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Remember that I told you that Taiwan probably has contact with top military officers in China's Army that will jump ship to help Taiwan free China from the CCP?

I just found out via Mark that China has a new experimental helmet that has an explosive device in it and it can be activated by remote control in case a soldier surrenders and retreats.

Gee, I wonder why they are doing that? You don't think they are having trouble with loyalty from their troops, do you? I mean, after all, you don't think those troops are wanting to turn on the CCP because the CCP is a bunch of abusive, murdering monsters, do you?

Yeah, it is just like I told you. You KNOW that Taiwan knows top officers who would turn their troops on the CCP with Taiwan to free China.

Of course, my first thought was ECM. You can bet that right now the US is trying to get their hands on one or more of those helmets to study to develop the "ECM" or countermeasures for those helmets so a plane, drone, or satellite can get within electronic signal range and "blow all of their minds" with one push of the button.

That would be a short war.

Gee, I wonder if Taiwan knows about and has intel on that helmet, you know, push a button as the Chinese forces are approaching to invade and blow all of their minds?

You can bet they do.

Remember that I told you that you have to be stupid to believe in Marxism? Do you believe me yet that greed and a lust for power destroy common sense?

The CCP just proved that right. What morons.

I keep telling you that the greatest threat to the US is NOT China, it is our own internal traitors on the left.

Thanks, Mark, for the intel.

This is an excellent video concerning China with comments from two high level military officers.

First, they explain how China has already infiltrated key organizations in the US and are using them and the corruption of those people against us. This is treason by those people.

Second, they explain that China's economy is in the toilet just like I have been telling you for years now and it is getting worse. He also tells you that Xi doesn't know crap about economics so he just keeps making it worse. It won't be long and China's economy will go into a death spiral.

They tell you that we need to decouple from China just like I have been telling you that our big businesses need to leave China. He also tells you about the BRICS countries and their strategies I have told you about.

Then the colonel tells you that Afghan Austin and Afghan Milley have weakened our military a lot and the threat to us and our allies, if that continues just like I have been warning you about.

Remember that I have told you that the biggest problem with the Pentagon is that too many of the top officers there did not move up through the ranks because of combat prowess but politically by saying to our militarily ignorant leaders what those leaders wanted to hear. Those officers are destroying our military and putting our national security at risk.


Remember that I have been telling you about government corruption and the corruption of the chemical companies?

According to this video they are happily sleeping together.

Pay attention to some of the intel about how the NIH doles out $54 billion of your tax dollars to thousands of organizations, making really great friends with those organizations, and, in return, they get $1.4 billion back as "royalties" (A.K.A. bribes) that goes into the pockets of the leaders of the NIH, including more than 1,000 of their top scientists.

Did you notice how their deals work?

The chemical company creates the product and, if they put certain NIH "scientists", you know, academic whores, on their patent for that product so those academic whores get "royalties" (A.K.A. bribes), the NIH "approves" the use of the product, regardless of whether it is any good or safe. Gee, how sweet. People, the NIH, whose salaries are paid by your tax dollars, are selling you out for more of your money from the chemical companies, even when they know they are killing you.

Hey, nothing like using other people's money to bribe other rich people into giving you lots of money, you know, money laundering. Hey, they get almost 3% back on their investment with your money into their pockets to screw you. What a deal!!!

I cannot exaggerate how evil the people running our governments are because words cannot describe how evil they are.

Do you believe me yet that the lefty upper class trash have turned our governments into money laundering rackets? Are you getting the picture yet? Do you believe me that they all belong burning in Hell where they can never again cause harm to you? Do you understand why God is judging this evil nation and you think our pagan government isn't evil? Do you believe me yet that Fauci belongs in prison and this isn't even the tip of his iceberg?

Then he tells you the ugly truth about the COVID bills and funding and that it was the biggest fraud in the US history with the NIH and Congress in collusion for that crime.

Then he told you about some of the other corruptions taking place like with our universities and they almost all do it, not just Harvard and Cornell. They are all selling you out, while pretending to care about you.

Note that he told you that NASA got one million dollars to prepare our religions for them making contact with ETs, you know, like I have been warning you about for more than a decade. Gee, what a coincidence.

