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Fighting Back

Remember that I have been telling you that the conservatives are fighting back against the evil tyrants?

This video tells you that more and more cities, counties, and states are fighting back against the abuses of power by the lefty run federal government for the people and their rights.

The trouble is that the lefty traitors refuse to quit trying to seize control of everyone and, the more ground they lose, the more desperate they get, and the more aggressive and violent they become with them now doing things like burning down police training facilities.

Middle East

Iran and Saudi Arabia are making buds and that is a massive move and not a good move, especially when you consider that Iran despises and is determined to destroy Israel and Saudi Arabia tolerated Israel to get protection from Iran.

Now that Saudi Arabia no longer needs that protection, you will soon find out what I taught you two decades ago about any truce or other agreement between a Muslim and non Muslim is worthless and even a threat to the non Muslim because the Muslims are required by their religion to break any such treaty or truce as soon as they can and to destroy the entity they made the truce with. If anything, signing a treaty or truce with a Muslim is an act of war by the Muslim against you because they will be required to eventually break that treaty or truce and destroy the non Muslims, therefore such a treaty or truce with the Muslim is the Muslim stating that they must go to war with you as soon as they can.

Muslims only sign a treaty with a non Muslim to keep the non Muslim from attacking the Muslim until the Muslim can build up their military enough to destroy the non Muslim. That is written in their Hadiths.

Now watch what happens next because Iran is using Saudi Arabia to take out Israel and then Iran will take out unprotected Saudi Arabia, you know, ye ole divide and conquer thingy.

Bad Government

Remember that I have been telling you that bad people have taken over and are running our government doing bad things, therefore, they have made our government bad and anyone who supports that bad government is also bad and complicit in their crimes?

This video tells you quite a bit about that and gives numerous examples of our government being bad. Our government will remain bad until we get rid of the bad people running it and doing bad things. At that point our government will stop being bad and become a good government.

He tells you that, if Germany stands up because of this attack on their gas pipeline, it will be the end of the EU and NATO just like I have been telling you.

People, the US/UK bullying and terrorizing all of the other nations in NATO into submitting to the will of the US/UK is just really a Western dictatorship being run by the lefty upper class trash royals of the US/UK, you know, just like the CCP. Those other nations are now afraid to resist the will of the US/UK and that is a dictatorship because the US/UK are dictating to the rest of Europe what they can and cannot do.

He also tells you how we destroyed our military to where they cannot fight Russia anymore and it is just like I told you. They rebuilt the US Military to fight squads and platoons instead of battalions and divisions so we can't fight battalions and divisions anymore and he tells you that Europe is even worse for fighting Russia.

He calls NATO a paper tiger and that is true but Russia is not. I look at the damage our upper class trash have done to our Western militaries over the last 30+ years because of their greed and it is appalling. In my opinion, they should be hung for treason.

People, if you diminish your military enough, it will drop below the performance of your enemy's military. That is common sense.

Russia has been building her military up while our greedy upper class trash has been tearing our militaries down to put more money in their greedy pockets. Think about it.

In my opinion, government and military corruption should be a capital crime because they are selling out their people.

I wrote the following for FB and decided to share it with you.

I can't stand the lefty media. They make me want to crap down their throats. They infuriate me.

I just saw the headline, "Russians in fear, Germany is selling to Ukraine their most advanced tank - the Panther" Aaaaaah, aaaaah, aaaaah! That one tank by itself will conquer the entire planet, the entire solar system, the entire galaxy, the entire cosmos!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! (While running around in circles wetting themselves.)

The truth is that Putin and his generals are probably laughing their butts off, taking bets on how long it will take to destroy them all.

I can show you multiple ways to defeat ANY weapon system, even nukes.

You don't win any war with just one or two or three weapon systems. War is much more complex than that. It takes a well armed, trained, and lead military to win a war.

If they really wanted for Ukraine to win this war, they would give Ukraine an army with a massive balanced combination of at least ground and air weapons with well trained operators and maintenance people, with at least 1,000,000 troops, with massive amounts of munitions, food, and other supplies, and the best leaders. Get a clue, ALL of NATO combined doesn't have that, even if they gave everything they have to Ukraine and the liars know it.

Let me give you a clue. When Russia only had 200,000 standing troops in the Ukraine area and about half a million or more spread out across her nation, she was ranked as the 2nd greatest military power in the world just behind the US. Since this war has started, she has recruited at least another 600,000 troops just in the Ukraine area, ramped up her military industry so she is rapidly turning out her latest weapons and munitions in mass, and at least half of her troops are combat experienced.

