I Told You So 526


Mark sent me this:

"Hera are a couple of curses God told Israel that would come upon them if they would 'not obey the LORD your God by diligently observing all his commandments and decrees' which God had commanded them (Deu 28:15):

The LORD will send upon you disaster, panic, and frustration in everything you attempt to do, until you are destroyed and perish quickly, on account of the evil of your deeds, because you have forsaken me.

(Deu 28:20) The LORD will afflict you with consumption, fever, inflammation, with fiery heat and drought, and with blight and mildew; they shall pursue you until you perish. (Deu 28:22)

The LORD will afflict you with consumption, fever, inflammation, with fiery heat and drought, and with blight and mildew; they shall pursue you until you perish. (Deu 28:22)

The LORD will cause you to be defeated before your enemies; you shall go out against them one way and flee before them seven ways. You shall become an object of horror to all the kingdoms of the earth. (Deu 28:25)

I would say that these four curses are already upon us. Read all the curses in Deu 28:15-68. There are a total of 40 curses listed there."

I believe God is judging and punishing us because the Bible says God is judging and punishing us.

Then I saw someone post an item questioning whether God's judgment and punishments are good.

Yes, God's judgment and punishments are definitely good because it stops the harmful evil and wickedness of the Satan's spawn but, of course, Satan's spawn don't like God's judgment stopping them.

"Why, God is bad for stopping them from causing harm to you."

Just look around you at the problems and harm Satan's spawn are causing right now because of their evil. When God punishes those evil people, they either turn from their harm causing wickedness or are killed so they can no longer cause harm to others.

God's punishment is God delivering the good people out of the hands and harm of Satan's evil people stopping the harm they are causing and that is good.

It is the same thing as our legal system arresting robbers, rapists, and murderers and putting them in jail where they cannot cause anyone any more harm. God puts the evil people in his jail called Hell where they cannot cause you any more harm forever. That is good for everyone but the evil people and it is the evil people who think it is wrong for God to punish them for their wickedness.

"Why, how dare God cause them harm to stop them from causing more harm to you?"

God is right now judging and punishing Satan's lefties and their plans of setting up their evil global dictatorship to murder off more than 7.5 billion of you are failing because of God punishing them. That is a good thing and is saving billions of lives.

Personally, I pray for their salvation but also wish God would get rid of more of them faster to get rid of their insanity and protect the good people. They have already proved conclusively that, as long as they live, they will refuse to stop trying to force their evil plans on you, which means to rob and murder off most of you. That means that either they are going to die or you and your families are going to die. They are leaving you no other choice.

Thanks, Mark, for the e-mail.

You think we are not being judged and punished by God for our wickedness?

Watch this video about how satanic and evil the lefties are and with them in control, our nation is also. Satan's spawn are stampeding out of their closets now and showing who they really are.

People, a nation is no better than the people running it and, if those people are evil, then your nation is evil.

If you know anything about God, you should know that everything they did at that satanic religious festival is an abomination to God and that He will punish them and it should be obvious God is punishing them now.

God has destroyed every nation in history that has gotten that evil and, if He does not destroy the US, He will have to apologize to those nations He did destroy for the same reasons, you know, like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Do you believe me yet that we are going to have to build a new nation because those people in that video have destroyed this nation and it has just not finished kicking yet?

Then I remembered the dream where God is going to destroy most of the greater LA area that I have told you about. In the dream, Hollywood was leveled. Gee, I wonder why.


Well, the left is still dragging out the balloon crap and will continue to use it as long as it works. That is beginning to look like it will be for a while yet because it seems that the stupid, mesmerized people want to be scared into submission so they can believe in their human pagan gods to save and protect them. "Hey, they will take care of us, while we continue to live in our sins."

Did you notice that, while they are all talking about a stupid obsolete balloon of death that they have not been covering Afghan Joe's corruption, fails, inflation, or many other bad things he is doing?

Did you notice that, while they are all talking about the obsolete balloon of death, they are not talking about Hunter's corruption, the CIA corruption, the FBI corruption, the DOJ corruption, the Pentagon fails, them failing in Ukraine and sending more and more money and weapons into Ukraine, about the devastated European economy caused by their idiot sanctions, or any of the other many stupid and corrupt things being done by the left?

Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Now, my question concerning the obsolete magic balloon of death is did Afghan Joe get Xi to launch the magic balloon of death or did the CIA, FBI, the Pentagon (Afghan Austin and Afghan Milley) or some other corrupt government agency launch it to be another distraction to keep you from seeing and talking about what is important?

How long do you think they will be able to keep playing that sick game? How long will they be able to keep playing the American people for suckers and fools?

And then you can bet that, since this obsolete magic balloon of death has worked so well at distracting so many people, there will be another obsolete magic balloon of death and another one and another one and...

As long as you let them play you for a sucker, they will play you for a sucker.

Then, I found this video.

I told you so, I told you so, ha ha, I told you so because God taught me well.

This is a retired military officer telling you that the obsolete magic balloon of death is just a distraction and they are playing you for suckers and fools. The liars tell you that the magic balloon can be maneuvered to go where they want it to go. Yeah, right. The balloon is in the air because it is lighter than air, you can't control its direction in winds that are more than about 10 to 20 mph and, at 80,000 feet, the winds regularly blow at from 100 to 300 mph. You would have to put at least 50 to 100 balloons in the air to get the pictures you wanted on the other side of the planet you can get with one orbit of a satellite.

He told you that China has a fleet of about 100 spy satellites that regularly cover the world and they orbit the planet about every 1.5 to 2 hours (normal orbit time is about 90 minutes). That means they could program the orbits of 100 satellites to cover the exact locations of the US they want 12 x 100 times EVERY DAY!

Those satellites are already up there 24/7 just waiting to be used and they are going to send an obsolete balloon? And they are going to use some stupid, obsolete balloon they cannot control on the other side of the planet? Really? Do you get the picture yet?

The . BALLOON . IS . JUST . A . DISTRACTION!!!!! They are lying to you and are playing you for suckers and fools. You should be upset at them for doing that because they are insulting your intelligence.

My question is, "Who created that distraction by launching the balloon? Did Xi do it for Afghan Joe because he owns Afghan Joe or did someone in the US launch it for Afghan Joe?"

BTW, I just found out that, while you were busy watching the obsolete magic deadly spy balloon, our government released a high level member of Al Quaeda from Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba that staged the 9/11 attack on the US and turned him loose in the small country of Belize, from which he can easily return to the US through our open borders and stage another terrorist attack against you.

Gee, I wonder what our lefty government is aiding Al Quaeda in doing against you this time? Remember that it was our lefty government under Billy Boy Clinton that used the CIA to form Al Quaeda in the 90s?

Hey, don't worry, it will probably happen in one of our big blue cities and kill a bunch of lefty voters, increasing the average IQ in the US.

It is even more clear that the balloon was just a distraction and I am wondering what else they distracted us from seeing.

Do you believe me yet that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load?

I hope you enjoyed watching that balloon. It turns out that it may have been more deadly than you thought.

Star Wars

This is hilarious. They are finally telling you what I have been telling you for years.

In this video they tell you that both China and Russia have the ability to destroy US satellites. Please note that they keep saying, "For a long time," you know, since the 1960s for Russia, just like I told you, and for China for more than 2 decades, you know, when China destroyed a US spy satellite with a ground based laser.

Did you notice that the rocket fired by Russia in that Russian simulation to take out its own satellite was shown being fired from above their satellite, which means it was fired from a "killer satellite", just like I told you. You would be surprised how much intel you can get because the other guys slips up.

Gee, they accidentally told you about the killer satellites, didn't they?

Then they tell you that both Russia and China have a number of weapons systems to kill satellites. Ye ole black closet is about to get kicked wide open in your face.

I warned you about this and told you this was going to happen with the US providing satellite intel to Ukraine. You better get ready for Star Wars II.

Note that I was trained for this war in the mid 1970s, we have both measures and countermeasures for this war, and all 3 nations have better today. I have been quietly watching this for half a century.

I have been warning you that they are about to turn the black closet loose on you and they just dumped some black closet stuff on you. But at least it will be very entertaining sitting out at night watching the stars and occasional explosions in space.

