I Told You So 482

Fighting Back

Remember that years ago, well, OK, a few decades ago, I told you that the US Military was putting some of their best out of the military to form, train, and help manage citizen militias to deal with what is happening today?

Their strategy was to work with the militias, while the militias would work to take back our nation when it came time, you know, after the lefty upper class trash showed everyone what kind of evil trash they were. The US Military would only step in if and when the fighting got heavy enough that the civilians needed their help to win the fight.

Well, the upper class trash and their puppets have showed us most of their worst and, by the strangest magic coincidence, groups of militias in Northern Commiefornia are taking back their state at the city and county level as is shown in this video and these militias are all stepping forward at the same time.

Gee, you don't think the good guys in the military have decided it is time to make their move to stop the left from permanently setting up their dictatorship, do you?

Keep an eye on this because the fight is on and we are soon going hot. Afghan Joe said so.

I have realized that, what Afghan Joe is doing with his verbal attacks against conservatives, he is prepping the minds of the lefties to want to wage a violent shooting war against conservatives. His speeches are just like the speeches all leaders have given their people just before they took those people to war, berating their enemies and causing their people to see them as being evil.

Afghan Joe is talking lefties into wanting to fight and kill you. It is called psychological warfare.

Watch this video and he tells you that the lefty commie traitor MSM are absolutely convinced that, after the conservatives win this coming election, the GOP is going to impeach Afghan Joe (to replace him with Trump).

THAT MEANS that, just like they have already said they will do, THEY MUST replace Afghan Joe with someone who the conservatives cannot impeach by at least the first of January 2023, just like I have been telling you, and you can bet they are certain of it. Expect the left to start making the moves to do that very soon, especially following their statement concerning that and Afghan Joe's speech, which is backfiring on him.

They have to start that very soon because, they have to get Pelosi out of the way, then they have to appoint the new president as Speaker of the House, then they have to get Kruella out of the way so the Speaker of the House can become the Vice President, then they have to get Afghan Joe out of the way so the new Vice President can become President by no later than the first of next year.

They have to do all of that while the Commierats still have control of the House.

I still believe that the most probable person for replacing Afghan Joe is Meghan because she has a completely clean political/criminal record, which would make it difficult to impeach her plus the many other reasons I previously told you about.

Also, I believe they will probably make Obama be her vice president and maybe even his wife but I would think it will probably be Obama because he is already running the show anyway.

Note that Turley told you to do like the militias in Commiefornia just like I have been telling you to join those militias, organize, and work with them. He also told you that he would not be surprised to see a lot of patriots moving to Texas for security the way I have been telling you to secure your red zones. He is talking about a movement of patriots or conservatives from blue zones to red zones.

Note that Turley also tells you that Trump is so hated by the upper class trash because he turned your focus for our problems against the upper class trash showing you that they are the villains and causes of our problems just like I have been telling you for years.

Smarty Pants

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are not as smart as they think they are or as they have convinced too many others they are?

This video really points that out in details, showing just how stupid they really.

Having more money does not mean you have more intelligence, it just means you have more money.

You have to understand that the upper class trash live in their sterile bubble land out of touch with reality and ONLY KNOW what their idiot lefty professors tell them, who also live in their sterile bubble land out of touch with reality and the proof for that is that almost everything they do fails, especially today.

They have become the worst people to manage our governments, businesses, or just about anything else because most of what they believe, especially because of their arrogance, is wrong and they keep proving that without having enough intelligence to figure it out themselves because, when they fail, they are taught to blame everyone else so they can't learn from their mistakes.

That is a very good video showing what is going wrong and just how arrogant and stupid the upper class trash are. They show you the idiocy of the upper class trash I have taught you about where the stupid lefties believe that, if one of their great sounding stupid ideas fail, you just do more of it because they foolishly think that doing more of a stupid idea will cause it to work.

The truth is that, anyone who believes doing more of a stupid idea will cause it to work is telling you they don't know how things work and why. Basically, they just blunder from one great sounding stupid idea to the next great sounding stupid idea.

They point out what I told you about it being even worse in Europe and then you should remember that our idiot lefties want the US to be just like Europe because they ignorantly and foolishly think Europe is superior to the US in spite of the fact that the US is vastly superior to Europe with our lefties dragging us down to where Europe is floundering.


This video shows the US Air Force is buying new AWACs planes to replace our current AWACs planes and you should pay attention to several things in that video.

