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European Heat Waves

Remember that I told you that the massive solar farms in Europe are causing the European heat waves because of their black surfaces generating heat?

It is worse than I thought because I just finally found out that only 15% of the solar energy reaching those solar panels generates electricity and 85% is absorbed by the black solar panels and turned into heat. I figured it was probably more like 50% for each because my estimates are always conservative.

Those massive solar farms are going to turn Europe into a desert and heat up the rest of the planet too but, hey, the upper class trash are getting tens of billions of dollars in your tax money to build those solar farms and stuff in their greedy pockets to heat up the planet.

Even putting them in the Sahara Desert is bad because the desert sand is much lighter in color and will reflect most of the sun light back out into space so the solar panels will generate much more heat than the sand, making the desert and the rest of the planet even hotter.

Checkout this video.

Note how Apple's solar panels only power 75% of their energy DURING THE DAY and 0% at night. Wow, that works well.

Note that they tried building a solar farm in the Sahara Desert to power Europe but it failed for a variety of reasons, the most important of which was that the geniuses didn't think it through right and that caused a lot of problems.

Do you believe me that God has given today's engineers and scientists reprobate minds?

Well, another great sounding stupid idea by the left fails again.

Latin America

Remember that I told you that Latin America is united with the Eastern Alliance against the US?

I just saw a post where the PM of Argentina stated that none of the Latin American nations are sending weapons to another nation for a war like Ukraine and the comments below were a flurry of hateful comments by Latin Americans about using their weapons against the US and punishing the US.

It is blatantly obvious from those comments that they are fed up with the West's, especially the US's, upper class trash waging wars in other countries and killing the people in those other countries to make massive amounts of money and we will soon pay for their insane greed. The Latinos are ramping up for war against the US and really hate Americans, not differentiating between the bad Americans and good Americans.

The Goths are turning on Rome II so you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load because they are fed up with our greedy upper class trash murdering people for money and are coming for us just like I have been telling you.

Those greedy, power mad, insane lefties are going to get a lot of people killed.

Klaus Schwab

Remember that I told you about Klaus' father being a Nazi during WWII and his father had him trained up in the underground Nazi youth program in the 50s with Klaus taking over control of that program in the 60s?

Do you realize what Klaus means by "Great Reset"?

They are resetting the German Nazi Party for the Fourth Reich and trying to finish Hitler's dream of setting a global Nazi dictatorship with their globalism. That is exactly what Klaus means by "The Great Reset".

Learn to Fight

I was thinking about writing this to help you until I read that post and those comments from Latin America and then I decided to write this because you need it.

God put me in a number of different situations during my life by having me move around a lot to teach me about people and fighting so I could teach you the logic, reasoning, and basics about fighting because He knew this day would come. I am going to take you down the road God took me down to teach you what God taught me to help you and this is the nutshell version.

When I was a kid living in transient trailer parks in the 50s and 60s throughout the Southwest and then spent 3 years living in one of those trailer parks as a teenager in Central LA, which the cops said was a violent as Watts and Harlem were at that time, I learned a lot about bad guys and fighting. I wasn't born with this broken nose; it got handed to me a number of times.

You see, until ninth grade, I was a runt and, on the bad side of town, runt means bully bate. You are going to fight a lot and I can't even remember all of my fights. I hate fighting but I had to learn to fight to survive. Believe me, I understand Putin very well.

Almost all of my fights were against 2 to 4 bigger bullies, I only had a few fights where I actually fought only one guy, and I had some fights where I got jumped by as many as a dozen guys, one of which I "backed it up" (fought back-to-back) with a black friend of mine (I'm white) so no one could get behind us because bullies are cowards and like to sucker punch you from behind.

There ain't a racist bone in my body, baby. I can be the best friend and the best enemy with anyone regardless of color of skin or where you are from. That choice is up to you.

You are about to learn that racism will deny you friends to help you save your life and the lives of your family because they are going to attack and kill Americans of all races. There is only one race; the human race and there are good and bad humans in all colors.

I was only about 7 or 8 when I first saw different men at different times carried out of those trailer parks under sheets because "a fight went wrong". I remember standing and watching the ambulance medics bring one of those bodies out of that trailer on the gurney under the sheet knowing that man was dead and, one day, as I watched, I realize that, when I fought, I was fighting for my life. That could someday be me under that sheet.

One of the most important things I learned is that the middle and upper class fought by what we called the "Queen's Berry Rules", where you don't do certain things because fighting for them was about ego, honor and prestige. "Oh, look at me, I'm righteous, I'm wonderful, I'm sophisticated."

On our side of town, there was only one rule; Survive. You did what you had to in order to stay alive. There was no such thing as dirty fighting, there was just survival. I will bite your ear, your nose, your lips, or any other part of your body off to stay alive or protect my friends and family.

The first and most important rule when fighting for your life is that, before the fight starts, you make sure you are the meanest one there because better than 90% of the time, the meanest one will win the fight, regardless of technical fighting abilities, BECAUSE the meanest person will attack the other person harder, "knocking them back on their heels", taking the momentum of the fight away from the other fighter, and overpower that other fighter. I don't know how many times I saw the technically better fighter lose because he wasn't mean enough. You always fight mean.

