I Told You So 495


What a con.

Remember that I told you that the geniuses running the UK recently found out that they have a hidden 54 billion pound debt?

By the strangest of coincidences, their new taxes are going to raise 55 billion pounds to "fix government finances". Hey, they have to have one billion to launder into their greedy pockets to get everyone to vote for the bill. To the upper class trash, this debt is not a crisis but is an opportunity to steal more money from you in the name of fixing the crisis.

This, while they are staring down the double barrels of a really big recession.

"Hey, let's see how bad we can destroy this nation while filling our own pockets."

Then, out of that 55 billion pounds, the raging lunatics decided to give more billions of pounds to Zelensky to be partly laundered into their greedy pockets instead of paying off the debt they ran up to launder billions of pounds into their greedy pockets. Their insanity never stops.

Are you ready yet for Biblical Law which restricts the upper class to only having one tax for only 10% of your income instead of creating more and more taxes to steal more and more from you to launder into their greedy pockets?

Under Biblical Law, you would have at least 3 to 5 times more spending money.

Who needs free stuff paid for by your taxes when you can have more money to buy the stuff you want?


I told you the war in Ukraine is all about money and global power.

The West is going to cut back on sending US tax payer money to Ukraine so this video shows that the Ukraine military is now doing merchandising based on their war to bring in millions more. It is like I have told you, the only thing that will stop the evil lefties is death.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

They are so evil and determined to never stop their wickedness they make my brain hurt.

Remember that I told you that, in spite of the lies the left has been telling, Ukraine cannot defeat Russia? Remember that I told you that the West is running dangerously low on weapons and munitions because of the war they started between Russia and Ukraine?

This video tells you that Afghan Milley said so too. All of the lefty plans just keep failing.

Gee, who would have figured?

Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that I told you that what Russia is doing by destroying the Ukrainian infrastructure is chasing civilians out of Ukraine by making their winter unbearable?

This video tells you that the Ukrainian people are "fleeing Ukraine once again", you know, just like I told you.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

But, there is a wee bit of a problem this time because it won't be much better in Europe than in Ukraine because of the sanction war the European upper class trash started with Russia. It is also going to get pretty cold in much of Europe, though, at least for now, they don't have to worry about being blown up by missiles.

Note that the refugees are stretching Europe's resources thinner, which is going to pretty heavily impact ye ole piggy bank. They will have less money to ramp up for war.

And you think the West is winning this war against Russia?

Be careful who you vote for.

Then I found this video with more proof of how Ukraine is devastating Russia and bringing her to her knees. /sarc

This is a very good video showing just how bad the US weapons and munitions inventory really is and it is pretty bad. This guy really does his homework well and keeps his estimates conservative. From what he says, there is no way the US can maintain its own defenses at all, much less extensively enough to fight just Russia, much less also the rest of the Eastern Alliance, and still support Ukraine for more than maybe a few more months.

Notice that, at the beginning he says that Russia is not attacking the Ukraine rail system anymore like it was being reported they were earlier in the war and he thinks that is because Russia is now using this war to drain down the West's weapons and munitions inventories to as low as possible to weaken our defenses and I agree with him. That is the only reason why Russia would not attack those rails with them being used to bring in more weapons. Russia is encouraging the raving lunatics to give more of their limited weapons to Ukraine.

Another thing I think Russia is doing right now is permitting NATO to get as many weapons and munitions as close to Russia as possible so that, when Russia makes its next offensive, they will be able to destroy and/or capture more weapons and munitions to study, train with and against, and figure out their weaknesses or even to use against the West.

It turns out that the West supporting this war against Russia to weaken Russia is backfiring on the West, weakening the West, and permitting Russia to build up and strengthen. Our upper class trash idiots couldn't manage a sandbox fist fight between a couple of 5 year olds.

Man plans, God laughs.

The US Military is now saying that they are ramping up production so they can continue to help Ukraine with the EU now planning on providing them with billions more Euros to repair their infrastructure because they don't want more Ukrainian refugees taxing their own nations' resources.

What? You expected the raving mad satanic lunatics to stop their insanity?

No, they did like I have been telling you. They regrouped at the G27 meeting, they reorganized at the G27 meeting, and they are going to keep doing what has failed because they are insane and stupid enough to believe that, if they do more of what has failed, it will eventually succeed. It's the inbreeding thingy.

