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I forgot to tell you about a few dots I am watching concerning Russia's offensive. There are two very important dots.

First, is the fleet movement towards Odessa, which is already shelling Odessa with missiles to prepare for the amphibious landing on top of the shelling of neighbor Kherson for several months now, which has decimated most of the NATO troops there.

Second, is the shelling all over Ukraine preparing for the soon coming offensive with extra emphasis on Odessa, Lviv, Kiev, and Kharkiv.

This is all telling me that the Russian offensive is right now in the first stage of shelling the battle zones to weaken the enemy, while the Wagner Group is already taking ground in the Donbass area, especially but not limited to Bakhmut.

That fleet approaching Odessa is telling me it won't be long now or they would not have those troops on the ship at sea heading that way. When those troops hit the ground, almost certainly, all of the other troops will start moving into combat.

Remember that the Russians will attack Odessa from sea and by land via Kherson; they will attack Lviv from the north out of Belarus to cut off escape or resupply routes via Poland; they will attack Kharkiv from Bakhmut; and Kiev from Belarus to change the government.

This video provides some good information concerning what is and may go on concerning Ukraine that everyone needs to know. He tells you a lot that I have been telling you including the nuclear threat.

Keep an eye on this. It could be any day now.

Remember that I have been telling you that Zelensky is not in Ukraine because, if he were, Putin would kill him?

A member of Zelensky's staff, Ukrainian Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskiy, his deputy, and 16 others, were in a chopper in Ukraine and it "crashed" killing them all. I am looking for confirmation that Russia shot him down but, most likely, they did.

If Zelensky were in Ukraine, Russia would have already killed him plus I keep seeing the same backgrounds for his videos they have been using for him standing in front of a green screen, after he left Ukraine.

Then I found this video by Scott Ritter, which says what I have been telling you from a different perspective. He says that Russia's command staff will be structured differently with one general in charge of the air war, another general in charge of the ground war, and the other general in more of a general command position but they already have that job with the head general.

That also makes some sense to me but not a lot and that doesn't change the obvious fact that the primary targets or strategy will be Odessa, Lviv, Kiev, and Kharkiv, which he also loosely referred to by saying that Russia is going in to destroy the military and the nations' government to replace that government like I have been telling you for a year. That has been Putin's strategy all along.

He also pointed out another reason for Russia and Belarus driving south in the west of Ukraine was to keep Poland out because Poland is recruiting a 300,000 man force to take Western Ukraine but it will also be to stop reinforcement, resupply, and retreat for the Ukraine/NATO troops inside Ukraine, he pointed out that Russia is focusing her eastern troops to the north of Bakhmut towards Kharkiv, and he previously stated she will focus on taking Kherson and Odessa, and, to change the government, Russia has to take Kiev to change the government, all just like I have been telling you.

The thing he added that I had not considered was Russia using her vastly superior air force to finish devastating the nation and her economy to force a surrender. I figured that the air force will play several rolls including preparing the battlefield for the invasion, which they are right now doing, and supporting the invasion, which is normal.

One thing he did not mention was that Russia is obviously bringing her navy into this invasion in a supporting role. Those ships and subs can launch missiles that can reach all over Ukraine.

We will soon see what Russia is really going to do but keep your eye on the things we told you.

Rome II

Remember that I keep telling you that you are living the fall of Rome II?

This video tells you how bad it is for the US in a number of areas and that you are living the fall of Rome II, with both Russia and China growing in energy production.

He tells you that increasing numbers of Americans are not able to pay rent and are living off of borrowed money from credit cards. I told you that you better get ready to get poor and increasing numbers already are getting poor.

People, Rome II isn't falling, it is now violently crashing to Earth. We are in the last stages of Rome II falling. We are losing the war with the Eastern Alliance in every way and our idiot leaders can't stop trying to start WWIII with Russia. They are insane.

AND it is at least 2 to 3 times worse for Europe. They will be FORCED to soon capitulate to Russia just to survive because of what their upper class trash have done and are doing to Europe.

Globalism is dead but our inbred stupid upper class trash are too greedy and power mad to accept it or even realize it. They will persist with their madness unto their deaths.

This video shows you that those power mad lunatics will not give up. They cannot quit trying to set up their global dictatorship, even though they are destroying the West and their power base they need to set up their evil dictatorship. The arrogant fools are everyone's worst enemy, including their own.

