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Latin America

I got this post from YouTube by Scott.

The West is stunned because Brazil, which is a member of BRICS and the Eastern Alliance, refuses to help Ukraine against Russia and the idiot leaders of the West don't get it.

Let me make it simple for the arrogant fools. Brazil is an ally of Russia.

Do you believe me yet that God has given the Western leaders "over to reprobate minds"?

They are arrogant fools. God said so and that is why everything they are doing has failed or is failing.


Remember that I have warned you about the super cauldron of Russia, which is keeping Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine to draw NATO forces deep into Ukraine so they will be surrounded on all sides by Russia and then Russia will drive south out of Belarus close to the Polish border to cut off reinforcement, resupply, and retreat for the NATO forces to finish them all off?

Everybody is wondering when Putin is going to start the Russian offensive and he kind of sort of has but he is keeping his main troop offensive slow and in far Eastern Ukraine to draw the NATO forces deep into Putin's super cauldron just like I told you about a year ago.

Look, Putin knew that, if he finished off the Ukrainian forces, which he has almost completely done, NATO would send a really big force into Ukraine to finish off Russia.

NATO is right now doing that putting together an entire army with tanks, armored vehicles, missiles, fighter planes and such.

So, what is Putin going to do? Go charging out to meet the mighty NATO force head on like an idiot?

No, he is doing what I told you he would do a year ago. To fight the Russian forces, NATO has to send their mighty army deep into Eastern Ukraine, where they will be surrounded by Russian and Belarus forces that can cut off their reinforcements, resupply, and retreat. It is another trap or sucker punch just like dozens before and the idiots running NATO are falling for it just like they fell for all of the other traps.

Mean while, Putin is ramping up his forces to strengthen his trap to more quickly and decisively destroy the Western army. Putin is not going to advance far out of Eastern Ukraine until he has destroyed the threat of NATO.

You watch, when the mighty NATO forces go charging into Ukraine, Putin will retreat back to a predetermined and built defensive position, where his artillery, missiles, drones, and aircraft will be waiting and surrounding the NATO forces to destroy the NATO forces, Russia will drive south out of Belarus close to Poland to cut off the NATO forces reinforcements, resupply, and retreat, and then all hell will break loose on the NATO forces.

Then he will invade Europe and the US to kill off the upper class trash causing these messes because, after Putin has destroyed enough of their remaining militaries, they will be defenseless and at his mercy and he will give them no mercy.

New Mexico

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash lefties are satanic and the spawn of Satan? Remember that I have been telling you they and their followers are very evil?

I got this from Pinon Post by John Block:

"The Satanic Temple, a nontheistic 'religious' organization, is opening a new facility in New Mexico to kill children in the womb in the name of supposed religious practices to worship Satan."

Nontheistic and they worship Satan? Worshiping Satan as a god isn't a religious practice? Are you really stupid enough to believe that?

Right, they insult our intelligence. And

"Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has ties to other Satanic cults, namely the 'Temple of Satan,' which also performs the abortion ritual to sacrifice babies in the womb."

Not only is the governor of New Mexico and all of the Democrats who support her satanic but the small town of La Luz, New Mexico, which is about 7 or 8 miles north of the town Alamogordo, New Mexico, where I live, is considered by Satanist, witches, and other members of the occult to be one of the five most holy sites in the US.

That should tell you that there are a lot of Satanist, witches, and other members of the occult here in this area.

Why God had me move here, I do not know yet.

A number of years ago, God gave me a dream in which an Earth Witch came to fight me with her black magic and I defeated her with the magic used by a more powerful Solar Witch. Then a Solar Witch came to fight me and I defeated her with the magic used by the more powerful Galaxy Witch. Then a Galaxy Witch came to fight me and I defeated her with the magic used by the most powerful Universe Witch. Then a Universe Witch came to fight me and I couldn't defeat her because, in Satanism, witchcraft, and black magic, the magic of a Universe Witch is all of the magic available in our universe so there cannot be more powerful black magic than that because black magic is finite.