Hey, they got more counsel from those raving mad lefty lunatic superior intellectuals Klaus Schwab and Billy Boy Gates.

Hey, they are just trying to be more like their god, Satan, the same way you Christians try to be Christ like, you know, like your God, Jesus.

We humans always try to be more like our gods and their god, Satan, has been trying and losing for 6,000 years and you expect them to not be like their loser god and give up? Really?

The only thing that will stop them is death.

Our Western leaders are idiots and I warned you that our now pagan nations should not pick a fight with Christian Putin and Christian Russia. We are losing that fight because of our leaders' insanity.

The Antichrist

This video shows the opening ceremony for the 2022 Common Wealth Games, which are like the Olympics but are only for nations that are members of the British Common Wealth.

You have to understand that the British Common Wealth is made up of nations that were still members of the British Empire when the revolutions such as the American Revolution, the rebellion in India, and French Bastille happened and the British Royals did it to keep their heads and to maintain some control over what was left of the British Empire.

What they did to fool the people and keep them from rebelling was to deceptively set up fake democracies in all of those nations, just like in England, that were just fronts for the British Royal Family and their Monarchy. To this day, the head of the British Royal Family only has to make a decree and those nations all return to being part of the British Empire under the direct control the British Monarchy run by the British Royal Family.

Those democracies are the curtains in Oz that the Wizard of England, Charles, hides behind.

Note in that video that King Charles was in charge of that pagan ceremony and that is very important. The video commentator points out that King Charles (the first beast or the Antichrist) "enabled the second beast" that is supposed to tell everyone to worship the first beast or Antichrist that enabled the second beast or bull. The people were being told to worship King Charles as the Antichrist.

He shows you the scriptures that Charles was trying to fulfill that tell you that Charles is telling you that he and the entire British Royal Family believe he is that first beast or the Antichrist, which is why Charles was reading to the public during the ritual.

Remember that I have been telling you that, ever since Constantine faked the Church of Rome converting to Christianity to assimilate the people the Church of Rome had lost, when those people converted to Christianity, back into the Church of Rome, the Roman Royals and later the European Royals all believed they were going to be the one world government of the Tribulation and, therefore, one of them would be the Antichrist.

Most of the royals have fervently believed that since 312 AD or for more than 1,700 years. It is their ultimate dream to be the Antichrist. Charles believes he is the Antichrist who will rule the world with the same certainty that you believe the sun will rise in the morning. He told you that with that pagan ceremony and him leading the ceremony and empowering the second beast.

Note that they also believe that the Catholic Pope is the second beast or false prophet, who will be the leader of the one world church.

With that pagan ritual, the British Royal Family was telling you that everything I have been telling you about them for more than 20 years is true.

Keep in mind that it does not matter whether or not Charles really is the Antichrist but whether he believes he is because we humans act based on what we believe regardless of whether it is true.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are the Euro-American royals lead by the British Royals trying to set up their evil global dictatorship to be the Biblical one world government and they are poser Christians who are really occult pagans? Do you believe me yet that it is the British Royals who are causing almost all of this global mess that is going on right now?

King Charles just told you so with that pagan ritual. I told you that they were all a bunch of evil satanic pagans and they just proved it with the satanic pagan ritual.

They just keep proving me right.

Now, here is something very interesting.

Remember that in 2008, before Obama won his first election as president, that Obama and Farrakhan both made it very clear that they both believe that Obama is the Muslim Mahdi or Antichrist? So, who is the real Antichrist? Do you think that is why Obama will nuke a formal ball in the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago to seize control of the US, you know, to also get rid of the members of the British Royal Family ahead of him in line for the crown? Interesting timing, huh?

I am still trying to figure out how God is going to get us from here to there but it is getting really close so we will soon find out.

Then Mark sent me this email concerning the rough copy I sent him for the above:

"I certainly agree with you. One thing this proves is that things like this are leading up to the worship of the actual beast.

That includes pagan rituals like the Burning Man ritual in the USA, the Bohemian Grove in California, etc.

People are slowly being conditioned to accept such things.

It certainly would not surprise me for the actual false prophet and the image of the beast to first be masqueraded as a fun thing to do. People would definitely fall for that.

However, in order to receive the mark of the beast folks would have to consciously and purposely bow down and worship the beast. By worshipping the beast, they will really worship the Dragon, that 'that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan.'

