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There are government regulations restricting the amount of bugs and other things that can be in your food and now, suddenly the same government is telling you to eat nothing but bugs? Does that make sense?

Afghan Joe and Kruella

I keep telling you that the left is extremely desperately trying to get rid of Afghan Joe and Kruella concerning running for president in 2024 because they screwed up by not using the Speaker of the House to get rid of both of them when they could have replaced them both with Commierats.

This video tells you how desperate the morons are.

At this time, the only way I can see them getting rid of both of them is with a violent coup by the left to get rid of Afghan Joe and Kruella.

Keep an eye on this because it is getting worse by the day.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Ukraine War has already escalated to WWIII?

This video tells you something VERY interesting. He tells you that the Russians are saying that everyone sending weapons to Ukraine is just "increasing targets", which means that, when, not if any longer, Russia invades Europe and the US, those nations who supplied weapons to Ukraine will be enemies of Russia and "targets".

Guess what that means?

It means that, just like I have been warning you, Russia is ramping up to go to war with everyone in the Western Alliance who sends Ukraine weapons because they are getting themselves involved in WWIII against Russia because they are aiding in the war against Russia or indirectly waging war against Russia.

Russia just told you that what I have been warning you about is true.

Russia is telling you that, since NATO is using Ukraine to wage a proxy war against Russia, then NATO is the one waging war against Russia and that NATO and Russia are now at war and all members of NATO who are involved in using this war to wage war against Russia are now at war with Russia and Russia is at war with them.

This is now very clearly WWIII.

Scott is right in that video UNLESS Putin is convinced that he cannot trust the leaders of these hostile nations, which they have proved he can't, and that the only way to stop them from trying to destroy Russia is to destroy at least the leaders, their militaries, and their military industries. If Putin is convinced of that, which I am, because the evil upper class trash have convinced me of that, then all bets are off and the war is on.

Putin and his officers are the only ones who will definitely know that, though I am believing that Putin is now telling us and most people, including Scott, are not believing Putin because they don't want to believe Putin.

Look, people, I have been pointing out for months that Putin has been staging weapons and troops to invade Europe and the US with them having already positioned forces along the Polish and Finish borders, in ships and subs near the UK and US, in Russia near Alaska, and in Central America along with Chinese, African, and Latin American troops and Latin America and China already having troops in the US.

Putin and his Eastern Allies are right now positioned to attack the West in all out war and their primary targets will be our militaries, leaders and upper class trash, and military industries and the idiots just keep ticking Putin off more.

I believe that Putin is telling us that he believes he has no other choice.

People, Putin has weapons in close enough proximity to all of the Western nations that our defenses won't have time to react to and stop their nuke missiles, especially since they will certainly start the war with an ECM attack to prevent our defenses from detecting and stopping those weapons. The first thing that will happen will be an ECM attack that will at least temporarily blind everyone.

You might want to make a habit of regularly kissing the people you love goodbye just in case you don't get another chance because it will all happen suddenly and quickly.

Then I found this video proving everything I have been saying about the West being in open war with Russia. They are now openly telling us that Putin has no other option and must now fight the West in open warfare because they are openly escalating this into war with Russia.

Now there should be no doubt about it that Putin believes and knows that he can only save Russia by invading and conquering the West. It is fight or die for Putin because the West has now openly committed to trying to destroy Russia themselves.

This is "Operation Barbarossa II" against Russia and they will fight very hard to survive.

He tells you that Russia is ALREADY preparing to fight the West and the West is not preparing or prepared to fight Russia but they are picking a fight with Russia. That is like insulting a guy's mother with your hands still in your pockets.

Do you believe me yet that our evil upper class trash leaders are nuts?

At a little less than 11 minutes into that video, he said that he thinks we are going to see "3 or 4 axis" or attack points just like I told you months ago and you should know those points of attack by now.

Just remember that we are being lead into war against Russia by Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, Afghan Milley, and their Afghan Staff.

Wow, that is just so promising, isn't it? /sarc

I have a question or two for the upper class trash that seems to have passed high over their feeble reprobate minds.

With Europe being lacking in energy and other resources, their economy rushing down the toilet, and many of their businesses shutting down because of a lack of energy, how are they going to ramp up their war machine to produce enough weapons and munitions to fight Russia? Gee, those geniuses didn't think of that, did they? What are the morons going to do when Russia completely cuts off all remaining resources going from Russia to Europe and the US to fight this war? Do you believe me yet that my farts are smarter than these morons?

