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Remember that I have been warning you about the cartels in Mexico? Remember that it has been reported that they have a deal with China that, if they help China take the US, the cartels will get both New Mexico and Texas?

This video shows how bad it is in Mexico because the cartels control large areas in Mexico because they are not even willing to share power with the Mexican government.

At 3:18 into that video it shows a map of the most dangerous states in Mexico where the gangs have complete or near complete control and are most violent and the map shows that a little more than half of Mexico is under the control of the cartels.

Now think about this. The US upper class trash are buds with the cartels and committing crimes with them and the upper class trash do not realize that, when the US finishes collapsing, the cartels will also take over parts of the US and who do you think they will rob and sack, the poor, who control about 1% of the US wealth or the rich, who control better than 95% of the wealth, with the cartels being well armed armies with military weapons? Why would the cartels not sack the US upper class trash the way the Goths sacked the upper class trash in Rome for the same reasons? Just how stupid are the upper class trash?

The one FBI agent and former SEAL tells you about violent acts by the cartels that have already taken place in the US. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

This video is pretty good. Pay attention to how well equipped the cartel soldiers are in that video. These are well financed armies belonging to the very wealthy Mexican drug cartels.

Also note how he tells you that the cartels meet with the Mexican government on a regular basis and that the Mexican government can't do anything about the cartels (read they are owned by the cartels). You have to understand that almost all of those cartels are lead by former Mexican Army military officers, some of them were generals, and many of their troops are former Mexican soldiers who got tired of serving for table scraps.

Do you believe me yet that we will soon have to wage war with Mexico but especially the cartels?

It seems the GOP are now seeing the threat of the cartels to the US and are working towards taking action against them.

In this video they talk about taking legal actions against the cartels in the US and military actions against the cartels in Mexico.

Is this too little too late?

The next day the cartels turned over the people who attacked the four Americans in Mexico and wanted to talk peace. Keep praying, we need it.

US Military

I was watching a video by a former Marine about the Army recruiting program and realized from something he said that one very probable reason they are having so much trouble getting new recruits are these forever wars where thousands come home dead or injured for life with nothing achieved, you know, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and others, except making the upper class trash more wealthy.

Why should these people risk being killed or injured just to make the rich even more wealthy by way of the military industry?

That is what young people are facing today, when they consider going into the military because no one is really achieving anything in these brutal and deadly forever wars except making the greedy upper class trash and their puppets more wealthy at the expense of the troops. The troops are being used and thrown away and being played for suckers and fools to make the rich more wealthy.

These forever wars are backfiring on our nation and making our nation weaker because no one wants to be used and thrown away that way to make the rich more wealthy. They are finally destroying our military, which will end up destroying the wealth being generated for the military industry with more and more forever wars.

Once again a great sounding stupid idea by the upper class trash is failing and backfiring on the rich and the American people. The upper class trash eventually screw up everything they touch.

Corrupt Politicians

Remember that I told you that the corrupt politicians causing this mess in Ukraine are militarily clueless and should not be in charge of our military?

This video tells you that, especially about former British PM, Boris Johnson. He is just a corrupt politician and liar and has zero military credentials for making military based decisions.

Then this video tells you that all Afghan Joe is doing is "throwing weapons into the fray and hoping for the best and that hoping is not a military policy."

Note that he also points out that, if the lefty idiots in the West get what they want by getting rid of Putin, they could end up facing someone more aggressive towards the West.

Then I found this video really exposing much more about the corruption and dishonesty of our government and how it is reaching a point to where only the stupid people will believe anything the government says.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out" and their sins are finding those criminals out big time. They are desperately trying to do damage control and just making it worse for themselves.

I believe that, at some point, the intelligent officers we still have left in the military will have to seize control of what is left of this nation to save it from our leaders.

Ukraine War

Remember that I have been teaching you how the Russians love to use encirclements to destroy enemy forces and advance their own forces?

This video just goes down the front line showing one encirclement after another by the Russians making it very clear how they love to work. It makes it very obvious because they are encircling a number of places at any time and he points that out.

The Ukrainian/NATO generals have not learned to counter and defend against the Russian cauldrons and are paying for it.

