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I keep hearing ignorant, simple minded people saying stupid things like a "man wearing a helmet defending his country should make more money than a man wearing a helmet defending a football." You know, doing some righteous virtue signaling.

I'm sorry, I served my country so that man wearing the helmet defending a football could earn more money than me wearing a helmet defending my nation.

I DID NOT serve my country for money, I served my country to uphold and defend my nation and its values along with the US Constitution because I KNOW there are more important things in life than money.

All of those of you who are making more money than me, you are welcome and I am glad for you. I do not envy you and am not jealous because you are making more money. I served my country so you could.


Remember that I have been teaching you that you cannot believe anything the government or lefty media tell you?

Tucker shows that very well in this video showing the deceit of our government and media. They should be ashamed of themselves but they have no shame.

Question everything you are told and think for yourself.


Remember that I have been telling you that Ukraine will eventually lose this war and, if the West doesn't stop, it will escalate into WWIII?

The guy in this video is very good. Note that he is very firm in stating that Ukraine will lose this war. There is no way they can win it. Note that he said that Ukraine has run out of munitions for their artillery and Himars missiles.

Putin drug this war out to run them out of munitions and, now that they are very low or out so they can't fight a war and the West can't provide them anymore, Putin is going to make his move. Putin has out foxed the upper class trash again.

Maybe Zelensky and his criminal accomplices shouldn't have sold better than 70% of their weapons and munitions to fill their greedy pockets and buy mansions in Europe?

And now the West is also mostly disarmed, making them much easier prey.

Do you believe me yet that greed destroys common sense?

Remember that I told you that, when this war is lost, the West is going to dump and possibly kill Zelensky because he will be worth more to them dead?

Note that the speaker points out that Zelensky is no longer even really needed for propaganda purposes and is already on his way out. Don't be surprised if he soon dies, either as a "great warrior fighting for his nation" (they took him out in a field and shot his butt to make it look like he died fighting) or some other casualty. If he survives this crime, I will be surprised.

If Zelensky is smart, he will resign very soon and quietly disappear to his mansions in London in hopes of saving his own life.

Concerning the conquest of Ukraine, I agree with most of what that man said, especially about Putin minimizing Russian casualties and maximizing Ukrainian casualties and I believe Putin will use a number of cauldron movements to destroy what is left of the Ukrainian/NATO forces with what we call encirclements and they can do that any number of ways. If they do that on a massive scale, Russia will engage the Ukrainian forces to tie them down while moving other major Russian forces in behind and around the Ukrainian forces and I told you about that almost a year ago and how Russia would use those 5 major highways to do it.

One thing you need to keep an eye on is Russia and Belarus moving down in the West, not too far from Poland, to cut off the Ukrainian forces from reinforcements, resupply, and retreat, basically the major encirclement or cauldron to just finish off the last of the Ukrainian/NATO forces by trapping them inside Ukraine. I told you that would be the last thing the Russians would do and, if this is the last thing the Russians are planning to do, look for it. When that happens, you better bet that the Ukrainians will know they are trapped and may surrender on the spot.

Plus you have to keep in mind that, when Putin has the Ukraine forces so devastated they can't even hold a line for an hour, the remnant of the Ukrainian forces will surrender in mass. It is very possible that, at some point, the Ukrainian forces will panic, cut, and run in fear for their lives in an irreversible route and never be able to put together a front again.

Because of that, when Putin makes his move, it is very possible that this war may only last 2 or 3 more months and not until the end of the summer, especially if Putin cuts them off from the West with his giant cauldron so they can't get more munitions. I think that guy's estimates are very conservative and he is being conservative to play it safe.

It is very likely that, at this time, Ukraine doesn't have enough munitions left to last 3 months in a full scale war against a Russian invasion. When Ukraine runs out of bullets, the fighting stops.

Then I found this video a day later showing a Ukrainian general threatening Ukrainian forces for running away the way the West has been telling you the Russian forces are doing.

I am sure you are aware of the fake videos showing things like Russian forces running away and surrendering.

That video tells you that things are much worse for Ukraine than anyone has been telling you. The Ukrainian soldiers are now threatening their leaders like Zelensky and their generals for not helping the soldiers. This breaks my heart and the upper class trash should all burn in Hell for what they are doing to their people.

With this new information, if Russia starts her invasion today, most of the remaining forces will surrender in mass or route out the back door. A few will fight for a little while but not long.

Note that, in that video, the lying media said that Zelensky has not been out of Ukraine in 300 days.

What? Did the liars forget the speeches Zelensky gave before the EU and UN?

They proved that you cannot believe a thing the left and their lying media say, not one thing. They just say whatever they feel like and know the stupid people will believe it.

The truth is that Zelensky has not been in Ukraine since the first few days of the war.

Then the video repeats the lie that Zelensky took a train to Poland and the US flew him to the US, which is a lie. The US plane probably picked him up in London so no one would see him flying out of their airport in a commercial plane.

Then they tell you that Zelensky's wife went on a $40,000 shopping spree in Paris begging for more money from France.

Hold it, did she also take a train from Kiev and then the US or France fly her into Paris for that shopping spree?

Things are not making sense.

This entire trip to the US by Zelensky was just show and a big lie. It was all propaganda and emotionalism to get you to support the left giving him another 45+ billion dollars to launder into the upper class trash pockets before the war is over.

