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I have realized something about what the US admiral said concerning being ready to fight Russia that no one else seems to be getting. He is saying that the US Navy is ready to take on the Russian Navy (also the Chinese Navy) that is positioned near our Western nations like the US, UK, France, Spain, and Italy.

He knows those ships and subs are poised to launch attacks against those and other nations as soon as Russia starts her invasion of Europe and the US.

He isn't talking about a ground war but a naval war against the Russian invasion fleets.

I just found out that increasing numbers of rich Chinese are fleeing China but they are not coming to the US, Europe, or Canada. They are fleeing to other nations in the area of Singapore and Japan.

Are they fleeing China because they know there will soon be a war between China and the West, especially the US, which would also explain why they don't want to go to Western nations?

But, then, why are they going to places like Japan, which will also probably be in this war? Do they know that China doesn't plan to attack Taiwan and Japan first but only the US, Canada, and Europe? Does this mean that, if China and Russia take out the US and Europe, Taiwan and Japan will probably submit?

I have been watching people like Macgregor and Scott Ritter trying to figure them out because they get most of what Putin is doing now but they still don't see what his long game is. They all tell me that they did not understand Putin at the start but understand him better today and only think they know what his long game is.

I understood Putin from the start and told you what he was going to do when these others had not yet learned to better but not completely understand Putin.

They are certain that Putin does not want to fight the West but have not figured out that Putin now realizes the West is not leaving him a choice so Putin is preparing to fight the West because he, like I, realizes that he has no other choice.

I keep telling you that the reason why Putin is only making small moves in the East, while everyone else is trying to figure out why he has not started with a hard driving offensive, is because Putin has his cauldron set up and is making those small moves to draw the West into his trap by getting them to attack deep into Ukraine against Putin's troops in the east so NATO will be surrounded on 3 sides by Russian forces; the north, south, and east.

Putin has massed his forces with some in the east in the Donbass/Kharkiv area, some in the south in the Kherson/Odessa area, and some in the north by Kiev and also ready to drive south to cut NATO off from the west, which will put Russia on all 4 sides of NATO by the time they reach the Donbass area.

The West calls that an encirclement and the Russians call it a cauldron. It is just exactly the same way Russia defeated the Germans in both Leningrad and Kiev during WWII. Russia encircled and destroyed almost all of both German forces and Putin knows that and is using that same trap right now. If Putin moves his troops west out of the Donbass area, it will diminish or destroy his encirclement trap so he is just waiting for the West to get stupid enough to rush their forces right into the trap, knowing the stupid Western leaders are chomping at the bit.

I have not seen anyone else who has figured that out yet and they can't figure out why Putin has not already started his offensive across Ukraine.

Remember that I have been warning you that the West will lose WWIII against the Eastern Alliance and why? Remember that I have been warning you that China and Russia along with other members of the Eastern Alliance will attack the West soon?

This video tells you that NATO is desperate about all of that, especially about Russia and China ramping up for a coordinated war with the West.

(Caution: at about 9:30 into the video, he starts a commercial that lasts the rest of the video or about 6 minutes.)

The West is DESPERATELY trying to force their global dictatorship on the rest of the world as their dictatorship is increasingly slipping away from them. As long as they are alive, they refuse to give up on their global dictatorship, no matter how bad it gets for them. Even if they are crushed, they will just regroup, reorganize, and keep trying.

At about 6:20 into that video that woman is telling you that she sees the betrayal by the British royals in the US against the rest of the European royals but she doesn't seem to see the complete big picture. The American royals are destroying Europe and their economies to gain complete control over them the way royals have always betrayed and fought each other for wealth and power for thousands of years and, because the European royals have become too dependent on the American royals, they can barely do anything about it.

He told you what I have told you that Russia and China (BRICS) have been planning this for years.

Then I found this very brief video telling me that they are finally figuring out what I have been telling you. He has finally figured out that Russia has no choice but to invade Europe and the US to stop the insanity of the upper class trash royals. They are finally getting it.

In this video he starts out by telling you what I have been telling you that "NATO's forces have dwindled away to just a shell of what they were" during the Cold War. He openly mocked both Germany and the UK armies because, just like he said and I have been telling you, they don't have a significant military any more.

Hey, their upper class trash made a fortune sacking their military budgets to fill their pockets so their militaries don't have the muscle to get rid of Putin so the upper class trash can set up their global dictatorship. The Western upper class trash idiots have destroyed their own power mad dream of a global dictatorship.

Scott tells you that we don't have an army that can fight Russia because we have squandered our military, soldiers, and such and they definitely can't fight both Russia and China.

He tells you that Russia spent 20 years ramping up to fight the West just like I have told you.