What the Russians do is pick an objective like an enemy battalion entrenched in a city, pin the Ukrainian forces down with artillery, and encircle the objective to cut off the enemy from reinforcements, resupply, and retreat while destroying those forces. It is the same thing they did in WWII to destroy the German forces.

That takes longer than the way the US likes to do it but it conserves Russian forces while destroying enemy forces.

I keep seeing the left and even some on the right making derogatory comments about Russia using the Wagner Group so much but they just don't understand Putin so they don't get it.

Putin is using the Wagner Group, which many are criminals from prison, to soften up and dispose of as many Ukraine/NATO troops as possible before he commits his good forces to much battle so he can save as many of his good forces as possible in case he has to invade Europe and the US.

Putin is also dragging this war out to give Germany, France and other continental Europeans more chance to jump the NATO ship and stay out of the war so he will only have to fight the US and UK and he wants to still have his best troops when he makes his move to finish this crap off.

Putin also knows that the US, UK and others are running out of troops, munitions, and weapons systems and that, if he can outlast those munitions and weapons, he wins by default because you can't fight without munitions. If everyone runs out of bullets, his troops can walk right in, round up the royals and their puppets, and kill them to put an end to this insanity with a minimum loss of troops.

Since I wrote all of the above, Russia has increased her shelling all over Ukraine, mostly destroying infrastructure but also hitting the main targets of Odessa, Kharkiv, Kiev, and Lviv that I told you Putin will focus on for various reasons.

Georgia Coup

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash royals will not stop their evil to get their global dictatorship?

Note that, while this war is going on in Ukraine and Russia is winning, the CIA has started working to stage a coup in Georgia on Russia's southern border the same way they staged a coup in Ukraine and for the same reasons.

Hey, what they are doing isn't working so do more of what isn't working and it will magically start to work or start WWIII.

This increasing insanity will just convince Putin and his people even more that they must conquer the US, UK, and maybe also Europe and kill all of the upper class trash royals and their puppets. It should be obvious by now that is the only thing that can stop the evil of the upper class trash royals unless the people rise up and do it for Russia to prevent a nuclear war against them by Russia.

Now, another nation full of people is going to die and the royals don't care as long as they get their global dictatorship. Besides, the royals plan to murder them all off anyway.

The more I see these evil things doing such things, the more I believe that God will be fully justified in incarcerating the evil things into the Lake of Fire forever to protect you from them so you can finally live in peace in Paradise.

BTW, the real reason the royals plan to murder off almost everyone on the planet or "depopulate the planet" is because they lost control of their empires a few hundred years ago because there were too many people for their limited European troops to contain and control so the people revolted and got their nations back. The royals figure that, if they limit the number of people on the planet, their troops will be able to control all of the people and keep their dictatorship forever.

Rome II

Remember that I have been telling you that you are living the fall of Rome II?

This video does an excellent job of telling you that in detail. He tells you how the West, especially the US, is desperately fighting to hold onto their global power and it is quickly slipping away.

He tells you that the inbred idiot royals are failing at everything they touch but refuse to give up with each effort making things worse for them.

God is bringing these evil things down so keep praying. Their evil globalism is dead.

US Civil War II

Remember that I told you that the left has been waging war against you since at least 2012 and probably 2008?

This video shows that the Commierats are definitely waging a war against you and they are fighting this war physically, politically, and legally to force you into submission to their dictatorship with acts of terror.

They are getting more aggressive because they are failing and getting more desperate. They are ruthless and relentless in their hatred for you and their obsession to conquer and control you. They absolutely refuse to quit their evil.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load. You better join a militia and get trained really fast.

BTW, they are all ticked off at Tucker because he exposed their insurrection and other crimes against you. You better pray for Tucker.

Also note that, while the CIA is using NGOs to stage a coup in Georgia, the lefties are also using NGOs to stage a coup in the US. That is part of their MO and their NGOs need to be destroyed because they are very powerful weapons being used against you because the NGOs make it possible for the upper class trash royals and their puppets to use them as shells to fund treasons against you without the royals getting hung. Keep an eye on it.

