I Told You So 521


Remember that I have been telling you for quite a while that WWIII with Russia is already underway and is now rapidly escalating?

This video tells you I am right again. They are now openly saying that WE, the West, are at war with Russia. There is now no question about it.

Do you believe me yet that the inbred, greedy, power mad upper class trash royals are raving lunatics? Do you believe me yet that God is punishing us for turning our backs on Him by giving our corrupt leaders over to reprobate minds?

Welcome to WWIII with Russia, courtesy of the upper class trash lunatics.

Now, the question is, how many of you will survive the war caused by our commie upper class trash tyrants?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and get right with God. It ain't if the nukes are going to fly but when and a lot of people are going to die.

Then I found this video and, from what he says, the Russian offensive began quietly 3 days ago on January 24 and they are taking ground fast. He said that Ukrainian forces are quickly collapsing in all areas.

I read somewhere else that at least some of the Ukrainian generals have started pulling their people back from the Russian lines to keep them from being wiped out by Russia.

That fits with what several other commentators said about the Ukrainian forces already being significantly diminished.

It looks like the commitment of the NATO weapons and forces to this fight caused the Russians to move quickly to get this fight over with before those weapons, munitions, and troops can reach the battlefield.

BTW, the two maps I used spell the name of the town as "Vuhledar" and it is southwest of Donetsk.

Scott says some very interesting things in this video and, at about 7:40 into the video he says that the German PM, Scholz, said everyone is expecting Germany to build new tanks to replace the German tanks everyone is giving to Ukraine but that Germany can't build new tanks to the numbers necessary to have a "viable military force" because the price of steel is too high and the cost of energy is too high and Scott said that he believes that the UK, France, and all of the other nations are probably in the same situation.

He believes that the European leaders are still hoping they can continue to hide behind the magic military curtain or forces of the US, after the Europeans have all been stripped of their defenses, including the US being stripped of her defenses. Scott said that he believes the US has pretty much given Ukraine all of the weapons we have in inventory that we can and, therefore, we have to build new weapons to give to Ukraine, which is going to take a lot of time, you know, like months and years, by which time Russia will have won the war.

The idiot upper class trash are disarming the European nations without the ability to rearm them within the next one to two years.

Why do I think that Africa is going to see a disarmed Europe and say, "Hey, easy pickings?"

Does your brain hurt yet from their stupidity?

He confirms that the troops from Poland are dying by the thousands in Ukraine, you know, disarming their nations so they won't have weapons, munitions, or soldiers to stop an invasion by Russia. I sure hope they know how to speak Russian.

Scott tells you something interesting that I experienced as a child. He said that most people don't kill easy, even trained soldiers, and one way many soldiers deal with having killed someone is that they just don't talk about it, they suppress it.

When I was a kid growing up around WWII and Korean War vets, I was curious about what it was like for them but none of them would tell me about it so I began researching and studying what went on in those wars when I was only 7 or 8 years old. I only personally met a few vets since who would talk about their war experiences.

What you are about to experience in WWIII isn't going to be pretty but you have to experience it to win back your nations.

This video is a very telling update providing more important intel.

Notice that he said Putin is now building up the Russian Army to 1.5 million troops, which will make it the most powerful military in the world, when you consider their weaponry and the declined military capabilities of the US Military plus she has the backing of the third most powerful military in the world.

Do you believe me yet? Do you see why we MUST stage a strategic retreat to protect the US?

Upper Class Trash Lefty Pagans

Remember that I have been warning you that, because we have been tolerant of the left's paganism, we are now being judged by God?

You think not?

Watch this video about the pagans erecting a golden statue praising a demon goddess on top of a court house in New York City.

Over the last few decades, the pagans have put on open display a statue of Satan with 2 children, a shrine for Baal, a shrine for Moloch, and now a statue of a demon goddess. Our president and Senate are both run by the pagans, most of our largest cities are run by pagans, a number of entire states are run by pagans, and almost all of Europe is now run by pagans.

That doesn't sound like a Christian culture to me and something God might protect.

I only watched about the first 3 minutes of that video that had to do with the demon goddess.

Based on this and everything else I have been seeing in conjunction with the dreams God gave me, I am increasingly believing that the part of the US God will give to the lefty pagans will probably include at least New York City and probably New Jersey because those people are so evil.

US Corruption

Remember that I have been telling you that our governments are very corrupt?

This video starts out by showing you just how corrupt Congress really is. All but a few and I mean very few out of hundreds of politicians in just the Congress are corrupt and you can bet that the top bureaucrats are just as corrupt plus we know our president is.

He also tells you that most Western people have lost our fear of war because we have been just going around beating up on smaller nations and powers. We have not had to have a real knockdown, drag out war in 70+ years (WWII ended 78 years ago). He tells you what I have been telling you about most of our leaders don't know crap about war or the military but they are arrogantly making the decisions about this war they have started with very few, if any of them, even knowing what a strategic analysis is. They are arrogant fools playing with fire.

Even the upper class trash have never had to live with the threat of death from such a war in the last 70 years and have become too complacent, over confident, arrogant, and ignorant concerning that kind of war and they are giving the orders to our idiot leaders.