They Are Here

I think you need to know that, based on everything God has shown me, EVERYONE mentioned in the Bible, who will be a main character during the Tribulation, is here on this planet, right now, preparing for the soon coming tribulation, they just have not yet been made known to you but they will soon be made known. When they are made known to you, I bet that will scare the crap out of most of you.

Many of them may not even know who they are yet because NONE of the Apostles knew they were Apostles until Jesus called them but God already knew they were Apostles before they were born.

I am talking about the 2 Tribulation Witnesses, the 144,000 virgin Hebrew males, the False Prophet, and the Antichrist are all walking this Earth right now, preparing for the soon coming Tribulation.

It should be common sense that everyone of those people have to be adults by the time the Tribulation starts so they must be alive on the planet for at least 15 to 20 years before the Tribulation starts, probably much longer.

Also, just because you don't know they are here or who they are does not mean they are not here among the other 8 billion people on the planet, it just means you don't know they are here or who they are.

You better get right with God, pray long, pray hard, pray often.

You should also know that the occult are looking forward to and even hoping they get to be the Antichrist and False Prophet so they can rule the world with the one world government and one world church, which is exactly what this globalism is really about. In their religion and lives, the Antichrist is a hero because they are all evil, demon possessed humans. Hey, the Antichrist is one of them.

BTW, the areas of Commiefornia that were recently battered the hardest by the storms are the blue areas of the state along the coast with most of the red areas not getting it as bad. This nation will not be devastated equally because God will more heavily punish the parts, like blue cities and counties, which hate Him.

Note that the two areas God showed me that will be hit hardest with the greatest punishments will be two of the bluest cities in the nation, Chicago and Los Angeles; they will both cease to exist because of their sins; we are talking modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

An interesting bit of irony is that Chicago is considered to be the most corrupt city in the US and God has let me know He will use a private plane with a 10K nuke in the nose to rain down "fire and brimstone" on her like He did Sodom and Gomorrah. She will cease to exit.

I believe I told you that, in the dream about the destruction of the Greater LA Area, LA itself was completely flattened and nothing but rubble. There was not a building left standing and it was desolate. She will cease to exist.

Right now, God is getting His "Lot" families out of these towns.

Do you get the picture yet?

Red Zone Fighters

Remember that I have been telling you that conservatives are fighting back?

Increasing numbers of conservatives are taking more and more of a stand against the satanic pagan lefties and fighting back as this video shows.

Each is fighting in their own way to save what they can to build a new nation later. It is such good people that give me reason and hope to keep fighting against Satan's spawn. Pray for them.


Remember that I keep telling you about the extreme stupidity of the upper class trash with their reprobate minds?

Here is a great example of the stupidity of the ruling class or upper class trash. In all of China's ruling class' superior intelligence, they started their one child policy, you know, a commie great sounding stupid idea.

Common sense should have told the morons that, if you have 200 million parents and they only have 100 million children or one child per family, that population of adults will be cut in half within one generation or about 40 to 50 years. That means you will have half as many working adults, fighting age men for your military, and customers for your businesses, which will cut business and taxes in half. It will also destroy your housing market and other markets.

Note that it can take 20 to 30 years for such stupidity to materialize or manifest into a growing problem.

Plus, if the geniuses are also killing off millions of citizens because of their religion, they protest for their freedoms, for their internal organs, or any other reasons, the economy and taxes will be even less.

You know, if you are killing your own soldiers, you are not going to have as many soldiers. Hello!!!

For example, Adolph Hitler murdered about 12 to 13 million people in his death camps, at least 2 to 3 million men, of which he could have used as soldiers to fight for Germany. Gee, that was smart.

Do you believe me yet that my farts are smarter than the upper class trash?

For every generation you do these things, it will cause the problem to be worse. For example, if you only allow one child with 200 million parents, you will have only 100 million parents in the next generation and only have 50 million children to become parents in the third generation. It very quickly destroys your nation, your economy, your military strength, your housing market, and your tax base. Only an idiot would do that, you know, someone with a reprobate mind stupid enough to believe in Communism.

I have been watching this and waiting for it to happen for about 20 years now and it is now happening. It turns out that 2022 was China's first decline in population since the 1960s because of their moron ruling class, you know, ye ole commie upper class trash. That means there will be less business and taxes in 2023 so there will be less revenues for government.

Hey, our Western upper class trash are making the same idiot mistake on a much larger scale with their "depopulating the planet", you know, murdering off 7.5 billion people. Those arrogant fools never learn. Hey, too much inbreeding.

