I Told You So 535

Rome II

Scott Ritter said, "The US has to figure out how to manage its decline. It can't reverse its decline but it can manage it." He said that and provided other intel in this video.

He was telling you the same thing I have been telling about the demise of the West or Rome II, primarily the US, Europe, and Canada. It is happening and we can't stop it (the US is dead and just not finished kicking yet, while Europe and Canada have almost finished kicking) but we can manage it to rebuild a new nation, which won't be quite as great as the US was, thanks to the upper class trash and their great sounding stupid ideas, but should be able to take care of herself, if we get rid of the upper class trash first.

Then he started talking about some of Russia's allies.

Remember that I have warned you about how the upper class trash have significantly degraded our military, while laundering that money into their pockets?

This video shows you some of how that is working. The video is about the diminishing capability of the US Marine Corps.

Note some interesting magic coincidences I have been watching for more than half a century. As the military capability has been diminishing, you have not been getting any of that tax money back and the military budget has been steadily increasing. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

The reason for that is that the greedy upper class trash and their puppet politicians are using innovative ways to sack and launder increasing amounts of our defense money into their greedy pockets so we end up with less military to protect them and their bank accounts just like the idiot European leaders have done making them vulnerable.

Yeah, kind of stupid, huh? And you think they are smarter than you?

That is exactly why the European nations are now so defenseless they could barely slow down the Russian Army much less defend against it. They are extremely vulnerable.

The US is rapidly heading towards being defenseless too but our upper class trash and corrupt politicians are increasing in wealth for another nation to sack from them because of their arrogant stupidity.

Do you believe me yet that greed and a lust for power destroy common sense?

France & Germany

Whoa, they just did what I have been telling you France and Germany would do. They just undercut the US and UK. People, this move is massive, probably the single greatest move since the fall of the Soviet Union. France and Germany have obviously formed an alliance to rebel against the British Royal Family because they have realized that, after Ukraine falls, the British Royal Family plan to sacrifice them to destroy Russia next because they know that Putin is planning to invade Europe through Poland and Germany into France and they don't want to be destroyed the way the British Royal family has destroyed Ukraine to weaken and destroy Russia. They see the writing on the wall that I have been reading to you.

This is a major rebellion within the Euro-American Royals that could spread quickly and Italy, Hungry, and others have already rebelled. It will definitely decimate the EU and NATO, will probably also destroy the UN, WEF, and WHO, and could cause the British Royal Family to lose control of the US and Common Wealth without causing the destruction of Russia and China, which would put an end to their evil global dictatorship.

This video tells you that both France and Germany met with Zelensky, told him he is not going to win, and for him to negotiate a deal with Russia against the will of the British Royal Family WHILE Afghan Joe is busy sending more weapons to Zelensky. They just yanked ye ole rug right out from under Afghan Joe and his upper class trash criminals.

Then I found out later that King Charles decided to make a trip to BOTH France and Germany at the end of March. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Hold it, shouldn't it be the British PM? Or is the King of England the ruler of Britain? Isn't Britain a democracy or is it a monarchy hiding behind a fake democracy the way I have been telling you?

Remember that I told you that the British Royal Family is running this show and ye ole King is going there to put his royal foot down or up their butts and make them do what they are told to do. The British Royal Family is obviously more than a little angry at the French and Germans for not doing what they are told so the British Royal Family can sacrifice them the way the British Royal Family is sacrificing Ukraine.

What I have been telling you about ye ole British Royal Family being in charge of this evil mess just became very obvious. Hey, the royals are sending the "big guy" out to threaten and bully France and Germany back into submission.

Do you believe me yet?

So, will France and Germany stand up to ye ole tyrannical King or fold?

Hey, it is rebel or die time for both France and Germany and they know it.

This is the rebellion I told you would happen and the only question now is whether France and Germany have any backbone left. This will be interesting and very important.

