I Told You So 494

Afghan Joe

Afghan Joe said he is going to decide on his reelection campaign next year.

If he tries to run again, they will either kill him or use his health to get rid of him. With him talking about running again, they may just remove and replace him before they lose control of the House. Keep an eye on this.

The Commierats are getting scary. First, they gave us Jimmuh Cahrtuh as the worst president in history and then Obama, who was even worse, and then Afghan Joe, who is even worse, and now they are talking about running Fetterman, who will be even worse.

Who are they going to run next, the dead guy?

Hold it, that would be an improvement. Nah, you know they won't run him...I think.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often.

Remember that I told you that you stupid lefties voting for the left and indirectly for Afghan Joe is just going to encourage Afghan Joe to keeping doing the same things and make things worse?

Well, it worked because Afghan Joe has said that he "won't change a thing" because he thinks he won the election because there was no red tsunami. Forget that he lost control of the House, he didn't lose as bad as he was expecting so, in his feeble mind, he won.

"Hey, I only got one leg blown off so I didn't get hurt."

Rubio tells you the same thing in this video. You lefties just released the Devil on yourselves.

Not only will he continue doing the same stuff that has already made your lives worse, but you can bet he now believes he is a smarty pants and will do even more of what you lefties told him you like, you know, destroying your lives. Afghan Joe is going to show you stupid people just how smarty pants he is and really screw everything up AND he said he plans on running again in 2024.

Maybe, by then, some of you lefties will be mad enough to vote red?

Nah, most of the lefties will be stupid enough to keep voting for their lame gods and encourage them to do much worse.

This video provides us with some more good news about the election. We need all we can get.


The arrogant, idiot, idealistic libertarians are so stupid they have not figured out yet that them voting for a libertarian as a third party is them electing a Commierat because it takes votes away from conservatives and they just keep right on doing it in spite of the fact that they never get their libertarian elected.

Yeah, kind of slow, aren't they?

Because of that, I am convinced that the left actually encourages and even finances libertarian candidates to get their lefties elected, the libertarians just keep falling for it, and you should expect to see much more of that. They just don't get it and they keep taking the sucker punch.

Think not?

I have seen lefties run as libertarians and the stupid libertarians voted for people who were lefties just last night. It was that obvious and the libertarians still fell for it and you watch the left do it again. All the lefties have to do is say the right magic libertarian words and the libertarians fall for it.

What are they doing, having a stupid contest with the lefties?

Money & Brains

Remember that I have been telling you that having more money does not mean you are more intelligent, it just means you have more money?

Here is the best possible example proving that because Elon Musk, the wealthiest man in the world, is screwing up Twitter as shown in this video.

What? You mean he isn't more intelligent than everyone on the planet because he has more money than everyone on the planet?

That is right and Musk is proving that big time right now.

Hey, he was born into money just like almost all of the other rich people and used his money to make more money, often by hiring other people to make them more money to only make it look like he is a smarty pants because he "made all of that money by his widdle lonesome". If you have been paying attention, he has also been having problems with his wonder car and he isn't the one who designed his space ships; he just hired others, who are much more intelligent than him, to design it for him.

Do you get the picture yet?

And, oh yeah, Zuckerberg and Bezos are both losing more and more of their butts every day even though they were among the richest people in the world, after being born into a lot of money they used to hire others to make them more money. Their problem is that they have begun to believe their own lies about it having been just them and their superior intelligence that made them so wealthy. They think they are smarter than they are and that everyone else is dumber than they are.

This video shows you how Zuckerberg is "investing" at least $10 billion dollars a year with almost no returns until 2030, which is quickly emptying his piggy bank. The last I saw, he had already lost more than $100 billion in personal wealth and is now only worth about $25 to $30 billion or less.

What happens is that they begin believing it is their superior intelligence that made them so rich, they come up with a great sounding stupid idea, and they arrogantly go charging off to do that great sounding stupid idea to show everyone how they are smarter than they are. When that great sounding stupid idea begins to fail, their pride prevents them from stopping doing the great sounding stupid idea to do damage control so they end up going broke. You see this a lot in history and, when you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

I am wondering what alley he is going to put his luxury cardboard box? Do you believe me yet that there are a lot of stupid rich people?

They are not smarter than you because they have more money than you. Just watch all of the really stupid things rich people say and do on TV news. That should prove that they have more money than brains.

God sets up whom He sets up and brings down whom He brings down. It ain't because we are smarter or dumber.

Just look at me, I was told in college that I am a "two percenter", you know, among the two percent of the most intelligent people in the world, I am obviously one of the most knowledgeable people in the world, and I am more impoverished than almost all of you. All of my great intelligence and knowledge plus $5 will buy me a large soda at Sonic because God sets up whom He sets up and brings down whom He brings down.