Mean while, the idiots ruining...uh...I mean mismanaging the US, are depleting our troops by driving many of them out of the service and discouraging many from joining so our troop strength is rapidly falling, she has given so many weapons and munitions to Ukraine in relation to how much more slowly they are being replenished (it will take us years to replenish what we have already given her) that our government recently stated that we don't have enough munitions to last one month in a war with Russia, Britain stated they only have enough munitions to last one day in a war with Russia, and, when you run out of bullets, the fighting stops.

Because of all of these and other factors, it is very probable that Russia has recently surpassed the US as the most powerful military in the world because our over educated fool leaders have screwed up big time. My farts are smarter than them because they would never do anything that stupid but, hey, what do you expect from reprobate minds?

Just giving them a few weapons is just getting more people killed. Militarily, it is beyond stupid and it is inhumane and it definitely isn't going to scare Putin.

BTW, I just found out that some Ukrainian military units in Bakhmut have reported they are out of munitions. I expect more Ukrainian military units to also run out of munitions soon. I guess the Russian cauldron is working. Hey, it is fix bayonets time, baby.

Then I found this video showing you how corrupt the top parts of our government are, how difficult it will be to clean them out, and how there are a lot of good intended people below those corrupt parts.

Then the one guy tells you what I have been telling you in that they are doing what they are doing not because they are stupid but because they are evil. They don't have any good intentions.

He told you that the people who follow or support the evil people are stupid.

Then he tells you how the biggest problem is the evil permanent bureaucracy that unconstitutionally makes up laws and rules.

Sailboat Cruising

Remember that I told you that I expect these sailboat cruisers to begin having problems in many areas as things get worse?

This video tells you that starting just a little before 5 minutes into it. She said they are sailing past a number of islands because they started having violence against sailboats at those islands.

With the British Royals causing our global problems and turning more people and nations against us, I expect to see violence mostly against US and UK citizens. It might get just a wee bit scary to even just leave the US or UK.

The upper class trash are turning the world against us and people are going to get killed because of the insanity of the upper class trash royals.

By following these sailboat cruising channels, I can see what is going on around the world.

At about 11:30 into that video look at all of the sailboats in that one bay. I think sailing has become just a wee bit popular.

Also I am noticing that the richest are starting to turn to sailboat cruising with really big catamarans and driving up costs so the middle class are being priced out of it, at least in the Caribbean. The rich always find out about something the middle class is doing that is fun, move in, and run up prices so the middle class have to leave.

At least it won't be the middle class that will catch hell when the cruising scene turns against the cruisers plus I have noticed that the poor people in those other nations and islands tend to resent the rich moving in with their wild parties, loud music, and such so they will make it go bad faster.

He tells you in the end of this video that BVI or British Virgin Islands is pretty much for the rich but it wasn't that way just 5 to 10 years ago. I am seeing more and more of the middle class cruisers complaining about cruising being so expensive now but not the rich.


Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are doing everything they can to control us and I am concerned they are doing something really terrible to control us.

In molecular biology, you learn how things work when you introduce drug molecules into your body. Basically, they just randomly go everywhere and get into everything, having random chemical reactions with whatever they run into inside your cells, usually causing cell damage.

This means they get into your sex cells or the cells that make your sex cells where, if they cause damage to the DNA, your children end up with that damage and it can be anything.

A few decades ago, when I was teaching, I noticed a surprising number of "mentally challenged" kids that was nothing like what we had when I was their age in the 1950s. We had very few children who were mentally challenged in the 1950s so it was like there is now an epidemic of mentally challenged or "special education" kids. Each class room would have at least 2 or 3 such kids.

Over a period of months, I discussed my observations with 4 different special education teachers, whose jobs it was to deal with such kids, independently of each other and they all told me that they found out that the parents for all of the special education kids used recreational drugs before they conceived the children, telling me that their drugs almost certainly caused genetic damage to their sex cells that impaired the intelligence of their children.

When I put that together with the lefty politicians legalizing recreational drugs, while trying to find ways to control everyone, it is very probably they know about the adverse effects of recreational drugs on the people's children and they are probably legalizing those drugs to dumb down those children to make them easier to control. Hey, stupid people make better slaves.

Do not use recreational drugs of any kind and I even limit my use of medications, including aspirin, as much as possible. The fewer drugs you are putting into your body, the better for your body.

I am waiting to see if we get a pandemic of such birth defects because of the upper class trash legalizing recreational drugs. It may take 10 to 15 years for that to become obvious.


Remember that I have been warning you about WWIII and most of the nations around the world joining BRICS against the West for that war?

This video shows you about Russia and China having been planning to fight against the West for decades just like I have been telling you and now Mexico just made a public statement that they are "joining BRICS" with Russia and China against us, you know, just like I told you was going on.

Then he showed our idiots calling for war in Mexico.

Then he showed that Europe has changed their mind about climate change and started drilling for gas. They are about to bail on the US and UK.