"Gee, I wonder what they just blew up that time?"

I love the way that news commentator said that they thought there would be no weapons allowed in space in the 1960s at the end of that video. Hey, they lied to him then because we were already in the start of Star Wars I with killer satellites on both sides. We both had fleets of them fighting each other. People, good guys have to put weapons in space because bad guys are going to put weapons in space.

Note that we have weapons systems prepared for this war by 1972 that their existence is still classified secret but you are about to find out about at least some of them soon and they are real doozies.

Did you know that lasers work better in space because of no atmospheric obstructions like precipitation and dust storms?

You will be amazed when you find out what space weapons systems we already have in space. THAT is the reason Trump separated the Space Force as a sub branch of the Air Force the way the Marine Corp is a sub branch of the Navy.

Now do you better understand why Trump did what he did?


Remember that I have been warning you that the US cannot face off against Russia and, much less, also China and that Europe has nothing left to fight with because of our greedy upper class trash?

I keep finding out that it is worse than I am telling you because my estimates are always conservative and this video provides more intel that it is worse than I am telling you.

Remember that I told you that most of Germany's weapons don't work because of their upper class trash sacking their military budget while hiding behind the US?

A few days ago Scott told us that most of Germany's tanks don't work, they only had about 250 to 300 tanks when this war started, and they are sending at least 14 of their few working tanks to Ukraine. Wow, smart move.

There is no telling how low their munitions stock pile is.

That video tells you that Britain just made it public that, if they were to engage Russia in fighting, Britain only has enough munitions for one day of fighting. On day 2, they either surrender or become easy target practice. Putin knows that.

He also tells you a little later that Britain only has 2 brigades and would run out of manpower in one week. Then he tells that Germany and France have nothing and NATO has nothing with the US not having enough and it is because of the greed of our "intellectually superior upper class trash royals".

And they are right now sending tanks and munitions to Ukraine. Hey, that is fewer tanks and munitions that Germany, the UK, Poland, and others will have to defend themselves against Russia with.

Do the idiot royals have a death wish or what?

Do you see what Putin is doing with his cauldron in Eastern Ukraine?

He is sitting there encouraging the idiot Western leaders to send what little they have that works to be destroyed in his Russia cauldron in Eastern Ukraine by pretending to being beat until there won't be ANYTHING left for the European nations to fight with or at least not enough to last even a month, and then he will invade and put an end to their insanity and the stupid upper class trash are falling for it because of their ignorant arrogance. They don't have much left to destroy, people.

That is why Putin has not bothered starting his offensive yet. By the time Putin starts his offensive, he will sweep through Europe like a powerful hurricane. They won't be able to stop him just like I have been warning you.

Most likely, when Putin starts his offensive against the West, they will just surrender.

The idiot upper class trash have very little left to fight with, they are giving that to Ukraine to drag this war out to buy time for them to figure out how to save their stupid butts, and everything they keep trying keeps failing.

And let me add insult to injury, those same moron leaders disarmed their people so their people could not stop those lunatic leaders from setting up dictatorships over the people, and now those stupid leaders don't have armed citizens to fight for them the way the US still has 60 million armed citizens to fight for her and the US stupid leaders are still trying to disarm the US citizens because they are too stupid to learn from the mistakes of the European upper class trash.

EVERYTHING the Western upper class trash natural elite royals have done is back lashing against them and destroying their own evil dreams of their evil global dictatorship. Wow, that worked well.

Man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs.

Then I found this video that provides quite a bit of information along with proof that the West is going to force WWIII on Russia, you know Russia knows this, and this will force Putin to invade the West to stop their insanity. The upper class trash have openly decided that they cannot lose this war they started and most go to war with Russia in spite of the fact that none of them can survive a fight with Russia. It is going to happen because the idiot Western leaders are going to make it happen.

I can just hear them thinking, "The US will save our stupid butts." And the US can't because the US upper class trash have diminished our military too much too.

Do you believe me yet that Putin already knows that he has to invade and conquer or destroy our nations to stop the insanity and save Russia?

He doesn't have a choice because of the choices made by our evil upper class trash. With Putin it is do or die for all of Russia and he knows it.

