I Told You So 514

Murder Vaccine

Remember that I told you that they designed the COVID vaccines to depopulate their planet?

More and more people keep suddenly dropping dead following the vaccine but it just can't be the vaccine, no, no, it gots tuh be sumpin' else because then they are dying too because they were stupid enough to get an untested vaccine and will drop dead soon and they can't admit they got sucker punched by the upper class trash globalists.

"Why, it is only a magic coincidence that people, especially young athletes, started dropping dead following the vaccines."

Then they have all of these academic whore "doctors" with channels on the Internet constantly looking at data saying, "Well, it might be the vaccines but, then again, it might not be."

They have to be the worst medical doctors in the history of the planet because it is taking them years to make an obvious diagnosis. Their patients are dying right and left following the vaccines and they can't figure out why. People, that is called "malpractice".

Where did these clowns study medicine (assuming they really are doctors), inbred stupid U?

People, this was not going on before the vaccine, it started happening after the vaccine, guess what is causing it?

Oh, I know, fake global warming or maybe Putin.

Mighty Fighting Machine

Remember that I have been telling you that military weapons are not designed to be used "stand alone" because they are supposed to be used in conjunction with a number of other weapons systems?

Here we go with a new super duper weapon, ye ole Mighty Bradley Fighting Vehicle. "Why, it will conquer the planet, it will conquer the solar system, it will conquer the galaxy, and it will conquer the universe all by itself."

Now they are going to give a dozen of those to Ukraine so Putin might as well give up and commit suicide, you know, like with all of the previous super duper weapons the idiot, moronic media went ape over. (They have been watching too many Hollyweird movies about super duper weapons.)

"Why, Putin doesn't have a chance now...again."

The clowns that hype the crap out of every weapon system we give to Ukraine are telling you that they are as militarily ignorant as rocks. It would have been better if we had given all of those weapons to Ukraine at the same time so they could be used in a coordinated manner but, as individual weapons, all we are doing is giving Putin a chance to capture a few to study so he can figure out the best countermeasure for them.

What our leaders are doing is super duper stupid and is called treason by aiding and abetting the enemy in destroying our weapons systems.


They keep talking about how superior AI is to us humans, you know, the stupid people who designed and built it.

Why, we just know that stupid humans are going to create something smarter than themselves, right?

Yeah, I bet that opened an eye. You can bet that there will be all sorts of problems and malfunctions for the first 5 to 10 years or forever. Humans can't make anything that is perfect so you know it will be flawed.

The people they need to first replace with AI are the idiot lefty sheeple who keep supporting the upper class trash tyrants who keep screwing everything up. Then they need to replace the upper class trash with AI so we can turn them off and have peace.

Only a liar or moron thinks the AI is going to perform any better than the self driving cars and electric vehicles or anything else dreamed up and built by the same imperfect people, who have screwed everything up.

But, hey, the stupid people never learn so they get great paying jobs calling themselves journalists and politicians.


I wonder how many people have not figured out that all of these protests are organized and staged by organizations, you know, with their obviously pre-printed protest signs. There are groups that decided and plan to stage a protest for their cause and agenda at a give time and place and they contact and get large numbers of people to show up.

BTW, those protestors are paid thousands of dollars to be there and most really don't care about what they are protesting.

Those people don't all show up at the same place at the same time for the same reason by accident and the media don't show up to cover it by accident because it also makes the media good money by increasing viewer/readership. It is all planned and staged.

Stupid People

I got this from Newsmax by Peter Malbin:

"Among occupations, members of Congress ranked second-lowest when it comes to honesty and ethics, according to a new Gallup poll.

Americans were asked to rank the ethical standards and honesty of 18 different professions. Telemarketers were ranked dead last, and members of Congress came in second-lowest.

In the survey, 62% said members of Congress have 'very low' or 'low' honesty and ethical standards, while only 9% said they had 'very high' or 'high' standards. Only telemarketers received a worse rating, The Hill observed.

In the poll, only 10% of Democrats or Democrat-leaning independents said Congress members have high or very high honesty and ethical standards, and an even smaller number, 8% of Republicans or Republican-leaning independents, said the same."

This tells me that at least 9% of the people are so inattentive, ignorant, and/or stupid they should not be voting. I rate members of Congress and most other politicians below telemarketers and I can't stand telemarketers.

