I Told You So 507

Swan Song

Remember that I have been warning you that the lefty upper class trash royals have destroyed the Republic of the United States of America and it just has not finished kicking yet?

Note that I am not too happy about them destroying the country I served either.

The left was bragging about that by passing the 1.7 trillion dollar spending bill because they are sacking our nation and you one more time before they plan to finish her off with the help of 18 Republican traitors. I guess we should call it the "sacking bill".

I am absolutely convinced that most of the people in Washington DC are whores who will do and say whatever they are paid to do and say. They have no integrity.

Bad Churches

One thing I really hate are the bad churches that keep the people distracted from the destruction of our nations by evil pagans and discourage the people from standing up to and stopping that destruction. I have to believe those preachers are Satan's spawn infiltrated into the church because they are aiding and abetting the pagans in seizing control of our nations and children to turn them into pagans, which common sense should tell you is not a good thing to do unless you want your children to go to Hell.

One of their biggest cons is the idea that we are to remain focused totally on spiritual things and not "get caught up in things of this world". I'm sorry but my Bible says I am supposed to be "good steward" concerning the management of this world. That is one of our most important responsibilities unless you want your children to burn in Hell.

They just blindly keep ignoring that, when the pagans have finished taking control of our nations, they plan to round up and murder all Christians, including those satanic preachers. You ain't going to spread the Gospel very well when you are silenced and/or dead and we are commanded to spread the Gospel. God told us that there is a time for peace and a time for war.

I just know those preachers are going to burn in Hell with their satanic accomplices.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I keep telling you about the corruption in our governments?

In this video Mark teaches you quite a bit of the corruption in our governments and how things work and why.


Remember that I have been telling you that Russia has the advantage in Ukraine?

This is an excellent video that tells you everything I have been telling you and more.

Note that he really points out how militarily incompetent our idiot leaders are, how arrogant they are, and just generally how stupid and corrupt they are.

I can't see this war ending without some kind of invasion into other nations by Russia because of our idiot leaders and their stupid arrogance. The militaries need to stand up to these criminals before the criminals cause WWIII.

This video gives you a lot of details concerning the lies the West has been telling and truths they are omitting concerning Ukraine and Russia.

He tells the truth about the relative economies, European protests, and Germany giving orders to their cops to prepare for winter riots.

He tells you what I told you about Putin dragging this war out to wipe out what is left of the Ukrainian/NATO forces until there is nothing left to fight and I don't think that will be long. He tells you what I have been telling you since before the fighting started about Russia taking Odessa to land lock Ukraine and make a permanent contact with Russian Transnitria in Moldova.

He tells you like I do that Russia really doesn't want to invade Europe but I warn you that, if they force Putin to invade Europe, he will. He doesn't want to but he will to stop the crap.

He also confirms what I have been telling you about it being the US and UK that have caused and perpetuated the war in Ukraine.

You hate it when your own nation is the bad guys but is not the people but the bad leaders and those who support them that are bad and we need to get our bad leaders out of control and put good people back in control to stop being the bad guys. You are not going to be the good guys by pretending to be the good guys.

Here is another video providing you with more intel concerning what is going on. He points out in reasonable detail the money laundering process within our government like I have taught you. Every time we hear this guy speak, we get more bits of intel.

He also points out about training for the patriot system and that it may not even get in use unless their hire "contractors", who are US troops paid to fight for Ukraine so no one can technically say they are the US forces directly fighting Russia, which would be an act of war. Common sense should tell you that is just a slight of hand.

He points out the flawed thinking and logic of the Western upper class trash that lead to this mess and is keeping it going. It is like I told you, they made the greatest mistake any commander can make, which is to underestimate your enemy and over estimate yourself.

What the Western leaders believe and refuse to reconsider is completely false and Putin is proving it. What they believe is completely out of touch with reality because they are believing their own propaganda or just lying their butts off.

"Hey, if we tell enough lies, Russia will surrender."

He shows you just how really desperate and determined the left is in forcing boys and handicapped to fight the Russians and they will just be target practice for the Russians but the upper class trash don't care who gets hurt of killed as long as they get their global dictatorship.

He gave us a clue about when we should expect Russia to start their offensive, which will be as soon as all of the ground is frozen, probably next month, January.