Gee, I wonder when their fake spacy aliens are going to magically show up?

He only showed you a tiny fraction of their corruption. They all belong in prison and Judgment Day is going to be very interesting.

Do not be deceived, their sins will find them out and soon. God will take care of them soon. Hey, God is saving some very special real estate for their evil butts in Hell.

Remember that I have been telling you that it is going to take the hand of God to clean up the mess the pagans have made of our nation.

Do you believe me yet that you are living the fall of Rome II because the pagans have destroyed our nations from within with their evil corruption?

You just might want to get right with God, pray long, pray hard, pray often, and lock and load.

I have been watching this evil crap for more than half a century and now I get to share it with you. I am willing to bet that most of you are as happy about it as I am. You cannot blindly trust anyone in government any more.

Two minutes into this video a politician, who is a member of the House, Gaetz, openly tells you that "big Pharma" or the chemical companies own the government. It is so corrupt that they just openly admit the corruption. The chemical companies are above the law but it is not the companies but the upper class trash who own those companies. They are the ultimate villains.

To solve this problem, you would have to simultaneously get rid of every corrupt politician, every corrupt bureaucrat, and the top layers of the major companies, especially the mega wealthy owners of those major companies, who also own the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, and replace them with true Christians who have enough morals, values, and ethics to not sell out to anyone for money or anything else. Only God can do that.

Do you better understand why God is judging our corrupt and evil government?

It isn't that the government type that is corrupt but that the people running it are corrupt and evil, which is what makes a government corrupt and evil. You can have a dictatorship like God's Paradise monarchy that isn't corrupt, IF the people managing that dictatorship are not corrupt and are good, moral people, which is why God is putting us all to the test before He uses the good people among us to set up His government or Monarchy.

Note that even Gaetz tells you about how things cost so much more in every way so that it is not possible for inflation to be the measly 7 to 8 percent they are telling you it is and has to be at least 20 to 30 or more percent I have been telling you. The government lies to you about EVERYTHING.

They give you a better idea of how bad our economy is and even admit it is going to get worse.

Do you believe me yet that the left is destroying our nation and you are living the fall of Rome II? Remember that I recently told you to "get ready to get poor" because almost all of you will?

By the time the upper class trash have finished with you, very few of you will have too much to lose to stage a rebellion to regain control of your nation, which is why they are so desperate to get your guns to keep you from blowing their evil brains out.

You think I am wrong?

This video shows you how extremely desperate the upper class trash and their evil puppets are to keep you from using your guns against them to keep your freedoms. They can't ban the guns so now they are trying to ban the bullets because they don't want their evil brains blown out for setting up their evil dictatorship over you.

Do you get the picture yet?

Hey, here is an idea, if you don't want your evil brains blown out, don't set up an evil dictatorship.


I found out one of the problems causing the Commiefornia droughts and this is only one of the problems.

Their idiot commie government has rules that the water reservoirs are not allowed to fill up during the winter precipitation just in case they have more precipitation that would overfill the reservoirs, you know, like they couldn't drain the excess when it happens.

But, hey, you know duh gubernat knoze whats best, right?

That should tell you that Commiefornia's drought is at least partly government made.

With all of this flooding and them still having a drought condition, after decades of government stupidity, they are changing the rules to allow the reservoirs to fill up and then manager their water properly, you know, like they should have done decades ago.

Have you figured out yet how stupid and/or evil most government people, including stupid politicians and bureaucrats, are? Do you believe me that I would not hire them to manage an outhouse because they can't even manage a water house?

We have the stupidest people on the planet running the planet.

Then I found this video that shows a number of reasons why Marxism/socialism/communism/progressivism always fails.

All of those great sounding stupid ideas the video talks about were dreamed up by lefty college professors smoking dope in their white palaces out of touch with reality and please note the harm those great sounding stupid ideas caused a lot of people.

But, in spite of the horrid failures of their great sounding stupid ideas and all of the pain and death they caused other people, the intellectually superior lefty academe smoking their dope in their white palaces out of touch with reality simply cannot give up on their beloved great sounding stupid ideas and refuse to even consider the evidence of the terrible results.

