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Space Aliens

I just found out that the left is calling demons "Earth Angles" and "Star Seeds". Guess who the space aliens are going to be.


I am so fed up with these war drum beating upper class trash lunatics that I think that everyone of them, like Lindsey Graham and Hannity, should be sent to liberate Bakhmut with BB guns and water balloons. They are just so eager that other Americans should go die fighting so they can make more money from the defense industry that I think they should lead by example.

Hey, if they want war so bad so they can make millions from the military industry, I think we should give them their war but they should lead the charge and start the fighting. There should be no more sending others to die fighting so you can make more money.

Can't you just see those brave talking, fierce warlords hiding in a trench in Bakhmut crying for mommy and wetting their pants?

Hey, you great war drum beating warriors can talk the talk when it is someone else's life on the line, let's see you walk the walk when it is your lives on the line. They are just tough talking greedy cowards.

Then you realize just how insanely stupid they are when you realize they are the same idiots who gave almost all of our munitions and many of our weapons to Ukraine, disarming the US and Europe, and they want to start a war with Russia?

Putin and his generals have to be laughing their butts off at our idiot leaders for wanting to start a war with Russia without bullets because our idiot leaders gave our bullets to Ukraine.

You think I am wrong about Putin taking all of Ukraine, when everyone else is saying he will only take the eastern half?

This video tells you he will take all of Ukraine. Note at the end that Putin said he will defend the Orthodox Church within Ukraine, which alone requires him to take control of all of Ukraine to protect all of that church.

When you put all of that together with everything else I have taught you, Putin is going to take Ukraine and, to end this insanity, he will also go to war against all of the West. He must or the insanity will continue and the left is proving that.

In this video he tells you details about how bad things are and are getting worse in Ukraine. They only have a few units of true Ukrainian fighting soldiers left and they have been pulled back to save for their final defense. As he said, everything they have left on the front lines is mostly cannon fodder or target practice for the Russians.

Then he tells you about the weaknesses for the US and the rest of the West, especially at the industrial level.

We learned in WWII and our idiot leaders have obviously forgotten that a nation's military might is determined by its industrial might and ability. Well, our greedy upper class trash have exported most of our industrial might to our enemy nations like China to increase their wealth with slave and low priced labor. Now those nations have most of our industrial might and guess how that is going to work out in this war, when they can make our weapons and use them against us without us having those weapons to fight them with.

And you think the greedy upper class trash are smarter than you? Really?

I told you their greed would come back to haunt them.

In this video Shaffer gives you a lot of great intel about the Ukrainian War and how and why things work the way they do. Like me, he tells you that war drum beating Lindsey Graham is an idiot.

He tells you what I told you about Putin using this current fighting to kill off most of the Ukrainian military so he can sweep through Ukraine.

Interestingly, he tells you that Afghan Joe is just a front man ("construct") being controlled by the Obama team. He is just a puppet and keep in mind that Obama answers to Soros, who answers to a British Lord, who answers to King Charles. Don't be surprised when Obama makes his move for power and it won't just be power and control over the US but power and control of a global government. He still believes he is the Muslim Mahdi and he is running out of time. Obama has to act soon.

He tells you how the CIA works and why and it should be obvious that the CIA should either get cleaned out or stop existing. They don't care about national security and only care about their own jobs at everyone else's expense.

Note that he also said something similar about the DOD, Department of Defense, which tells me that, since Carter, with maybe the exception of Reagan and Trump, they have not informed our presidents about at least all of our Black Close because Carter proved that not all presidents can be trusted with that level of information when he told people about stealth technology to get reelected, compromising our national security for his own sake, called treason.

From what I have seen since Jimmuh, that makes me feel better.

BTW, what Reagan did with "Star wars" tells me he wasn't briefed about our true star wars capabilities. I have believed that for years and Shaffer just confirmed it.

Wow, then he told you about his "Project Sentinel" and that is clearly the hand of God preparing us to build our new government to make it a better republic and undo the damage the left and right have done to our government over the last 200+ years. That is great news. God is clearly taking care of everything. Keep praying because it is working.

Remember that God showed me that He has an army of people who He is using to counter these criminals and build our new nation and God just let us know that Shaffer is one of the top ones.

This video channel is very helpful in knowing what Putin is doing to kill down the Ukrainian Army by paying attention to the number of killed troops and destroyed armored weapons such as armored vehicles, tanks, and artillery. He is killing at least 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers a day or more than 30,000 a month. What is left of the Ukrainian military won't last long at that rate and it is almost destroyed now.

He doesn't tell you but the "Russian attacks" that Ukraine repulses are just what we called probes telling us that Putin has his troops regularly probing different positions looking for weak places. You can bet Putin and his generals are mapping out those weak places and they regularly take advantage of them to make advances.

Keep an eye on the Russian encirclements or cauldrons that Putin is using to devastate the Ukrainian forces before he really begins an offensives and he is taking whatever time he needs.

