I Told You So 536


Remember that I have taught you about connecting the dots to get the right picture?

I am amazed at how many conservatives are not connecting all of the right dots and I realize that they have not seen the earlier dots or the connections between many of the dots. They need to research deeper to get the rest of the dots and make those connections to really understand what is going on.


Remember that I have been trying to teach you the truth about Ukraine?

I just found this guy who does a very good job of explaining the military actions for both sides. It should help the civilians better understand what is really going on.

This video shows actions along the front lines and shows the encirclement or Russian Cauldron at Bakhmut. That should help you a lot. This guy covers the day-to-day actions by both sides. He shows you that Russia is destroying much more in weapons and people than the left is telling you.

Note that at about 5 to 8+ minutes in the video, he shows a map of what we call an encirclement and the Russians call the Russia cauldron. The Russians control the area in pink showing they have almost completely encircled or surrounded the area of Bakhmut so they can shell the Ukrainian troops from 3 sides so it makes it very difficult to hide from artillery shelling because the shelling is coming from 3 sides. The encircled area is called "the pocket". Also, encirclement makes it difficult to impossible for the encircled troops, in this case, Ukrainians, to get reinforcement, resupply (going to run out of munitions and food), and retreat. Right now the Ukrainians are trying to retreat under Russia fire.

This video details everything that happened from the fall of the Soviet Union until now that caused this mess and it was all the fault of the West. Everyone should see this video. I have been watching that in real time for a third of a century.

This video tells you what I have been telling you about the US and UK (he said so) forcing Russia to fight WWIII against us. He does tell you that Europe is likely to bail out on this but maybe not all of them.

It is like I have told you that the lefty upper class trash royals, especially the British Royal Family, are going to cause WWIII to destroy the militaries for the US, Russia, and China so they can take control to set up their global dictatorship because everything else they have tried has failed. These evil things do not care how many of you die in their war. They think the entire cosmos revolves around them because they think they are gods.

Note that he told you that the US military industry is planning to keep sending in weapons to keep the fight dragging on so they can keep stealing tax money from you, which is why Putin knows he has to send a cutoff force from north to south through Lviv on the West to prevent those weapons from getting to the troops. Putin is not going to let the West keep dragging this war out forever and knows that the best time to fight the West is before the West can rebuild to better fight Russia. The idiots running the West have set themselves up for defeat.

Why would Russia give them that time to rebuild?

He will go in and take us out now while we are still weak.

The day after I wrote the above I have been seeing the Ukrainian commanders for Bakhmut saying they are going to bravely fight instead of trying to evacuate from Bakhmut only to find out that the Russians have cut the Ukrainian evacuation off so they have to stand and fight or surrender. They tried to act like they were standing and fighting because they were brave but it turns out they don't have a choice. They are completely encircled and trapped in Bakhmut with no escape so they must fight or surrender.

It looks like Ukraine has positioned 35,000 troops between Bakhmut and Kherson to stage an offensive to force Russia to move some troops from Bakhmut south to stop that Ukrainian offensive so Ukraine can finish getting the last of her troops out of Bakhmut.

Knowing Putin, he probably already has a counter to it waiting for them, especially since he has not yet committed all of his reserve troops.

It is what I call "the dance of death" and the Ukrainians are just trying to survive any more but their propaganda teams are making it look like they are trying to win. "Why, we are staging an offensive."

This video reveals some more interesting dots concerning Ukraine by a former CIA analyst who blows ye ole whistle big time.

He tells you that this war actually began in the fall of 2008 with the planning phase, while Bush II was still president and just before Obama became president. He names names and everything in detail.

The truth is finally coming out and God said, "The truth will be made known."

Remember that I have been telling you that it is frustrating to see the NATO commanding officers doing so terribly bad against the Russian commanding officers?

I think I may have figured out what the problem is. Now, I know that part of the problem is that we have promoted too many officers because they are good politicians instead of being good commanding officers but I also think there is another problem.

The West has not done any set battles between battalions and divisions since the invasion of Iraq about 20 years ago. All they have been doing is much smaller hit and run battles against squad and platoon size teams of terrorists.

They have gotten very good at these little hit and run battles but they have obviously forgotten how to even read the battlefield for a battalion to division size set battle much less how to maneuver and position for things like countering an encirclement. It looks like they can't even see the encirclements they keep plunging their battalions into to be destroyed.

If this is the case, they need to do something very drastic about this problem before Russia and China start their invasion or we are screwed because Russia is obviously extremely good at battalion to division size set battle.

We may have to drag some retired generals out of the old folks homes and put them back to work.