Note that he points out that it is the US and UK upper class trash who are causing this mess just like I have been telling you. The US and UK lefty upper class trash royals are the cause of most of our worst problems and refuse to quit making things worse.

Wow, they sure do take good care of you, don't they?

One thing I am learning from all of this is that our corrupt leaders will have no qualms or hesitation at sending Americans to invade and conquer Israel, if the upper class trash tell them to do so. Those stupid puppets do and say everything they are told to do and say for the love of money.

Do you believe me yet that the US needs to stage a strategic retreat to protect the US and the Pacific Ocean area and force the EU and Britain to make peace with Russia or be conquered?

People, it is either that or we all go down.

You think not?

I just found out that China is ramping up their economy for war, they are changing businesses from producing civilian products to producing military products for things like medical supplies and who knows what else, and many of the rich people in China are getting out of China because they don't want to be in the middle of the war between China and the US.

I believe the reason none of the rich Chinese are coming to the US and Canada is because they know about the tens to hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops infiltrated into the US in sleeper cells. Listen, they know how bad it is soon going to get in our Western nations and they don't want to be in that mess.

People, we have about one third of the people in this nation openly saying they hate our nation, our Constitution, our culture, our economy, our law enforcement, our military, and they are openly working to destroy our nation from within. We have only God knows how many troops infiltrated into the US in sleeper cells from China, Latin America, and other hostile nations. The upper class trash are destroying our economy, our currency, our military, our law enforcement, our intelligence, and all of the most important agencies in our government. They are brainwashing and dumbing down our children, while turning them against us.

That doesn't cover everything our enemies, both foreign and domestic, are doing to destroy our nation. No nation can survive all of that at the same time from both outside and from within. Deal with it and prepare for it.

The Pope

Remember that this Pope and the majority of the Vatican have been trying to convert the Catholic Church to Islam since 2012 but there are too many true Christians in the Church resisting that conversion?

This video tells you that the Pope just committed blasphemy by saying that "criminalizing homosexuality is a sin."

Why is that blasphemy?

Because God criminalized homosexuality when He said in His Word that homosexuality is an abomination or the worst kind of crime or sin before God. Therefore, the Pope is saying that God sinned, which is blasphemy and the Pope is lying about God. The Pope just committed the first and worst sin Satan committed when he elevated himself above God.

Personally, I would not want to get too close to the Pope for the rest of his life and I would not be surprised if he dies soon.

Even the Pope is not above God's Laws and can burn in Hell.


I already told you about the 7.8 quake in Southern Turkey and Northern Syria. About 12 hours later there was another massive quake of 7.5 that also affected Damascus. At least 10 Turkish cities have suffered heavy casualties and thousands have died in Turkey and Syria; the last I read it is almost 5,000 dead. At the time I am writing this Turkey has had 5 earthquakes of 5.4 to 7.8 with at least 2 over 7.0.

This is clearly a warning from God. He has just about had enough of our pagan crap.

The Bible tells us that God will cause a massive quake on the same fault line at Mt. Hermon that will cause the army gathered to invade Israel to panic and turn their guns on each other, killing 5 out of 6 or 83.3% of that force.

Rome II

Remember that I have been telling you that you are living the fall of Rome II?

Pay very close attention to the education numbers early in this video because, with our children not getting that knowledge, they will not be able to maintain our nation at its current technological and economic level. With the left so severely destroying our children's educations, this nation is doomed to become a third world nation and is heading that way right now, especially with them bringing in so many illegal aliens from third world nations.

Gee, I wonder why they are bringing in all of those illegal aliens? It wouldn't be to make this nation easier to control, would it?

One reason why third world nations do so poorly is because their people don't grow up knowing what they need to know to make their nations better. Your children can only do what they have the knowledge to do and our kids not being able to read, write, do math, or use science means they will not be able to maintain the development of this nation at this level. It will fall so you ARE living the fall of our nations, quite probably, to a third world level within just one or two generations.

Our lefty college professors and teachers are causing some of the worst damage to our nations and are some of the worst traitors.

You can't do what you don't know how to do.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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