He tells you how lacking the US military is and why and then tells you how pathetic the European militaries ALL are and why. Heck, the European militaries couldn't fight their way out of a kindergarten sandbox and their leaders are the absolute worst military leaders in history. They are just good liars and thieves. I dare anyone to name just one European government leader who would understand the simplest tactical maneuvering and positioning, much less be able to do a strategic analysis and these will be their military leaders against Russia.

Look, I have laid out the strategies and tactics Putin has been using since BEFORE the war started and keep explaining what is going on with NOT ONE of their leaders seeing one bit of what he has already done. They still don't know a thing about what Putin has done and are believing completely false fairy tales about what Putin has done.

That should scare the crap out of their troops because how will those leaders anticipate the moves of Russia against them and be able to develop counters?

When Russia invades Europe and the US, it will be such a massive slaughter, especially in Europe. It would be like sending the US Military from 20 to 30 years ago in to conquer Fiji, the European leaders are too ignorant and stupid to realize the threat, and are still beating the war drums.

Europe facing off against Russia will be like the weakest Roman Empire unit of just 100 soldiers facing off against a US division from WWII. They won't last long, especially after the Russian pre invasion barrage.

And then they tell you what I have been telling you about NATO disarming itself by sending its weapons into Ukraine so their armies won't have anything left to fight with. "Hey, let's go take on the mighty Russian Army with slingshots and pea shooters."

Do you believe me yet that the Western upper class trash leaders are not as smart as they think they are and Putin is not as stupid as they think he is?

It is like I have been warning you. Putin is holding back in Donbass to draw in the West's weapons and troops to more easily destroy them. Putin has created a military black hole in Eastern Ukraine that is devouring the West's militaries and, as long as they keep sending in more weapons and soldiers to die in the Donbass, he will keep killing them until they don't have anything left to fight Putin.

Why go fight standing armies when you don't have to because they keep sending those standing armies into your meat grinder trap because their leaders are idiots?

The West is ALREADY losing WWIII and too stupid to realize it. Here is some irony. The idiot upper class trash leaders have surrounded themselves with political military officers who tell the leaders what the moron leaders want to hear in order to keep from losing their jobs but, when those moron leaders get their evil butts conquered, those stupid political military officers will really lose their jobs and probably get shot.

Remember that I told you that I didn't know how many of Germany's tanks don't work because they don't have money for parts and maintenance?

Scott just told us that "most" of Germany's tanks don't work. That is more than half.

This is insanity and blows my mind that the Western leaders are disarming themselves even more than they were disarmed before this began, while "ramping up for a war with Russia."

Maybe they should give all of their soldiers white flags to surrender with? Hey, they won't have any weapons or munitions so why not give them something to surrender with?

He told you just like I told you that "NATO has spent the last 30 years living under the umbrella of Uncle America". They have nothing now.

Scott reveals a lot of intel in that video.

The only thing that can save Europe right now is if their generals and admirals stand up and take control of their nations to stop the relentless insanity of their governments. But, hey, when Russia destroys those militaries and kills those officers, Russia will seize control of those nations and stop their insanity.

During this war I have been wondering why more Ukrainians were not fleeing out of Ukraine to get away from the fighting and war, especially to save their families. I figured it was probably just people staying behind who, for some reason, couldn't get out of Ukraine, you know, like poverty.

Then I found this very revealing video where, at about 5 minutes into it, he begins telling us that the people are just blindly believing the lies of Zelensky and their other leaders. He said that the people started out believing Zelensky's lies that Russia was not going to invade so they didn't prepare for the invasion and he did. Then, after Russia invaded, proving Zelensky wrong, the people have continued to believe lie after lie even though the lies keep being proved wrong.

That tells me that those people, almost 20 million, are mesmerized by Zelensky and their other leaders. No matter what those evil leaders say, the people just keep believing what those leaders say regardless of what happens even with the events proving their leaders to always be wrong.

I already knew and have been telling you that those leaders and our leaders are evil spawn of Satan but, to mesmerize people in mass like that, you have to be demon possessed. Without demonic possession, no human can do that.

That tells me that all of these upper class trash royal globalist leaders are demon possessed and that also explains why the stupid people in the US keep voting for the lefty leaders in spite of the harm those leaders are causing the stupid people. Those stupid people are all mesmerized by their leaders because those leaders are demon possessed. That explains a lot.

I only listened to that video up to about 8 minutes into it.


I keep seeing people asking why the Chinese balloon was not shot down. Let me answer that with a question.

While it was over the US, where would the aircraft bullets that would have very easily passed completely through the balloon landed without causing harm, damage, or death to someone?

I didn't hear anyone say anything about that plus they still needed the distraction.

Then later, I want to know why they used a $1 million missile to shoot down a balloon they could have shot down with a burst from a 25mm cannon (machine gun) for just a few bucks?