Even if they go to a replacement birth rate that is two children for every two parents and people die from diseases, injuries, or because of a murdering government, your population will eventually decline so business and taxes will also decline, you know, along with your military strength.

And you think the upper class trash morons are smarter than you because they stole more money than you can earn? Really?

This is going to be fun to watch because, for China to turn this around, they have to stop murdering people for just being people under their insane control or to sell their organs.

How long do you think it will take for those morons to figure that one out? Do you believe me yet that China is not the greatest threat to the US and other Western nations but our evil upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets are?

China has been destroying her international potential for taking over the world for decades and none our idiot lefties were smart enough to figure it out.

China couldn't support a sustained war with all of the problems her moron commie upper class trash have created but communist leaders are not exactly proving to be the smartest things on the planet, you know, like our commie leaders. History proves that ALL Marxists eventually destroy their own nations and they always will. It is the most failed government system in history but the stupid people keep believing in it because it just sounds so good to stupid people.

Right now China is very vulnerable in so many ways because of ye ole Marxism and I have been pointing this out for several decades. Hint, hint, Marxism was dreamed up by reprobate minds and is being taught by reprobate minds.

Hey, what do you expect from reprobate minds?

Showing their buffoonery in this video China is trying to intimidate Japan by actually staging a training mission for an invasion on what seems to be an uninhabited Japanese island along with other threats.

The question is whether China is just trying to intimidate Japan into not aiding Taiwan and/or into submission to China's rule over Japan too?

An important bit of intel from this video is the US commitment to aiding Japan in fighting China and reorganizing the 12th Marine Littoral Regiment, an artillery regiment, to be stationed on Okinawa.

I am wondering where they are getting the troops to reorganize former combat regiments, when they can't get enough recruits to replace the troops they are losing, much less for building new regiments. Something is going on here because you can't build new military regiments with imaginary troops.

Then he tells you about a new base Japan is building on an island in the East China Sea for US fighter planes (probably to include mini nukes) and Japan and the US are also cooperating to fight in space. This tells me that the US is building up military forces in the area to fight a war with China and North Korea like I told you she should.

Japan has also started making mutual defense treaties with other nations so that, if either nation is attacked, the other nation is supposed to come to their aid but this can work against Japan because the other nations Japan is making treaties with are not that strong and could end up fighting Russia soon, which would require Japan sending needed troops from protecting Japan to futilely protecting those other nations.

Japan is also stating what I said years ago about the US using China's slavery to get rich, also making it possible for China to get rich and build a powerful military to take over other nations. It was really stupid. Basically, they are saying our leaders are stupid but almost all Japan has to rely on in a war with China, whose leaders are also stupid.

Hey, what do you expect from reprobate minds, intelligence?

At least Japan has other allies in the area such as Taiwan, South Korea, India, Australia, and Indonesia.

Remember that I have been telling you that the US needs to pull her troops out of Europe with a strategic retreat, stop poking ye ole Russian bear to start WWIII and reposition to protect the US and her Pacific allies like Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea because we only have a one front military? Do you see why yet?

Hey, we are either going to stage that strategic retreat or lose everything.

Keep an eye on it.


To again show you that this green energy thingy to save the planet is a farce and has nothing to do with science, just look at what the evil things are doing with farming.

I told you that plants breath in CO2 and breath out O2, which helps resolve their fake problem with us humans creating too much CO2. By them stopping farming to decrease other fake pollutants, they are decreasing the conversion of CO2 to O2 by decreasing growing plants, which will make their fake climate change problem worse.

It is not what you would do if the CO2 problem was real, proving it is phony. If the CO2 problem was real, you would want the farmers to grow more crops to convert more CO2 to O2 but that wouldn't make the upper class trash more money.

The real reason why the upper class trash royals are forcing farmers to decrease or stop growing food is to cause a food shortage to cause famine to cause a biological die off of humans globally, which is premeditated murder and genocide. These upper class trash human demons are not doing this to save anything but are doing it to murder massive numbers of people, you know, billions of people, especially in countries depending on food from the upper class trash countries because it will decrease the export of food to those other countries.

Do you believe me yet that the best thing that can happen to this planet is for these very evil upper class trash royal spawn of Satan to die and go to Hell where they can never again cause harm to others?

What do I expect to happen with the idiot West cutting back on farming?