He tells you that soon Russia is going to cut loose and things will change but it will take as long as Putin wants it to take. We have been waiting for that to happen for quite a while but I told you that Putin was not going to move as long as the idiots commanding the NATO/Ukraine troops keep sending their troops into the Russian cauldrons for Putin to easily destroy. He has already almost completely wiped out their munitions and many of their weapons systems such as air defenses and the West doesn't get it.

I just found out that, "as protection", the entire Ukrainian government data base is on a Microsoft server in the US so that, if Ukraine doesn't do what it is told to do by the US, the US can deny Ukraine access to their own government data base for running their government. Gee, what a coincidence.

In this video he finally states what I have been telling you for some time about Russia planning to cut off Kiev along with resupply and reinforcements from Poland but he seems to be seeing it being done in a move from the east to the west and not by troops cutting down from the north out of Belarus like I told you, which would cut off resupply and reinforcements faster, making the Ukrainian/NATO forces more vulnerable sooner.

He tells you what I have been telling you about the Western leaders being "delusional" and then explains why no single weapon is a "game changer".

Then he finally tells you that, if the West continues and, especially if they finally make significant penetration, Russia may attack into Europe, you know, into Poland and other countries like I have been telling you but he is still being conservative and not wanting to admit the West's unrelenting aggression against Putin will cause him to do preemptive strikes against the West just like Putin did into Ukraine, which will be devastating, which is probably why Macgregor is not wanting to admit the obvious.

He is correct in saying that Russia doesn't want a war with the West but I know Putin knows that he has to fight that war because he knows the West won't stop unless you kill them, where as Macgregor still believes that, if Putin takes Ukraine, the West will stop but they have proved they won't stop and Putin knows that. Macgregor is using wishful thinking about not having WWIII with Russia and the Eastern Alliance, while I am trying to get you to prepare for it just in case.

Then he tells you about the weakness of Europe, that Shultz could face a no confidence vote to remove him soon, Macron is doing a little better but not much and that Britain is "in chaos" so he believes that Europe has to bail soon, which is one reason Putin has been holding off on his offensive. Putin is hoping the German and French leaders grow a brain cell and cut out on the US and UK so Putin doesn't have to fight most of Europe.

He told us that Russia just captured a German made Leopard tank near Bakhmut that was manned almost entirely by Polish soldiers. Now Poland has even fewer soldiers to protect her nation and people.

Then I found this video that tells you at the very beginning that the West, to bluff and terrorize Putin, which won't work and will backfire, has "issued an arrest warrant for Putin", which will make it an absolute requirement for Putin to invade and kill the leaders for the West. They are idiots who clearly do not understand Putin because God has given all of those arrogant fools over to reprobate minds.

The arrogant fools just signed their own death warrants and forced Putin to fight them in WWIII, which the morons cannot win. A lot of people are about to die soon.

Other than that, there wasn't much action in Ukraine yesterday. Russia probably cut back on activities for regrouping, resupply, and planning.


I am hearing a number of different stories about the only US drone in the galaxy being brought down by evil Russian pilots while the drone was just out for a fun flight looking at cute birdies.

The US, who didn't have anyone other than the drone there to be witnesses said that the Russian pilot accidentally got too close to the drone, made contact with the drone, damaged the propeller, causing the drone to crash in the water.

Russia is saying that the drone maneuvered wildly to avoid the fighter planes, lost control, and ended up in the water, which is possible but not my first guess.

The truth is probably somewhere in between.

I think it was CBS that made a fairy tale video of what happened with the fighter planes flying under the drone to release fuel on the drone, which would have been really stupid because the fuel would drop down away from the drone and not fly up to it, and one of the fighter planes got too close, made contact damaging the propeller, and caused the drone to crash, which would have caused significant damage to the fighter plane.

I told you that the Russian jets would fly over and not under the drone to release fuel onto the drone and this video shows the jet flying over the drone and releasing jet fuel. Notice that the fuel blinded the drone so it couldn't see targets to provide intel for attacking those targets, which is an intelligent move to counter an act of war but there was a collision that caused damage to 2 of the 4 propellers. Remember that it was less than a year ago that such a drone provided Ukraine with targeting intel that made it possible for Ukraine to sink the Russian flag ship IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS.

Gee, I wonder why Russia would take down a US drone operating over those same international waters?

What really killed me was that NATO turned off the transponder for the drone so Russia couldn't tell it was there, while the drone was sending video signals back to the operator.

She tells you that NATO jets are involved in about 400 interceptions a year with Russian aircraft so they are making too much of a big deal out of the drone event just like they did with the spy balloon con, probably to keep you distracted from more important things going on within our corrupt government.

When those jets intercept each other, the encroaching planes have ECM recorders recording every signal of the enemy to provide them with intel. That has been going on since at least the 1950s. Big deal. Ignore the media fear mongering.

Note that what both military leaders said was just show boating and virtue signaling to their people and nations.

She does some pretty smart news reporting telling you why Russia wants to recover the US drone and she did very well; better than most liberal US journalists. She does tell you that the US said that they wiped out all intel that was gathered by the drone but "Russia wants to try its luck" or that the US may not have wiped out all of the intel.