If Putin makes his move soon, I don't think this war will last until the end of summer, maybe not even until April.

Then everyone needs to ask, "Now what?" Think about that and the West better have the right answer.

One thing to watch is when all of the media start being proved wrong about Ukraine winning this war, they will quickly divert your attention away from the war to other things. I am already seeing garbage reporting increasing.

"Don't look over there. You will realize we were lying to you. Come over here where we have new lies for you."

Do you believe me yet that God is replacing the once Christian and now pagan West with Christian Russia? Do you believe me yet that you are right now living the fall of Rome II because of our pagan lefties and their evil, corrupt plans?

Russia will be the next super power because you turned your backs on God. Just ask Israel how that works.

The House

Remember that I told you that I thought they put Pelosi back in power as Speaker of the House and extended the House sessions until at least this Friday and maybe next week to ram through everything they can before the Commierats lose control of the House?

In this video he mentions in a passing way that they have done just that and Pelosi is back in power and the media have not been keeping us up on those moves because dey gots tuh talk about Trump in 2024.

He then tells you that Zelensky is so desperate that he came to the US and had a big meeting with all of the military industry to get more weapons and operators for those weapons. He is on a begging mission.

I quit watching that video at about 4:30 because some of the stuff he was saying about Zelensky didn't make sense.

Also, I am suddenly seeing everyone talking about Afghan Joe's "declining mental fitness".

Are they getting ready to get rid of him before the left loses control of the House so they can replace him and/or Kruella with Commierats?

They don't have much time left.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, as a side note, from the looks of his lips and the skin on his face, sports medicine tells me that horrid traitor Mitch McConnell isn't going to live much longer. His lips and the skin around them are turning blue telling me he isn't getting enough blood and oxygen to the tissue. I am wondering what else they are covering up with the makeup he wears in front of cameras, especially on his cheeks and forehead to give his skin color. The makeup isn't completely hiding around his mouth. Keep an eye on that.

British Royals

Prince Andrew just got stripped of his police protection and you know, whether right or wrong, that will cause the rest of the royals to trust Charles less.

Keep an eye on this.

One thing I have been watching concerning the Royals is when different groups of them are going to make a grab for power like I have been telling you they would because greedy and power mad whackos can never be satisfied with the wealth and power they have. They will always want more.

Remember that I showed you that, under the leadership or command of the British Royal Family, the British and American royals were grabbing for control and power over all of the other royals to make sure they ended up in control of their global dictatorship.

Then I saw a few shadows moving in the background telling me that there is a division between the British and American royals, the latter I should probably start referring to as the Anglo-American royals to differentiate them from the Spanish, French, and other royals in the Americas.

Today, I realized the Anglo-American royals are making their move right now. They have already back seated the British Royals with the rest of Europe and this trade war was started by the Anglo-American royals to "deindustrialize" all of Europe, including Britain, to weaken them, while strengthening the US, and force them to submit to the rule of the Anglo-American royals.

Right now, Europe is quickly dying and this trade war could finish them off.

This trade war is escalating and turning the US plus Canada and Mexico against all of Europe and it is getting nasty. Don't be surprised to see the EU and UK jump ship and join forces with Russia to get gas, oil, and other products.

Keep an eye on this.

Obama's Army

Remember that I told you that, when Obama goes to invade Israel and cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, he will take an army of mostly BLM and subjugated white lefties?

This video shows you that God is permitting the lefty to build that army right now so they can have absolute control over our military in that that evil military will obey the evil orders of the upper class trash without question.

God is using letting the left have what they want to build Obama's army to invade Israel. Now imagine being in that army of snowflakes and criminals when God causes the earthquake that will cause all of those armies in Syria and Lebanon to turn their weapons on each other and start killing each other in a panic.

Who do you think will have the highest mortality rate and possibly even get completely wiped out even though the average mortality rate will be 83.3% just like God told us?

The idiot snowflakes dressed like women who are so worried about being offended by being called the wrong pronouns will have the highest mortality rate. When the bullets start flying, they will start crying.

By doing this, the lefties are displacing and chasing most conservatives out of the US Military and into militias to fight for the US later. God knows we will need them.

I do believe that some of the good officers in the US Military will find a way to separate out battalions and divisions of the remaining good soldiers away from the bad soldiers and use those good soldiers to secure valuable assets and protect them from being used by the bad soldiers.

We will need our best soldiers and assets when the lefty fecal matter hits our fan.

Remember that this insanity is being brought to you by Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, Afghan Milley, and their sick pals they promoted to the top in the Pentagon.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load because everything is coming together right now.


This video shows that the US will be sending the parts for the MQ9B drones and India will build a factory to assemble those parts to make the drones so India can tell their people the drones were made in India.

That will provide India with these drones that can be used to fight China in the mountains more effectively, while decreasing the cost to India, and providing India will propaganda about the drones increasing jobs in India.

BTW, we drove a hydraulic lift during Nam similar to the one at about 40 seconds in the video we called a "jammer" and used to upload ECM pods under aircraft wings. That one has a faulty table system.

Everyone is ramping up for the inevitable wars right now.

BTW, China's economy looks like it will not be able to support a sustained military action of significant size.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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