I Told You So 534


This video is very informative about the Ukrainian War.

Remember that I had told you that Russia destroyed at least one division, probably more, with her cauldron in Donbass, after she staged a fake defeat and retreat to draw the Ukrainian Military into the cauldron or encirclement in Donbass?

According to that video Ukraine had a few hundred thousands more troops at the start than I thought they had because they only talked about 400,000 regulars and not the 200,000 reserves. With that in mind, it looks like Russia probably destroyed at least 2 divisions or more with the cauldron following her retreat back to Donbass, "after being defeated" without a significant battle taking place just before she retreated, especially not at Kiev.

I later found out that Russia fell back after an agreement was signed by Ukraine and Russia that Ukraine did not keep and the lying media told you that Ukraine had defeated Russia but Russia got the last laugh by destroying almost the entire Ukrainian Military.

As a matter of fact, most of her troops had secured areas around Kiev and were just holding them when she suddenly cut and ran back to Donbass but none of the military geniuses in the West figured that one out.

She has now almost completely wiped out more than 600,000 Ukrainian troops, with 200,000 dead and 400,000 incapacitated by wounds so that almost all of the troops still fighting for Ukraine are NATO troops and Russia is working on destroying tens of thousands more NATO troops, while only loosing maybe 100,000 troops total, with some saying Russia only lost about 20 to 30 thousand troops.

Considering that Russia only went into Ukraine with 200,000 Russian troops, according to the lying lefties, Russia is really struggling and losing the war. They are even saying Russia will definitely lose the war in spite of the fact she has rebuilt her army up to about 600,000 to 700,000 troops and is facing off against 200,000 to 300,000 NATO troops.

I think our lying lefties flunked math, especially military math. Let's see if we can figure this out; Russia destroyed almost 600,000 Ukrainian troops trained up by the US over 8 years with 200,000 Russian troops and is now facing about 300,000 NATO troops with 600,000+ Russian troops. Oh yeah, Russia will definitely lose that fight. /sarc

Macgregor also tells you about the waning support by the EU national leaders for continuing the war, which means they are seriously considering bailing on the EU and NATO to make buds with Russia, especially Germany and France, just like I have been telling you for months. He tells you that, when Germany bails, most of the other nations will "fall in line" and it will be over except, maybe, for the US and UK.

He also tells you what I told you about Georgia years ago.

Putin's only off ramp is to stop the crap from the West and the West is so obsessive, compulsive in setting up their evil global dictatorship that getting that dictatorship is their only off ramp, which means Russia and her allies will have to fight and defeat the US and UK, unless Russia can back them down.

Then he tells you that "the West just publishes garbage about Russia on a scale you cannot begin to imagine." Rest assured that their lies will find them out soon.

Then he tells you some very interesting intel about the biological warfare taking place. We know that the US was funding the 29 biowarfare labs in Ukraine and others in China. He told you that the Russians gained control of some of the labs in Ukraine and found that their bioweapons research was genetically aimed at killing Russians.

Then he told you that Fauci's people were funding bioweapons research in the US, Obama found out about it, told them it had to stop, so Fauci's group moved it to labs in China (and also Ukraine), while funding those labs, you know, like I told you happened with COVID. I told you and proved to you that COVID was developed in a US lab and then was transferred to a Wuhan Lab, which was used as a front to release it during Trump's administration to destroy Trump to keep him from being reelected. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Do you believe me yet that the Western upper class trash and their puppets are the worst criminals in the world?

They are a massive international criminal organization committing the worst possible crimes against the people of this planet. They are at least as bad as the Nazi Germans, if not worse.

God will be completely justified to kill almost all of them and send them to Hell in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to protect the people of this planet from them. They are horrid, evil human demons and monsters.

Remember that I have been telling you that the West (US and UK) will not stop their insanity against Russia and will force Russia into fighting WWIII with the US and UK?