Just ask ole Nebby about that.

They are not smarter than you because they have more money than you and poor people are not less intelligent than you because they have less money than you. That is a lie made up by the rich upper class trash thousands of years ago to con you into wanting them to have complete control over you to run your lives for you.

"Why dey noze what is best for yuze," but they have never done what is best for you. It is a con.

EU vs Russia

Remember that I have been telling you that Russia is clearly winning this sanctions war the West started with Russia? Remember that I have told you that you cannot believe a thing the left and their media tell you?

This is just tooooooo funny. Watch this video and see just how phony and deceptive the upper class trash royals and their lying puppets are. You can't get more phony than those clowns.

They are only PRETENDING to be sanctioning Russian gas and oil and forget about everything else. They are just putting on a show to sucker you into believing they are more wonderful, smarter, and better than that lowly Putin, who is kicking all of their evil butts COMBINED!

What do you expect from a bunch of pagans, whose god, Satan, is the father of lies, the truth?

You can't believe a thing they tell you. If their lips are moving, they are lying.

BTW, the idiot media are clamoring about Zelensky being ready for peace talks with Putin but it is just a smoke screen to fool you into believing they really want peace when they don't. This video tells you more about it.

Before this, Zelensky had one condition for peace talks with Russia, which was that Putin could no longer be Russia's leader. Everyone knew that wasn't going to happen so we knew there would be no peace talks and that Zelensky and his puppet masters do not want peace.

Now that "Zelensky is under pressure from afghan Joe, who really wants peace", Zelensky has changed his conditions for peace talks (don't laugh too hard about this list). Keep in mind that Putin has to meet all of those conditions BEFORE their peace talks can begin.

Wow, Afghan Joe really changed his mind fast, didn't he? He went from wanting a nuke war to wanting peace over night?

These are Zelensky's new conditions for peace talks:

1. "Restoring Territorial Integrity", meaning give back all of the land Zelensky claims as his, whether it is or not, which you know Putin won't do.

2. "Respecting UN Statute" (which one?) or you can't attack me but I can attack your people, which you know Putin won't do.

3. "Pay for War Damages" or give us all of the money we claim you owe us and demand, which you know Putin won't do.

4. "Punish War Criminals" or put all of your officers and enlisted men in prison for daring to fight us, which you know Putin won't do.

5. "Guarantee No More Invasions", you know, to stop our Nazi Division from shelling your civilians, which you know Putin won't do.

Remember that those things are not negotiable and must be agreed upon before negotiations can begin.

What does that leave to negotiate? Don't those sound more like conditions for Putin to surrender and not peace negotiations?

Guess what, there still won't be any peace talks; they are just trying to make a lack of peace talks look like it is Putin's fault and not Zelensky's and the West's fault. Hey, they gotta make Putin look like the bad guy for daring to defend and protect his people from Zelensky's war crimes, especially with the West preparing for a first strike nuclear attack against Russia to get Putin out of their way so they can set up their global dictatorship. Basically, they are trying to sucker punch Putin and you.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are? Do you believe me yet that the only thing that will stop the upper class trash crimes against you is their death?

I have been watching these demonic beasts for more than half a century and they never quit and the proof for that is that many of the people doing these evil things were doing these evil things half a century ago.

Why is Afghan Joe ordering Zelensky to fake peace talks with Russia?

Because Afghan Joe has lost control of the House and will not get a continued blank check from Congress to send free money to Ukraine to keep buying weapons from the West to keep making the upper class trash, who own the military industry, more wealthy by billions of your tax dollars. The GOP is threatening to shut down the upper class trash money laundering racket and the left is trying to make it look like them not getting peace is Putin's fault and not their fault in hopes that will help them keep getting ye ole blank check to launder into their greedy pockets.

It is just another con and sucker punch.

Remember I have been teaching you about Putin using the Russian "cauldron" or what we call encirclement to trap and destroy enemy troops?

This video shows you that both the US and Zelensky have finally figured out what I have been telling you about for months and they are telling you that I knew what I was talking about. It took them long enough, you know, after Putin destroyed a few divisions.

I figured that is why Putin is "withdrawing" from Kherson and it looks like the US and Zelensky finally figured it out too.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

It also makes me wonder if the US Military, you know, the Pentagon, is reading my blog. I have seen other suspicious signs that they probably are but didn't want to say anything yet. I told you before that I intentionally gave the feds reasons to read my blog more than 2 decades ago, you know, I have a secret security clearance, know about things that are still classified, and I am teaching you things about the military, and I keep seeing some interesting coincidences. I was taught that, by law, they have to watch me for the rest of my life. Now you can help me keep an eye on that.