The real truth is that probably at least 40% of voters are so inattentive, dumbed down, brainwashed, and stupid they should not be voting because they are helping screw everything up. Of course, probably at least 80% of people calling themselves journalists should not be providing a gold fish with the news.

I have learned that most people don't care enough to pay attention and learn enough to know what they are voting for or against. They are just clueless people virtue signaling that "dey is responsible by boting" but they are not responsible enough to pay attention and learn so they know what they are voting for, therefore, their voting is irresponsible. They are just sheeple voting for what they are told to vote for by the lying media and their idiot friends.

Actually think for themselves?

Nah, das ist ferbottent!

At least eyes are opening enough that most realize that most politicians are criminals.

Do you realize how God is going to set up our government in Paradise?

He is using this test called life to see who the good and responsible people are and will appoint them to positions of authority and power based on how well they did in this test called life. That is what the Bible means when it mentions the crowns or symbols of authority for judgment day. When a person is given crowns on Judgment Day, they will be given authority to rule over others based on their crowns and the more crowns they get, the more people they will rule over forever.

Hint: only good people will get those crowns.

These corrupt people who manage to squeeze into Paradise just before they die by accepting Jesus as their savior will not get any crowns and they will be the people who sweep the floors, clean the toilets, and take out the trash because they will have proved they cannot be trusted with power and authority, you know, like almost all of our corrupt politicians, who will burn in the Lake of Fire.

The simple truth is that almost all of our leaders will burn in Hell and Jesus told us this when He said that it will be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich (powerful) man to get into Paradise. Very few of the rich and famous will not burn forever in the Lake of Fire because they have chosen to burn there because they rejected God for evil, you know, wealth and fame at the expense of others.


Remember that I have been telling you it takes time to train people in the use of a weapon system and you don't just give them the weapon system to go running off to battle?

I got this from Newsmax by Jeffrey Rodack:

"The U.S. will begin training Ukrainians on how to use the Patriot missile system as early as next week, CNN reported."

We know that, if done right, it will take them 6 months (until July) to properly train them and then they will have to serve as an apprentice for at least another 6 months under someone from NATO to properly know how to use the weapon system.

If they start using the system before that, it won't be Ukrainian troops, it will be NATO troops who already know how to use the weapon system plus it will probably be NATO troops anyway as "contractors" or volunteers.

Hey, Poland's military has already lost 1,100 to 1,200 of their troops fighting in Ukraine as "contractors", that we know of.

So, how long will it take Putin to capture that one Patriot missile system or battery to study it to develop countermeasures against the system?

Remember that I keep telling you that Russia is fighting NATO forces in Ukraine because Russia has wiped out almost all of Ukraine's forces?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"One of President Vladimir Putin's closest allies said on Tuesday that Moscow was now fighting the U.S.-led NATO military alliance in Ukraine and that the West was trying to wipe Russia from the political map of the world.

Putin casts the war in Ukraine as an existential battle with an aggressive and arrogant West, and has said that Russia will use all available means to protect itself and its people against any aggressor."

The Russians are just openly telling you that they know they are fighting NATO and not Ukraine any more. Ukraine just doesn't have anything left to fight with because they have "fought to the last Ukrainian" and are now fighting to the last NATO soldier. Hey, the lefty upper class trash got what they wanted.

As a matter of fact, Putin is continuing doing what he did to wipe out the Ukrainian forces to now wipe out the NATO (US) forces along with their military weapons and munitions inventories. He has already wiped out 25% of the US munitions inventory.

Do you understand what Putin is doing?

He is safely using the Ukraine War to deplete the West's fighting forces, weapons, and munitions before he invades the West or forces them to surrender to keep him from invading the West. He is sucker punching our idiot political and military leaders.

You have to understand that almost all of the top military leaders for the West today were promoted because they tell the upper class trash what the upper class trash want to hear and not because of military prowess. They are butt kissing politicians first and military commanders last, if at all, who probably couldn't fight their way out of a kindergarten sandbox. That is why the idiots keep sending troops into Putin's encirclements or "cauldrons" to be slaughtered. They don't even know how to recognize, much less counter an encirclement.

Don't believe me?

Then you explain Afghan Austin, Afghan Milley, and what happened in Afghanistan. I'm waiting.

