I Told You So 518

Name Changes

Remember that I have been teaching you that the lefties keep changing the names of stuff to fool the stupid people?

Something the upper class trash mastered a long time ago was the art of changing the names of their evil plots or organizations to throw people off, especially the stupid people.

For example, they started calling their current project the New World Order, changed it to Globalism, changed it back to the New World Order, Changed it to the Great Reset, and they are now calling it "the Global Collaboration Village".

What it does is it keeps causing people to subconsciously not relate anything that was said unfavorably about their group or organization under a previous name to not associate that negative information with being related to the new name. It is a mental sleight of hand that works very well with a surprising number of people. They tend to think that because it is not the same name, then it is not the same organization, regardless of the fact it is run by the same people.

I am realizing that this last meeting at Davos by the WEF is opening more eyes so more people see a little more about how evil those upper class trash things are. I am watching and wondering if such obvious evil will anger or scare people enough to start storming these monsters' castles and using the devouring brute beasts for tree ornaments. Keep an eye on that. The evil things may have screwed themselves this time, you know, like with everything else.

Dream Coming True

Remember that I told you about the dream where Obama was at the front of a theater giving a speech and, when he finished, he left to invade Israel. After He left, God told me to go to the front and take a significant seat, at which time, an army of God's people followed me to the front and began taking seats to work together to take back our nation.

This video tells me in the second half that army is already here and working to create what he calls "parallel industries" to take back control from the evil upper class trash and their tyranny.

That dream is in the process of being partly fulfilled right now. Keep fighting.

This video is more information showing that same dream is coming true along with another dream I told you about.

Remember in that dream that, when Obama finished his speech and left the stage to invade Israel, several rows of blacks got up, followed by several rows of white lefties to help invade Israel? Also remember in another dream that, after Obama nuked Chicago, he blamed Israel?

When Obama nukes Chicago and blames Israel, those brainwashed lefties in those universities, both whites and blacks, will rush to join Obama's army to invade and punish Israel. In that video, you are watching the left building Obama's army with all of the lies and propaganda the left is telling those young people.

We are getting closer.


Remember that I told you that the pagan lefties look forward to the coming of the Antichrist and many dream of being the Antichrist because they are demon possessed?

Then I also told you that the real Antichrist is one of them because they are his people.

Therefore, if you support the left, especially like the WEF and globalism, you are supporting the Antichrist, Satan, and his demons and standing against Yahweh/Jesus. By just voting for those evil people, you are choosing to be on the Antichrist's and Satan's side against God.

Choose wisely.

Ukraine Chopper

I am seeing that it quite possibly was not Putin who shot down the Interior Ministry chopper but someone within their own military because of how corrupt the Ukrainian government is.

They are saying that it has to do with money in that the Ukrainian Military is selling most of the weapons to other nations that were sent to Ukraine and the Interior Ministry wanted their share of that money. Apparently the military made one such payment but decided to not make any more payments, you know, because of greed, so they shot down the chopper with their own Interior Ministry in it; the entire Ministry and not just the top 2 or 3 leaders.

Some are reporting that 14 died, others that it was 16, and others that it was 18, of which 3 were children.

I am keeping an eye on this.

I have been telling you that these greedy and power mad pagans will eventually turn on each other for more money and/or power so that is a possibility. Hey, it saves Putin having to shoot them down.

Hey, if you sleep with snakes, you will eventually get bitten.

Considering this, I would not be surprised to see Zelensky's own people kill him in the event it somehow benefits them.

The Love of Money

This is a good video teaching you about how even most of the "best" people will sell out at least a little for the love of money. I have to respect Mark because he has not sold out even a little and he could definitely make a lot more money if he sold out at least a little like some of the people he told you about.

God is sorting out the good guys from the poser good guys.

That is why God won't let me make any money on this blog. God takes care of me, I work for Him, and He won't let me lie. He points out things to me and I write about them. I answer only to God.

I don't get any money from my readers, Patreon, PayPal, or anything else that could tell me anything like, "Don't say that or we will steal from you." I am just a very sick and impoverished old prophet of God, who is very well educated with a lot of life experiences, with God providing everything I need, with me teaching the truth with no reason to lie.

I don't even have to worry about paying staff because it is just me and God. I don't even have a wife to influence my writings and my cats can't read. There ain't no academic whores here.

If I tell you something, to the best of my knowledge, it is true and my "I Told You So" essays prove that to be true. There are a number of reasons for me writing "I Told You So" essays, which include things like glorifying God because He tells me what to write. God uses those essays to prove that I am a man of God.

