I Told You So 51

I have been telling you for some time that the entire planet, and not just the US, is broke. Almost every country and the entire planet is broke. AND the more liberal or Marxist the country, the more broke it is.

Take, for example the very liberal and Marxist little country of Britain. They are one of the leading communist centers outside of Russia, China, and Cuba. London has long been known as a bastion for communists and is where Bill and Hillary Clinton studied their communism. Britain has long been known as one of the big movers in working towards getting communism established in other countries, including the US, and globally. Their tiny little country of less than 75 million people is regularly pushed at the non communists in the US as a bright and shining example of the incredible success of communism, AKA socialism, Marxism, Leninism, and progressivism.

Today, it was announced that this bright and shining star of communism is going to fire or cut a whopping 500,000 "public sector" (read government) jobs because its economy is dust. That is a very huge number for a country of well less than 100 million people. That many government jobs disappearing in the much larger US would be considered a really huge loss of government jobs. For this relatively small but great bastion of communism to can that many government employees in one move would be like the US government firing at least 4 million government employees in one move. It will further devastate their already dead commie economy for that many people to just suddenly show up on unemployment and Welfare rolls.

You think we are not in a global depression created by the fool commie's? You think most of the countries on this planet and the planet have not been financially and economically broken by communism and its obsession with big government spending? You think that almost all countries and this global community are not dead and just not finished kicking yet? If so, then you need to quit thinking because you are doing a really lousy job of it. :-)

Also, it was recently announced that Cuba, that other bastion of Western Communism which the commie's love to hold up as a banner of success is cutting a bunch of government jobs. It seems that the countries who have been sending Castro free money to keep his long broke little commie empire propped up as an international banner for the "success of communism" are having to cut budgets and can't keep sending the little dictator free money just for PR purposes so they can keep selling communism in their countries. No money in, no money out.

It was recently revealed that China has been hiding its financial problems by trading in the money market. (Remember that I told you about the international financial and economic slights of hand the commie's have been using to conceal the global debt?) The very reason why China converted from a communist economy to a "state run capitalist" economy is because their commie system failed a long time ago and they thought they could successfully replace their communist economy with a state run form of capitalism where the top commie leaders who failed at managing a communist economy could run a communist version of capitalism. They were wrong and are also broke because Marxism in any form and under any name can't work because it is a severely flawed system just like I have been telling you.

The truth is that Marxism in every form and by every name has failed globally. Every commie country on this planet has failed and is broke. Unfortunately, because of their insane obsession with forcing their communism on everyone, they have taken all the rest of us down the economic toilet with them just like I told you they would, if they succeeded with their insane obsession of establishing communism globally. Now the entire planet is broke just like I told you it would be.

Oh yeah, they are the smart ones and please remember that these are the people who have been telling you they are the intellectually superior upper class natural elites who should be micro managing your lives for you "as a service to you". (Excuse me while I go puke. :-)) They have been insisting that they are wealthy and rose to the top because "the cream always rises to the top." Don't forget that cream isn't the only thing that floats.

Listen, the only reason this upper class trash is rich and at the top is because they and/or their ancestors lied, stole, and murdered their way to the top. They are rich because and only because they have been able to abuse the power of government to steal from everyone else and put it in their pockets while telling everyone they were going to take from the rich and "redistribute" it all to the poor in spite of the fact they ARE the rich.

How is that redistribution of the wealth thing going? Have you gotten your check for $1 million dollars in "redistributed" wealth from the commie's yet? I have not gotten mine! Wanna bet you won't ever see that promised check? It was just another one of their many commie upper class trash lies.

My next question is:

What will happen when the brainwashed minions of communist government bureaucrats wake up and realize that the Marxism they have been brainwashed to believe and been working hard to force on everyone else has broken their countries costing them their jobs and careers? Oops!!! That is what is now happening on a massive scale globally. The little commie bureaucrats who thought they had it made in their great world of communism are losing their little commie government jobs and joining the masses in poverty. They are quickly becoming an active part of their glorious Welfare states. They are their own worst enemies. (ROFL in tears with both sides hurting.)

Please note that what you are now witnessing with these agonizing economic global death throws is the death of their glorious communism on a global scale because the stupid commie fools got what they wished and worked so hard for. Unfortunately, this is going to be very painful for all of us.

Now what does history teach us about this? When enough of the people have lost everything they have and are living in extreme poverty because of the glorious communism of the upper class trash, the people will rise up, round up all the commie's and execute them in mass. Think Bastille on a global scale.

It looks like it is just about time for the masses to light the torches, load the guns, grease the guillotines, warm up the designer tar and feathers, and throw a global necktie party for the commie upper class trash who caused all this pain and suffering. This is going to get very interesting very quickly.

But hold it, those great upper class trash commie fools think they will be able to hide behind their law enforcement and military because they refused to learn anything from history. You see, the idiot commie's believe the law enforcement and military will protect the the upper class trash in order to protect their careers in law and the military.

What will really happen? There is one little problem with this, as these governments keep going broke they are and will continue to have to lay off more and more of the law enforcement and military people because the commie upper class trash don't have the money left to pay those people. Their wonderful law enforcement and military shields are getting smaller and weaker by the day. One day, the rest of the law enforcement and military, especially the leaders, will wake up and realize that their careers died when their countries died because of the commie's and they don't have any careers left to protect by suppressing the masses in their revolt. That is when the fighting will start in earnest. And get it straight, that, with this dead national economy, there isn't one law enforcement or military person in this country who has a career left because of the greed and corruption of the upper class trash and their commie puppets.

First, the masses will revolt and the law and military will just step back watching as the people riot, gather up the upper class trash, and kill them in mass just like the law enforcement and military did during Bastille. The French military didn't even try to keep the King of France from losing his head in a guillotine. They just stood by and watched like today's militaries will watch today's commie's lose their lives in mass.

Then, when they, the military, believe the timing is right, the military will step in, take control, round up what is left of the upper class trash commie's and their bureaucratic and media puppets, and execute them to appease the people and get the people to accept their military dictatorship just like they did with Bastille and many other revolts.

The law enforcement and military will provide absolutely no protection for the upper class trash when the revolution starts and will eventually step in to finish the job they watched the people start. You can bet that at least most militaries around the world are waiting and watching knowing this will eventually happen and it will soon be their turn to run their countries....again. Most military people, especially the leaders, study history and know what will happen next. They have seen this happen many times before in history and recognize the signs.

The commie fools thought they were smarter than they are and that the rest of us were dumber than we are. Again, they were wrong, very wrong. Don't you think they should take a vacation from thinking? The liberals are really terrible at it.

AND the commie's are still going around saying the economy is recovering. They just can't stop lying.

BTW, I just noticed that, before this year began, I had only published 20 "I Told You So" essays and just finished number 51. Things I have been predicting for years are coming true faster and faster with much of it happening this year. I guess God is really speeding things up and is getting ready to make some really big changes in this world.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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