I Told You So 513


Remember that I have been telling you that you will have to let the left have the name or legal entity of the "Republic of the US" to get out from under their debt?

I just realized that you are not only going to need to let the lefties have the name "Republic of the US" to get rid of their debt run up under that legal entity but also to quickly get rid of their laws and other things that will keep you from building a new and better nation.

Don't believe me?

Go study law. Whoever retains that name of a legal entity will retain the responsibility for all debt, laws, and everything else the lefties have tagged onto that legal entity.

Listen, I served my country, the Republic of the US, but a new and better country is worth more than the nostalgia of a name.

Heads Up

They are now saying that the global terrorist situation is much worse than it was before the 9/11 attack of 2001 because dozens of new terrorist cells have been formed in Afghanistan and Afghanistan is giving passports to known terrorists.

You can thank the lefties and their glorious Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, Afghan Milley, and their Pentagon Afghan staff for this mess. Everything they touch gets worse.

US Defense Budget

My brain hurts because of this video so I thought I would share the pain.

Listen, I hate war and fighting but I am intelligent enough to understand what God meant when He said there is a time for war and a time for peace, which these people are too simple minded to understand.

Their timing could not be worse to cut the US Defense Budget, you know, while the upper class trash are trying to start WWIII at a time the upper class trash has weakened our military by sacking its budget to fill their greedy pockets.

I think we just lost the war but, hey, what can you expect from reprobate minds. I hope you can speak Russian and Chinese.

The antiwar crowd and the "let's sack the defense budget" crowd are too simple minded so that they can't see beyond their noses. They have no common sense about war because they know nothing about war and military except what they see on TeeBee or from the lefty educators, which is not good.

People, this is what Rome did to their army just before Alaric and the Goths sacked Rome. It was the key that opened the gates of Rome. But, hey, all of these corrupt rich people and their puppets deserve to be sacked and carried off into slavery. Maybe they will be sent to work the mines to get the materials for their EV batteries (I want video).


This is so frustrating.

This video shows the German socialists screwing everything up like the socialists always screw everything up.

Did I tell you that Hell will be filled with socialists and commies?

You have to understand that all Marxists, socialists, communists, progressives, morons have to be stupid to believe in their Marxism under any name and are easily brainwashed by stupid Marxist professors and media to believe that they are smarter than they are, they should be running everything because you peasants are dumber than you are, and that they can never make a mistake because their idiot Marxism is perfect and can never be wrong, in spite of it having always failed, therefore, when everything fails, it will always be Putin's fault.

They will always go charging into every crisis they either created or made up to save all of you poor lowly peasants, never knowing what they are doing and always making things worse but, hey, if der college professors said it is the right thing to do, then it must be the right thing to do because they cannot think for themselves. When it fails, they will always blame someone or something else and move on to the next crisis to distract you from their failures in all of the previous crises.

That is why Hell is a good place because, when they finally die and go to Hell, they will never again screw anything up making things worse for you and you can bet, when their evil butts hit bottom in Hell, it won't be because they chose to go to Hell with their terrible decisions, it will be Putin's fault.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

The problem is that it is their arrogant, ignorant, stupidity that is causing your nations to decline and fall the same as it was their ancestors' arrogant, ignorant, stupidity that caused Rome to fall.

Power Play

This video shows the US making a power move against China to deny China and, therefore Russia, with the chips they need for their modern weapons. The West (read the US) finally found something they might be able to use as a weapon against the Eastern Alliance.

Keep in mind there is an international black market Russia has been using to get such parts for her weapons. That means that the big question is whether China can get what she needs on that black market.

Keep an eye on this.

Nuclear Fusion

I noticed that they had all of that excitement about the magnificent breakthroughs in nuclear fusion and then it seems to have gotten quiet.

Did they get their grant to continue trying to make it work and went back to quiet operations to keep people from realizing that they don't have it working yet?

It looks that way so keep an eye on it.


Remember that I told you that the West is being judged by God?

How long does judgment from God last?

This video gives you a very good idea because God will begin judgment on us and He makes it last a while so that, if we repent of our sins before it is too late, He will repent of the judgment and bring us back to peace but, if we go into the third phase, it is over for us.

Note that he says that the judgment begins with a sexual revolution, which we had in the late 1960s and 1970s.

The second phase of God's judgment is that we have a homosexual revolution, which began in the late 1970s and through the early 1990s.

The third and final phase is when God gives the God haters over to a reprobate mind, being irrational, or insanity as he shows in that video. At that point, the judgment is irreversible because it is almost finished. That nation and/or empire will perish because of the insanity of the people.

For us in the West, this part of the judgment for our nations began in the early 1990s and is reaching its end now, 3 decades later, meaning the Western nations and culture are dead and you are going to have to start over building new nations and a new culture.

You are living the fall of Rome II for the same reasons that Rome I fell.

Do you believe me yet?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and get right with God.

The only question now is, "Who will be our Assyria or Babylon or Goths to carry some of us off into captivity as slaves?" Will it be Alaric Putin and Russia, from where the Goths migrated?