God spoke to me and said, "Use my power because my power is infinite." So I used the power of God and easily defeated her. It was a lesson concerning the infinite power of God verses the limited power of black magic and Satan.

They didn't say where they are going to put that satanic abortion "alter" for "nontheistically" worshiping Satan by murdering their unborn children to him.

For a long time I had the feeling that God was going to punish Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico, turning them into ghost towns. Now I am certain of it.

BTW, all of those nontheistic, satanic Democrat Latinos running our government and living in Santa Fe and Albuquerque are devout Catholics, you know, the "Christian" religion that has been trying to convert to Islam since 2012. I thought you would want to know.

I guess God is sorting those Satanists out of His church into the open to open everyone's eyes?

Remember that I found out that China had made a deal with the Mexican Cartels just across the border that, if the Cartels help China invade and defeat the US, China will give the Cartels New Mexico and Texas? Remember that I also told you that the Democrat members of the Latino or Spanish Royals running New Mexico have been working with Mexico to help them regain royal control of New Mexico and reestablish the New Mexico Spanish royals' monarchy since General Santa Anna sold the New Mexico monarchy to the US in 1849?

If China gains control of New Mexico and gives it to the Cartels, you can bet those Cartels will not share power with the satanic Spanish Royals currently running New Mexico and will kill them all off for us (thank you) to seize that power themselves just like they are doing in Mexico by fighting against the Mexican Government and armed forces.

Once again, Satan's people are going to get what they want and not like it.

US Corruption

This video shows you more proof of the absolute government corruption in this nation and notice the evil attorneys who make it possible.

I have been watching this evil crap for decades and the upper class trash lefties just keep making it worse. It is like I have been telling you, the only thing that will stop these evil monsters is death. They absolutely refuse to stop while they are alive.

Do you believe me yet that the Republic is dead when the upper class trash are above the law you must live under and they keep getting worse and worse with no accountability?

Go ahead, prove to me that the Republic is still alive. I'm waiting because that ain't no republic.

BTW, Virginia has refused to ban pedophilia.

Gee, you don't think it is because their politicians are a bunch of pedophiles or child rapist, do you?


Remember that I have been warning you that, at the very start of WWIII, when Russia makes her move against Europe and the US, Russia will start with a barrage of nukes, missiles, bombs, artillery, and drones?

Everyone just assumes that we have the air defense system to stop their low level short range stuff but that isn't true. Just watch this video and at about 15 minutes into it Scott tells you that NATO doesn't have an air defense to stop this stuff, especially Europe. When Putin opens up on Europe, he will level the place.

You see, during the Cold War, we built most of our air defense in space, where the Soviet Union would have to orbit almost all of her ICBM nukes and our limited other air defense was just clean up for what got through that mess. We figured that less than 10% of the Soviet stuff would make our airspace, 200 miles off shore, so there wasn't much need for a super duper air defense system at the mid to low level.

The way Russia and China have positioned their nukes and other missiles in ships and subs off of our coasts just outside our airspace or nearby land based missiles and planes, none of that stuff will reach into space to be knocked down by our most important air defense stuff. Enough of their stuff will get through to take out military targets, our upper class trash, and at least some of our military industry.

Europe is pretty much screwed, even the UK. Remember that, following the Cold War, the Europeans were hiding behind us, while their upper class trash sacked their militaries and the US didn't build much of a shield for them because our leaders were too busy sacking our military too.

He tells you that the Soviet Union started building an air defense system at the beginning and why and they have continued until, today, they have the best low to mid level air defense system in the world. It won't stop everything but it will stop a lot more than ours will.

Remember that I told you that the British Royals in the US are now crushing and subjugating the rest of the European Royals, including the British Royals in the UK?

In this video he tells you that is going on right now and the idiot European Royals are "going along with it" because they have to because they sacked their militaries. Then he tells you that Russia has a very high economic growth in spite of the sanctions against Russia and her economy is stronger than German's economy and that the UK economy is now negative with her economy imploding.