The second rule was to learn to fight because, if you are the meanest one there AND you are a good fighter, you have a better than 99% chance you will win that fight. Most people, including most cops, don't fight very well.

When I was growing up, my dad was the best street fighter I saw no matter where we lived because I never saw him lose a fight or heard of him losing a fight and he never had to hit anyone more than 3 or 4 times to end the fight but he didn't teach me how to fight because he insisted that I learn to fight the way he did; the hard way.

My dad taught me to never run from a fight but to stand and take the fight. If he found out that I ran from a fight, I would get my butt whipped with a belt.

Plus, when I was in second grade, my dad sat me down and taught me that, since I was the oldest son, if my younger brother got jumped by 2 or more other guys or by bigger guys, it was my responsibility to "step in and take the fight", though he did not teach my brother to help me with that fight. I remember stepping in to take a fight against 3 kids who were older and bigger than me to protect my brother only for my brother and his friend to run off leaving me to fight that fight.

Years later, when I was 5 foot tall and weighed 95 pounds in Central LA, I still stepped in to take the fight against a bully picking on him that stood 6' 3" and weighted over 200 pounds and fought him to a standstill because my dad taught me to. I had to jump to hit him in the face, he would lean back a little to cause me to still miss so I would grab him by his collar, step to his right side, and take his butt to the ground (by leaning back, he was already off balance) where we were the same height and I could reach his face.

Importantly, he didn't pick on my younger brother again.

I learned that, if you fight someone who is your size or smaller, you attack high at their head. If you fight someone who is significantly larger than you, you attack inside and low at the gut or groin.

Also, we were too poor and moved too much for me to take classes for fighting, especially in the martial arts. I learned to fight by fighting and watching other street fighters and quickly learned to watch what the winner did to win and what the loser did to lose because you did not want to do what the loser did.

I don't remember how old I was when I read about the beginning of Asian martial arts and realized that, if that person could develop their own martial art or fighting system, then I could too because we knew much more about science and the human body than he did thousands of years ago and I had other martial arts to learn from.

When I first started on this venture, the only combatives they showed on TV was boxing and free style wrestling so I would also watch those looking for things that would work on the street and quickly learned that not everything they did in the ring will work on the street.

Several things happened at that time that gave me more information about fighting. The first thing was that Muhammad Ali started fighting professionally and I watched to see what he did to win and what the other guy did to lose.

The second thing was they started showing contact Karate on TV and it didn't take long to figure out that not everything that worked in that ring worked on the street. This was true for both contact Karate and demonstration Karate, both of which we started calling "Dojo Ballet" because they did a lot of fancy looking stuff or ballet that would get your butt kicked or killed on the street.

One day I was watching some of that fighting with the announcer talking about the rules, concerning what they could and could not do and I realized that what they were allowed to do in the ring wasn't what I needed to learn because the rules forbade them from doing the things that I needed to learn, which was to cripple or kill someone to end the fight as quickly as possible, so I began researching and studying what they were not allowed to do in the ring.

I had already learned that the longer the fight lasts, the more likely you were to get injured or killed so I knew I needed to end the fight as quickly as possible.

I also began studying up on military fighting techniques. I studied everything I could because I didn't like the taste of knuckle sandwiches.

When I got into college, I started studying biology and other sciences so that I learned the structure and function of the human body and began using that to improve my fighting system.

When I completed junior and senior level biology, I went across the street and began studying the sports sciences and sports medicine. I found that kinesiology or bio-mechanics was great for improving my fighting system because it is a combination of human anatomy and physics, where you study the structure, function, strengths, and weaknesses of the human body. You learn what to attack and how to attack it to maximize damage.

In sports medicine, we had to learn to study the motions or activities of a sport to figure out what injuries could be caused to develop preventions to those injuries and treatments for those injuries. One day, we had studied quite a few injuries when I realized that, if someone could cause those injuries by accident, I could use science to figure out how to cause those injuries on purpose.

Then I had a very interesting class in self defense for coaches taught by William Bynum, Ph.D. who was a retired Navy Seal and had been their combatives instructor for years. We were told by others that he was a "legend" in the Navy Seals, he was called "Wild Bill Bynum", and he held a number of athletic records for the Navy such as a multi year Navy boxing champion.

He didn't teach us how to cripple or kill anyone but he taught me two very important things.

First, he confirmed everything I had learned about fighting and taught me a few things I had not yet learned. I had done a good job in developing my own fighting system.

Second, a few weeks before the class was over, he told us, "You want to end the fight with your first hit and, if that doesn't work, you end the fight with your second hit and, if that doesn't work, you end the fight with your third hit. You want to end the fight as quickly as possible because the longer the fight lasts, the more likely you are to get injured or killed."

That, in conjunction with everything else I had learned, caused me to change my logic about developing my fighting system. I changed my strategy or goals to try to "break everything you touch and touch everything you can as quickly as you can until they stop trying to kill you."