Remember that I have been telling you that China is not in any shape to invade Taiwan or India and the only war she might have a chance in is against the US only because she has already infiltrated huge numbers of military personnel into the US?

This video tells you a little about that but she has far more problems than he says. I think that, for a number of reasons, China and North Korea are the weak link in the Eastern Alliance. If we take China and North Korea, it might deter Putin from trying to invade the US as long as we get rid of the upper class trash and their puppets so they won't cause any more trouble.

Remember that I have told you that the US should give at least half a dozen to a dozen tactical nukes to each Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan?

If China were to start her invasion of Taiwan and Taiwan were to place about half a dozen tactical nukes in the water near the coast of China, it would sink most of China's fleet and cause a tsunami to hit her coast that would be big enough to take out quite a few of her shore batteries putting a quick end to the invasion.

Then Taiwan could stage a landing on that same decimated coast shortly after and march on the CCP headquarters.

Think about it.

Strategic Retreat

Remember that I have been telling you that we need to stage a strategic retreat from Europe back the US to defend the US?

I just realized that is exactly what God is doing for us by causing increasing numbers of our military to leave the military and join militias here in the US and decreasing the numbers of military type people to join the military but join the US militias.

Our leaders won't do what is right so God is doing it for us. All of this stuff about God getting increasing numbers of US troops out of our military and into our militias and causing increasing numbers of fighting men to join those militias instead of the military is God staging that strategic retreat for us to protect our nation and people.

God is ramping our people up for this war. Keep praying, it is working.


I just saw the stupidest idea or comment about Jesus and the future of Earth. It said, "Why was Jesus a pessimist about Earth's future?"

Jesus was being a realist warning us about the really bad things that are going to happen during the end times. If anything, if you the read the Bible to the end, Jesus was being optimistic because, after Satan and his bunch cause all of those problems, Jesus said He will intervene, fix everything, get rid of the problem and causes of our problems, and turn Earth into an eternal paradise.

Yeah, things are going to get really bad between now and then because of Satan and his evil humans but Jesus will come at the right time and put an end to all of that destructive evil, fix things, and turn our existence into a paradise. That isn't being a pessimist. That is being a realist and telling you what is going to happen to give you hope in Jesus.


Remember that I have been telling you that one of our biggest problems is our corrupt lefty media?

This video shows some of that. Mark does a good job with his videos and provided good intel.

The biggest part of the problem are the wealthiest people who are corrupt and clearly working together for their global dictatorship because they don't just own the media, they also own the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, academe, major corporations, and others.

The WEF, NATO, EU, UN, and other such lefty organizations should tell you they really do work together for their globalist agenda because they are organized with a variety of structures to achieve their evil goals.

It is not a conspiracy theory but a real life evil conspiracy against you.


Remember that I have been telling you for almost 2 years that COVID was developed in a US lab and moved to a Wuhan lab to be released to keep Trump from being reelected?

This video shows that Fauci and company are still desperately trying to cover up that COVID was leaked from the Wuhan lab. Some are thinking that is because Fauci and company were funding that biological warfare research at that and other labs but it is more than that.

Remember that I showed you and they keep alluding to how Obama made them stop their biological warfare research in the US so they moved that research to China and Ukraine, which is when Fauci and company moved COVID from a US lab to a Wuhan lab.

What they are doing is that they are trying to keep you from getting the Wuhan lab tied down as being where it was released to keep you distracted from it having been developed in a US lab and moved to the Wuhan lab for intentional release as a biological warfare attack on you with the Wuhan lab as a front to protect them in order for them to stop Trump.

If they prove that Fauci and company developed COVID in the US, transferred it to China, and intentionally released it on you as a biological warfare attack and an illegal crime and attack against humanity, it will be the greatest crime by MDs and scientists in history and get them all hung. That noose is getting closer to their evil necks and they are getting desperate, especially with Fauci now under investigation.

All of that money they made from COVID, the masks, and the vaccine are not going to do them any good burning in Hell.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

It may have been released in China but it was developed in the US at a university lab and they don't want you to know that.

I wish the conservatives would stop calling it "gain of function research" because the lefties are calling it that to deceive people into believing it is for good and not for bad but it is still clearly biological warfare research and is not for good.

The lefties lie and say that the research is to "create new vaccines" but their research has not created one vaccine that will stop the infection or the spread of the virus. All their research has done is kill people. THAT is biological warfare research, especially after the way they used COVID to kill people, terrify people, destroy our economies, impoverish people, and control people, which is exactly why they do biological warfare research.