"No, if they had just done more of their great sounding stupid ideas that failed, those great sounding stupid ideas would have magically succeeded. Why, their great sounding stupid ideas couldn't possibly be wrong so it had to be Putin's fault that they failed." That is what those over paid lunatics really believe.


I am finally getting some more intel about Ukraine, after about half a week of almost no intel.

This video gives some valuable intel.

First, it shows that Germany is making excuses for not providing its remaining inventory tanks to other nations if they give their Leopard II tanks to Ukraine as replacements to those nations. He is saying that the earliest they could be ready for combat would be 2024, you know, already built tanks that are in Germany's inventory.

He is trying to keep those tanks in inventory to defend Germany because he knows Ukraine will soon finish losing this war and then it will be the Europeans and Russia facing off. He only has a handful of replacement tanks in inventory.

She also tells you that Russia has taken Soledar and is now getting ready to take Bakhmut.

I found out from another source that Russia has not even committed her troops to battle for the offensive yet in the Donbass area. The unit doing all of the fighting there for Bakhmut is the mercenary Wagner Group. The Russian troops are still waiting to be committed to battle in that area and, except for defensive or shelling purposes, all other areas too.

She also points out four areas where they are concentrating their shelling and, by the strangest magical coincidence, they are concentrating most of their shelling in Odessa to the south, Lviv to the west, Kiev, and Kharkiv to the north of Bakhmut, where I said they would attack.

Gee, who would have figured they would be concentrating their battlefield preparations in those 4 areas like I told you they would?

Then I found this video by Scott Ritter that tells you what I told you about the change in Russian command for the war to take the war to the next level.

The West lies to you and tells you that the change in command was a demotion and humiliation for the previous and lower ranking general, showing that Russia is losing the war.

Those Western lies couldn't be further from the truth because they were changing the operations from a "military operation" to a full scale, complex war, which would require a change in command structure. That is something that both Scott and I recognize but the lefties are either too ignorant to recognize or are just plain lying.

I get so sick of the media hyping "super weapons that will be a game changer in Ukraine".

The thing I really want to share with you about this video in the first third of it is that the militarily ignorant morons are saying this one weapons system will be a "game changer for Ukraine", which is what the same morons said about all of the other weapons we sent Ukraine and didn't change much of anything. If you listen to and believe these morons, you would believe that the Apache helicopter, an excellent weapon system, will, by itself, conquer the world, the solar system, the galaxy, and the entire cosmos...until it fails to be ye ole game changer and the morons start saying the same stupid things about the next weapon system they send to Ukraine.

There is no weapon system short of nukes that could be a game changer in Ukraine.

Do you want them to start tossing nukes back and forth?

Note that the general says it will take about a year and a half to get people from Ukraine trained in the use of this weapon but he fails to tell you that is only for the few remaining pilots they have. Before you can even begin learning to use this weapon system, you have to spend about a year learning to fly right by military standards so we are really talking about 2 to 2.5 years training, pending the language and other things, to just be able to use this weapon system as an "apprentice" under the supervision of experienced personnel.

War just is not and never has been so simple that you can just send people a weapon system they do not know how to use and they will magically conquer the galaxy. Anyone who tells you that a weapon system is a game changer is ignorant or a liar.

I get so sick of the ignorant bull crap the media keep putting out. In this video, they did a good job of telling the truth but the headline set me off.

Afghan Joe

Remember that I told you that, if Afghan Joe does not do what he is told to do by his puppet masters/owners, including resign, they will ruin him politically or kill him?

They have been stating they do not want Afghan Joe to run for office again in 2024, Afghan Joe has been determined that he will run in 2024, and just before the primaries begin for the 2024 election, the Commierats themselves are turning Afghan Joe in for multiple felonies, disqualifying him from running for president. Every time they find more documents, it is another felony for Afghan Joe, disqualifying him from running for office.

Gee, what a magic coincidence. It is not a coincidence, especially when you consider the timing.

Afghan Joe ain't running for office again in 2024 and the upper class trash royals are making sure of it. Hey, for corrupt butt holes, business as usual.

If you have been paying attention at all for a while, you just know that, if this doesn't deter Afghan Joe from running for president in 2024, I expect him to suddenly die and it will probably be an "accident", you know, being accidentally pushed out of tall building.