Then I found this video with Tucker saying that it looks like WWIII is going to happen and it really does.

Note that he was talking about Boris Johnson, a powerful member of the British Royal Family, going around to other nations pressuring those nations into going to all-out war with Russia.

Gee, you don't think the British Royal Family is wanting to sacrifice all of those other nations to destroy Russia so they can set up their global dictatorship without those other royals, do you? Now do you understand why Putin said he is going to sink England, you know, to get rid of the power mad British Royal Family and bring peace to the world?

Then Tucker pointed out the evil deceptions of Lindsay Graham. That man is evil and using one of Satan's most powerful tactics, to infiltrate the enemy ranks and disrupt or destroy from within those ranks, you know, just like all of the lefties are doing to our nations in the name of doing good.

Remember that I keep telling you that Putin is ramping up to invade Europe and the US to stop the insanity?

This video tells us that Russia has warned Finland that, if they permit NATO to put forces inside Finland, Russia will invade to remove that threat, you know, just like she will invade other nations to remove threats against Russia and just like he did with Ukraine.

Note that he also confirms what I have been telling you about China setting up to invade and conquer the US, using Latin Americans, while promising them Texas and New Mexico (which has the assistance of the lefty Latinos running New Mexico) and he said they also have troops in Canada. He doesn't seem to be aware of the Chinese troops inside the US, with many of them setting up near US Military bases.

Then I found this brief video showing troops from Germany, France, and the UK training to fight Russia, you know, the big 3 in Europe.

Gee, you don't think they are training to fight Russia in Europe in hopes of stopping Russia from invading Europe to stop Europe from destroying Russia, do you?

Remember that I have been telling you that the US only has a one front military and could not defeat both Russia and China at the same time?

This video tells you they recently did research and it is much worse than I have been telling you. They are saying that the US cannot defeat just China alone because our upper class trash criminals have sacked our military so bad plus our idiot leaders have given away even more of what little we had left.

Sometimes you just want to punch the criminals, you know? Do you believe me yet that God is judging this nation?

The idiots just keep making it worse. Fortunately, the nations near China are ramping up for war and making alliances with others who can fight China.

What the US needs to do is get rid of the upper class trash criminals or they will just keep making it worse, pull most things back to the US and Pacific area, secure the US, and rebuild. It has gotten so bad that nothing else is going to work.


Remember that I told you that the lefty pagans want to legalize abortion and even post birth abortion so they can legalize child sacrifices to their pagan gods?

At 8:15 into this video she tells you that Satanists want to legalize abortion for what they call "a Satanic abortion ritual". Gee, what a coincidence that they told you what I told you. That is really what abortion is about; legalizing making child sacrifices to their pagan gods.

Who would have figured?

I almost didn't post that video because it is so long and she tends to ramble quite a bit but that is very important.

At about 10 minutes into the video she tells you that the Antichrist will do bad things in the name of doing good, which is exactly what the lefties are already doing today and have been doing for thousands of years.

She also did not tell you that the Antichrist will call good evil and evil good and many people today are already doing that. Satan's people are right now ready and waiting for the coming of the Antichrist. They want him to come and rule the world.

I only watched the first 12:30 minutes of that. I always try to let you know when I don't watch an entire video. That only seems fair to you.


Remember that I have been telling you that, when you turn from God for your sins, God punishes you by letting you have those sins so those sins will destroy you and your life?

This video tells you exactly that. It is your sins that destroy your life, your family, your nation, and you.

Be careful what you wish for because it will either bless you or destroy you; your choice, choose wisely.

God gave us His Law to protect us from ourselves and our sins. His Laws do not oppress us; they protect us. Only those who choose evil think His Laws oppress us.

Then he tells you the promise of God and Him pleading for His people to walk in His ways. Pay attention to that promise because it is why I tell ALL of you to get right with God so He will save us from the fruits of our sins and deliver us out of the hands of Satan's spawn.

God warns us that our sins will find us out so we must turn from our sins and walk with God are pay a horrible price forced on us by our sins.


Remember that I told you that the vaccines don't work and I keep calling them murder vaccines?

Now that people who were pushing the vaccines are telling you that they do not work because they do not keep you from getting the virus, transmitting the virus, or increase your chances of surviving the virus and they cause serious health problems and death, do you believe me when I call them the murder vaccines?

They were clearly designed to depopulate the planet and it gets more obvious every day as more and more people just suddenly drop dead. It is the ONLY vaccine I have seen do this in the almost 74 years I have been on this planet. Think about that.