This video makes it even more clear now that is exactly what they are working towards doing and note that he stated it is the US and UK pushing for this war with Russia. I have been telling you for months that the US and UK are not leaving Russia any other choice and he tells you that.

Then there is this video, which tells quite a bit about what the upper class trash are doing and how they are being deceptive in literally taking over the world and sacking it.

He tells you that it is being run by the upper class trash with the corrupt politicians being their puppets and front people just like I have been telling you. He tells you that the ruling elites, you know, the upper class trash and their puppets, have underestimated Putin and Russia and that they are clueless about reality and the military. You know, they have reprobate minds.

Then he details about the different groups of people who are causing these problems, which are many, which is why we will need God to save our butts.

He tells you like I told you about this having been going on since WWII, you know, since 1947.

He tells you that this is all about the greed of the upper class trash and their puppets.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Then he details how the balloon thing was just an obvious distraction away from important issues. He also explains some of the Chinese and Russian satellite capabilities that the US also has.

Then he tells you about some of the real threats the balloon was to distract us from. I still believe the CIA launched that balloon because the timing for the balloon's appearance in relation to what they wanted to distract you from was too precise and they could not have timed it that precisely, if it had been launch from China. The real reason they did not shoot it down was to keep you distracted by the balloon longer.

Do you believe me yet that we need to stage a strategic retreat back to the US from Europe to protect our own nation? Believe me, we will be forced to do that, when Europe bails on us.

Note that he tells you just what I told you, which is that it is up to you to stop the insanity of the upper class trash.

Do you believe me yet that we have to let go of the legal entity of the Republic of the US to get rid of the massive debt the upper class trash have run up to sack our nation and launder that money into their greedy pockets so we can finance building a new nation and military and sustain that military to protect us?

Do you get the picture yet?

The evil upper class trash have destroyed our nation, we will have to fight to get it back, and then we will have to build a new nation and it takes money to build a new nation and its military. The upper class trash and their puppets leave us no choice and they are the greatest threat to our national security.

Then I found this video concerning our national debt. Pay attention to how much interest we have to pay on our national debt and how it will soon surpass our military budget.

And who are we paying that interest to?

We are paying that interest to the upper class trash we borrowed the money from to launder that money back into their greedy pockets via various programs so they could loan us more money so we would have to pay them more interest on the same money. They have been systematically growing that debt and sacking the US for more than half a century.

People, the upper class trash are using this and other rackets to sack our nation to where we will not be able to fund our military enough to sustain our military so our military cannot stop them from forcing their evil dictatorship on us. It is financial warfare against us.

There are only two ways we can legally get out of that debt they have forced on us. One is to kill the upper class trash and take back the money the upper class trash stole from us to cause that debt and the other is to let the lefties have the official name of the "Republic of the US" so they retain the debt they ran up and we can start new by building and maintaining a powerful military.

It will be impossible to kill all of the upper class trash and take back all of the money the upper class trash stole from us to sack our nation because many of them live in other nations and those nations will protect their beloved criminals from us and it will be just a wee bit difficult to fight those other nations when we can't finance a war because of that debt.

That is the way they have rigged this against us so we have to out think or flank them by giving them the debt they ran up so we can start fresh. Let them try to fight the war with no money.

From what he is telling you about the idiots ruining our government persisting in making this worse, it is a matter of time, and not much time at that, before the US Military will be forced to stand up and stop this by seizing control of the US Government or just surrender to our enemies.

If you don't have any bullets, you can't fight your enemies. You guys just might want to buy all of the ammunition you can while you can, just saying.

The US Military MUST soon draw a red line to stop our corrupt politicians from completely sacking and destroying our nation and our people.

It is just like I have been telling you; the greatest enemy to the US is not Russia or China but is our own corrupt upper class trash royals and their puppets. They are sacking and destroying our nation RIGHT NOW!!!! You are living the fall of Rome II RIGHT NOW!!!!

He tells you how the lefties made our government so complex that they don't even know how many government agencies they have. We have to find out which government agencies exist before we can get rid of the right ones. Your government can't get more complex, out of control, and corrupt than that. Think about that.