Have you noticed that, any time Afghan Milley says something the upper class trash doesn't want to hear, he has to come out and take it back?

Today, the people with the most stars are not the best military commanders, they are the best butt kissers.

People, the evil, vile upper class trash are just covering up that this is now WWIII to keep it from going nuclear. This is the "Secret World War".

You want to find out more about what is really going on in Ukraine?

This video tells you quite a bit including the lies people are being told, how bad it is on the fronts for Ukraine, and other things. The soldiers on the front are still not getting more than about 25% to 30% of what is being sent over there and much of what they do get doesn't even work or have ammunition. They are having to fight Russia with outdated junk.

Our leaders should go to prison for their handling of the war In Ukraine. What they are doing is sick and evil. But, hey, they are making a fortune killing people.

The government of Ukraine is telling their people to go to Poland and other nations and not helping their people at all. He makes it very clear that their government doesn't even care about the people, you know, like our Western governments don't care about their people.

I have heard it estimated that at least 80% of what the Western media are telling you about the war in Ukraine is a lie and, from what I have seen, that is very conservative. They just are not telling you the truth.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash and their puppets are pure evil?

They are horrid evil monsters and the world will be a better place when they are all burning in Hell. It drives me up a wall to see what they are doing to the people. They have no hearts; all they have is bank accounts.

BTW, I am keeping an eye on Russia's attacks against the Ukrainian city of Soledar might be the early first phase of Russia's winter offensive so you might want to keep an eye on it.

It looks like Putin might be trying to take Soledar so he can encircle and destroy the NATO troops in Bakhmut.

Then I found out that US, Poland, Germany, France, UK, and others suddenly are giving lots of weapons to Ukraine that will require trained operators. That tells me the West is ramping up their WWIII against Russia so don't be surprised to find out that they are right now ramping up tens of thousands of Western troops in Ukraine as "contractors". Keep an eye on that.

British Royals

This has to be one of the best cons ever. Prince Harry has just published a book and the British Common Wealth controlled media are bagging on him about his book and you know that will cause more people to want to buy it and read it.

That has to be one of the slickest cons in history. You can bet that Harry is just raking in the dough and everyone in ye ole Royal Family is laughing their butts off.

The next day after I wrote that I found out that it is the fastest selling nonfiction book on the market. Gee, what a coincidence.

You are being played, people.

BTW, this video shows that Britain just tried to launch their first ever satellite and it failed. Amazing!

With so many other nations, even in Europe, having satellites in space, Britain can't even put a pretty simple satellite in space. The US, Iran, Israel, China, Russia, and others have satellites in space but Britain has never succeeded at putting one satellite in space. She has been riding the US coat tails for space since WWII. She has about 200 to 300 nukes but not one satellite in space to gather intel for aiming her nukes.

Did that open an eyeball or two?

She has been depending on intel from US satellites for aiming her missiles.

It blows my mind. This makes me question whether her nuke missiles will make it to target because a satellite missile works pretty much the same way as a nuke missile. This also tells me that, militarily, Britain is worse off than I thought and isn't going to be much, if any, help in a war using missiles. She couldn't even get her payload to the desired altitude, which you have to do to get a nuke warhead to target because you orbit the warhead over to the target and then drop it out of orbit onto the target.

The missile was supposed to put 9 satellites into orbit, including some defense satellites (her first ever), but they were all lost.

In the video, they stated that it would have been the first time anyone in Europe would have put a satellite into orbit but I seem to remember a combined effort by a number of European nations about 30 to 40 years ago.

Maybe they didn't succeed?

People, the US and Soviet Union were putting satellites into space in the 1950s. Hey, they are only more than 60 years behind us. Israel and China have been putting satellites into space for at least a few decades and Iran for one or two decades.

Has Europe been riding the US coat tail for space development too long or what?

Sleeper Cells

Remember that I have been warning you about the cartels and other sleeper cells in our nation we will soon have to fight?

In this video he tells you about the cartels from Mexico, how bad they are, and that we will eventually have to fight them with our army, just like I have been telling you. He tells you this is going to be a war fought inside and outside the US at the same time just like I have been telling you.

Blue States

We keep seeing that more and more people are leaving the blue states because of what the lefties are doing to those states. (They are terrible managers.)

