I Told You So 49

Remember that I have been telling you that the people who are dropping out of the job market because they can't find work, are frustrated, and give up looking for work are going to be a heavy drain on the economy and should be counted as part of the unemployed but the "intellectually superior" commie's insist that we don't need to count these people as unemployed because they don't really matter. This refusal for counting these dropped out people is so the commie's can keep the unemployment numbers low so the commie's don't have to admit we are in a depression and not a recession and can lie to everyone about being in a recovery when our economy has not even started to recover.

Well, I just read at Newsmax.com that Social Security Disability filings are up by 21% from 2008 to 2009. This is supposed to be a record growth with some 8 million workers receiving disability in June 2009 which is an increase of 12.6% since 2007. The officials are saying that the filings are a matter of the poor health of the economy rather than the poor health of the individual petitioner. Want to bet the numbers for 2010 will be even higher?

I have already shown you that the number of people on the other intitlement programs, Welfare, Medicare, and Medicaid, has also been increasing because of these drop out people turning to the government to feed their faces. They have to eat too. It seems that those people dropping out of the job market should be counted just like I have telling you they should because they are causing a double hit to our economy and government. First, they quit paying income taxes when they lost their jobs which has hit the government and economy really bad greatly decreasing government revenues while decreasing cash flow within the economy. Second, these people are now taking additional moneys from the government increasing the national, state, county, and municiple governments' debts.

Everyone except the intellectually superior liberals are intelligent enough to realize that it is never a good thing to increase spending and decrease income at the same time. This is the most significant part of the increased drain these people are having on the economy. You just cannot sustain decreasing taxes and cash flow by almost 6 million people per year while increasing spending for intitlements programs by almost 6 million people per year for very long before your economy will implode like a huge economic black hole. Then what recovery and what economy?

But you can't blame these drop out people because they worked their butts off paying money into the government for years, the government destroyed the economy with its brilliant socialist programs causing these people to lose their jobs, and they have to eat too and have a right to get some of their money back to feed their faces. The problem is that our irresponsible commie's have spent much more money than we all put into the government with our taxes so there really isn't any money to take out to feed our faces after the government has destroyed the economy.

History teaches that by the time the fecal matter really hits the fan on this one, plenty of you will be angry...no, furious enough to light the torches, load the guns, grease the gillotines, warm up the designer tar and feathers and declare an open hunting season on the upper class trash who caused this problem (liberal politicians, beaureaucrats, college professors, media, and such). The upper class trash knows this which is why they have spent so much time trying to disarm Americans (an have successfully disarmed the people in almost all other countries), done away with capital punishment for such mischief, and made other such changes to protect themselves when the fecal matter of their Marxism finally hit the fan. Gee, could it be they have been planning to destroy the global economy all along to turn you all back into their impoverished slaves just like I told you they were? Think about it.

At least Obama is keeping one promise he made before he was elected President. Remember that he promised he would turn the US into a Welfare state? Well, he and his Commiecrat friends are doing an excellent job of doing just that. Every month this country is more of a Welfare state than the month before thanks to Ocommie and his Commiecrat friends.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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