Everything the Western upper class trash intellectually superior natural elites are doing is failing. "But, hey, let's keep doing more and more of what is failing until it begins to magically succeed." Then they had the Ursula puppet announce that they are now starting the 10th round of sanctions because the first nine rounds have failed so well. "Hey, let's make Russia more wealthy and powerful and impoverish ourselves some more to weaken Russia. That should scare Russia off."

Then she announced that Ukraine will soon become a member of the EU, which you know will finally bring down the EU and cause Putin to invade the EU to stop their evil.

Hey, if he is already waging war against the EU, why not invade?

The arrogant fools just don't get it. "Hey, if we throw enough gasoline on the fire, it will go out."

Do you believe me yet that these idiots are NOT more intelligent than you?

Note that at about 7 minutes into that video, they tell you that the scenes they shot of her majesty Ursula are "like a production", you know, just like they would do on a movie set built in England. Note that there was once again, not one sign of them being in the middle of a war zone in the middle of a war, especially since we know that war is escalating and Russia is regularly staging attacks against Kiev, Ukraine but not against Kiev, England.

They are making it too obvious but most don't get it.

I am absolutely 100% convinced that they are in a movie set in Kiev, England and definitely not anywhere near Ukraine.

Note that he tells you that Russia is amassing her troops in positions (including north of Kiev) and has increased her bombardments, which is a clear sign that the Russian offensive is either happening or about to happen. The increasing bombardment is very important.

I still think Putin is trying to draw NATO (the US) into his Ukrainian cauldron for the slaughter and they may already be showing up with the US dead already coming home in flag draped coffins.

Then note the propaganda to justify NATO (the US) invading Ukraine to start direct fighting with Russia. That is all it is, just deceptive PR.

I get the feeling that NATO forces are increasingly moving into Ukraine and Putin's cauldron.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, I think the upper class trash continuing to talk about war with China is partly a distraction from the West failing so badly in Ukraine and now moving their troops in to fight Russia.

BTW, that balloon flying over part of the US is probably a distraction, which is why Afghan Joe isn't shooting it down. The Chinese don't need to use obsolete balloons when they have their own satellites and Russia's satellites. Even the weather people have not used weather balloons in decades because they use satellites and aircraft.

Hey, it is keeping our idiot media talking about that stupid balloon instead of what is important and they don't want you to talk about.

You think not?

Balloons were made obsolete by satellites in the 60s because balloons are very unreliable. They don't go where you want them to go, they go where the wind blows them. You can change the orbit on a spy satellite to cause it to fly over anything you want it to fly over anywhere on the planet.

A balloon?

Not even close.

Plus we know China has too many agents on the ground who can gather intel in a variety of ways.

And they are going to use a balloon because dey noze no one will seeze it?

This may also be a stupid test to see how many people are stupid enough to believe China would use a spy balloon that has been obsolete for two thirds of a century.

Listen, if I were a Chinese spy in the US and I wanted mid to low level pictures of anything from the sky, I would get me a good programmable drone, put wings, a tale, and head on it to make it look like a bird that flies in that area, program it to fly from point A to point D and take pictures between points B and C. No one would even notice it. They would look up, see what they think is a bird, and even their radar would not see it because it would be the size of a bird.

Note, you have to understand that, if you are sending or receiving signals to or from the drone, the military will pick up on those signals and you are busted. It has to be programmable to "silently" fly "dark", take pictures, and land where you want it to. Heck, China knows that.

Why would I use an obsolete balloon that won't even go where you want it to go but where the wind blows it? Duh, hello?

When I see the smarty pants people and media talking about a stupid Chinese high techy-wecky spy balloony that won't even go where they want it to go, it makes me wonder, "Did I wake up in a nut house?"

What do I think it is?

Someone like the DNC, CIA, or FBI launched the balloon to distract you from important stuff and to scare the stupid people into submission to the government. There is no other possible intelligent reason for it.


When I see the newest ideas concerning health and exercise, I realize, "Yes, I did wake up in a nut house." When I see what people are saying, believing, and doing like "slow walking", it tells me that they know nothing, nothing, nothing about the structure and function of the human body, NOT A THING!

