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I just saw a couple of conservative journalists talking about them not understanding why the lefty media do what they do like not covering big stories that hurt the lefty agenda.

I have told you that the lefty upper class trash OWN all of those media and, if you are working for them, you either say what they tell you to say and cover what they tell you to cover or you lose your job.

And they don't know this about their own industry? Really? What do those universities teach their students?

It makes me question the intelligence or honesty of those conservatives and their universities. I figured that out half a century ago.

Nuking Chicago

Ever since God showed me more than 14 years ago that Obama will nuke Chicago and seize control of the US, I have been trying to figure out how, when, and why.

When he was president, I assumed he would do it then, which seemed very logical, and the Military did catch some of his people with two nukes. One was a 1K tactical nuke they quietly took offshore from the Carolinas and detonated under water. I never found out what the throw weight was on the other one or what happened to it. So he did try but no one was prosecuted for this so they all got away with it.


Because, if they had tried to prosecute him or his people for that, the lefty media would have destroyed them and their court case as being racist so they just quietly let it go showing the insane power of today's media.

Is he going to do this because he and his Muslim pals betray the lefty upper class trash royals in their own grab for power? Is he going to do this because everything the lefties try fails and so he does it out of frustration?

God didn't tell me those things so I don't know but I do keep an eye on it because I know God can't be wrong and He doesn't lie. I believe God.

One thing I am watching now is the GOP devastating the left by staging investigations and releasing information exposing the corruption ruining the top members of the left like Pelosi and Schiff with enough people seeing the truth that the left may never again win enough power to do more than blow their own noses.

But, hey, they will probably just change the name of their corrupt party and the stupid people will still vote for them. I have the utmost confidence in the stupid people continuing to be stupid. Hey, they are consistent.

This video shows some of that and it could easily be the motivation for such actions by a power mad narcissist like Obama. The GOP is now systematically destroying the top corrupt lefties by exposing them for the criminals and traitors they are.

This will also be used to discredit the lefty media who have been putting out propaganda for the upper class trash criminals.

It could cause Obama and his pals to take matters into their own hands. "Get out of our way, we will show you how to do it right!"

Whatever it is, Obama is going to feel that he has to strike out on his own with extreme violence to seize control, invade Israel to set up the Muslim caliphate to set up their global dictatorship, and forget about any agreements with the other lefty royals, especially since he will kill at least some of them in that formal ball.

To try to figure it out, I regularly do strategic analyses based on current events and what God told me is going to happen but the reprobate minds of the left do not function rationally.

For example, it should be obvious that Afghan Joe's health is declining, therefore, he is dying and is already in bad heath. He could croak any minute so logic and reasoning tell me that they should have replaced him with someone who will probably live longer when they had the chance and were talking last year about doing it.

But the reprobate mind is too simple and stupid to do something logical and rational, which is why their plans keep failing. They can only see the immediate and can't think of days, weeks, or months later. Right now, Afghan Joe is alive and making them money so don't get rid of Afghan Joe in spite of the obvious fact his is quickly dying.

Because of that insanity (insanity is irrational and out of touch with reality) they have put themselves in the situation to where Afghan Joe could die any day, moving Kruella to president and the Republican McCarthy to vice president, in control of the Senate, and only one step away from being president. Oops! Not smart, people.

I always try to consider possibilities and watch them. I am right now watching the possibility that the lefty upper class trash will call for a vote in the House to remove McCarthy and bribe enough RINOs to vote him out of office and vote Obama in office and then get rid of either Afghan Joe or Kruella to move him up to vice president or Obama and his corrupt pals could simply kill both Afghan Joe and Kruella with one nuke and destroy Congress AND the Supreme Court with another nuke with our corrupt Pentagon, CIA, FBI, and DOJ supporting Obama staging a coup to become president. (what? You think they will support Trump being president? Yeah, right.)

Those are the two most probably ways Obama could do it now and I would not put it past at least some of the members of the Pentagon like Afghan Austin providing Obama with two 10K tactical nukes to get the job done.

The hard part is trying to anticipate the moves of reprobate minds because they are not logical or rational like I just showed you. They are idiots smoking dope in their white palaces out of touch with reality dreaming up great sounding (to them) stupid ideas.

So, how is Obama going to stage his coup?

Stick around and we will both find out. I don't think it will be much longer.

I wait on God while paying attention to what is going on. We may not know until the dust settles in Chicago. If God tells me, I will definitely let you know.