First, notice that the final decision to make this change was because of the threat by China. They point out a few of the threats that helped make that decision.

Second, notice the number of times and ways they were working to escalate this replacement telling me it is very urgent because they expect the shooting to start soon.

This is just one more way in which the US Military is very quickly ramping up for war against the Eastern Alliance.


Remember that the US contracted with Poland to build 250 of our best tanks for Poland to hold off the Russian invasion?

This video tells you that those tanks won't be finished and ready for combat until "early 2025", you know, 2.5 years from now, meaning that Poland is vulnerable until at least then because she only has 250 German made tanks right now but is supposed to get about 250 South Korean used tanks before that.

I told you that it takes a while, you know, years to build today's weapons and they have sacked their militaries to stuff that defense money in the leaders' greedy pockets while planning to start a war with Russia will come back to haunt them.

But don't worry, those 250 German made tanks will hold off Russia's 10,000 tanks. /sarc

The lefty upper class trash make my brain hurt.

Spawn of Satan

Over the last 65+ years I have seen individuals/groups of Satan's God haters put out bogus proofs that the Bible isn't true, God isn't real, Jesus was not raised from the dead only to find out later that it was all lies. I have often wondered how many people are burning in Hell because they believed those lies.

This video is about one such movie or documentary put together with false claims and information "proving that Jesus did not raise from the dead", when it is very well documented in history, even by non Christian sources, that Jesus did rise from the dead.

How many people did the liars who made that film lead to Hell?

Question everything you are told, especially by the God haters.

Note that the archaeologist who excavated that tomb told the film maker that he did not believe the tomb was the family tomb of Jesus and the film maker went ahead falsely claiming it was in the film.

Note that two different scientists who were involved in the testing of material for that film said that the conclusions pushed by the film were wrong. The film maker lied to you.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that Satan's God haters hate God so much that, no matter what evidence you present to the contrary, they will believe the lies of that satanic film for the rest of their lives because they want to believe those lies because of their hatred.

Ukrainian War

Remember that I have been telling you that the US and UK are running things in the West, especially the Ukrainian War? Remember that I have also shown you that the British Royals are running and own the US lefty politicians?

This video shows that Ukraine and Russia had negotiated a truce deal but the UK or British Royals shut it down to keep the war going.

Oh yeah, they really care about the women and children of Ukraine. /sarc

Remember that I told you that the UK and US are not going to stop pushing Russia into a war so that Putin will be forced to wage war against the UK and US?

Do you believe me yet?

The upper class trash royals won't stop even though everything is failing and backfiring on them with it all just getting worse. They are beyond stupid and crazy, they are evil.

US War

It really kills me that most people just have not figured it out yet that the war in the US between the commies and patriots started in 2012 when a subsidiary of the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, formed a subsidiary to them called Black Lives Matter and they started rioting in the street under Obama. They have been rioting off and on ever since then.

The people are still going around arguing about either a war is going to start or that it already started more recently and has just barely begun, when the war has been going on for more than 10 years. Some are saying, especially the left, that the war started with Afghan Joe's recent evil speech. They just don't get it.

I am wondering if God has clouded their minds so they can't get it.


There are little dots in things like this documentary that tell you big things that the censors let slip out. They always do.

In the first half of the video they show Israel destroying a nuclear power plant that can be used to make nuke weapons. They tell you about SOME and only some of the things they used to get into Syria to destroy that facility like the ECM but they told you very little about the ECM because the rest is still classified and they can use it again against their enemies. They even showed you one ECM trick and said they did it using a code they bought from Russia, maybe, maybe not. Know that there were other tricks they used.

You have to understand that, because Syria and Iran use Russia electronics warfare right next to Israel, the US and Israel work together to develop the best electronics warfare in the world for fighting Russia by testing the Israeli electronics warfare against the Syrian electronics warfare. We have been doing that since the Six Day War.

Then they said something very interesting and the reason why I posted this video link that I have been telling you for years. They said that, if a nation has the knowledge, they can build nuclear weapons from scratch within 5 years and Iran has been working with Pakistan, North Korea, China, and Russia for about 40 years now to build nuclear weapons, we have detected at least 3 seismic readings that are indicative of nuclear detonations for testing in Southeastern Iran, traitor Obama gave them $150 billion cash about a decade ago and you know they used at least part of that for their nuke program.