Then I found this video, where Macgregor tells us that most of the people actually using the weapons being sent into Ukraine to fight Russia are Europeans but you bet that quite few will still be US soldiers. I have seen videos produced by those US soldiers in combat in Ukraine.

There are 2 things about that. First, it legally justifies Russia and her allies attacking and invading our nations.

Second, it explains why Russia is not moving forward much but staying back to draw the NATO forces into Russia's cauldron to destroy them to deplete the NATO forces Russia will have to fight with an invasion into Europe and North America.

Hey, as long as we keep sending Russia our troops and weapons into the Russia cauldron to destroy, Russia will just keep sitting there destroying our troops and weapons. Yes, the upper class trash really are that stupid because they have reprobate minds.

Then, if you read the script on the screen at 7:30 in the video, it tells you that none of them realize what Putin is doing because they have been "given over to reprobate minds". They are going to keep taking Putin's continuous sucker punch until someone stops them or they die.

Then, at about 9 minutes, he points out that someone has finally realized that Putin is doing what I have been telling you he is doing.

Note that then Macgregor refutes that but is missing that Putin is doing that to weaken the NATO forces as much as possible before Putin makes his move. He doesn't realize that Putin's "maneuver" will come when Putin decides it is best for him to maneuver and not when Macgregor decides. Right now, Putin is still prepping the battlefield by destroying enemy forces and munitions for the best possible maneuver with the fewest losses for his troops.

Putin has almost run Ukraine out of munitions and, if he does run them out of munitions, he will just walk across Ukraine to take everything he wants with almost no casualties. That is Putin's game and Macgregor doesn't get it yet. He has good intel but he still does not completely understand Putin.

Do you realize what he said the left's strategy is at about 15 minutes into it?

He said that the left believes that, if they keep doing what is failing long enough, it will magically succeed, you know, like everything else they have done that has failed. Why, no, their great sounding stupid ideas can't possibly be wrong so they just keep doing those great sounding stupid ideas until they magically succeed. More failure will make it work.

This is what happens when you are so arrogant and stupid you can't admit you are wrong, you know, with a reprobate mind. You can't change, you can't quit, and will continue until you destroy yourself. The left is destroying itself. They are their own worst enemy.

Wow, then he told you that "Mr Zelensky should be far more concerned that the left will no longer need him or he has outlived his utility and then he can easily disappear" just like I have been telling you for months. I don't think Zelensky is going to survive this. He is a dead man walking and that may be why he is running so scared right now.

I don't think this war is going to last much longer and, if Putin decided to go into Europe and the US, we won't have much left to fight with.

The EU has just stated that they are ramping up the production of munitions, which means they are ramping up for the war they persist in starting. They won't quit because they are raving lunatics.

Hey, they gotta keep doing what is failing until it magically succeeds.

And you think Putin is not going to have to go into Europe and the US?

BTW, when you ramp up to increase production of anything, you have to build the facilities and equipment required to make more of that thing and that will take time, probably more time than Ukraine has left. It will probably take them 6 months to a year or longer.

Global Economy

I am seeing signs that the lefty upper class trash are laying off people all over the world but mostly in North America and Europe to intentionally crash our economy. This will quickly devastate the West's economies, which will decrease our military potentials. The lefty idiots are terrible at planning and timing.

Have you noticed leaders from Western nations like Germany and Italy going to India to buy Russian goods and energy at a higher price via India?

India is making a killing off of those arrogant fools.

And you think the Western upper class trash and their puppets are smarter than you? Do you believe me yet that they have invented infinite stupidity and insanity because their stupidity and insanity are never ending?

Right now, the West is being squeezed out of the global market by everyone else and having to settle for leftovers.

Intelligence vs Wealth

Remember that I have been telling you for years that having more money does not mean you are more intelligent?

