We are constantly bombarded by our lying liberal media, college professors, politicians, radical activists, and other liberals with the idea that plastic lasts forever and is quickly filling up the world, especially our oceans.

Is this true? The answer very simply is a resounding no!

The lying conservationists tell you horror stories about how a huge island of plastic larger than the state of Texas is building up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This isn't true. You regularly read or hear stories meant to scare you about how the beautiful beaches of exotic islands are being covered with tons of plastic and pictures of a "big" pile (which would fit in the back of a pickup truck) of plastic items which were taken from the beaches. Then later, you will see pictures of those same beaches with no floatsam at all on them.

I just read an article written by the owners of a small cruising sail boat who said they sailed thousands of miles over different parts of the Pacific Ocean and saw less than a dozen plastic items floating in the Pacific. Where is all that plastic?

First, contrary to the lies told to us by the liberals, plastic doesn't last forever. It is very quickly destroyed by UV rays from the sun. As a matter of fact, one of the big problems which plague sail boat cruisers is the very rapid deteriation of all the plastic and nylon items on their boats caused by the sun. They regularly have to replace plastic and nylon items every one to three years because they get weak and break. This is especially true for nylon and dacron sails and stitching in sails. Interestingly, they have found that white or clear plastic degrades much faster than colored plastic.

To prove the lying conservationists wrong, all you have to do is run a simple experiment in your own back yard. Simply set up a wooden post or group of wooden posts in the sun where you can nail or screw a few plastic items such as plastic and styrofoam drinking cups, cup lids, soda straws, plastic bags, and plastic one gallon drink containers so they won't blow away in the wind. Put a date on the underside of the items so the sun won't burn off the dates and mark the date on a calendar. Then just watch those items for the next few years. You will find that most of them will have deteriated within just one year to the point to where, if you just touch them, they will crumble to dust. You will literally have trouble holding them in your hands. Very few items will last 2 years and almost none will last 3 years. Plastic does not last forever.

If you don't believe me, just do the simple little test I just gave you and you will be amazed at how fast plastic just turns to dust. In the sun, plastic doesn't last as long as metals and woods.

It is not possible for plastic to be building up in our oceans and else where for decades because plastic simply won't last that long in the sun, not even in the ocean. In other words, the plastic lie is just another liberal horror story designed to scare you into doing what the liberals want you to do. When have liberals ever told you the truth? You can't believe anything they tell you. If you want to know whether a liberal is lying to you, just look to see if their lips are moving.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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