It will cause those other countries to cut back trading with the US and Europe even more, turn to trading with other Eastern Alliance nations to get the food they need, it will decrease the Western economies even more, which will cause the Western nations to decline even faster and probably finish imploding, while causing the Eastern Alliance nations to prosper and grow because EVERYTHING the Western idiot leaders do always backfires because dey is smarty pants.

This farming thingy to cut back on food exports to other nations could easily finish off the Western nations. It could be the straw that finally breaks their camels' backs, especially as bad as the idiots have already made things.

Hey, idiot Marxists don't understand a thing about economics so they will always destroy their economies.


Remember that I have been telling you that the left is exposing Afghan Joe's crimes so he cannot run for president in 2024 and, if he still persists, they will kill him?

This video gives you details being uncovered and that are exposing Afghan Joe's crimes, now including massive tax evasion. They are working very hard to make it impossible for Afghan Joe to run for president in 2024.

What they will probably do is, if Afghan Joe agrees to not run in 2024, they will look the other way on his crimes or slap his wrist. If he doesn't agree, they will kill him.

My question is, "How long until his funeral?" He isn't going to quit.

The big question they are now asking is who will they run in Afghan Joe's place?

Well, there is Meghan, who is getting a lot of PR and is working to distance herself from the British Royal Family and clearly stated 2.5 years ago that she plans to run in 2024. Gee, what a magic coincidence. Keep an eye on her.


Remember that I told you that, with the Taliban now starting a war with Pakistan, Pakistan would want to make nice and have peace with India?

This video tells you that Pakistan is now saying they want to have peace with India. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

When the Taliban, that Pakistan had been protecting from the US, no longer needs protection from the US, they turned on Pakistan to thank her by killing her people. That meant that Pakistan now has hostile elements on both sides of her, almost completely surrounding her, and she cannot survive that mess very long.

The Taliban is the one causing trouble for Pakistan and Pakistan is the one causing trouble with India so, to survive, Pakistan has to quit causing trouble with India. Pakistan has a number of other problems but the video really understated the effect of the attacks by the Taliban because, until that began, Pakistan was still staging attacks against India.

You have to understand that, after the Taliban began attacking Pakistan, Pakistan remained hostile towards India UNTIL India made a trade agreement with the Taliban, which was only one step away from India making a mutual defense treaty with the Taliban so that both of them would gang up on Pakistan and the two of them have Pakistan almost completely surrounded.

It put Pakistan in a position to where Pakistan had to make a treaty with India BEFORE India made a mutual defense treaty with the Taliban. It was "save thy butt time".

Do you get the picture?

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.


This video tells you what Jordan Peterson has found they can do with AI now and what they expect to do within the next year. He is predicting it will be super duper intelligent.

Just remember that it can never become as knowledgeable and intelligent as God, Yahweh, and Yahweh knows how to pull the plug. Don't be surprised if it gets unplugged soon.

Why are the upper class trash building and promoting AI?

So they can use it for the ultimate front so that, if their evil plans go wrong, they can blame AI so you won't hang them.

I also noticed something else in that video I am seeing more and more of. They are now telling us that all of their evil plans are going to come together this year, 2023.

What they are telling us is that they are desperately making their final grab for power this year, 2023, because they know that, if it doesn't happen this year, it isn't going to happen.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often because 2023 is going to be a very rough ride.

Wonder Weapons

Remember that I have been criticizing the stupid Western hype about sending in super duper weapons systems they brand as "a game changer"? Remember that I have been warning you that just sending a few of one type of weapon is stupid because it makes it possible for Russia to determine the weaknesses of that weapon system to develop countermeasures? Remember all of the hype about the Himars super duper wonder weapon and how it would be "a game changer"?

This video tells you towards the end that Russia has done that with our wonderful Himars missiles so that they are not that effective against the Russians because they have learned to quite effectively shoot them down. They tell you that the Himars can now only be used against Russia in limited ways.

Now, when we have to fight Russia because our idiot upper class trash cause a war between the US and Russia, our wonderful Himars missiles won't be as effective because of our idiot, traitor upper class trash making it possible for Russia to develop countermeasures for it before the war even gets started. They are doing that with all of our best weapons the morons send to Ukraine.

I don't know about you but that really ticks me off. A lot more of our US troops are going to die because of our corrupt, criminal, upper class trash traitor commie royals.

Now, how many of YOU want to see those horrid, criminal human demon traitors sent to fight in Ukraine with BB guns, while wearing bright orange clothes and hats? Hey, they want to send our troops into Ukraine, why not send them first?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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