I have seen this too many times in the past. It is very clear that the upper class trash do not want Afghan Joe to run in 2024 and, if he persists, they will kill him.

Then I found this video making some really good points about why are these attorneys doing what the DOJ and FBI should be doing while the DOJ and FBI just sit back watching these attorneys illegally tampering with federal evidence. What those attorneys are doing is illegal.

This looks very much like the DOJ and FBI are in on this effort to keep Afghan Joe from running for president in 2024. I am now even more convinced that, if Afghan Joe persists in running for president in 2024, he won't survive much longer, maybe a few months. Definitely keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that, in 2012 about 400 million people globally converted to Islam and they were almost certainly lefties?

What happened was that in 2001 there were 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and by April of 2012 there were only 1.2 billion Muslims because so many of them had been killed off in the previous 11 years, with better than 95% of those being killed off by other Muslims, but, by the fall of 2012, 6 months later under Obama, those 400 million people had converted to Islam, almost certainly lefties, bringing the number of Muslims in the world back up to 1.6 billion people globally.

I found this very interesting video today.

It tells you that, two years after that conversion in 2012 under Obama, the European lefties made the Minsk Accords or treaty in 2014 with Christian Russia, not for peace but to deceive the Russians into believing they wanted peace to buy time to build a larger and stronger Ukrainian military to wage war against Russia.

People, if you study Islamic Law, that is a REQUIREMENT for Muslims in signing a treaty for peace with a non Muslim, like Christian Russia, to keep the non Muslim from attacking Muslims until Muslims are strong enough to conquer the non Muslim and then the Muslims MUST destroy the non Muslim they signed that treaty with. THAT is an absolute REQUIREMENT for Muslims.

Gee, what a magic coincidence and I wonder where the upper class trash got that idea, not.

Now, by Islamic Law, the Muslims CANNOT stop their war against the Christian Russia UNTIL the Muslims have completely destroyed the Christian Russia or Christian Russia has destroyed them, which helps explain the obsession of the West in destroying Russia to set up their global dictatorship.

It looks like at least the upper class trash took that conversion more seriously than it looked like before and that is bad because it means they cannot quit until they destroy Russia or are destroyed by Russia. That could easily explain everything we are seeing with this.

Do not forget that better than 90% of the Muslims being killed every year are killed by other Muslims because the different factions are constantly warring against each other and have been warring against each other for 1,400 years. That is their greatest weakness because those factions are constantly divided and not trusting each other because they don't consider each other to be true Muslims and, therefore, MUST war against each other according to Islamic Law. I taught you about this more than 2 decades ago.

Remember that I told you that the execution of the British citizen had political implications and was probably a slap in the face of the British Royal Family?

This video shows the West's reaction to that by now recognizing Iran's elite forces as a terrorist organization. Oops!

Yeah, I guess it was a slap in the face of not just the British Royals but all Euro-American royals. That was fast.

Erick says that this is in part because of Iran executing so many protestors but then he also points out the execution of the British citizen just like I told you about. He even gave you a very colorful quote from the British PM concerning the execution of that British citizen. Gee, what a magic coincidence.


First, you have to understand that the WEF (World Economic Forum) is just a front organization for the Euro-American Royals to hide behind just in case things go south and people start shooting or hanging those setting up the global dictatorship. Always keep that in mind because, since Bastille, the royals have learned to hide behind front organizations and people to save their own cowardly necks.

This video shows that the royals are globally losing the leverage they had just a decade ago to pressure or force other nations around the world to do as they are told by the royals. More and more nations are siding with the Eastern Alliance and are now telling ye ole power mad, inbred royals to stuff it.

They tell you that global power or influence is shifting away from the US and they claim that the future is not clear, which means they don't like what they are seeing and are hoping that won't be their new future.

Then Turley tells you that the WEF caused the beginning of the downfall of their own plans but he failed to tell you it was because of their own greed in using China's slavery to increase their wealth, which also increased China's wealth so they could build the third greatest military in the world, you know, just like I told you years ago, the upper class trash greed in using slavery in China to increase their wealth would come back to haunt them. The upper class trash thinking themselves wise, made themselves fools and shot themselves in their own foot.