BTW, when the Ukraine war is over, the US sanctions against Russian oil will be over and Europe can buy oil and gas from Russia again instead of from the US at heavily inflated prices. Think about that.

Basically, the lefty upper class trash royals don't care who they murder for more money.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash royals and their puppets are pure evil human demons?

Pay attention to the wording of the liars because they will say things like, "We know Xi is THINKING about giving deadly weapons to Russia," because they know the stupid people will take that to mean that Xi is already giving deadly weapons to Russia. You have to pay very close attention to the exact wording used by these professional liars.

BTW, how could China giving deadly weapons to Russia be any worse than the US giving deadly weapons to Ukraine, which we are already openly doing and even sending in US and European troops as "contractors"?

The upper class trash are world class con artists. They belong in prison.

Do you believe me yet that the lefty media are all owned by the upper class trash and their corrupt journalists either say what they are told to say or "get a job working at MacDonald's"?

These lying lefties are disgusting because they don't care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts. They will tell any lie for a dollar and don't care who it hurts.

The experts who are "interviewed" by the lefty media are just puppets of the upper class trash royals answering scripted questions the journalists are told to ask by the upper class trash by saying what they are paid to say by the upper class trash to get money. No one is telling the truth about anything.

Watch the "Ukrainian" soldier's eyes in that interview and it is clear he is readying if from just above the camera. Watch his eyes move right to left and up and down reading the script. That interview with that "soldier" was so obviously scripted to be heart jerking it is pathetic. The US puppet talking doesn't care about anyone but himself and his bank account.

It is all staged and that soldier is nowhere near the frontlines. The upper class trash are playing you for suckers and fools. Question everything they tell you.


Remember that I have been warning you about the upper class trash royals making a final desperate grab for absolute control over everyone?

This video shows you that, with their "15 minute city" program, they are doing that in every Western nation in the world a little at a time and people are rebelling against it. Arrogant people who are failing at everything they try think they should have absolute control over every tiny aspect of your lives. They are proving that they are power mad lunatics and not as smart as they think they are.

One thing you can bet on is that the upper class trash and their puppets will not have to live by the rules and restrictions of the 15 minute cities. They will live in a different world of their making that will be much more pleasant with almost no restrictions. It always works out that way with the upper class trash royals, you know, with them flying private jets all over the world and living in massive mansions.

Hey, why don't they move into tiny homes and ride bicycles everywhere?

"These are very restrictive and controlling rules for thee and not for me so shut up and obey, slaves." This is just their latest form of slavery and you are the slaves.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load because the upper class trash are now very desperate.

Is God going to use Putin and Xi to free us from these raving lunatic upper class trash royals, are Obama and his bunch going to make their move, or are you going to stand up to them?

I am waiting to see where God takes this because I know He has His people fighting back but it is still a little unclear exactly what path God is taking us on. I know that God showed me that there will be a war but exactly how we progress into that war is not yet clear. There are a number of different paths by which we can get there.

If France and Germany persist with their rebelling and enough Europeans follow, it may diffuse the Russian, Chinese thing, preventing that war, and cause Obama and his bunch to make their move.

Are you beginning to see that all good people will be very glad and praise God when He has these evil things herded into the Lake of Fire forever, where they will never again be able to cause harm to you?

I see that more and more people are getting fed up with the upper class trash royal insanity.

Jen stated in the comments, "I think more and more people ARE standing up, but many of the media are not covering the protests." That is true because they know the courage to stand up is contagious so the upper class trash are trying to prevent the spread of that courage but they can only contain it so long.

US Military

Remember that I told you that the people who are most likely to be promoted to the top as generals, especially in the Pentagon, will not be promoted based on military expertise and success but because they are political whores or yes men, you know, like Afghan Austin and Afghan Milly?

This video tells you that same thing. He tells that those officers have a chest full of medals that don't mean anything except "thank you for coming" and they have never been part of the fight in any way. They almost all made their way to the top as "desk drivers" and "paper shufflers" who don't know crap about real military strategies, tactics, and methods and they have no spine. They are just good butt kissers.

