I Told You So 52

Today I read in Atlas Shrugs and a few other sites that Obama, his wife, and his entire cabinet are running scared. We are talking terrified about going to prison. I have noticed that Atlas tends to post such things about one to two days before they break out in the other media, especially the left wing propaganda machine.

It seems that there is some sort of scandal about to bust loose and the Commiecrat Party is trying to keep it from happening until after the election. At least that is the story being told by the commie insiders releasing this "news".

No one is saying what this scandal is but they are saying that Hillary, Pelosi, and a bunch of others have the info on it, it is spreading quickly, and is only a matter of time until it breaks loose. Their sources are saying that the entire Commiecrat Party is trying its best to distance itself from the Obamas to minimize damage to them. It is cut and run time and the White House is in a panic.

Apparently a number of inside sources are reveling in releasing info you know they have been told to release. This info is being fed out by those inside sources at a paced rate so you know it has been planned by the Commie puppet masters in advance. These "sources" would not release this info without approval from their liberal gods.

Want to bet that the Obamas didn't go along with the Commiecrat deal and it is drop the dime time? Want to bet the Obamas will soon make a deal where Obama will resign for the "good of the country" permitting Queen Pelosi to become either the first female vice president or first female president? Want to bet the announcement will be in the Sears Tower in Chicago with Queen Pelosi to be sworn in after Obama's announcement?

I can just see the new deal they will offer Obama, his wife, and his cabinet. If he resigns before this thing blows wide open, the next president will give him, his wife, and his cabinet a presidential pardon, no questions asked. Everything goes quickly and quietly under the rug. The big question is will this happen before the election or right after?

I have also come to the realization that the Commiecrat Party may be waiting until the very last second for their big October surprise for a good reason. It will deny the Tea Party and GOP any opportunity to counter the commie emotion based attempt to steal votes from the GOP. I think the commie's are waiting until the GOP won't have even one day to try to counter the October Surprise.

This is getting interesting. What do you think, before or after the election? If it is their October surprise, it has to happen before the election and the announcement has to happen by at least Sunday for the event itself to happen by the last day before the election or Monday. We will see. On Halloween, we may get a big trick with no treat.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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