When these arrogant jerks cause the nukes to fly, I hope the nukes find these criminals first.

Notice that he talked about Russia's space based spy satellites and I have told you that they also have many of the black closet weapons and intelligence tools we have. Putin has an excellent spy system left over from the KGB. They are watching us the way we are watching them and their systems are much better now than they were when the Soviet Union fell in 1991.

They are now very close to or on par with the US enough that, with our idiot leaders, they could defeat us because I have taught you that NO military can be any better than its leaders and our leaders, militarily, are terrible; just look at Afghanistan, Ukraine, and everything else they have been doing that is failing. Our idiot leaders are now more dangerous to us than to our enemies.

Then he tells you about some of Russia's weapons capabilities such as their cruise missiles can hit anywhere in Europe except south Portugal from Russia. You know, all of Europe's top 5 nations of Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and UK along with the EU headquarters in Belgium are ALL within weapons range of Russia, including the homes of all of the European upper class trash and their insane puppets. You better bet Putin knows where everyone of those homes are and can park cruise missiles in their bedroom windows at 2 am.

Also keep in mind that those cruise missiles are within range of every place on the planet when fired from Russian subs.

They just might want to get some lead lined asbestos underwear before they push this war any further.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash royals are not smarter than you because they stole more money than you can earn?

Remember that it is now obvious that God has given our insane leaders over to reprobate minds completely lacking in common sense or being rational. You never know what can come out of those satanic echo chambers.

Note that he tells you that everyone has very low opinions of the European leaders (proving they all have reprobate minds) and that should be disconcerting to you. Based on my observations, they are very low intelligence, very ignorant about reality, very corrupt, and obviously are failing at everything they have dreamed up and tried. I am convinced that our corrupt pagan leaders couldn't fight their way out of a kindergarten sandbox.

Do you believe me yet that the US should stage a strategic retreat back to the US to protect the US and force Europe to make peace with Russia?

But you know that won't happen because the upper class trash royals would have to give up on their insane obsession with their One World Government.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and practice kissing your butt goodbye.

I pray for everyone.

Afghan Joe

They tried to discourage Afghan Joe from running in 2024 with the classified documents thingy but he is refusing to give in.

This tells me that the reason they didn't try to get rid of him using the Speaker of the House is that he refuses to give up the opportunity to make millions more while he can. So they tried to get him out with the classified documents framing but a combination of Pence coming to his rescue and the DOJ covering for him stopped that, telling me the people keeping him in and covering for him are making too much money and don't want to give up ye ole cash cow Joe. He is too greedy to quit and the upper class trash are divided on getting him out.

These stories are getting really suspicious because they just really don't make sense. It is just too suspicious about them letting so many people keep classified documents without question. Either the classified document program is very poorly managed or they are planting documents for various reasons.

Someone is going to have to speak up to save their butt soon.

Notice that Afghan Joe stayed off of the campaign trail in the last election "because of COVID" and that they are starting a new fakedemic just before the start of this campaign.

Then the people who want him out will kill him in the not too distant future. Keep an eye on that.

This also shows that there is a split in the Commierat Party, probably from the top down.

Sailboat Cruising

Remember that I told you some time ago that, when the US declines internationally, increasing numbers of people around the world would treat US sailboat cruisers and others very badly?

I didn't think about it happening to the Europeans too, when their nations also declined, but, in this video at about 13 minutes, this British couple were treated poorly by the locals on Tobago Island.

That isn't surprising when you consider how Europeans treated people all over the world when they conquered those people and that Europe is right now becoming lower class on an international basis, especially with things like the French military being told by increasing numbers of third world nations to get their militaries out of those nations.

Europeans, Americans, and other Westerners better be careful and selective when they travel from now on.

Notice the numbers of times they had to check in and out with immigration. That is to discourage Americans and Europeans from visiting their nation. They know word will get around about that and it will discourage others from coming.

What do you expect when the European and American upper class trash traveled around the world for hundreds of years treating these people like second class citizens?

Now you are going to pay for it.

Did you notice at the end that the carnival they had was very satanic?

I have been watching and paganism is increasing all over the world. It is coming back globally, which explains the severe punishments during the soon coming Tribulation.

That is part of why I watch videos like the sailboat cruising videos to see what is going on around the world.

Every day, we get one day closer.

Christian Persecution

Remember that I have been telling you about Christian persecution globally and that everyone should pray?

I got this from Breitbart by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.:

"ROME - Christian persecution spiked around the globe in 2022, Open Doors reveals in its newly released World Watch List 2023.

Among the sobering statistics included in the annual report were the murders of 5,621 Christians for their faith, the profanation of 2,110 Christian churches and buildings, and the stunning number of Christians around world who face high levels of persecution and discrimination: 360 million."

It is getting worse so pray for your Christian family. Note that this is going to cause poser Christians to decided between God and Satan with many leaving the faith for other religions.

Remember that I also told you that many churches and people professing to be Christians are not true Christians but are poser Christians infiltrated into the church by Satan?

I got this from Breitbart by John Nolte:

"'The First Congregational Church of Madison [CT] planned a drag bingo event this weekend,' reports Eye Witness News 3. Children will be in attendance."