The closer you can get to that goal in a fight, the more likely you are to survive the fight, especially when fighting 2 or more bad guys. You don't have hits to waste "playing patty cake." You put each and every one of them down and out of the fight as fast as you can. The military calls it, "One hit, one kill," but you can just incapacitate them unless they are trying to kill you.

Another thing you really work on is movement efficiency, which is where you make your movements as efficient as possible so you don't waste any movements, which slows you down and can get you killed. You actually study things like that in kinesiology.

I hope that will help some of you in learning to fight to protect yourselves, your family, and your friends, especially with our upper class trash human demons having created these violent times because of their insane greed and lust for power.

Listen, people, they are telling you that they hate your nation, are working to destroy it, and plan to kill you. When they get your nation almost destroyed, it will become violent and dangerous like in the US and Europe so that YOU WILL be the only law, especially with them chasing off cops, so you better be able to defend yourself and your loved ones and you don't have much time to do it. Please, learn to fight.

Also, concerning weapons, many people seem to believe that just having a weapon will deter really bad guys like some sort of magic shield but you will be surprised at how many really bad guys will still attack you when you are armed and they are not because they know most people won't use the weapon.

Cops have to shoot bad guys like that all of the time.

If you are going to carry a weapon, you better learn how to use it right, be ready to use it, AND be willing to use it or those bad guys will quickly figure out that you won't use it and will take that weapon away from you and kill you with it. If you are not willing to use that weapon when it becomes necessary, you are better off without it and just learning to fight. That gun or knife is NOT a magic shield to protect you. It is a tool to protect you.

Because of the upper class trash and their supporters, many of you will have to fight for your lives soon and some already are. It is going to get really bad.


I just saw that Air Force General Minihan is saying we must get ready for war with China by 2025 and I am wonder if this is to distract us from Ukraine failing that I told you they would do?

Mean while, a navy admiral is saying that NATO is ready to take on Russia. They are nuts.

Gee, you don't think he is on the payroll for the military industry, who think they will make a killing by killing many of you without them also getting killed, do you?

What these nuts have done is that they have drunk too much of their own Kool-Aid. They actually believe that Russia has been failing miserably because they said so to get you to support giving Zelensky more weapons paid for with your tax money to get blown up.

They have convinced themselves that Putin is afraid of them, will not fight them, and will not use nukes because they want to believe it so they can feel free to make billions of dollars in fighting Putin in a war they just know they will win, when everything else they have done has failed. They are irrational and out of touch with reality.

Just because you WANT to believe something does not mean it is true.

Do you believe me yet that you are living the fall of Rome II?

One thing that is very telling is that the lefty upper class trash will support a Nazi organization like Ukraine to achieve their dream of setting up their global dictatorship and that should concern everyone.


Remember that I have been warning you for almost a year that, when the US and its one front military gets bogged down in a war with Russia, China will go into Taiwan, Iran will go to war with Israel, and North Korea will go to war with South Korea?

This video shows you Israel doing a preemptive strike against Iran (Steven doesn't realize that is what it is) because Israel knows what I have been telling you.

Steven does tell you that, when the US gets bogged down in Ukraine fighting Russia in the next few weeks that China will go into Taiwan and Iran is planning to attack Israel, just like I have been warning you would happen. He failed to tell you that North Korea will attack South Korea and that Russia, China, Latin America and others will attack the US, and that Africa will attack Europe with Russia.

So, Israel has already started by staging preemptive strikes against Iran.

Then I found this extremely important video that reveals something very important. He talks about what we have been doing with the Ukraine War and, at the end, the tells us that Biden is escalating this into a war "Between NATO and Russia" to distract away from Afghan Joe's classified documents problems.

He stated that, "What do presidents do when they get in trouble before an election? They go to war."

That caused me to realize just how Afghan Joe has been planning to get reelected in 2024 with his ratings being so low that they would probably not be able to rig the election enough for him to win and he has been planning this for at least a year.

Think not? What do presidents do when their ratings are really low going into reelection?

They go to war. That way, "if you are a patriot, you will vote for and support him in a time of war and national duress and, if you don't vote for and support him, you are a traitor."

They always do that and it almost always works because there are too many stupid suckers who vote.

That is why Afghan Joe wouldn't let them replace him with Speaker of the House. That is why Afghan Joe won't resign now. That is what Afghan Joe and his people are working on and it means we are right now going to war with Russia and they arrogantly believe that Putin won't dare to use nukes to protect Russia and they think the US will either win or they will sign a truce after the election in 2024, you know, after tens of thousands of US soldiers and millions of others die in Afghan Joe's war to get him reelected. They actually think Putin is afraid of the US and is bluffing.

People, that is criminal and treason.

The question is, "Will the Commierats who want to get Afghan Joe out before the 2024 election kill Afghan Joe before he escalates the Ukraine War into WWIII that causes the rest of the Eastern Alliance to attack the US?" Keep an eye on that.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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