I Told You So 532


Remember that I told you that the insurance companies kept doctors from running tests on me to save money and they almost killed me?

I recently found out that the insurance and chemical companies are now telling doctors how they can and cannot practice medicine.

For example, before they can run a certain test, they must put the patient on a certain prescription for a while, you know, to make the chemical companies money without knowing what is really wrong with the patient.

Hey, the wealth of the chemical companies comes before the health of the people.

We now have to have the worst medicine in the world and the people who have caused this are killing people and should go to prison. The lefties have already destroyed everything good.


Remember that I have been telling you that the world is pulling together against the West on the side of Russia and China by joining the Eastern Alliance?

This video tells you that is happening and is leaving the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, South Korea, and Japan alone against the rest of the world.

This is a chance for the rest of the world to get out from under the oppressive heel of the Western upper class trash royals and they are running for it. The abuses of the Western royals are coming back to haunt them.

And God said, "Do unto others what you would have others do unto you."

I have been telling you we can't win this war against the East and Scott tells you that our top military leaders are saying the same thing and he explains why.

Remember that I have been telling you that the ONLY thing that will stop the lefty upper class trash is death because they can never admit their great sounding stupid ideas were wrong and failed so they believe that they just need to do more of what is failing and it will eventually magically succeed?

That is why the idiots are going to push us into a war. They keep accelerating this war because they keep doing more of what is failing because they think that enough of what is failing will magically succeed. Why, just a little bit more and it will all miraculously work.

He tells you that the first thing Putin will do before attacking the West will be to target and take out our air defense systems so his nukes can get through, just like I told you would happen and just like Putin is doing right now before invading Ukraine with his offensive.

He tells you and really stresses that Putin needs to bring this war to an end as quickly as possible and I keep wishing he would but he has his plans to bring this war to an end as quickly as possible with minimum losses for Russia and is taking the time to make sure he is ready to fight all of the West in the event that he has to because he knows he will probably have to because he knows now that the only thing that will stop the insanity of our upper class trash is their death, which means he is going to have to fight that war so he is preparing for it, which takes time.

Personally, I keep hoping God will hurry up, cause Obama to grab control of the US, take most of our lefties, especially the upper class trash, to Syria so God can kill them and get this crap over with. I am fed up with their evil insanity but God has His reasons for letting this continue longer, which probably includes giving more people more chance to choose Him instead of Satan.

It looks like Scott is getting as frustrated at the upper class trash as I am. You can bet that there are plenty more who feel the same way as we do.

He then tells you what I have been telling you that everybody is rushing to join BRICS, which is the basis for the Eastern Alliance. Don't be surprised to see the West's IMF fail or fall apart. It is right now in rapid decline and most of us may have to join BRICS to do business with most other nations.

Then he tells one reason why Putin is taking his time with his offensive with the Ukraine "burn rate" being high and their military is in decline with Russia's military getting stronger. Before you start your offensive, you want their military as weak as possible and your military as strong as possible and Putin is systematically getting it there.

People, Scott told you that the NATO (US) military leaders know they cannot win a war with Russia right now because of what our greedy upper class trash have done to our militaries so, either the Western people and militaries must depose and possibly kill the upper class trash (for treason) or Putin must conquer, depose, and kill the upper class trash to stop them because the upper class trash have proved that the only thing that will stop their insanity is their death.

Rome II is falling and falling fast but the "Romans" don't want to give up power and decrease their wealth and they are willing to fight WWIII and murder billions of you to keep that power and get more power.

Alaric Putin is sacking Rome II right now with the West declining in wealth and Russia increasing in wealth.

In this video Macgregor tells you what I have been telling you.

1) Russia is preparing the battle field by taking out air defenses but they are also taking out artillery and missiles, while causing the Ukrainian Military to deplete their munitions.

2) They are positioning their troops in the east at Kherson, Bakhmut, and south of Kharkiv for those attacks.

He does not point out the military barrage in the West by Russia to prepare for Russia taking the west of Ukraine to prevent reinforcement, resupply, and retreat by the Ukrainian troops into Poland.

He does tell you that Russia has "amassed all of the weapons and munitions to fight the US for 2.5 years", which is what has been taking so much time. They are ready to fight the US and the rest of the West right now just like I have been telling you Russia would.

Do you believe me yet that Russia is preparing to attack and destroy the West to stop their insanity?

Then the idiot interviewer said that the Russians are ready to sacrifice lives to win a war but Macgregor corrected him because of Russia fighting to conserve Russian lives.

You have to understand that the Western military leaders keep telling the idiot media that Russia is so savage and barbaric that they will slaughter mass numbers of their troops to win, when it should be obvious they won't, telling me that they still have not figured out Putin and his generals or they are lying and putting out propaganda.