Then I found this video in which the general tells you almost exactly what I have been telling you for months. He says Russia pulling out of Kherson is for several reasons, to regroup and reorganize for an offensive and to set a trap for Ukraine. Just like I have been warning you, Russia and company are ramping up for an offensive and they are using Kherson to set ANOTHER cauldron trap.

He shows that, like I have told you, they have pushed Putin too far for too long and he is about to cut loose on them in full furry with an all-out offensive. He tells you that Putin is so mad and won't believe anything the left says so that Putin won't talk to them now.

The question is whether Putin will keep this offensive within Ukraine or will it include escalating this to a full blown WWIII? Also, when Putin launches this offensive, will the rest of the Eastern Alliance also launch offensives?

With what I am seeing, WWIII could very quickly and suddenly break loose all over this planet by Christmas.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Remember that I told you that the left keeps proving their lies wrong with the news?

This video tells you that Finland is fortifying for an attack by Russia.

Hold it, I thought Ukraine was devastating Russia? If Ukraine is devastating Russia, how can Russia be a military threat to anyone else? Have they been lying to us?

Obviously so. It should be very obvious that Russia is ramping up to invade Europe by way of Poland and Finland just like I have been telling you or Poland and Finland would not be ramping up for war with Russia.

I love their cover lie of it also being to protect them from migrants coming from Russia.

Hold it, aren't the Europeans supposed to welcome migrants? Why would they be building fortifications that can take direct hits from artillery and nearby hits from missiles to stop migrants?

Question: Why is Turkey not permitting Finland and Sweden to join NATO? Could it be because Turkey knows it will soon be turning on and fighting NATO with Russia and the East and they want to minimize their enemy forces? Will the idiots in the Pentagon figure that out before it is too late?

I just found out something I had not thought about, which is that some of the weapons the US is selling to Ukraine to make our upper class trash richer are coming from our National Guard. We are disarming our National Guard too, while our idiot leaders are trying to start a war with Russia.

Does your brain hurt yet?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones and lock and load. You better pray that our black closet is still there and still working.

This video is interesting and proves that the upper class trash never quit their evil and can't steal enough from enough people fast enough. The upper class trash just gotta keep the Ukraine War going so they can use it and the military industry to launder more of your tax dollars into their greedy pockets.

We are about to find out if this election did this country any good or was it all smoke and mirrors? Will our corrupt government keep funding Zelensky to keep making the upper class trash more wealthy and keep pushing Putin further into the corner until he finally busts loose like an angry bobcat?

At about 10 minutes into that video he points out that the new PM for Britain just found a 54 billion pound "hole" in their budget that will probably require Britain to at least cut back on sending weapons to Ukraine. Oops! Keep an eye on that because God is probably about to use that against Britain in some way plus that means they will make the US send even more of our weapons to Zelensky disarming us even faster.

Hmmm, maybe Scotland and Northern Ireland will soon get independence?

Later he pointed out that all of the worst "COVID dictators" got reelected "with ease." When he said that, I realized that those governments have set up their states as dictatorships. The left has managed to turn this nation into a feudal state with some states still Constitutional Republics and others communist tyrannies trying to ditch the US Constitution, you know, treason. Think about that.

That is because the lefties want their communist dictatorships over a Constitutional Republic because of the promises and great sounding lies of those dictators, the media, their teachers and professors, and others. They have sold their souls to Satan just like I have been telling you, which is why they are so loyal to their Democrat cult or religion.

I keep seeing other signs that the lefties have turned the Democrat party into a cult so that they just keep voting for their church no matter what their church does. The only right or wrong to these people is whether they vote for their cult or not. Nothing else matters as much as their cult.

This is another sign that they have chosen which side of God's line they want to be on just like I have been telling you for years that God was making us make that decision. They have clearly decided so now it is time for judgment in the near future and that judgment could come in a number and/or combination of ways.

I know that two ways will be some of them dying in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and others dying in our civil war to free our nation but some could also die when their big blue cities get nuked by Putin and/or Xi.

Then he mentions the people fleeing places like New York and Chicago and that is God getting his people out of those places to protect them from what is about to happen there. People have made their choices and God is sorting us out right now.

In this video Turley points out some of the big gains by the GOP, which is God securing those places as red zones to protect their people. He shows that by telling us that 37 states are now Second Amendment sanctuary states protecting your right to bear arms.

Don't be surprised if we end up with less than 100 million people left alive in the US by the time the dust settles on this. With almost half of the people being lefty commie traitors, we could easily end up with less than 200 million people still alive. Keep an eye on this.

Once again, the upper class trash royals have screwed everything up really big. I will be glad when this is all over.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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