But the balloon circus continues.

When I first began studying science in college in the spring of 68, I was amazed at how much we already knew. It was so encouraging and I just knew that, by now, 55 years later, everyone would be so much more knowledgeable about science and technology.

Boy, was I wrong!

For example, spy satellites replaced spy balloons in the 1960s and today, two thirds of a century later when everyone is considered to be so much more technologically knowledgeable and advanced, probably at least half of the people in the nation believe that China, who has a military that is so large and technologically advanced that it is rated the third greatest military in the world, is using balloons for spying when she has a fleet of spy satellites.

That is not just disappointing and frustrating but scares the living crap out of me.

What else will these stupid people believe?

Hey, I know, let's find out just how stupid the stupid people really are.

Dear stupid people, to scare the crap out of you, we are going to tell you that both Russia and China are going to make their militaries even more deadly by throwing away all of their missiles, bombs, and bullets and arming themselves with spears and shields.

Now, let's see how many people get terrified by that and we will know just how many stupid people there are.

The balloon is just a distraction and the lefty media are using it to talk about the super duper deadly balloon that might release an EMP or, even worse, a balloon fart that could wipe out half the planet!!!! The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!

Every hour they waste talking about the super duper deadly balloon is one less hour of them telling you about what they are doing to you.

Did you notice that, while they were talking about the stupid, obsolete balloon, they were not talking about the corruption of Hunter and Joe Biden, the FBI, the CIA, and the DNC and their failures in Ukraine, their sanctions, the terrible economy, the border crisis, and other problems the left has caused? Did you notice they are using making China look like the only bad guy in the world to divert your focus from Russia, Iran, and Ukraine?

Gee, what a magic coincidence. It is just an obsolete balloon.

Oh yeah, remember that they told you that China could maneuver the balloon? Gee, I wonder how they could maneuver the balloon from the other side of the planet?

You know, by using satellites to relay intel from the balloon to China and relay commands from China back to the balloon, you know, like they even needed the balloon.

Then I also realized that the left is using the balloon to discredit the conservative media that take the bait and spend more than just a little time talking about an obsolete balloon. They are going to be made to look very bad and be completely discredited because they have been played for suckers.

Get it straight, all of the media who kept telling stories about the "mighty, deadly super duper, high techy weky, spy balloony" are either useful tools and puppets or suckers and fools. You figure out which.

Now Congress is "searching for answers" about a stupid obsolete balloon instead of searching for answers about more important things. They also just got played for suckers and fools and it is a complete waste of time and money.

I want my own planet so my brain will stop hurting. The stupidity is just amazing!

Do you believe me yet that the left has invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending?


Remember that I told you very early in the fakedemic that masks cannot protect anyone from the virus or any virus and why?

Well, now everyone is saying that masks don't work. Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you believe me yet that Fauci belongs in prison and they need to find his offshore bank account to find out who and how much he was being bribed to lie for?

That offshore bank account will tell the entire story.


Remember that I told you that it looked like they were intentionally spreading COVID because viruses don't spread that way?

When the CEO at Pfizer said that they are mutating the virus, it proved me right. They were mutating the virus and intentionally spreading it to increase their profits with their vaccine that doesn't work by keeping the fakedemic going.

People, that is a high level crime against humanity that killed people and should be prosecuted as a capital crime because they were intentionally killing people for money.

Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39

They just had a really big earthquake not very far from where the Bible says they will have a massive quake during the staging for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 that will cause the invading armies to panic and turn their weapons on each other in fear and kill 5 out of 6 of them. It was on the same fault line, just further north.

That area has a lot of seismic activity that has been getting worse and more frequent for decades.

Keep an eye on this.


Here is something about Turkey that I know none of the idiot media are telling you about.

Why is Turkey getting away with playing both sides of the field politically and militarily?

Because the US has an air base in Turkey set up during the Cold War to contain the Soviet Union. That base has some of our finest planes, munitions and people we would not be able to get out of Turkey, if the West turned on her. You might get some to most of the people back but none of the equipment.

Oh yeah, we also have 60 variable yield nukes there that Turkey would definitely keep and could use against our troops in that area along with against Greece. You better bet that Erdogan has people watching those nukes to make sure we don't start moving them out of country.

Keep an eye on this.

Interest Rates

Why are they increasing interest rates?

So fewer of you will be able to make the payments on things you want to buy so you will "own nothing." Hey, they told you that.

They don't plan to come and take everything away from you. They plan to make it so you can't buy anything and/or will sell it to them for overpriced food to feed your faces. When they are finished with you, you will even sell them your guns and children to buy food.

Hey, nothing controls people like poverty and starvation.

Keep an eye on that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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