There is no way the people doing this are true Christians.

Upper Class Trash

Interestingly, this video is hinting at some of the things I have been teaching you.

First, he tells you that it is the very wealthy running things and not just a bunch of idealistic politicians. This all goes well beyond what most people understand to what I have been teaching.

Second, he tells you that in the days of the "Baby Boomers", you know, the 50s, 60s, and 70s, the media were really bombarding us with their globalist ideas and tells that Walter Cronkite was a globalist and got awards for being the best globalist.

This confirms what I have told you about this globalism crap not being a recent phenomenon but was first organized in 1947 by a combination of Nazis who went underground and the upper class trash royals.

Then he told you that the left/right movement with the socialist lefties began following Bastille when so many French royals lost their heads. He tells you how we got our designation as to being left or right wing.

What happened was that the royals lost a bunch, unfortunately not all, of their heads and decided to back off and create a new name for Monarchy that they could use for control, while having front men and women to risk their necks for the cowardly royals.

The academe, who were all royals at that time, began working on that new form of government they started calling communism with a number of their "intellectuals" working on different ideas and what they were doing was just rebranding monarchy. Karl Marx, a royal academe they lie to you about him growing up in poverty to get more people to believe his bull crap, plagiarized a number of the other academe to write the "Communist Manifesto", which they realized was the best sales manual for their Communism and later also socialism and progressivism so they made him the god for their Marxist cults.

Communism/socialism is just monarchy with the same false promises to the people under a different name with the royals or their puppets in control.

Then they show you the lefty philosophical evolution that the lefties used to literally think themselves nuts, which is why they are now completely out of touch with reality and irrational, which being out of touch with reality and being irrational is the definition for insanity. That is why the left really has thought themselves insane.

And God warned us about this when He said, "Thinking themselves wise, they made themselves fools."

Their logic, reasoning, and thinking got away from reality and became irrational so they now have reprobate minds or they are just nuts.

Then he talked about organized crime working with the upper class trash and our government. He said it goes all of the way back to WWI and we already knew the government was in bed with organized crime in the 1950s.

For example, it was well known that, following the Stock Market crash of 1929, FDR had the big time bootlegger and criminal, Joseph Kennedy (JFK's father) completely redo the Stock Market, which is why it is so corrupt and benefits the most wealthy today. Hey, he rigged it for the upper class trash.

We knew a lot more about what was really going on with our government than what most people know today and are just now finding out.

Turley points out that people's eyes are opening and more people are beginning to realize "that democracy is dead", you know, our Republic, just like I have been telling you.

They really do a good job of detailing the history of the upper class trash communist royals taking over control of our government, especially by expanding our bureaucracy that the upper class trash own.

This is getting funny because he is pointing out so much of what I have been telling you for years and even decades.

He tells you how the British intelligence, BTW, answers to the British Royal Family, were working with the US government/upper class trash and how the Brits were working to reestablish their global empire, you know, to get their colonies back, just like I have been telling you.

It was the British Royals working with their cousins, the American Royals, to build a bigger and better British global empire. He tells you that it is the British/American upper class trash royals who OWN the US Government and are using it as their tool to set up their global dictatorship or Monarchy. He tells you that they originally called their global dictatorship the "Common Wealth of God", you know, a little satanic blasphemy.

Do you believe me yet?

Look, the British/American royals have set up both of our governments, including both the politicians and bureaucrats, as their front organizations to hide behind and it is working fantastically because, when things are getting worse, most people don't even realize there is a curtain, much less to look behind it, so they just blame the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats instead of the upper class trash royals hiding behind the curtain.

Most people have not realized yet that Nazi Germany was just a bunch of German royals (first cousins to the British royals) using Adolph Hitler as a front man to set up their global dictatorship or Monarchy. Almost all of the people in the upper level ranks of the German Nazi Party were royals and I have shown that some of them were British Royals, a number of whom were never punished for their crimes.

Gee, who would have thought that it is just like I have been telling you that the royals have been causing better than 90% of our problems for thousands of years.

Just like I have been telling you, he tells you about the roll the academe played in setting this all up under the original title of "The Inquiry". They dream this crap up and then the idiot upper class trash and their puppets act on it at your expense.

Notice that he said, just like I have been telling you, that, "If Davos fails, it will just morph into something else." You know, they will regroup, reorganize, change the name, and keep on trying because the ONLY thing that will stop these human demons is death.

He also tells you how Hollywood was working with the upper class trash and their puppets like the CIA and the military industry for propaganda purposes going back more than 100 years.

That video gives you a lot of detail about what has been and is going on, especially concerning the upper class trash and their puppets.

BTW, Klaus Schwab is just a high level front man like Soros. They like to believe they are more important than they are but either one can be shoved under ye ole royal bus at any time. It is the royals hiding behind layers of front people.


You may have noticed that I keep dropping some resources and adding new resources. That is because, when those sources get to where they are making really big money, they change and become less concerned about truth and more concerned about money. That is why I quit using them except for, maybe an occasional source, and start using new sources who are telling the truth to build subscribers.

This video shows a breakup between former friends and business acquaintances over money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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