Personally, I understand God has His reasons for what He is allowing but I can't wait for all of this evil to be over with and us to be in Paradise where this evil crap will never happen again.


This video shows that things just keep getting worse in Commiefornia. Notice that more people are evacuating their homes because of flooding but returning a day later. It is like almost the entire state is being washed away. I sometimes wonder how many people have been washed out to sea and no one even knows about it.

The big problem is that they are getting so much rain that the ground is super saturated so that very little water will soak in and most will run off, causing flooding.

They are also getting some pretty big sink holes because of underground water flow. This much underground water flow will eventually result in significant seismic activity, especially along the coast.

One thing I am watching is that they normally have snow in the Midwest by now but it is still raining with very little snow. They are not expecting snow in the midwest now for almost another week and it is the middle of January.


People want to abolish the income tax and replace it with a consumption or sales taxes.

Hey, that sounds great except for one very important thing. With the income tax, you can make allowance for the poor so they don't pay that tax, which makes it easier for them to live on less.

With the sales tax, the poor pay more for products and services so they can buy less and life becomes more difficult. The sales or consumption tax discriminates against and hurts the poor and you should be careful because I am living proof that anyone can end up poor. Sales taxes shouldn't be allowed at all.

Remember that, before I got sick, I was a very well educated workaholic. If I can end up poor, so can you. Also remember that Tesla, one of the most brilliant people in US history, died poor. Be careful for what you wish for.

With the way the upper class trash are destroying our nation now, most of you are soon going to end up poor, you know, like them now laying off lots of you to "save the planet". I have been warning you that the upper class trash are working to impoverish everyone else. Remember that you "will own nothing", hint, hint.

Soon you will believe that we should keep the income tax and do away with the sales tax.


Remember that I have been telling you that this climate change thing is crap?

This video shows you some interesting things about "climate change". It has all been a lie from the start.

She disproves climate change so easy and fast.

This video channel is really great because she is a scientist and they expose the lies of the academic whores and their cons like with COVID and climate change.

Reprobate Minds

The first thing you have to understand about these evil lefty tyrants is that most of them only studied law and communism in their superior elite universities taught by idiot lefty college professors smoking dope out of touch with reality in their white palaces and most of those who go into politics are so stupid they can't get a job working for a good paying legal firm, which is why they go into politics.

They are clueless about real economics, finance, and science. They all got degrees in the soft sciences and easily better than 90% of the people who get degrees in the soft sciences are too stupid to pass freshman and sophomore hard science courses like biology and physics, which is the most common reason they got degrees in the soft sciences.

For years, I watched them wash out of freshman hard science courses because they are not intelligent enough, go across campus and get Ph.D.s in the soft sciences. Everyone in the hard sciences knows this. You literally have to be a genius to pass freshman and sophomore hard science courses and they can't so they can't be geniuses but they arrogantly like to think they are. It is called pride and arrogance. That is why they like to think they are smarter than they are and keep failing because they are not as smart as they think they are.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they made themselves fools." He was talking about our lefties.

To show you how simple minded and stupid they are, let's talk about their beliefs concerning printing money.

The upper class trash and their idiot puppets are so simple minded and stupid with their reprobate minds that they believe that, if they print enough money to double the amount of their currency, they will have twice as money to steal and can be twice as wealthy.

Yes, they really do believe that, which is why they keep printing money like toilet paper, making their money worth less than toilet paper. Their simple, greedy, reprobate minds refuse to accept any reasoning to the contrary. They simple mindedly think that the value of money is fixed regardless of supply in relation to demand. That is only true it their money is based on the gold standard and none of ours' are.

My farts are smarter than that.

What we found with research is that as you print more money, the value of that money decreases faster than the increasing amount of that money because the supply is increasing in relation to the demand, which always decreases the value of that money and this is too complex for reprobate minds to understand.

For example, if you have one million dollars and they double the amount of money with you now having two million dollars, your true wealth will now be less than it was before they increased the supply of money. In the original value of the money, you will be worth significantly less than a million dollars.

The proof for that is that they recently went ape printing their currency in communist Venezuela, after the commies took over there with the same simple minded stupidity, thinking they will become more wealthy because they will have more money to steal. It sounds great to fools out of touch with reality, smoking dope in their white palaces but they quickly destroyed their currency by devaluing it to where no one would take it and I saw pictures of their paper currency filling the gutters in Venezuela because it had become completely worthless so no one would take it anymore.