Note that Tim points out that these criminals are coming out of their closet and being more obvious so you know who they are and what they are doing because of their insane desperation and obsession to get their evil dictatorship. They are losing power and it is driving them mad and to violence.

Do you believe me yet that, after Obama takes his army to invade Israel, you are going to have to fight block-by-block and city-by-city to win back most of your nation from these evil things just like God showed me?

If you can't see that the fight is on, it is because you don't want to see it.

Space Aliens

Remember that I warned you years ago that the left plans to fool you into believing they made contact with space aliens and those aliens would tell you to obey the orders of the upper class trash because they are smarter than you and know what is best for you?

This video tells you something very interesting about that.

Do you believe me yet?


This is an interesting video that confirms a number of things I have been warning you about. First, he tells you like I told you that, if Zelensky doesn't get out of Dodge, he is going to die and I expect his body to be dumped on the streets of Kiev to make people believe he has always been there.

Then he tells you that we can't defeat China or Russia but he doesn't explain that it is because of our upper class trash and their evil puppets. The traitors have almost finished destroying our nation.

On a side note, Russia was ranked as the number two military power in the world behind the US when it had a standing army of only 200,000 troops but it now has a standing army of about 700,000 and has built up its weapons and munitions, while the US has been giving away it weapons and munitions and, in a war with Russia, the US doesn't have enough munitions to last more than one month.

I think they need to consider reranking the US and Russia. There is now too much evidence they have traded places because of our idiot leaders picking a fight with Russia, when I told you they shouldn't.

It is definitely true that, when you compare Russia and their allies to the US and its lousy allies, we come up short. It isn't good.

China Satellites

Remember that I have been telling you about China's satellites and she has no reason to use some stupid obsolete balloon for spying?

This video starts by specifically telling you about a "snooping satellite" that basically intercepts messages being sent by our communications satellites, you know, like that is a first.

Note that she says that China has hundreds of satellites and launches one hundred more each year. She tells you that the US says that China has a fleet of 260 spy satellites. I think her math is off a little.

Then she said that Australia wants to get involved in the space war that is already going on in space that I told you about and they are doing so publically instead of secretly. I guess they must have lost a satellite or two to someone and got ticked off.

Space is full of all kinds of satellites and other things that are used by governments and militaries with the top nations using them being the US, Russia, China, and a few others and different satellites monitor different things with the combination of them monitoring everything.

Did I tell you that in the 1970s we had satellites that could tell when you farted, how much gas you passed, and track it down wind until it fully dissipated?

You would be amazed at what we can do with our black closet toys. BTW, we used those satellites to track soviet submarines and it was pretty amazing what they could do in the 70s.


Remember that I have been telling you that their "gain of function" is really biological warfare research and they intentionally turned ye ole bug loose on us as a biological warfare attack on you by the upper class trash?

This video kind of sort of points that out a wee bit.

Note that he said that DOD, the Department of Defense, you know, the military, is funding that "gain of function" research, which automatically makes it biological warfare research.

Note the changes he said at about 3:40 in that video that he said were all "unusual", which included someone changing the ventilation for the lab, you know, like they would do to make their biological warfare attack look accidental because it "accidentally got out through the ventilation system" or just use the ventilation system as a cover for intentionally releasing it.

Do you believe me yet? Do you think Fauci should be hung for his crimes against humanity?

The truth is coming out. Keep praying because God's hand is moving in this to expose the lefty criminals.

She tells you what I have been telling you about our government and chemical companies corrupting a large number of our scientists. I also told you that they use extortion to silence the good scientists just like the guy told you.


Remember that I have been warning you about the West starting WWIII with Russia and China to destroy all of our militaries so Britain will become the most powerful military in the world so they can use that military, under the control of the British Royal Family, to set up their global dictatorship?

This video shows you that Biden just started European based sanctions against China to prevent China from making electronic chips. That is an act of war just like they are still waging against Russia.

This will drive Russia, China, and the rest of the BRICS members closer together against the US and West and it is important that the US is using Europe as a front in the war against China. "Denmark did it".

BTW, some people other than me are realizing that we will soon be facing off against BRICS, especially Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. They have not yet figured out about Africa and Latin America. More and more people keep finally realizing more and more of what I have been teaching you for years.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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