Believe me that beast, that is, the Antichrist and the false prophet will provide much luxury and pleasure for those that worship the beast.

The Scripture gives a partial list of the delicacies the worshipers of the beast will receive:

Gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble, cinnamon, and odors, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men (Rev 18:12-13)"

Concerning the people accepting and worshiping the Antichrist, I agree with Mark but, right now, most of the left and the Muslims would worship him right now because they are already God hating pagans and they have proved the Commierat Party is a fanatical pagan cult who will all believe and do what they are told to believe and do.

And for that list of "free stuff", today's lefties will gladly worship the Antichrist, put the mark of the beast (666) on the back of their right hand or forehead, and sacrifice your children to him.

Then Mark sent me this short email as an afterthought:

"The first beast is that Antichrist, the second is the False Prophet.

Remember that the Dragon, which is Satan, rose up out of the sea representing the nations when His beast and False Prophet arrive.

While Charles and the other Royals may believe that they are the beast and False prophet, I don't believe they are. I do believe they think so."

That video convinced me that Charles is absolutely certain he is the Antichrist but so is Obama and that will cause problems. You have to be very evil to want to believe you are the Antichrist and paganism fits that bill.

Every day we get one day closer.

Waking Up

The world is finally waking up and beginning to question the upper class trash royal lies, especially about "renewable energy."

This video is an eye opener about eyes opening. People are waking up and getting fed up with the upper class trash lies and corruption.

Note that he points out why the upper class trash are forcing the renewable energy on everyone, you know, so they can get big government handouts of your tax dollars to pay to build those very damaging energy farms and turn really great profits with your tax dollars. It isn't about saving the planet, it is about filling their greedy pockets.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

I have shown a number of times and he even points out that the upper class trash are actually destroying the planet with their green energy lies by doing things like destroying miles of trees and other vegetation, which is also increasing the CO2 and causing our heat waves.

When they finally make known the damage these evil spawn of Satan have done to steal more of your money faster, most of you will want them to hang.


With all of these traitor big tech companies laying off tens of thousands of lefty commie traitor people, that is going to massively damage our already lefty devastated economy.

You have to understand that the primary way the upper class trash intentionally cause a depression is that they lay off enough people, who no longer have a lot of regular money coming in to help drive the economy by buying stuff so the economy slows down because of the decrease in business for businesses, which causes more businesses to lay off more people, which decreases money going into the economy until it snowballs into a depression.

The way they stop a depression is that the upper class trash start hiring enough people to increase enough income to increase business for the businesses, which causes them to hire more people, which causes the economy to begin growing quickly out of the depression.

Keep an eye on this.

Remember that I told you that the conservatives are fighting back?

This video shows that conservatives are fighting back economically and it is really taking off. God is clearly working with and through these people, which is the biggest reason why the left keeps failing.


Remember that I have been teaching you that the upper class trash are inbred idiots who think they are smarter than they are?

This is a good video showing you how true that is.

They do make one mistake at the beginning of that video by giving the upper class trash the benefit of the doubt in believing they have good intentions, which the upper class trash never do.

He then tells you that we have had a lot of disasters over thousands of years caused by people (the upper class trash) trying to plan everything for the world and these are the disasters caused by the upper class trash forcing their great sounding stupid and evil ideas on everyone I have been telling you about.

Ron Paul then tells you that this crap has been going on for hundreds and thousands of years because too many people keep believing the free stuff lies.

Then Ron tells you how Klaus Schwab is conning millionaires and billionaires out of billions of dollars proving how stupid most rich people are to believe another great sounding stupid idea coming from people they know lie and fail all of the time. Hey, if it sounds good, it gots tuh be true.

Having more money does not mean you are more intelligent, it just means you have more money and makes you a target for con artists like Klaus and company. You are watching the fleecing of the rich by the lefty upper class trash playing those rich people for suckers and fools.

Then the host tells you that the plans of the upper class trash are going to fail, they have to fail, and they have always failed in history and they have always caused devastation.

Man plans, God laughs.

The host, Chris, is very good and tells you what I have been telling you. One important thing he says is that these evil tyrants need believers, you know, the stupid people. Without the stupid people, especially the stupid rich people, the upper class trash cannot succeed even for a little while.

They do a good job of pointing out things in that video.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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