The people were forced to return to the barter system because their currency became worthless and the upper class trash had to convert their currency into US dollars to keep from ending up in poverty but now, no one will give them any more dollars for their worthless currency.

If you had had a billion in their currency before they started printing the money, you would now be impoverished because their currency is worthless. You see, printing money works the opposite way of how they WANT to believe it works because of their greedy reprobate minds.

Despite this recent example disproving what they WANT to believe, they have been printing our currencies like toilet paper because they refuse to believe the obvious truth.

For example, it wasn't too long ago that the British Pound and EU Euro were both worth twice as much as the US dollar but, today, they are worth about the same AND the dollar is worth about half what it was then. All 3 currencies are imploding right now because of the simple minded stupidity of the upper class trash commies thinking they will be more wealthy because they will have more money to steal if they print more money.

Yeah, they will have more money that will be worth much less so they will end up having less wealth.

Remember that I told you that greed and a lust for power destroy common sense?

And you think that is stupid?

Oh, we have barely begun to explore the inner and dark depths of their stupidity. The lefty commies have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending because of their reprobate minds.

Remember that the idiots running the West have decided to start their failed sanction warfare, that is destroying their economies, against other nations that are doing business with Russia, which will drive those other nations away from doing any business with the West and to doing more business with Russia and the Eastern Alliance, which will destroy the Western economies even more.

Do you believe me yet that you are living the fall of Rome II? Do you believe me yet that my farts are smarter than those over educated fools? Does their stupidity make your brain hurt the way it makes my brain hurt?

Oh, but the fun is just beginning because the Western upper class trash fools chasing other countries away from doing business with the Western nations will decrease the demand for the dollar, Euro, and Pound much more finishing the implosion of all 3 currencies.

Venezuela II, here we come. If you are depending on those 3 currencies, you will soon be tossing your money in the streets in absolute poverty because it will be just as worthless as the Venezuela currency for the same reason; increasing the supply in relation to the demand.

Are you getting the picture just how stupid these over educated fools are because they blindly believed the stupidity of their lefty college professors and are too stupid to think for themselves?

Any more, getting the "right degree from the right university" will be considered a very bad thing because it will mean you are brain dead. The lefties running their universities are too stupid to realize they are destroying their own universities with their great sounding stupidity.

But, hey, that is how reprobate minds work and why they always destroy their nations and civilizations. Everything they WANT to believe is wrong no matter how wonderful it sounds.

The greatest punishment God can bring on a nation that has turned its back against God is to "give them over to reprobate minds", which will destroy their nations. That is why the pagans always destroy their nations.

To be a lefty pagan, the first and most important requirement is to not have a lick of common sense. That is a fact proved by history and current events.

Now, how many of you understood what the lefty upper class trash fools refuse to learn because it is not what they WANT to believe?

You now understand more about economics than any of the lefty commies, which is why they foolishly believe in communism in spite of the fact that it has failed every time.

BTW, if you point out that their beloved communism has never succeeded; they will ALWAYS respond with, "Yeah, but we are smarter than they were so we will MAKE it work."

Every time I have pointed the truth out to them, that has been their answer. Their ignorant arrogance causes them to foolishly believe they can magically make it work because they think they are smarter than they really are.

Then, if you want to have some more fun and see some really stupid looks on their faces, tell them to tell you 1) the details of why communism has always failed and 2) the details of how they will do it differently to make it work.

Bwahahaha!!!! You will see the stupidest looks you have ever seen on a human face because NONE of them, not even their smarty pants college professors, can tell you either of those things. They don't know why it has always failed and don't know how they will do it differently to make it work. To them, because they think they are smarter than they are, they think it will just magically work. It is pagan black magic, people.

Communism is voodoo economics, baby. You might as well burn some incense and dance around waving feathers, while chanting. That is more likely to succeed than anything they will do.

Don't believe me?

Ask them. They can't give you any answers and you will see their stupid reprobate mental stare into infinity and just hear their one remaining brain cell going "duh".

Why do you think these people censor the truth?

Because they don't want to hear the truth, they only want to hear what they WANT to believe because it reinforces what they WANT to believe so they can feel they can get more wealthy and more powerful forever by doing stupid stuff. They know in their hearts that what they WANT to believe is wrong but what they WANT to believe sounds so good that it is all they want to hear. They are stupid enough that, if you make it sound good enough, they will believe anything, even communism.

Welcome to the reprobate mind.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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