Of course, the idiot journalists just blindly believe whatever the government tells them without question.

BTW, it is the West that is sacrificing large numbers of troops in Ukraine right now and losing.

Then he tells you what I have been telling you that Russia is waiting until "they have broken the Ukrainian troops and they are close to it right now" before Russia begins its maneuvering or ground offensive. When Russia starts her ground offensive, the Ukrainian troops will cut and run for Poland, which is why Putin will cut them off from Poland at Lviv in the west.

Putin knows he has to finish those troops off or it will be guerilla or terrorist warfare and Putin is trying to nip that in the bud.

Then he tells you that everything you are being told by the Western media, which they got from our governments, is lies. I got tired of the Western propaganda and lies they were reviewing and quit watching at about 9 minutes.

Have you noticed that everyone in the US Government from Afghan Joe down to all of the US nuke x-spirts is saying, "We have not seen any signs that Putin is planning to use nukes"? What, did these gold fish brains forget that, right after the West started attacking Putin with things like sanctions, Putin moved quite a few strategic and tactical nukes to strategic locations along the Russian/European borders and the same idiots said the same thing then?

I guess Putin was just repositioning those nukes to exercise them. Yeah, that's the ticket.

People, Putin already has his nukes in strategic and tactical positions in the last year to attack Europe and the US and then he just withdrew from the nuke agreement with the West trying harder and harder to destroy Russia.

The lefties are so incredibly stupid it amazes me. All of these false criminal accusations and charges against Putin for fake war crimes are just going to convince Putin even more that he has to invade and conquer our nations or use nukes to kill these lefties or their insanity will never, ever, ever stop. The ONLY way Russia can ever have peace is by killing these evil spawn of Satan, with their reprobate minds. There is no other way because they will NEVER stop their insanity because of their insane greed and lust for power.

You have to remember what this is really all about. I know they are putting lots of propaganda and lies to distract you and cause you to forget but you MUST remember that this is really about the Western upper class trash royals using Ukraine as a front to destroy Russia to get Russia out of their way so they can set up their global dictatorship and they have absolutely proved that the only way they will stop is when they either destroy Russia and get their dictatorship or they die.

Those are the only two choices the royals are leaving Putin; either he destroys them or they destroy Russia. To protect Russia, Putin MUST destroy them. He has no other choice and he is the only thing currently standing between the royals and you being murdered by their global dictatorship.

The insane spawn of Satan just keep making it worse with everything they do and their lying lefty media just won't stop their propaganda. The lying West just did a monstrously massive propaganda campaign to celebrate the one year mark for the Ukrainian War.

All that did was further convince Putin that the West will not stop their evil unless they die. All those idiot lefties did was get us significantly closer to a nuke war and EVERYONE responsible for that propaganda will be responsible for pushing Putin to fight a nuke war. The blood for the millions to billions who die will be on their evil hands.

They are all insane for the love of money.

Do you believe me yet that the lefty upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets are beyond brain dead stupid?

This video tells us of the economic and financial costs for this war and the area most effected with the West, who have caused and been pushing this war, with Europe being the most heavily hurt in their attempt to destroy Russia that is instead destroying them.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

In 2023 it is expected that the West's attempt to destroy Russia will cause all of Europe to go into recession and it will just get worse. They are paying a heavy price for their insane obsession to destroy Russia so they can set up their global dictatorship over Russia and the rest of the world.

I warned you to not mess with Christian Russia and the pagan run West is paying the price.


Remember that I told you more than a decade ago that the US Military had been recruiting and training people for the US militias for more than a few decades to fight for the US when the left tried to set up their dictatorship so the US Military could come to the aid of citizens?

This is REALLY HUGE because this video tells that the militias have already started fighting for the US because the left won't. They are even crossing into Mexico to fight the left's cartels. The fight is on.

Notice that Turley said that they are working with the good guys in the feds, the Border Patrol, you know, just like I told you one or two decades ago the military designed this to work. He also told you what I told that these militias are recruiting from former military personnel but also from former law enforcement.

He also reminded us that, during the violent lefty riots, these militias worked with law enforcement to protect the people from the rioters.

This is the citizen army I told you years ago the military began building more than two decades ago because they knew all of this crap was coming. They knew the left was planning to stage a coup and destroy the US government.

It is so good to see so many good people fighting back for the people.

Note that God has the good guys leaving the US military and law enforcement and joining the militias so that, when Obama takes his woke army to invade Israel, those good guys won't be the ones dying and so, when you have to fight what will be left controlling your nations, you won't be fighting against the good guys but will be fighting with the good guys. God has been sorting that all out for years and recently accelerated it.


Here is a magic coincidence.

Afghan Joe is negotiating with WHO, the World Health Organization, to take over dictating our health care during their next planned fakedemic in violation of the US Constitution.