They do not understand fat in the body, salt in the body, sugar in the body, or how the human body functions in relation to rest and exercise. They are ignorant, ignorant, ignorant because of what the lefty media, lefty college professors, the chemical companies, the fad exercise media and companies, and their ignorant friends have told them.

When people don't even know the basics about health and exercise, it is overwhelming at the ignorance, stupidity, and brainwashing I have to try to overcome.

Slow walking?

You might as well just stay at home in front of the TV or puter, get fat, and die from a heart attack.

The MINIMUM aerobic exercise is 20 minutes of sustained or nonstop exercise with a minimum continuous heart rate of 120 bpm, which you ain't getting slow walking.

You might want to pray for me because the stupid people are getting harder and harder to deal with because they have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is NEVER ENDING!

I am absolutely convinced that the people brainwashing the stupid people with this crap are going to burn in the hottest part of the Lake of Fire FOREVER and they should.


Remember that I taught you, probably 2 decades ago, how to revitalize and take back our deserts? Remember that I also taught you why they became deserts in just the last few thousand years?

There is plenty of archaeological evidence now proving that there were vibrant agricultural communities in those deserts just 2 to 3 thousand years ago and they keep finding more.

This video is very interesting and I want you to pay attention to the maps while I teach you why Saudi Arabia became a desert and a better way to turn it back into a very habitable land mass.

First, it was only about 2,500 years ago that she was a very habitable land known as the land of Sheba. The Bible tells us this with the story about the Queen of Sheba visiting King Solomon of Israel. Sheba was a very prosperous agricultural land at that time. They found the ruins more than 2 decades ago in the middle of a desert.

So what happened to her?

A number of things happened to her. Remember that I showed you how, all over the world, all of the continents are drying up with what I call "continental drying" because the water on the continents is decreasing because the water is evaporating and running off faster than the weather is returning that water to the continents? Remember that I proved this with archaeology because of the number of former agricultural major cities that their ruins are now in bone dry deserts and there are a number of port cities that are now under from 30 feet to more than 300 feet of water?

Saudi Arabia is turning parts of its desert back in agricultural areas but they could do better for longer by doing it more naturally.

First, the prevailing winds are from the west to the east and that should tell you that part of the problem is those winds crossing the Sahara Desert from the west and being dried up and heated by that desert. Those winds are so hot and dry by the time they reach the Red Sea that they obviously can't pick up enough water to do much good in Saudi Arabia.

The best thing Saudi Arabia could do would be to help the nations making up the Sahara Desert return that land to being moist again by using solar engineering to desalinate the sea water from the Mediterranean Sea and return it to the land via the sprinkler system I told you about decades ago so the winds will contain much more water by the time they reach the Red Sea.

Even just working with the nations just to the west of the Red Sea doing the same thing would significantly improve the prevailing winds for Saudi Arabia.

Second, you have to realize that down the west side of Saudi Arabia is a mountain range, which compresses the air, causing condensation and precipitation, which dries the air flowing down the east side of those mountains and that dryer air sucks the water out of the land east of those mountains.

Therefore the second thing she needs to do is run a pipeline of desalinated water along the eastern mountain tops to increase water on the east faces of those mountains and in the air as it starts its descent down those mountains so that, instead of drying up the land east of those mountains, the wind will provide increased precipitation for the rest of Saudi Arabia, turning that desert back into good farm and grazing land.

That would work much better than what they are doing in that video because it would revive all of the land and not just patches of land and would rebuild the aquifers, streams, and rivers, which would prolong the effects of the increased water for much longer.

They are busting their butts to recover patches of land, when for the same or a little more work, they can recover the entire nation. You learn to work with and use nature like the topography and prevailing winds to properly manage your nations and the planet.

They are not doing that. They are relying totally on the limitations of their technology, when using that technology in conjunction with nature can do a much better job. You have to learn how things normally function and then to control and work with that function to get the results you want and need. You don't work against nature they way they are but use nature for better results.