I just found out that this exodus is now also happening in Colorado. The number of people moving to Colorado is now less than half what it was a decade ago and increasing numbers of people are leaving for other places like Florida and Texas. Some people are moving within Colorado from the more liberal areas to the more conservative areas.

The lefty commie traitors screw up everything they touch.

Interesting Weather

I am watching a lot of people get hit by really bad weather from Commiefornia to the East Coast but God is causing it to miss us in our part of Southern New Mexico. It hits Northern and Central New Mexico, causing quite a bit of winter weather but stays away from us until it gets east of the Sacramento Mountains just to our east and then it plunges down the east side of those mountains to south of us.

It is like God has created a bubble or high pressure zone where most of it rides over us to the north and then plunges to the south and continues east.

We are having normal winter weather here right now.

You think I am wrong?

Look at this weather forecast for New Mexico and pay attention to Alamogordo in the South when watching the cold and winds. When he shows the strong winds in red, notice that Alamogordo is sitting in a small green pocket with almost no winds.

It is incredible. This has been going on for weeks of Northern and Eastern New Mexico getting bad weather but it is much nicer where I live. I thank God for that. Truly He is blessing me/us.

Open Borders

The most common real reason why the left wants open borders is to increase the rate of the smuggling on things like drugs and "human trafficking" or slaves into the US because the lefty upper class trash make tens of billions from such smuggling every year. They own most of the smuggling organizations like the cartels.

There are other reasons like the left smuggling in people to fight you for them, commit terrorist attacks against you to scare you and control you, and other such things. Listen, I have heard this from law enforcement from Commiefornia to Texas.

Remember that I told you that in the mid 1970s the US Navy went before Congress and said that they could put an end to all smuggling into the US within 3 months? Remember that within just a few days, the lefties or Commierats wrote and passed a bill forbidding the US Military interfering with smuggling into the US?

When we saw that happen, it was blatantly obvious why the lefties did that. The upper class trash and their puppet politicians and bureaucrats make a big fortune from that smuggling in the tune of tens of billions of dollars every year. They are not going to give up that cash cow.

Hey, after the US Civil War, the Commierats didn't give up slavery, they just changed the name to "human trafficking".


Remember that I have been telling you that I have seen dozens of dire predictions by ye ole academe over the last 50+ years or half a century that have not come true and all of their crusades to save something have failed?

This video tells you about dozens of dire predictions concerning just the weather by ye ole academe that never happened going all of the way back to the 1960s. There have been many, many more concerning "saving" other things.

They are a joke and are just meant to scare you into buying millions of worthless books to make ye ole academe wealthy and get hundreds of millions in government funding. Any time the academe come out trying to scare you, look to see what books they are selling. Their crises and crusades are fraud and they need to start going to prison for it.

People, it is the equivalent of falsely yelling fire in a full theater to panic the people. These fake crises and crusades are just psychological terrorist attacks against the people to terrorize the people into letting the upper class trash and their puppets do what they want, which is to make fortunes and gain more power and control. They are terrorists and belong in prison.

He proves to you that there is no climate crisis and that the real crises are caused by what ye ole academe and upper class trash make a fortune to solve the fake crises, which he tells you about. Their cures are the only things causing any real damage.

He even teaches you about the brainwashing and how it works to get people to believe those lies just like I have been warning you about. He tells you how the upper class trash are stealing more and more from more of you so they can live lives of luxury on your backs just like I have been warning you about and telling you the royals have been doing to you for thousands of years.

They make it clear that the only people who benefit from these fake crusades are the rich upper class trash royals.

Do you believe me yet that they are criminals stealing you into poverty so they can live lives of more and more luxury?

Just think that, when these evil human demons are finally burning in the Lake of Fire forever, they will never be able to do this to you and your families again.

Do you understand why I cannot stand these evil monsters?

Very interestingly, he tells you about the upper class trash "eco-imperialism" that oppresses the poor in third world nations and that is what is really going on. The upper class trash royals are using fake ecology crises and crusades to oppress the lower classes and steal from them.

He tells you so much that I have been telling you for the last 20+ years about things like the teachers not being properly educated to teach the children, the propaganda, the deceptions of the upper class trash, and more.

He points out that the upper class trash control you by controlling your minds by controlling what information goes into your minds. It is all about control, power, and greed.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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