He also told you what I told you about how they are stuffing the money we sent to Ukraine or any other nation in the upper class trash pockets and selling the weapons we send to anyone who will pay for them, including Russia.

Political Puppets

Remember that I have been telling you that most of the politicians, especially Commierats, are just political puppets and front people who do, say, and vote the way they are told?

This video proves that conclusively by showing you a number of elected politicians, including a dead politician who was elected one month after he died, who could not possibly think on their own to do anything and can only be a puppet and front for the upper class trash royals.

And you think our elections are not rigged?

In the cases shown, it is certain that their staffs are doing the work for those politicians and the upper class trash royals because the politicians are not able to do that work; they are just figureheads. They might as well be a picture hanging on the wall.

It should be blatantly obvious by now that what I have been telling you is true. The people actually running this nation and planet are the unelected upper class trash royal puppet masters with the politicians and bureaucrats just being stupid, obedient puppets. The corrupt, greedy, power mad, inbred, royal oligarchs are running this planet, trying to set up their global dictatorship, and you are just expendable animals to them.

"Hey, kill a few million of you, who cares?"

Here is another video that tells you the same thing. It has gotten to where the upper class trash are now preferring puppets who cannot even think for themselves.

That should be a warning to you because their censorship of you also tells you that they don't want you to know enough to think for yourselves. They want well trained brain dead zombies who will let the upper class trash royals do all of the thinking for them.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are arrogant, evil slave masters and they want you to be their slaves?

If the Commierats and RINOs were intelligent, which they are obviously not, they should be concerned that their staffs might be ordered by the upper class trash to drug or otherwise incapacitate these corrupt politicians to use them as completely obedient front puppets.

Hey, why even use someone you have to talk to or bribe when you can just hide them in a hospital and pay their staff much less to do the same things for you?

That is how worthless you and even the politicians are in the eyes of the upper class trash royals. You and the politicians are just disposable animals to the upper class trash like I have been telling you for years. When the upper class trash don't need those corrupt politicians and other puppets any more, they will turn them into dog food.

It shows that these corrupt politicians are not intelligent enough to figure that out.


Remember that I have been warning you that, as soon as the US and UK get tied down fighting Russia, China plans to go on the war path? Remember that I have also been telling you that the Eastern Alliance plans to spread our forces out between Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, Africa, and Latin America? Remember that I have been warning you that Putin knows he has to attack the West, especially the US, UK, and Europe, to stop this insanity?

In this video he tells you about how China is waiting for the US to get tied down fighting Russia to go on the war path just like I have been warning you for years, we are in a position to where we and Israel will have to fight Iran AND he is being warned by the intel community to either "go inland" or "go underground" with many of the rich and powerful but, especially their families, going underground within a few weeks.

He also told you about Russian nukes in the ocean off the US coasts that might be used to generate tsunamis to destroy our coastal cities, navy ships in ports, and international commerce, which may be why the intel community is saying to go inland.

This might also have something to do with what he earlier told you about Afghan Joe sending spent Uranium tank shells to Ukraine and Putin said would be a red line.

I keep telling you to get right with God, pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

Keep an eye on this.

Ukrainian War

I just found this video where someone there said that Bakhmut has fallen as of yesterday, March 3.

This means that Putin has closed shop on his Donbass cauldron and will be making the rest of his moves very soon into Odessa, Kharkiv, Kiev, Lviv, and probably Europe and the US.

Gee, I wonder why France and Germany have jumped ship to save their butts.

It could also mean that Putin, Iran, China, North Korea, Africa, and Latin America will soon be making their moves against the West and our allies.

The upper class trash and their puppets just keep making it worse. A lot of people are about to die around the world, probably at least a few billion. This is not going to be pleasant and you better be right with God now.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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