This video tells you the same thing. There are a lot of factors that influence your wealth and the experts can't really explain which are the most important. She gives some good examples such as family wealth, motivation, and others but she didn't mention one of the most important, which is that we don't have complete control over our lives like we like to believe and life just happens or God decides whether He wants you to have more wealth (God's will in your life) and, if you sin, He can cause you to lose it all.

For example, God has taught me much more about things I would not have learned much about, if my career had not taken a downturn because of my prolonged illness caused by a virus I got from my ex-wife because of her adultery. God used this really tough time to make me a better person and I am glad for that but sure would not want to go through it again.

I have learned that opportunity is a big factor in being successful and God controls opportunity. Having more money provides greater opportunity because it was much easier and faster for Trump to become a billionaire after his father gave him $3 hundred million dollars than for me starting out poor.

Having good health is another great opportunity because, with my prolonged illness I have explained before that causes chronic fatigue, I can't work much per week or keep any kind of required schedule. I read and write when God inspires me and I am not too tired and sometimes have to take naps because I can barely stay awake.

Before my prolonged illness, I used to think I could do anything and nothing could stop me but I have learned that, when you are so sick you can't do anything, you can't do anything and that will plunge your butt into poverty regardless of how well educated or intelligent you are. I am a very good example of that because I am one of the best educated persons I know of with all that I have studied and learned and prove it with this blog and I was told I probably qualify for Mensa and am in the top 2 percent in intelligence in the world but I am also very poor.

Another example is Tesla, who was one of the most brilliant people in the history of the US and died poor.

An extensive education and great intelligence plus $5 will buy you a large soda at Sonic.

Did you notice that restaurants never ask you what your IQ is?

I love it when she said that many of the top 1% in wealth are not the smartest people. Believe me, many of them are really pretty stupid, especially if God gave them over to reprobate minds. To prove that, all you have to do is watch TV and see the really stupid things they say and do and just watch how much those mega wealthy people keep failing and I keep telling you about it. Hint: those are not geniuses.

You know, with them failing at everything they try, they may be very wealthy but they can't exactly be the sharpest knives in the drawer.

They don't like to tell you about the millions of homeless people who were rich, have college degrees, even Ph.D.s and MDs, and are quite intelligent. There are now at least a few million of them globally.

Remember that God sets up whom He sets up and brings down whom he brings down. It is the arrogance of man that causes them to believe they are more intelligent because they have more money.

Also remember that research showed that the average intelligence or IQ for college graduates is only 114 with average intelligence ranging between 85 and 115 IQ and there being quite a few geniuses in the hard sciences skewing that average high. Most college graduates probably only have and IQ of 100 or less.

I have learned that God will permit or maybe even cause some very evil people to get rich to temp others to also be evil to get rich and that is part of the test of life.

Will you permit your love of money to make you choose to be evil?

What temptation would there be to be evil, if all evil people were poor? Will you sell your soul to Satan for money? What temptation would there be to sell your soul to Satan if there were not evil rich people?

I think the most important thing is common sense or the wisdom of God and doing God's will.

My greatest wealth is my salvation I got from Jesus paying for my crimes against God's Laws. You can't buy it, sell it, or trade it because it is a gift from God but you have to choose it because, if you reject it, you are choosing to be eternally damned.

Do you believe me yet that having more money does not mean you are more intelligent?

San Francisco Blacks

The City of San Francisco paying Blacks millions of dollars "in reparations for slavery" is just the upper class trash desperately buying votes because they know that, if they give those blacks millions of dollars each, that most of them will keep voting Commierat regardless of anything else. That is just normal human behavior. The only reason the upper class trash are in power is because they keep bribing voters of all colors.

Besides, they know that when the middle and lower classes (regardless of skin color) suddenly come into large amounts of money, better than 2/3 of them will be broke within one year so the upper class trash will get a lot of that money channeled into their greedy pockets by those blacks going on spending sprees buying very expensive stuff from the upper class trash until the blacks are broke. Most of the blacks will end up worse off than they were before they got the money.

