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Power Grab

Remember that I have been telling you that the left is RIGHT NOW making their final grab for power to finish setting up their dictatorship in the US so they can use the US to set up their global dictatorship?

In this video they were ticking me off just gabbing away, beating around the bush and not hitting the nail on the head until about 10 minutes into it when Tim FINALLY said it like it is. He FINALLY said that the left is making a power grab by arresting their political opposition.

This is ALWAYS what a dictatorship does as their final move to finish setting up their complete control and that is what the left is doing RIGHT NOW!

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present and I have seen this quite a bit in history.

Do you get the picture yet?

Note that the people they are arresting includes the military people who have been working to prepare to stop this insurrection by the commies so the question we have to ask is, "Did they wait until too late to make their move and is it over with the commies now in absolute power with their evil dictatorship or can the good guys still save it?"

The good guys are now put into a position where they MUST make their move very soon or it is over because this is the final move by the commies and the good guys will be sent to death camps with their families if they lose. Everything is coming together right now.

At this point, the good guys must either 1) advance this into a counter insurrection and full scale war where they violently seize power and clean up the mess completely purging all of the bad guys or it is over or 2) they must stage a strategic retreat to the red zones, secure their red zones, regroup, reorganize, and prepare for a full scale war against the commies. That is all that is left for the good guys to do.

It is not if this is going to be a full scale war but when.

People, this is no longer going to get ugly. This just got ugly and will get uglier before it is over.

Vote Rigging

Remember that I told you not to celebrate too soon because the left is going to do more and better vote rigging in this election than ever before?

This video shows you one example of it already having happened and we are still 2 months away from the election.

This is easily going to be the most corrupt election in the history of this nation so you better get ready for it. Like everything else the commies are doing, this is going to be horrific.

The commies are making their final grab for power right now and they are about to show you just how monstrously evil they are. Their true colors will shine very bright during this insane power grab.

This shows that every aspect of our voting is very rigged. It is not possible to have a valid election in the US because the left has destroyed our Constitutional Republic and are right now finishing it off to set up their commie dictatorship. We are right now in the early stages of a dictatorship and not a constitutional republic, with just enough of the Republic left to keep us free a little longer and most people don't even realize it.

Do you believe me yet?


Remember that I told you that the Queen was not an angel and caused harm to quite a few people?

This video shows you a tiny bit of that harm and note that it says that Britain, under the Queen, ruled more than half of Africa and it is no coincidence that those and other African nations have joined the Eastern Alliance against the UK lead West and are planning to invade southern Europe.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you," and the nations the Queen and others abused, are about to do unto Europe as Europe did unto them.

If you study history, it is quite common that, when a major power falls, the nations they abused repay that major power in kind.

Gee, I wonder why Europe is afraid of African nations invading Europe when I know how Europe treated those African nations.

Just maybe the Europeans should be afraid?

I have no doubt why those African nations and other nations have joined the Eastern Alliance against the abusive West. It is payback time.

The deeper you dig into this, the more motivation you find for many nations to rise up against the Western nations. If you really knew history, this should have been expected but our leaders are so arrogant and greedy that they felt no one could hold them accountable for their crimes against others and all they could think about is how they could continue to steal more from more people faster.

British Monarchy

Remember that I have told you that the government of Britain is a monarchy hiding behind a fake democracy, partly because almost all of their politicians in Parliament are royals?

Here is video proof that the British government is a monarchy hiding behind the curtain of fake democracy. Note that the oath of allegiance they swear is ENTIRELY to King Charles and NOT to the nation, its laws, or its people. They all serve the King and not the nation or people, which can only happen in a monarchy.

The members of Parliament are just vassal kings and queens serving the main Royal Family by putting on a fake show of democracy.

Get it straight, regardless of the lies they tell you, Britain has NEVER been a democracy but has been a monarchy hiding behind a fake democracy as their front to protect their royals from the appearance of having committed and being responsible for the crimes of their government. Their democracy is a charade, a con, and a fraud and has been a monarchy for more than 1,100 years.

It has worked very well because they have everyone fooled into believing the Queen was a kind and wonderful person without realizing that she had final say on the atrocities committed by the British Government over the last 70 years like starting wars in Africa and Ukraine.

If you study history, the oath they said is the same oath that the Lords or other British Royals have said to vow allegiance to the king for at least hundreds of years. What you see in that video is the same thing that has taken place in Britain for hundreds of years, which is the Lords or other British Royals vowing allegiance to the king because the Lords have previously raised up against abusive kings. Notice that, after they read the vow of allegiance, they had to sign it.