Remember that I told you that, after Erdogan and his Turkish Army are destroyed in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, Russia will take over all of Turkey north of the Euphrates River to control the Bosporus Straits and shipping traffic between the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea to protect Russian's shipping in and out of the Black Sea and to also set up Russian ports on the Turkish coast in the Mediterranean Sea?

This video shows that large numbers of Russians are already moving to Turkey, which will only encourage Putin to take control of Turkey, after Turkey loses its government and army.

Putin will have to seize control of the Bosporus Straits before anyone else can seize control of it because of the sudden power vacuum.

The Orthodox Christian Russians are driving the Turkish people out of Western Turkey by increasing rents to higher than the Turkish people can pay because Europe has made those Russians more wealthy with their idiot sanctions.

Notice that the video shows that the Russians are causing the growth of Orthodox Christianity in Turkey like I told you.

Remember that I told you that Russia taking Turkey and Israel taking everything from the Euphrates River south to the Indian Ocean on both sides of the Red Sea will fulfill the prophesy of Islam being divided as shown by the two feet in Nebuchadnezzar's dream?

When that happens, the resulting Muslim Caliphate will be divided into two parts just like two feet, with 5 leaders from the western half and 5 leaders from the eastern half just like the 10 toes on the feet, which will make up the Muslim council of 10 for their global Caliphate that I told you about more than 20 years ago.

It is already starting to happen.

Then you will see the Tribulation one world government and church start to form and grow as the Muslims build Mystery Babylon to be their capitol city for the world just like the Bible says.

Every day, we get one day closer. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled RIGHT NOW!!! God's hand is moving in Russia and Turkey right now. Soon, WWIII will force the remnant of the Western upper class trash to flee to Baghdad to begin building Mystery Babylon with the Iranian Muslims to prepare for the rapidly approaching Tribulation.

Being a Man of God

Mark sent me this:

"You wrote, 'I realize more and more how Elijah felt hiding in that cave believing he was alone in teaching the truth.' I agree. I sometimes feel like Jeremiah.

Nobody could understand what he was seeing or prophesying. I have no problem seeing or understanding what is going on in the USA. We are being destroyed daily by the Left in government and leftist big businesses like Pfizer, Moderna, Disney, and others. Let us not forget Big Education - they are on the front lines of all this leftist disinformation. This collaboration between leftist Marxist government, leftist education, and big business is bordering on fascism. It seems that Marxists the world over and in the blue states seem to all get their marching orders from the same place. They all say and do the exact same thing and they are all shallow, grim, would be dictators.

I see all the shenanigans going on and realize that our fight is against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. That spiritual wickedness in high places is not only demonic forces, but includes the elites that are doing Satan's will. It is likely many of them are demon possessed. Unfortunately, I can see peoples' eyes glaze over when I try to tell them the truth. My own wife tells me to get off of my soap box. She is not saying that what I am saying is wrong; she knows I am right, she just does not want to hear it.

The elite hated Jeremiah whenever he prophesied. They disbelieved Jeremiah even as the Babylonians were coming. They wanted him out of reach of their hearing. They wanted to kill him and torture was not out of the question. So they put him in a cistern and he sank in the mud.

There were quite a few evil things they did to Jeremiah.

They hated him and his message. I know that 'feeling well.'"

When God told me He want me to be a man of God, I already knew what happens to them so I fought Him over it for 2 to 3 years before finally giving in and accepting the job. Being a man of God doesn't exactly come with a great job description. Most of them ended up being tortured to death. John was the only Apostle that was not murdered and he spent years exiled to an island. It was not exactly my dream in life. I know very well how Jonah felt. "You want me to do what?"

Now that Mark mentions it, I also understand how Jeremiah felt because I am warning about the "Babylonians", you know, the upper class trash, while they are laying siege to our Christian walls and a lot of people don't want to hear it. God even told me in some dreams that they will try to murder me to silence me. Only an idiot would volunteer for that job, which is why I got drafted.

"Who, me? You want me to do what? Couldn't you give that job to someone else? You created me and raised me up to do that job? Really? I guess I have to do it, don't I?"

when God calls, you will eventually answer, just ask Jonah.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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