running our government. If we had good people running the same government, we would have a good government. Never forget that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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