If I could get just 2 things from God, I would want to get my health back and be able to heal others. I don't need or want lots of money, mansions, yachts, jets, or expensive cars and will only get such, if God tells me to. I drive a 1971 VW Bus that is two tone, white over rust (I really love driving it), I live in a beat up old trailer that keeps the rain off my butt, keeps me warm during the winter and keeps me cooler during the summer, and I live just fine because I walk daily with God.

Am I perfect?

No, but every day I try to get a little closer to being perfect to please me and God, knowing that I will never be able to be perfect because I am human and it doesn't scare the crap out of me.

Changing Economies

Remember that I have been telling you that China's economy is declining and India's economy is growing rapidly?

This video shows you some of that but also shows that South Korea's and Japan's economies are also growing quickly and the US economy is also in decline.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Russia, India, South Korea, and Japan rise to being the top four economies in a few years. Keep an eye on this.

Ukraine War

Remember that I have been warning you that the Western Globalists are not going to quit trying to destroy and get rid of Putin so they can set up their glorious global dictatorship?

This video shows just how irrational and insane the upper class trash really are. They are determined to start a nuke war with Russia because they arrogantly believe Russia would not dare nuke them and the US can defeat Russia (not their militaries but the US Military.)

They are arrogantly clueless that the US is no longer the military it used to be because our criminal upper class trash sacked our military the same way their upper class trash (them) sacked their militaries and made them paper tigers too. They don't realize how bad they have screwed up everything.

These idiot upper class trash are so determined and desperate they have now put together a list of significantly more weapons to send to Ukraine and almost certainly provide the operators as "contracted fighters", which still won't be enough to turn the war around because they are clueless, simple minded idiots who are ignorant about war and will just make things worse for the people in Ukraine.

The key point here is that Putin has to know now that he MUST fight a nuclear war with the insane West to put an end to their insanity. It wouldn't surprise me if he dropped a tactical nuclear cruise missile into their meeting, which would cause the survivors at home to think again.

When I used to fight on bad streets as a kid, I learned that the reason a handful of punk gang bangers would start talking tough to someone they wanted to pick a fight with was because they were talking up their courage and encouraging each other to be brave enough to start a fight with whomever. They were convincing themselves they could win the fight.

These cowardly jerks at Davos are doing the same thing because it is basic human nature. They are talking up their courage and encouraging each other by applauding each other's insanity to get brave enough to fight Putin and risk a nuke war. Unfortunately, they will leave there brave enough to ignorantly believe, "Yeah, we can whip Putin", go home, and start a nuke war in which they will probably die along with millions of people they get killed.

They are nothing but a bunch of cowardly punk gang bangers with more money and the right degrees from the right university wearing expensive clothing and don't know crap about fighting, who love to believe they are smarter than they are.

Then I found this video where the guest really put it like it is about Davos and the WEF. They are just a bunch of rich criminals plotting to take over control of the world so they can steal everything you have so they can have more luxury at your expense.

Remember that I told you months ago that, based on troop movements and deployments, Russia was ramping up for WWIII and I have shown you examples of him doing that such as him deploying troops near Alaska and Poland.

This video shows you that Putin has been ramping up for WWIII with some of their troop positioning. The reason why he pulled back and just held NATO at bay is because he was still deploying weapons for WWIII. When Putin told his top General that he can start his offensive in Ukraine at any time he wanted, that was a signal that Putin had finished deploying troops for WWIII. He will soon start his offensive in Ukraine and when our idiot leaders in the West attack Russian forces, Putin will jump straight into WWIII. It is going to happen soon.

Note that they said that, when Russia is attacked, they will hold NATO, but especially the UK, US, and Poland responsible telling you that they know the UK and US are most responsible for this war just like I have been telling you but Poland is included because they has already sent thousands of troops into Ukraine and is ramping up 300,000 more troops right now to take Western Ukraine from Russia.

Then they said that it is now only a matter of time until they are in open conflict with NATO. The Russians know that they have no choice but to fight WWIII because of our insane leaders.

Note that about half way through that video, he started telling you about the wrong interpretation for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

This video shows you why Russia listed Poland as one of the top three enemies of Russia. Poland is already waging a full scale war against Russia inside Ukraine.

BTW, this is depleting the already limited Polish military weapons, munitions, and soldiers to where, when Russia decides to attack through Poland into Europe, there may not be enough left in Poland to even slow down the Russian invasion. By doing this, Poland is disarming herself with her being the first in line for a Russian invasion, which is super stupid.