And you think Iran doesn't have nukes yet? Really?

Every other nation that has nukes, developed those nukes in 6 years or less.

Of course Iran has nukes, she is building a nuclear arsenal, Israel knows it, and Israel is getting ready to take out that arsenal.


Remember that I have been telling you about boat cruisers and watching them to learn a variety of things?

This is a YouTube Channel of a young couple in Canada who are trying a new life style or two, while learning. They live on a small boat some days and out of a van on other days, they are middle class kids with both of them working for a living, they have not developed it into a YouTube business like many of the others.

They are still learning and experimenting, while living in Canada showing you what their lives are like in Canada. They take suggestions from their viewers to help them.


Remember that I have taught you some about countermeasures for new weapons like drones?

This video shows you some of the countermeasures for drones where some incapacitate them, capture them, or destroy them.

Then it shows you the B-2 and note that they tell you what I have been telling you, which is the B-2 "is almost invisible". Stealth does not make the weapon system invisible but decreases its radar return so that ECM can finish making it "invisible" or extremely difficult to find.

Even the B-2 and F-22 have radar returns but they are very tiny radar returns that make it easier for their ECM to cover the craft from radar detection.

Then they show you how they do modern airborne or insertion landings with choppers and other craft. Then they show you some details for such operations.


This video is Australian news and even they notice how evil, hypocritical, and violent the left is, you know the lefties are the bad guys.

Yes, I do watch news channels from other nations to get their perspectives on things, see what they are doing, and even get other information I am not getting from the US.


Remember that I told you that I doubt Russia will send troops against Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 the way most preachers are telling you she will?

This video shows that Russia is telling Iran to pull back from two areas. He tells you that it is to protect Russian and Syrian forces but he doesn't get it that Russia is also not insisting that Israel stop attacking Iranian military assets in Syria so that Israel is being permitted to continue defending herself.

That should be a pretty obvious signal that some seem to be missing.

He then stated that Russia is pulling her S-300 SAMs out of Syria back to Russia/Ukraine, which should tell you that Russia is more concerned with fighting the West than protecting Iran's forces. This should also tell you that Russia is still pulling troops out of Syria to reinforce her troops facing the West, whether Ukraine or Europe.

People like him convince me that God is letting them see some of what is going on but not all of it. Such people provide me with information but not a complete analysis of that information.

Down Grading US Military

Remember that I have told you that Bush I and Billy Boy Clinton devastated our military?

In this video she tells you that by 9/11, our Air Force had been cut in half proving what I told you. You have to understand that they also cut the rest of our military and intelligence organizations by at least as much.

It is that downgrading of the US Military that made it possible for 9/11 to happen and they have not learned.

Bush II rebuilt that military that had become a less than one front military back up to only two fronts, when he should have built it back up to at least 5 or 6 fronts, which is why he didn't achieve any of this goals.

Then Obama tore it back down to a one front military, Trump rebuilt it back up to at least a two front military and Afghan Joe tore it back down to a one front military facing a potential six front war.

We have only had a few decent commanders-in-chief since JFK; Nixon, Reagan, and Trump. The rest have been terrible. I wouldn't hire any of the rest to lead a fist fight in a sandbox with 5 year olds.


The "civil war" in Libya has restarted between the Western formed and backed government set up in Tripoli and the Eastern government in Bengasi, which is controlling most of Libya and most of its oil.

By the strangest coincidence, Putin recently sent troops to the eastern part of Libya to work with those troops so it looks like Putin is working with the Eastern troops to take over the rest of Libya and her oil from the West.

This is moves being made in Africa to unify most of Africa with the Eastern Alliance.


Remember that I told you that Putin would cut off the oil and gas to Europe before he invaded Europe?

I just got this from Fox by Caitlin McFall:

"The Russian energy giant Gazprom scrapped its Saturday deadline and indefinitely extended its gas cuts to Europe.

The state owned energy company cited urgent maintenance was behind its reasoning Friday and did not provide a date when it intends to reopen the Nord Stream 1 Pipeline, which distributes natural gas to Europe through Germany."

Now, how long will Russia wait before invading to deplete their oil and gas to decrease Europe's fuel supply for fighting the war? A few months or less?

WWIII is about to go hot just like I have been telling you. There are just too many magic coincidences for that to not be true. Too much around the world is coming together at the same time and there will soon be more than one "Pearl Harbor" for the West at the same time.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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