Do you believe me yet?

Do you know what the oath was that I took when I went into the US Military?

I DID NOT pledge allegiance to our leaders, the upper class trash or our royals but to uphold and defend the US Constitution and protect the people of this nation from both external and internal threats like our current Commierat leaders.

That is the type of pledge you make for a republic or democracy.

Britain is NOT a democracy and they just proved it with their oath of allegiance to their king and not to their nation or people. The king comes first at everyone else's expense just like in all monarchies.

Then I found this video in which King Charles says his oath and note that he makes a dedication to "the heavy task that has been laid upon him" without making an oath of allegiance to his nation or people. That "heavy task" could be him keeping the British Royal Family in power at the expense of the nation and people or anything else he decides. It sounds good until you think about it.

If you do your homework and think about it, you should realize that the British Royals never gave up their British Empire. It still exists today.

They just deceptively changed the name to things like the "Common Wealth" maintained vassal kingdoms, lied to everyone, faked everyone out, and it still exists today. The British Royals working loosely with the rest of the royals are reviving their Empire, in part by regaining control of the British Colonies (the US - using the traitorous American branch of the British Royal Family, the Democratic Party), today to set up their global monarchy or dictatorship under a different name they have changed a number of times to confuse and fool the people, including New World Order, Globalism, Great Reset, and One World Government, but it is still the British Empire under the control of the British Royal Family no matter what they tell you.

Listen, if your political leaders have to swear an oath to a monarch or dictators, your government ain't no democracy or republic.

Just like the royals have been for thousands of years, they are liars lying to the people to fool them into submission, you know, like they will take care of you while they live in luxury on your backs. Hey, they are not going to spend THEIR money on you lowly subjects. They just tax you more to pay for your "free stuff", you know, the greatest joke and con in history that the stupid people keep falling for.

But remember, man plans, God laughs.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones against the lefty royal stooges, and lock and load.

Something funny is that the arrogant elitist royals think they are superior to all of you lowly peasants and even the royals who are beneath them on the family tree or beneath "their position".

On Judgment Day, they will all stand before God butt naked, without any of their expensive clothes and jewelry on, just like everyone else to drive home the point that they are no better than the rest of you just because they were born into the royal family and almost all of them will be ushered into the Lake of Fire for eternal damnation just like Jesus said of the rich for their crimes against you and God just like the rest of those eternally damned peasants.

The royals won't get any special treatment before God and almost all of the dead ones today are already burning in Hell finding out just how superior they really are; they burn just like the rest of the damned.

Remember that they are the poser Christians who arrogantly believe that, if they set up their global dictatorship, their god, Satan, will return, make them all immortal, and make them gods to rule all of you forever. They want to be the Antichrist to rule everyone else, including all of the other royals, forever under Satan.

When you understand that is their end game, then you begin to understand them.


Remember that the upper class trash brag they want to depopulate THEIR planet of you "to save the planet", you know, for them?

This video shows you just one way the left is working very hard to depopulate the planet. Note that this is sterilizing the people so they can't have children, the mutilated people are massively committing suicide, and the upper class trash know this, are hiding it, and continue to encourage the mutilation and sterilization.

The only possible reason for all of that is to depopulate the planet by preventing the people from reproducing and then causing them to commit suicide because their heads are so screwed up.

Note that this is not the only con the left is using to depopulate THEIR planet. Other methods include abortions, wars, assisted suicides, transgender and homosexuality (no babies and they adopt babies to turn them homosexual so they won't have babies), starvation, diseases, and many others. The upper class trash are RIGHT NOW murdering off the people of this planet in mass without most people realizing it.

Hey, murder a few million here, a few million there, and no one will notice unless they connect the dots.

Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch has been around for decades fighting for the people against our corrupt government and only has 502 thousand subscribers, when many other channels have millions of subscribers.

That tells me that most people don't care or want to be bothered with fighting the evil people staging an insurrection to seize control of our government and set up a dictatorship to butcher those people off.

BTW, in this video he pointed out that Obama was arming terrorists in Libya and Syria. That means that Billy Boy Clinton armed terrorists in Afghanistan to create Al Quaeda, Obama armed terrorists in Libya and Syria, and Afghan Joe just armed terrorists in Afghanistan again. Hey, we have gone full circle.

Yep, the Commierats are that evil. If you have been wondering why God is judging this nation with the Commierats running it, you should just accept the obvious and stop wondering.

If you let the spawn of Satan run your nation, God will punish your nation.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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