Bill Gates just happens to be funding WHO so you don't think they will be forcing you to take more of their worthless murder vaccines to make Billy Boy Gates more money, do you?

The upper class trash corruption is obvious now. They don't even try to hide it.


Remember that I told you that India is quickly becoming one of the top two nations in the world, both economically and militarily?

We already know that she is working very closely with Russia to help them both be strong economic powerhouses with India holding the G20 meeting this year for the nations who are in the top 20 economies in the world but this video shows that she has been working even closer than I thought with Russia militarily. Note her extensive submarine fleet and how she has been working with Russian engineers for developing her world class nuke subs.

Plus she is also developing a powerful fleet of surface ships that includes aircraft carriers and missile ships and is working with Russia to improve her aircraft, missiles, and air defense systems.

She is already one of the most powerful militaries in the world and they are not ranking her as high as I think they should. She already has a more powerful navy than any European country and is quickly building more and better WITH the help of Russia.

Did you notice that both India and China abstained from the UNGA vote for Russia to immediately pull her troops out of Ukraine?

She is building to be able to defend the Indian Ocean against Chinese dominance.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that Britain is in decline because of their evil upper class trash royal policies and war against Russia?

This video says it is now worse in Britain than most other European nations. Their stores are rationing food, people are losing jobs, students are dropping out of school, and much more.

I guess all of those British Royals running Britain are not doing a very good job of caring for their surfs?

Hey, plunge them into poverty and they will be easier to control. Good ole socialism hard at work impoverishing everyone but ye ole royals. You can bet the royals have no trouble getting all of the food they want.

Do you believe me yet that the lefty upper class trash royal globalists are destroying Europe or Rome II and that Europe will NOT be the one world government of the Tribulation?

Europe isn't just declining any more, she is imploding and rapidly becoming a group of third world nations only leaving the US as a Western power and that won't be for long, if the upper class trash get their way and you don't turn back to God.

Keep an eye on this.


They keep threatening China with war while threatening China to not be allies with Russia, which is really stupid.

Think about it, if someone is threatening to attack you and threatening you, if you make an alliance with someone else they can't beat, what are you going to do?

It should be common sense that you will make an alliance with that someone else they can't beat to help save your butt. They are driving China into being in a military alliance with Russia and are too stupid to figure it out.


I just saw where some upper class trash just built big machines to remove the CO2 from the air.

People, the CO2 in the air is plant food and plants can't grow without it. You watch, the plant growth on this planet will start to decline because some arrogant rich people saw an opportunity to get government grants to pay for them building these machines and make them a bunch of money.

The greedy upper class trash and their moron lefty academe are destroying the planet one great sounding stupid idea at a time. Dey just gots tuh make more money anyway dey can and fake crusades are the easiest way to do it.

I already told you how their solar farms are causing heat waves and droughts and for both solar and wind farms, they have to destroy big patches of our ecosystems to build those worthless farms.

But, hey, the greedy upper class trash and their puppets are making a fortune in government grants to build those monstrosities to "save the planet" they are really destroying.

If God doesn't send these evil things to Hell soon, they are going to destroy the planet for their love of money. They are at least as bad and evil as any greedy CEOs and corporate owners because they are also destroying the planet for the love of money while pretending to do it for "a good cause".

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil." They better enjoy their money here on Earth because they won't have any in Hell.

Dear Lord, please deliver us out of the hands of your enemies and deliver them into Hell where they can never again cause harm to anyone.


I have been seeing new discoveries in astronomy that are "destroying everything we believe", their words.

"What? You mean everything they have been telling us was wrong?"

Yep, Satan's spawn always are wrong because they have reprobate minds and think they are smarter than they are plus what they want you to believe so you won't believe God and the Bible is all a lie. For decades, I have watched their lies about evolution fall apart like this on a regular basis. They have to rewrite big parts of their evolution fairy tale on a regular basis but it is scientific fact. /sarc

When I studied archaeology, I was surprised at the amount of stuff the lefty academe have stuffed away in warehouses that disprove what they want you to believe. The deception is massive.

If I am wrong, then you have to explain why these new discoveries "are disproving everything we believe." Their words.

This video shows one more lefty great sounding stupid idea that has been around for hundreds of years, has been proved conclusively to be wrong again, and they are still forcing it on you today.

The biggest problem with the left is that they can never admit they were wrong about anything. What will happen is that, when it becomes proved conclusively to everyone that this great sounding idea is stupid and does not work, the left will distract you to something else while quietly dropping that, wait a few generations and bring it back thinking they will make it work because they are smarter than our current leaders and it won't work then either but your children and grandchildren will pay for it like you are paying for it today.

It is like I have told you, the left has invented infinite stupidity and insanity because their stupidity and insanity are never ending.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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