Note that, at the end of that video, he tells us that God will destroy the God hating pagans who caused the fall of our nations and they will burn so you can rebuild your nations just like I have been telling you.

You think I am wrong?

This video tells you that the US dollar will begin to crash even more in 2023, which will really suck for the entire West.

Then he tells us that a number of the "top" upper class trash are right now calling for an all-out war against Russia.

Wow, he really points out how bad it is right now. Pay close attention to this because the reprobate minds or nuts have taken control of our nation and they are trying to finish it off in a war with Russia and the Eastern Alliance.

Note that, in stating that we must go to war with Russia, the liars who have been telling you that Ukraine is winning and even crushing Russia are finally admitting that Ukraine CANNOT win so the US MUST invade and conquer Russia. Oops!

Think about it, if Ukraine is really crushing Russia, why does the US need to go to war with Russia? Won't Ukraine defeat Russia?

And God said, "The truth will be made known" and the lefties just admitted they have been lying to you.

Now, let's connect a couple of dots from a video up the page from this video that I showed under the title "Power Play", where the West is trying to gain control of Russia, China, and the rest of the Eastern Alliance by controlling chip sells and now he lists minerals Putin is controlling required to make those chips. Oops!

Note that he tells you about Russia and China stocking up big on gold to try to dump and destroy the US dollar.

Then he told you about how the lefties have screwed up the economy and are now saying that a lot of people need to be fired to bring down inflation.

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash control recessions and depressions by firing and hiring people in massive numbers?

I told you that when they start firing large numbers of people it ALWAYS causes a depression and you better bet that will bring down inflation, the hard way. With no money coming in because you got laid off, you won't be able to buy anything.

I think that what they are doing by saying they need to lay off more people is using that stupidity as cover for starting a really bad depression. That way, "they did it for a good cause".

I realized this morning that one thing God is doing with these brutal storms hitting Commiefornia is He is chasing more of His people out of Commiefornia before he finishes judging Commiefornia, you know, the way God caused Lot to leave Sodom and Gomorrah before God leveled their butts.

I also noticed that God is brutally beating up the area east of the Mississippi with winter cold and storms. God is hammering that part of the nation too.

Then, this morning, I found out that Commiefornia, which almost never has tornados is under a "tornado watch" for much of their coast line where their big blue cities are from north of Santa Barbara to Fort Bragg.

During the 10 years I lived in LA I never saw anything like this in Commiefornia.

And you think this nation is not under judgment by God now?


Remember that I told you that China and Russia formed an alliance with Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and other Latin America nations for invading the US?

In the first 2+ minutes of this video Biden said they have a new strategy to "qualify" and let in immigrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Haiti.

Gee, what a coincidence.

You don't think they are bringing in fighters from these nations to kill gun owners so there won't be any resistance to them setting up their commie dictatorship, do you?

Something I am keeping an eye on is that several things seem to be conflicting. The upper class trash act and talk like they are at odds or war with China, Russia, Iran, and other members of the Eastern Alliance and then make it look like they are helping them or getting help from them to destroy the US.

I am trying to figure out what is going on with this. Keep an eye on it because it isn't good no matter what they are doing.

Note that the rest of that video is about the hypocrisy of the left blasting Trump for "having kids in cages".


I am amazed at how so many people are believing that we are going to show them Commierats by impeaching Afghan Joe. Even if they succeed, they can't remove him from office because the GOP doesn't have control of the Senate. It is only the Senate that can remove the president from office.

The idiots don't pay attention to how the government works or have less memory than a gold fish.

The House can only impeach the president, which basically gives reason to remove him from office but the Senate, now controlled by the Commierats, holds a trial to determine whether to remove him from office so he can be tried in a court of law. You know, like the Commierats are going to do that.

Impeaching Afghan Joe without control of the Senate is just a show trial, that is all it is. It is just wasting time and money. "But, hey, we is going tuh learn dem!"

You are being played because all they can do is have a show trial. That is why the Commierats waited until after the election to determine whether to replace Afghan Joe with the House and they decided not too because they control the Senate. They rigged the election to keep the Senate so you couldn't remove Afghan Joe.

Impeach him all you want; it isn't going to do any good and is just some Republicans putting on a show trial to get reelected in 2024. "Hey, we learned him!"

I get sick of this crap. Do something or get out of the way.

Listen, Afghan Joe has committed treason and no one can do anything because the Commierats own and control everything that can do anything.


Remember that I told you that Meghan, in 2020, said she is going to run for president in 2024?

By the strangest coincidence, I am seeing a lot about Harry in the news. He is getting a lot of PR JUST BEFORE MEGHAN'S CAMPAIGN SHOULD BEGIN.

All of this crap about Meghan and Harry putting down ye ole Royal Family is to distance themselves from the Royal Family so the stupid people won't think this is a move by ye ole Royal Family to get their colonies back. It is a con and sleight of hand because they are both retaining their royal titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and are still being paid by ye ole Royal Family.

Gee, I wonder why evil Charles has not fired them?

Keep an eye on this.


I posted this on FB and decided to share.