Then I found out that Spain is stockpiling natural gas from Russia. They just jumped ship on the EU, NATO, US, and UK. This is really big because Spain is one of the top 5 nations in Europe.

Italy, France, and Germany are getting ready to jump ship too and already have jumped on climate change, leaving only the US and UK. The EU and NATO just shattered.

Remember that Saudi Arabia has jumped ship on the West and also Joined BRICS, while making buds with our enemies, Iran and China. She tells you about this in this video.

Note that she said Saudi Arabia is trying to become a world power and that they are located between Asia, Africa, and Europe, which is exactly what made Babylon great. Gee, what a coincidence.

Then I found this video telling you that Honduras just jumped ship and is making buds with China and even turning on Taiwan. That is one more Latin American country joining the Eastern Alliance.

Note that the Chinese representative said that there are now 181 countries who have joined in "diplomatic relations" with China or are in the Eastern Alliance. There are only 195 nations so that only 14 are not in "diplomatic relations" with China.

Basically, she told you that China is buying the support of nations by bribing or buying their governments and then she gives you examples of China doing that, especially in Latin America, which I told you is ramping up for war with BRICS against the US.

Then she started telling you about China buying out other nations around the world. The greedy upper class trash oligarch royals used to own the world but China is buying it out from under them and the oligarchs are the ones who made China rich enough to stab them in their stupid backs. I told you China would destroy them, after she has gained control of everything and you just watch her do it. Just like I told you, the greedy idiots sold out everyone on the planet to China, including their stupid selves.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil." Decades ago, I realized that greed and a lust for power destroy common sense and I call the greedy upper class trash "greedy stupid" because their greed makes them stupid and they have now proved it.

Note that she tells you about China's tourism around the world.

Remember that I told you that, several decades ago, China stated that her long term plans are to conquer the world, kill off all non Chinese except for some slaves, and repopulate the planet with Chinese?

BTW, remember that I told you that China probably could not succeed at invading and conquering Taiwan and her best bet is to isolate Taiwan from everyone else and starve Taiwan into submission?

I think the West's globalism is dead. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and get right with God.

Man plans, God laughs.

Russia, China, and the rest of BRICS just made a number of really big moves.

Rome II is now imploding quickly because of the behavior of the royals and the royals are not changing their arrogant behavior.

Then I found this video proving that the upper class trash absolutely will not give up on destroying Putin and Russia and, if this continues, it will force Putin to invade Europe and the US and to destroy the leaders of both the US and UK to put a stop to this insanity. I am beginning to think that the British Royals have a death wish.

Note that he told you that Britain is backing this attempt to destroy Putin and Russia and you better bet Putin knows it.

BTW, have you noticed that the left has successfully distracted everyone away from Biden's crimes to look at other things?

I have not seen anything concerning Biden's crimes but we keep seeing new things to distract us.


This video tells you a number of things I have told you about over the last 20+ years concerning the military.

He starts out telling you about the US using a drone to conduct espionage for the Ukrainian War and how we sometimes tick off the other guys by doing things like Russia dumped fuel on our drone and then made damaging contact with it causing it to fall into the sea.

He also told you about a "hot line" between the Pentagon and Russian military for diffusing escalating situations between the two militaries and I have told you that hot line was used to prevent a nuclear war between the US and Soviet Union.

He tells you some of the military things that have been going on during the last 6+ years to give you a better understanding of how things work.

Then he told you that the drone mission was pretty much what I have told you about us gathering intel electronically with a variety of spy platforms for such things as communications, radar, and other electronic signals.

I love the judge's question about the drone being able to hear a radio conversation at just 25 to 50 thousand feet. We can hear those conversations and more with our satellites. You should see the crap we can do in electronic warfare.

I love the relaxed and professional attitude of Tony Shaffer and him not trying to scare you or sensationalize anything. "It is what it is."

Then they show you how dire a Ukrainian military official says it is in Ukraine and it is as bad as I have been telling you.

Then he told you what I told you about the puppet masters will get rid of and probably murder Zelensky because of everything they are doing is failing. They are trying to figure out who the upper class trash are going to replace Zelensky with. Hey, they can have Afghan Joe.

Then he told you that the upper class trash and their stupid puppets are trying to get the US into a war with Russia because dey tink dey can whups Russia because dey is such smarty pants. They are idiots.

They seem to be missing the point that the upper class trash running our Western governments want to destroy Russia to set up their global dictatorship, which explains everything they seem to be missing. Maybe they don't want to see it or say it.


This video shows that the US is probably trying to stage a coup in Israel just like they have staged in a number of other nations, especially since Obama was first elected.

And the West wonders why so many nations are leaving the West and joining the Eastern Alliance, after being regularly undermined, manipulated, and controlled by the West. Hey, the West has to have their global dictatorship over everyone else.

Keep an eye on it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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