Add to that, that Germany and France are both very close to jumping ship and making buds with Russia so that the "NATO vs Russia war" will actually just be the weakened US and UK forces against Russia and Russia knows that, if she defeats the US and UK, the two most powerful Western militaries, the other European nations will make nice with Russia.

Mean while, in this video we see a split forming between Germany and the US over tanks. The US wants Germany to send its best tanks to Ukraine but refuses to send its own best tanks to Ukraine, instead of sending our best tanks, the US wants to send the Bradley Fighting Machines. It is the old "do as I say and not as I do" game and Germany is refusing to play.

This is just one more split between the US and UK vs the EU nations and it just keeps getting worse. Wow, that will really help them set up their global dictatorship.

This is a very interesting video where Scott interviewed a former US officer, who learned to read the writing on the wall about what was really going on. He tells us about the US military "not touching" the Muslim Jihadists and even supporting them.

The Russia officer and former US Military officer gives you very interesting details on why Ukraine cannot win this war, especially concerning logistics, which, like he said, "Logistics wins wars and logistics loses wars." That is very true and, when I was in the military during Nam, for every combatant we had in the US Military, we had 11 support personnel to keep that combatant in the fight.

Then they both told you how bad our military is and said it was because of the upper class trash laundering our defense money into their greedy pockets. He told you about his first assignment in Germany with a tank platoon with 4 tanks where he only had one dependable tank, 2 that might work, and one that never worked because they didn't have parts, you know, just like I told you that much of the German equipment doesn't work because they don't have parts for the same reason.

You mean our greedy upper class trash have weakened our military for the same reasons their greedy upper class trash have weakened their military, while preparing to fight Russia? Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you believe me yet that the US Military is NOT ready to fight Russia?

They told you we are not and why.

Then he explained why the Ukrainians couldn't even use our Abrams tanks because they use jet engines and fuel and could, in no way, maintain them.

Do you think our stupid, greedy upper class trash have learned anything and are improving our militaries?

No, with our increased military budgets, you can bet the arrogant, greedy upper class trash are laundering more of our defense spending into their greedy pockets. They are not going to fix anything.

Hey, what do you expect for pagan reprobate minds, intelligence? Really?

And, people, these are only a few of the things our militarily ignorant politicians and upper class trash do not even come close to understanding and they are making the decisions? Really? Do you now understand why everything they do keeps failing?

They are not even on the same planet with reality. Their idiot minds are in a different pretend galaxy.

Remember that I have told you that I am sick of seeing the Western media, politicians, and other military morons saying that us sending some weapon to Ukraine is a magic "game changer"?

This video shows what I told you about the Apache helicopter being a magic "game changer" and shows some of the threats that ONLY 4 of them will face, GROSSLY outnumbered!

They didn't tell you about all of the weapons systems that will be used against these choppers like all aircraft, especially fighter planes with no fighter plane cover for the Apache, and drones. I would be surprised if 4 Apache choppers lasted 3 or 4 months in that hostile environment.

They also didn't tell you that it will take at least a full year of training for already military qualified pilots so that, if you see those babies in combat any time soon, they will be flown by NATO troops, you know, UK or US "contracted" pilots.

I wouldn't be surprised if Zelensky sells them before they even get to Ukraine. You have to understand that the real reason Zelensky wants more weapons is so they can sell more weapons to fill their greedy pockets as much as possible before this war ends in Ukraine's defeat. He isn't going to win the war and he knows it.

People, this is already the early stages of WWIII being temporarily contained within Ukraine.

Of special interest to me was the mention of the Russian Krasuhka electronic warfare system that disabled an Apache using just electronic warfare by disabling its electronics system with microwave signals. It shuts down all electronic and electrical systems on the weapon system with just electronics warfare.

Remember that I warned you that, when Russia and the US started butting heads, you would see some black closet and star wars stuff that would amaze the living crap out of you?

This is black closet stuff I was trained to use in 1972 and now I know the Ruskies have this weapon system too and are already openly using it.

With that system, they can stop ANYTHING depending on electronics and electrical systems that is not adequately shielded (yes, we do have countermeasures for it) and this is the first I have heard of this system outside of the US Black Closet but I know the science.

Without the proper countermeasures, they can stop tanks, aircraft carriers, bombers, fighter planes, satellites, nuke missiles, SAMs, communications, the Pentagon, ANYTHING!