They are foolishly destroying their own globalism and will soon pay for their crimes.

Then Turley tells you how Russia, under Putin, decoupled herself from the Western globalism and created a "parallel state". Putin did that by working together with Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa to form the BRICS international banking system to get out from under the control of the West's IMF international banking system and Putin is using that to defeat the West's sanctions and win this war against the WEF and the West to stop globalism. Christian Putin is winning that war for us.

He tells you that the "Unipolar World headed by the US is officially dead", you know, the fall of Rome II just like I have been telling you. Turley tells you that Klaus Schwab admitted that their global world order of the WEF is completely collapsing and they are trying to dream up some new con or lies to get other nations to accept their evil global dictatorship. They are too stupid, greedy, and power mad to realize that can't work because the rest of the world has already seen their insanity but, hey, the upper class trash think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are.

Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that I told you that, when the upper class trash royals fail, they regroup, reorganize, and keep trying?

That is what the lunatics are doing in Davos, they are regrouping, reorganizing, and they will continue with their insanity.

I have been telling you for at least a few decades that they would fail.

But, just like their god, Satan, they are not going to give up or quit until they are dead. That is why they are having this current meeting in Davos to come up with a new lie or con to get their global dictatorship.

You have to understand that, when you submit to paganism or just being evil, you open yourself up to being demon possessed and that isn't just Christianity saying that. If you study the occult, they also know that they will become and even want to become demon possessed to gain the powers of those demons.

Their witchcraft and black magic is just using incantations to call on and get certain demons to do things for them. That is all it is.

You can bet that all of the upper class trash and their evil puppets are demon possessed, which is why I have trouble telling you how evil they are and keep calling them things like human demons.

The lefties may be cowards but, when the demons are let in control, they don't care if the person they are possessing dies or gets killed, because they will just go possess another pagan, so they will keep pushing things when cowardly humans would quit.

Don't be surprised if this creates the Muslim Caliphate (the iron mixed with the clay) out of Babylon to become the one world government and one world church of the soon coming Tribulation or at least moves us more in that direction. Keep an eye on that.

People, I have told you that God is going to use the soon coming Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to eliminate most to almost all of the evil upper class trash human demons involved in this conspiracy against you and attending this meeting in Davos. God has had just about enough of their evil. Enough of them will survive so you will have to fight what is left to get your freedoms and rights back and to help setup the Muslim Caliphate in Mystery Babylon.


Remember that I told you that, when I was about 12 to 14 years of age I came to know Jesus as my savior because of an expanding dream on 3 consecutive nights and then God caused me to forget that for about 10 years so I would learn that God often does this with other people to bring them to Jesus, with some of them not remembering it?

It is interesting because, even though I had forgotten about the salvation moment, I still knew I was saved and not knowing that moment bothered me until God finally revealed it to me in Korat, Thailand in 1973 at about 24 years of age.

I also told you years ago that I was seeing where this was happening around the world with increasing numbers of people, especially from various pagan religions like Islam, where those people were accepting Jesus as their savior.

God has been using these dreams to make sure that everyone everywhere gets the salvation message, whether or not they accept Jesus, for thousands of years and many may not remember those dreams until Judgment Day. Jesus told us about this when He said that we will be surprised at some of the people who make it into Paradise and they were probably saved because of dreams. EVERYONE gets a fair chance to accept Jesus as their savior.

This video tells that this is going on in Iran right now in a big way. People are having visions or dreams of Jesus and accepting him as their savior. The Bible tells us this will continue during the Tribulation and many will be martyred.

Note that the host said he has heard from "a lot of Muslims" about them accepting Jesus because of dreams just like me. Then the guests told us that it happens a lot in Iran.

Interestingly, different people come to Jesus in different ways. My sister was 1.5 years older than me and she had perfect photographic memory, which made it possible for her to read half a dozen books like novels in one day and she could remember all of it, every word, when she was in high school. In just one day, she read the entire Webster's Unabridged Dictionary and was always correcting me for word usage afterwards.

One day, she didn't have any other book in the house she had not read except the Bible so she sat down and read it cover-to-cover in one day and accepted Jesus because of what she read. That was amazing and I remember her telling me about it shortly after it happened.

God works in incredible ways.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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