For the most part, it will just be another form of money laundering using blacks to launder your tax dollars into the upper class trash greedy pockets and buying votes. They know it. It's a sucker punch to make themselves look good, while stealing more from more people faster.


Remember that I have been telling you that the US and UK royals are trying to get us into a war with both China and Russia to destroy all of our militaries so they can set up their global dictatorship?

This video tells you about that.

Suddenly, the left has decided that China has almost overnight gone from being a super duper friend to being a super duper enemy. The US is now trying to get the members of the G7 to side with the US against China with quite a few of them not wanting to start trouble with China because they make a lot of money doing business with China and have already destroyed their revenues by doing the same thing to Russia that the upper class trash want to do to China.

Wow, that worked well, didn't it?

But, hey, just because it isn't working with Russia doesn't mean it won't work with China, right? /sarc

The idiots are basically trying to do the same thing with China they did with Russia, especially with sanctions that helped Russia and crippled the West. They are sending what little weapons we have left to Taiwan. It won't be long and we won't be able to fight anyone.

Gee, I wonder why the G7 nations are hesitating about doing that again and at the same time?

An easy prediction is that this is going to increase the growing rift because the US and UK vs Europe and already seems to be.

But, hey, just like Macgregor says, all of our corrupt politicians will say and do what they are told by the evil upper class trash royals to say and do to start this war to destroy all of our militaries so the evil upper class trash royals can set up their global dictatorship.

What do you expect from people with reprobate minds, intelligence?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

This breaks my heart and makes me furious.

Then we have this video telling us more about how the Eastern Alliance is standing up to the aggressions of the US and UK. The upper class trash royals have destroyed our world and it has been taken over by the Eastern Alliance but the upper class trash royals refuse to quit grabbing for their evil global dictatorship and just keep making things worse.

It can only get so much worse and a lot of people are going to die because of the upper class trash insanity.

I warned you that our idiot, greedy upper class trash had made China too powerful and now we will pay for their greed and our lust for lower prices at the expense of the Chinese slave labor.

Things are really accelerating fast.

One of a number of things that gives me hope is that both Scott Ritter and Macgregor state that a number of their military friends agree with them against what our upper class trash are doing. There will come a point at which they must take a stand resisting the continued treasons of the upper class trash to destroy our nations. I am wondering when that will happen. I think they will have to wait until enough of you stand up against the traitors then they will come to your aid.

The hope for the US to survive this war is what I have been telling you about the weakness of China and is confirmed by this video. They do not have the economy or finances to fight a sustained war, especially against a number of foes like India, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and others. China is broke just like the US and it is quickly getting worse just like the US.

They keep over estimating China and under estimating Russia but the greatest threat to the US is our own corrupt upper class trash royals, politicians, bureaucrats, media, academe, activists, and others. They are the cause of our problems.

The greatest assets for the US are God and His people in our nation because God will and is already fighting for those people, which is the only reason we still have a republic.

In watching that video, I realized that all of the greedy, rich people who have money invested in China are about to lose it all.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

She pointed out a few other bad nations that are also going broke, you know, just like the US and Europe. The bad guys are all going broke and can't fight a sustained war.

Do you believe me yet that China is not half the threat to the US that they keep telling you she is to distract you from the greatest threat to the US, our own corrupt leaders?

"No, no, don't look at the threat posed by our corrupt leaders, look over here at China and believe she is the greatest threat to the US in spite of her many problems and weaknesses." Hey, commies don't know how to manage a government and will always eventually fail.

You can't believe anything a corrupt government tells you.

Fighting Back

Remember that I have been telling you that more and more conservatives are fighting back?

This video shows you more about that. It appears that more and more people are choosing to return to Christian morals and values, even though they may not all be true Christians. They are realizing that the lefty morals and values of "do as you will" do not protect them, are devastating this nation and making life much worse for everyone.

God's hand is moving and eyes are opening so keep praying.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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