Quit calling it "gain of function research" because you are just helping them cover the truth concerning their crimes against you and call it what it really is or biological warfare research. Look, you create biological weapons to do to people what they used COVID to do to you.

Lefty Commie Army

Remember that I have been telling you for years that the left's armies are waging war against you?

This video tells you that the war is now escalating as the left gets more desperate just like I told you would happen.

Note that Tim stated that he has been following this fighting and war for 11 or more years. That is how long the lefties have been waging a physical war against you because Obama and company began that war in 2012 when they formed the BLM from the New Black Panthers and BLM started rioting in the streets or waging war against you. Before that, it was only Antifa and the New Black Panthers waging war against you.

Do you get the picture yet?

They have been waging war against you since before 2012, trying to destroy your nation, and you just might want to get right with God, pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

Don't you find it interesting that so much of what the left is doing to you started or accelerated in 2012 under Obama?

It isn't a coincidence because that is when the left began an all-out war against you and this nation to destroy both of you under Obama. Get a clue, Obama and company started the US Civil War II against you in 2012 and most of you still don't know it because the media have been keeping you asleep. Wake up, you are at war!!!

Gee, I wonder if Fauci's biological warfare attack against you was part of that civil war against you by Fauci and his lefty traitor pals? Do you get the picture yet?

Fauci and company staged a biological warfare attack against you as a terrorist attack to scare and control you while destroying your economy and stealing money from you.

Note that the communist attack against that police department was conducted by Antifa, whom I have been telling you is part of the left's army fighting against you. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Note that Tim has been brainwashed to give the enemy the "benefit of the doubt" and not deal with the obvious reality of what is going on. This is war and I have seen it before, so I recognize it.

I only watched the first 11 minutes and Tim started his intellectual dance so I went to get other intel.

Occult Pagans

Remember that I have been telling you that the occult pagans are coming out of their evil closet more and more?

This video shows you some of that with her telling you about her and her boy friend's blood drinking rituals and demons in their lives.

One thing you must always remember with pagans is, when she says "god" in that video, she is not talking about the God or your God but her god, Satan.

Pelosi does the same thing when she speaks about "the Lord"; she is talking about her Lord Satan but Christians just blindly believe or assume that, when the pagans say god or lord, they are talking about the Christian God or Lord and the pagans are not. The pagans are talking about their god or lord Satan. You have to quit assuming which god they are talking about and learn they are talking about their god, Satan.

Note that, in that video, her boy friend said that he worships Lucifer and remember that I taught you about the Luciferian cult that worships Lucifer. Most people don't know that these pagans who worship Lucifer belong to a cult called Luciferians, which is the exact same cult that Adolph Hitler worshiped behind closed doors and so do many of the Euro-American royals who call themselves globalists.

Remember that I told you that the Luciferians believe that, if they set up a global dictatorship and kill off all of you non Luciferians, you know, depopulate the planet, their god, Lucifer, will come, make them all imortal gods, and they will rule the planet forever.

Are you getting the picture yet? Does that sound familiar?

Then he finally explains why you are not to eat the blood of others. It is purely satanic.

Did you know that science also explains why you should not eat the blood of animals or humans?

It is because a variety of things that can kill you are in the blood of animals and humans like viruses, cancer cells, and parasites. If you drink the blood of any human or animal that has such things in it, you will get those things in your blood and they will either adversely affect your health or kill you.

According to biology, if you go around drinking the blood of animals or humans, sooner or later it will kill you. SCIENCE SAYS do not drink the blood of animals or humans. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

The pagans are right now coming storming out of the closet to take their stand to fight and destroy you, your family, and your nation and set up their global dictatorship. Keep an eye on it.

Distraction Worked

Have you noticed that, since they conned us with the magic spy balloon, you have not been seeing anything in the news about the Nord stream Pipeline, Hunter's crimes, the Afghan Joe secret documents, or many other things that were working against Afghan Joe. Gee, what a magic coincidence and every conservative idiot who fell for it helped the left dodge all of those bullets and put the left back on the offensive against you should be ashamed of themselves because they played the sucker and fool.

Drone Buster

A while back I saw a video about a new European (I forgot which country) "drone buster" armored vehicle that could shoot down a dozen or more drones at the same time because of its radar, computer, and weapons.

I just saw a video about a new Russian drone that the anti drone guns cannot shoot down.

All the drone has to do is use the right ECM to defeat the radar on the drone buster so it can't track the drone and it isn't going to shoot down squat. It looks like that is what Russia did.

That is a glimpse into the complex world of ECM; the world of measures, counter measures, and counter-counter measures.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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