He also tells you the mental state of the Ukrainian forces, which is why I expect them to surrender in mass when the Russian offensive begins. A few will fight, most will surrender, and some will panic and run. If those Ukrainians thought they could get to their leaders right now, they would kill them, which should tell you that they don't want to fight or die for the evil things so most won't.

In this video he tells you how the West, especially Europe, has depleted our weapons and munitions inventories to where we can't fight a war and that Russia has developed the weapons industry to where they are not depleting their inventories and are replacing them in "real time". Your guns don't do any good, if you don't have bullets to use in them.

He explains in detail how the military industry corruption works to make our corrupt politicians wealthy.

He explains the economic crisis that the upper class trash have created for Europe and how bad it is. He said that Europe is on the verge of a complete downfall and they will eventually turn from the US to save their butts.

Now, who do you think will be able to save their butts?

Putin will be able to save their butts so they will turn to him from the US.

The upper class trash royal globalism is dead, it just has not finished kicking yet but don't expect the upper class trash whackos to give up until they are shut down by the people. They will keep trying until they die.

All of these war mongers in the US who refuse to be realistic like Lindsey Graham should be drafted, given BB guns, and sent to the Ukrainian front lines. Hey, we will even let the criminals duct tape a butter knife on the front for a bayonet.

BTW, I asked some time back what the liars on the left are going to do when it becomes obvious that Ukraine is not crushing Russia but loses the war.

They are doing it right now by trying desperately to escalate the war to keep Zelensky from losing it any time soon. They are trying to drag out the war but Putin is getting ready to stop that with his next offensive.

In another video he tells you, just like I told you, that after Bakhmut, Putin will take Odessa.

In this video he provides more intel. He tells us to the contrary to what we are being told by our professional liars that the Russian recruiting stations are lined up with people wanting to fight in Ukraine instead of everyone running away to other nations to keep from fighting.

He also told you that everyone except the US and Western Europe is starting to align with Russia just like I told you was happening. The US is going to end up alone in this mess because of our corrupt upper class trash and you are now getting confirmation from others concerning the things I have been telling you.

He tells you that eventually all of the Europeans are going to stand up and say no, which is part of why the British Royal Family is using their family members in the Commierat party to use the US as their proxy in setting up their global dictatorship. If all of their plans go south, the US gets smoked by the world and not the UK. We are their front man.

He then tells you that, contrary to what the lefties tell us, there has never been a single OPERATIONAL level offensive by Ukraine because they just can't do it.

I have told you that what the lying media keep calling offenses by Ukraine are just really Ukraine forces being suckered into a Russian cauldron or encirclement and they have done that a lot. Every time the Ukrainian forces have captured significant ground, it was into the killing zone for an encirclement that always devastated them because their commanders are idiots and can't learn.

You want to know how long it takes to build up an army?

He told you that in the 8 years from 2014 until January of 2022, the US and UK were not able to build up the Ukrainian Army into a modern fighting force like even France. It takes time to build weapons, munitions, and train soldiers for modern warfare.

If we could not build up the Ukrainian Army enough to fight Russia in 8 years, then we cannot build up the same army from being devastated to even worse to being able to fight Russia in just months.

Everything the upper class trash is doing is failing.

At the end he told us that the last of the Ukrainian forces capable of putting up a fight are now "surrounded in the Donbass and have no way to escape", you know, they have been suckered into another Russian cauldron just like I have been telling you and they are being destroyed right now just like I have been telling you. Putin is finishing off the last significant Ukrainian forces right now. That is huge news.

Note that, at the very end, he tied the CIA together with their "friends in MI6", you know, UK intelligence. I have been telling you that this globalism crap was being run and controlled by the US and UK. He just confirmed that.

US Military

Remember that I have been warning you that our military is in trouble for fighting just Russia, much less the rest of the Eastern Alliance?

This video shows that things are much worse for our military than even I thought. It is very clear that the upper class trash and our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats have been laundering far too much of our defense money into their greedy pockets, which is treason.

Gee, with our idiot politicians giving away too many of our weapons and munitions, our terrible recruiting problems, and now this, your better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

You militia people are going to be needed much more than we had thought.