This will be fun. This will give a hint how you can use ECM as a defensive weapon.

When China sends planes and ships just inside Taiwan airspace, they are doing what we call "probing" or intelligence gathering. They have cameras taking pictures but, more importantly, they have recording devices gathering all electronic signals to figure out what weapons systems, like radar and SAMs, Taiwan has where.

China is putting together a military map to plan for an invasion.

If I were in charge of Taiwan's ECM, I would put together little trucks or cars you could move around all of the time sending out the same signals as our best weapons systems.

That would do several things.

First, it would make China believe Taiwan has many more weapons systems than she has. "Holy crap, she will blow us away!"

Second, it would tell China that we keep moving them around so she can't use their known positions to make invasion plans. "Hold it, they moved their SAMs over here or over there and also moved those missiles over here!"

I told you that the primary job of ECM is denying the enemy intel.

We did something similar to the Soviet Union during Nam and it was so funny because we knew based on intercepts of their communications that they never figured out what we were doing.

Every time China's planes and ships came into Taiwan waters, everything would be moved around and we would have much more of everything so China couldn't put together a plan for invasion. Bwahahaha!!!

Ornery old rascal, huh? Did I tell you that, when I was in Udorn, Thailand, I joined a chess club for the fun of it and, after a while, I beat a guy who was ranked as a Master Chess player? I would love to be in charge of Taiwan's ECM. I would have so much fun playing with Xi's feeble mind.


Remember that I have been warning you about believing anything from the lefty media?

Watch this video and he tells you a lot about how you just cannot believe anything they say without question. They are professionally paid liars and propagandists.

Climate Change

Remember that I told you that the increase in CO2 would cause an increase in plant growth?

In this video he tells you that is exactly what is happening. Plant growth has already increased globally by 15%. Gee, what a coincidence. He also points out that crop yields have also increased.

He also tells you that the "denuding" of plants in dry areas as predicted by ye ole climate experts has not happened and the opposite is happening.

Note that he told you about the left's planet carrying capacity for humans or how many humans the planet can support.

Remember that I told you that, if you increase plant growth and crop yields, like are happening, the planet can support more people so the carrying capacity increases.

The climate crisis crusaders got another crisis crusade all wrong again, as always. Hey, they are making billions from it and that is all that matters. So what if they have impoverished millions of other people to increase their wealth with their crusade.

I have not seen ye ole crusaders get one crisis crusade right in more than half a century but ye ole upper class always get rich from ye ole crusades. Gee, what a coincidence.

The Rich

Remember that I told you that the rich, who have been bribing the corrupt politicians to do these horrible things are going to end up losing money because of these horrible things?

I just found out that Forbes is saying that there is going to be a "richcession" or recession for the rich so that they will lose a lot of money. Gee, what a coincidence. Hey, they deserve it.

Do you still believe they are smarter than you because they have more money than you?

Hey, when you destroy the US economy to impoverish and control the people, the rich are going to lose money too just like I showed you. I told you that many of the rich are going to go broke and it is already happening.

Warren Buffet is saying it has already started and will get worse this year.

Chemical Companies

You know I can't stand chemical companies because nothing they tell you is true and they make a fortune lying to you about everything, while causing harm to people.

This video is just one more example. Note that she tells you that the abortion pill is NEVER safe but you can bet that everyone on the left, the doctors who prescribe it, and the lying chemical companies tell people it is safe.

He even tells you that people on the "pro-choice" side tell everyone it is safe.

Listen, you know that the doctors prescribing it and the chemical companies know how harmful it is but they make big money selling it so who cares about the patients.

Something that you need to understand about ALL drugs, both recreational, performance enhancing, and otherwise, which she lightly touched on is that, when you turn those drug molecules loose in your body, they go everywhere and get into everything with the potential to cause significant damage. KNOW, that, regardless of what doctors tell you, they are going to cause damage. It is just a matter of how much and what kind of damage.

Note that he said that the FDA "illegally approved these drugs". Gee, you don't think they took bribes from the chemical companies, do you?

Note that he said we are seeing the politicization of science, you know, just like I have been telling you is going on with people like Fauci. That is where MDs and Ph.D.s, who depend on their income from the government and chemical companies, say whatever they are told to say to keep their jobs. It is political extortion of scientists or scientific prostitution.

Plus you can bet those other doctors who are supporting the drugs are getting kickbacks from the chemical companies.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."


Remember that I told you that in Islam, their Mahdi must prove himself by standing on the Temple Mount and ordering Muslims to kill all non Muslims, especially Christians and Hebrews?

In this video he tells you that the Antichrist STARTS by taking over the Temple Mount, corrupting the Holy of Holies, and declaring himself to be god.

Gee, what a magic coincidence.

He also tells you that everyone who follows the Antichrist will be required to have "the mark of the beast" in either the back of their right hand or on their forehead, which the Bible says is the number "666".

In Islam, their most holy number is 666 and it is to be placed on the back of the right hand or in the forehead.

Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Do you believe me yet that Islam will be the one world government and one world church with Mystery Babylon as their political, financial, economic, and religious capital?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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