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often because things just got interesting. We are now fighting black closet warfare for the first time in history.

And you think Ukraine can win this war with a handful of weapons systems? Really?

When Russia finally decides to get serious, she can stop every weapon system Ukraine and the EU have with that one weapon system.

This war has reached a point to where our militarily ignorant politicians, bureaucrats, and upper class trash should no longer be in charge. They shouldn't even allow the politically promoted officers in the Pentagon like Afghan Austin and Afghan Milley be involved in commanding this war. They will definitely get you killed. They should all be set in a corner and given something shiny to play with, which is where they should have been 70 years ago.

Electric Vehicles

Here is an easy prediction. The thing that will destroy electric vehicles will be law suits for the fires caused by their batteries. Keep an eye on it.

Afghan Joe

One possibility with this secret documents thingy is, if they prove that those documents were placed in those places by his own people to get rid of Afghan Joe and if it is made public, it will fail so Afghan Joe won't have to not run in 2024 and then the only option the upper class trash will have will be to kill him. Keep an eye on that.

Then I found this video telling me that more and more people are seeing the same shadows moving in the background. Now, if this becomes confirmed as being true and made public knowledge, more people will support Afghan Joe running and he will still run. That will be when you need to watch for him to suddenly croak to get him out of their way.


I am seeing more and more countries where the government controls everything such as wages, medicine, and other things having more and more problems because most politicians are the dumbest people in their nations and their upper class trash giving orders are not so smart either or they are intentionally screwing up everything.

That is the problem with letting the government manage everything in your life. You can do a better job than any government will.


I finally found confirmation for something I have been wanting to share with you about Nixon. Unlike what they tell you, he was not a bad guy, he was a hero.

This video tells you part of that. Note that it tells you about the corruption that Nixon uncovered and remember that he was forced to resign to keep from going to jail over Watergate which was staged by the CIA to get rid of him even before he talked to the head of the CIA and told him that he knew the CIA murdered JFK.

Why did they get rid of Nixon, if it wasn't for Watergate?

Because he killed the biggest "cash cow" the Democrats had ever had to launder your tax money into their greedy pockets, while killing US soldiers, when he defeated North Vietnam and forced them to sign the Paris Peace Accords in February 1973, one year after he was elected, ending the Vietnam War, which was making the Commierats lots of money.

The Vietnam War was making the Commierats hundreds of millions of dollars each year and they didn't want that to end. Why, how dare Nixon kill their cash cow.

The CIA used Watergate to get rid of Nixon in 1974 and replaced him with their pal, Ford, and then in 1975 the Democrat controlled Congress passed the bill and Ford signed it that I told you about that forbade the US Military from providing ANY assistance to South Vietnam in the event that North Vietnam attacked them again so North Vietnam did attack South Vietnam when that bill became law in 1975, requiring the US Military to immediately evacuate South Vietnam, which turned into a much worse withdrawal crisis than even when the Commierats pulled out of Afghanistan and Afghan Joe was partly responsible for both of those two disasters.

Since then, the lefties have been lying to you telling you that North Vietnam defeated the US Military to cover for their treason.

That is the truth and I finally got confirmation for it.

Do you believe me yet that the lefty upper class trash will make this planet a better place when they all die and are burning in Hell?

They are demon possessed spawn of Satan and have been for a long time.

He also points out that it is very probable that Afghan Joe is being railroaded by the same bureaucratic tyranny, which makes sense.

You have to understand those bureaucrats answer to the upper class trash royals and are only in power and will stay in power because of the royals. Therefore, it is almost certain that the upper class trash royals, who do not want Afghan Joe to run in 2024, are using those bureaucrats planting classified documents to get rid of Afghan Joe because he insists on running in 2024.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" and others are now doing unto Afghan Joe as he has done unto many others for decades.

I am surprised that Tucker is not in more trouble than he is for regularly exposing the corruption of our government. Pray for him.

Global Prayer Vigil

Remember that, for years, I tried to get you to do a global prayer vigil and this video shows why.

Your Christian family really needs your prayers and, if you don't pray for them, don't be surprised if you end up being one of them.

Chinese Population Decline

Remember that I explained the Chinese population decline?

This video shows you even more, how bad it probably is, and what it really means.

This will definitely cause many more major corporations to move their factories out of China, causing China's economy to shrink even more, and decrease her ability to maintain, much less grow her military. When they have to start cutting back on their government and military, watch for a major military coup. Hey, Xi might soon become an organ donor.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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