The upper class trash have screwed up everything so they can steal more money from more people faster so they can have more luxury until we get invaded and they get sacked.

Zelensky Videos

Remember that I have been telling you that I have not seen ONE, not ONE, of Zelensky's videos with him in "Kiev" that had even one sign of him being in a war zone during a war?

At 14 minutes into this very good video of Lindy interviewing a Brit who went to fight in Ukraine, they give you a brief show of exactly what it is like to be in the middle of a war zone in the middle of a war and it is NOTHING like what you see in ANY of Zelensky's videos, not one.

Keep in mind that, if Putin would attack that base because he knew it was there, then, if Putin knew Zelensky was in Kiev, Putin would take him out pretty quickly.

Note that you can do like I said and hear the missiles in the air and those explosions are quite loud but it will all be much louder in real life. I know what that is like because I live where I hear planes and bombs on a regular basis and you can hear them 30 to 40+ miles away and you know they are planes and bombs, definitely not cars backfiring.

Have any of you seen or heard ANYTHING like that in even one of Zelensky's videos of him in "Kiev"?

Believe me that, if that had happened in just one of his videos, the Western media would make a really big stinking deal out of it so you know it has not happened in even one of his videos because they are fake and he has not been in Kiev, Ukraine since shortly after the war started.

That video tells you how bad the war was going for Ukraine from the beginning because they were already recruiting foreign soldiers by early spring, just a month or two after it began because Putin devastated Ukraine's military in the first few weeks. Ukraine has not had a chance to win this war from the beginning.

He makes it very obvious that they were not "crushing the Russians".


Suddenly there is a big deal being made about nuclear fusion and it is scary hearing scientifically ignorant people, you know, like journalists, discussing it and trying to figure out such things. I am also thinking this is being used as a distraction for something.

The trick is they have to get fusion to where they can get significantly more energy out than they have to put in to cause the fusion and it has to be sustainable.

What they are talking about in the news is that, for the first time, they got one time, for a very brief moment, that they got more energy out of the process than they put in but only about 29% more energy out of a tiny experiment. People, that won't power a lawn mower.

It sounds to me like some big shot research company is greatly over sensationalizing this one tiny event they have not yet repeated to get a big government grant to help pay for more research for something that is really a long way from being feasible.

Don't get your hopes up.

What kills me is that these ignorant people are saying that this "great thing" has been kept secret for 30 years, you know, they already had it to where they can power big cities, when they can't even light a room.

It is all hype and probably a distraction from something else.

I knew the guy who was in charge of the research at Sandia National Labs for nuclear fusion about 40+ years ago and I used to pick his brains on it. They were doing the same thing these guys are doing and it doesn't look like they have made much progress.

I Told You So

Remember that I have been telling you that everyone is underestimating Taiwan's military and that Taiwan can strike as far away as Beijing in China with her missiles?

This video tells you a little of what I have been telling you about Taiwan's counter attack capabilities.

They still don't tell you the rest of what I told you and there is much more in Taiwan than what I told you. Taiwan is small but she has a big bite.

Listen, if she fights the fight right with coordinated attacks by allies and getting a few Chinese divisions to jump ship and join her, which I would not be surprised to see because she is almost certainly in contact with some top officers because of the business she regularly does in China, she can pretty easily take control of China and free the people. With just coordinated attacks from India and Japan, even without the other Chinese enemies, she can have the strategic advantage over China.

They just keep proving me right, don't they?


Remember that I told you that I thought they were intentionally spreading COVID and using China as the front?

I have been watching the spread of COVID going on in China right now and there is no way that virus can spread that way on its own. I am absolutely convinced the West has agents, probably CIA and MI6, spreading the virus at a phenomenal rate in China to make Xi look bad so they will get rid of him. They have gotten just a wee bit too obvious this time.

That confirms that they were spreading it everywhere else and they continued to develop new strains during the fakedemic.

Keep an eye on that.

I am still waiting for some hacker to find Fauci's offshore bank account.

Climate Change

Another one of those other fake crusades by the left.

In this video this guy does a very good job of shooting holes in their con job.

I love scientists who know their science, do their homework, have integrity, and have guts enough to tell the truth and ridicule the liars. He shoots down one lie after another. I love his sarcasm. He is funny.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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