If you got the vaccine, Fauci and company murdered you. I believe it is not if it is going to kill you but when and time is already proving that to be true.

Corrupt Medicine and Science

Remember that I told you that Congress passed a bill paying hospitals and other health care facilities $3,000 per patient infected with COVID to get the hospitals to inflate the COVID numbers by infecting patients with COVID?

Enjoy this video giving you a little more intel on how corrupt most universities, hospitals and MDs have become. They do not care about their patients, all they care about is themselves and their bank accounts.

The left has corrupted everything they touch, including science and medicine.

Then I found this video showing the corruption of scientists. Our pagan universities have turned science and medicine into a Satanic form of money making.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Remember that I warned you about corrupt doctors who get people on drugs they do not need so the doctors can make a fortune in kickbacks from the chemical companies?

They have even turned medicine into a money laundering racket. You can't even trust your own MDs any more.

Do you believe me yet that the COVID fakedemic was all about making money and controlling the people?

It was by definition a biological warfare/terrorist attack on the people to terrorize the people to make money and control the people.

Just look at how organized this money making transgender surgery thing is and you better know this is being organized and paid for by the universities, hospitals and chemical companies to make more money faster because of their insane greed and they don't care who they hurt or kill.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often; you need it really bad.

Think about this: This is the US being judged by God because we became tolerant of the lefty pagans so God is judging us by letting the lefty pagans have what they want and, what they want, is causing harm to and killing those lefty pagans who wanted it.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." The lefty sins are finding them and your children out.

Pay attention to what Trump says because I will be surprised if they don't at least try to kill him for stopping their inhumane money making racket at your expense. Trump stopping such sick money making rackets is why the left hates him so much. You better pray for him.

You know that, after that speech, the evil lefties will go completely ballistic to stop Trump once and for all. "Why, how dare Trump stop us from our criminal money making rackets!!!"

Then he tells you that "you are literally watching the decline of a civilization," you know, the fall of Rome II just like I have been telling you and THEN he said, "You are seeing like the fall of Rome". Gee, what a coincidence.

BTW, I just realized that the reason they pulled the US troops out of Afghanistan was so they could use those troops and Ukraine to get Russia out of their way to set up their global dictatorship.


Remember that I taught you that masks CANNOT work to protect anyone from COVID and I taught you why?

This video has the results for a top level research telling you what I told you that masks do not protect anyone from COVID. Gee, what a coincidence.

THEN he told you that, just like I told you, that the criminal Fauci told the truth when he said we should not wear masks and that he lied when he said we should wear masks. Gee, what a coincidence.

Remember that I told you that, when her Fauci got on TeeBee and bragged about being a liar and, while he was bragging he was a liar, he told two more lies?

The little criminal told you that he lied when he said you shouldn't wear masks but he actually lied to you when he said you should wear masks, which was the first lie and the video confirmed that; and then he told you he lied to keep the "front line workers from running out of masks" but that was a lie because he knew the general public didn't have access to the medical suppliers so they would all buy worthless dusk masks.

THEN they tell you that wearing even a medical/surgical mask makes no difference, you know, ye ole N-95 magical masks, just like I told you and I told you why.

Suddenly, all of those scientifically ignorant lefties running around out there putting their faith in the mask gods to protect them from the demon virus, that was just a flu virus, look as stupid to you as they do to me. (Yes, I am enjoying this very much.)

And why did everyone believe the lies?

Because the people making and selling the masks were bribing everyone, including Fauci, your corrupt lefty politicians, your corrupt bureaucrats, your corrupt media, the big business CEOs, and everyone else to bombard you with propaganda and fear mongering plus most people don't know the science I taught you. You see, I don't put out propaganda; I put out information.

Do you believe me that my science is good science because they just confirmed my science big time?

And, unlike anyone else I saw, I taught you the science of how and why it is scientifically impossible for masks to protect you from a virus. My science is DARN good science.

I only watched the first two thirds of that video because he started talking about how they should have done more randomized studies instead of about more study results.


Yesterday I was considering teaching something but I realized that everyone who doesn't know that something has already been so heavily indoctrinated into believing a lie about it that no one would believe me telling the truth.

It can be tough teaching the truth to brainwashed people, especially when I know that it is very unlikely I will ever get confirmation on that truth.

I realize more and more how Elijah felt hiding in that cave believing he was alone in teaching the truth. I am going to pray about that truth and see what God says. If He says teach it, I teach it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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