Gee, I wonder why they wiped out all intel on the drone; you don't think they were targeting Russian forces again, do you, you know, another act of war against Russia?

Note that, if they see what the drone can and cannot do in relation to its flight path, they will have a good idea of what intel it had gathered. That should be common sense.

Russia will also study the drone to find ways to disable or bring down other such drones in the future.

Afghan Joe

Remember that I told you that they always have doubles for the top leaders like Hillary and Afghan Joe?

Mark sent me this link and, about a quarter of the way down the page is a side-by-side of two pictures that are only slightly but obviously different. Even the eyes are different colors.

That explains why he is sometimes incoherent and others times seems alright. Keep an eye on it because he may even have two doubles.


Remember that I have been telling you that Europe will jump ship on the US and UK concerning their globalist war to set up their globalist dictatorship?

This video tells you about a massive overturn in control of the Dutch government in a recent election caused by the people fighting back against their leftist controlled government.

These newly elected people will jump ship for their people instead of continuing to sell their people out for the upper class trash royals.

Italy recently did the same and Hungary and others preceded them.

Unfortunately, the next German election is in 2025 and the next French election is in 2027 but other smaller nations could have elections sooner and become part of their rebellion plus France and Germany are already showing signs of rebellion and you can bet the Dutch rebellion got their attention so keep an eye on it.

Everything Satan's left does is failing.

Man plans, God laughs.

Think about it; about 200 years ago the impoverished slaves rebelled against the oppressive royals and took off some of their heads, forcing the greedy, power mad royals to back off, giving the slaves their freedom. Today, the intellectually superior royals are trying to force their poverty and oppression back on the slaves so the slaves will "own nothing and be happy", while the royals own everything and live lives of luxury at the expense of the slaves and the slaves are rebelling again, proving that the slaves don't want to be oppressed and impoverished slaves for the royals and the royals don't get it. (Not too sharp are they?)

Maybe the slaves didn't take off enough royal heads and need to take off more royal heads now?

Israel End Time

Remember that I told you that God showed me in a dream that the Tribulation will begin sometime in 2025 (we still do not know the day or the hour) and end sometime in 2032?

This is an interesting video telling us that they plan to sacrifice the red heifers at the end of 2024 to purify the priests for the building of the Temple on the Temple Mount. Later in the video they started talking about sacrificing them during Passover but that would be in only about one year and not in 1.5 years.

Gee, what a coincidence. Things are coming together. The new Temple has to be built very soon.

BTW, this year will be 75 years since Israel became a nation again.

This video shows you something very interesting at about 3 minutes into it. That graph tells you that, under Obama and now under Obama's puppet, Afghan Joe, our government has been giving the terrorists in Israel $400 to over $800 million a year and he tells you that as that money increases, the terrorist attacks in Israel increases. Note that, under Trump, that amount of money our government was giving to terrorists dropped way down. Gee, what a coincidence.

You think Obama won't lead an army to invade Israel causing the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

I am waiting to see whether it will be the building of the Temple that will cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 or the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 that will cause the building of the Temple.


Remember that I have been warning you that our enemies are infiltrating agents/soldiers/terrorists into the US to fight us from within so you better secure your red zones?

This video tells you about that to some extent and you can bet those "got-aways" are probably mostly those people dodging our agents and they are pouring in across our borders at an increasing rate.

Do you realize that the reason why China made a deal with the cartels to help China invade the US is because the cartels know where our weak spots are for invading the US?

Notice that he said that Afghan Joe and his staff are intentionally letting our border to be out of control so the nations bribing them can get more of their people into this nation secretly. This is clearly a planned insurrection by the left and their owners.

Do you believe me yet that we need to stage a strategic retreat out of Europe to protect our own nation before it is too late?

Keep an eye on this.

Rome II

Remember that I have been telling you that we are in the death throes of a dying Rome II?

This video really shows you how bad it is and is quickly getting worse. It should be obvious that the lefty commie traitors have destroyed the Republic of the US, it just has not finished kicking yet.

We should not just give up everything to the lefties but we need to go into damage control to make it possible to regain control of our nations and build a new nation.

End Times

I have been teaching you about end times and I woke this morning to a realization that a really major end time revelation will soon happen that will absolutely prove the existence of Yahweh as a real, living being and not a myth or religion. He is reality.

Remember that, decades ago, I told you that God showed me in a dream that our cosmos is surrounded by a massive, spinning ring of water that makes up about 90% of the mass in our cosmos, which explains our background gravity being equally spread throughout our cosmos?

Mean while, the atheists were trying to explain that background gravity with "dark matter", which has been scientifically disproved, and "invisible matter", which has no scientific basis to it at all and the idea should be shelved with fairies riding unicorns over rainbows to provide that background gravity. I explained that in detail decades ago.

I told you that God created a super massive ball of water as His "clay" for building His cosmos and everything in it and that is what the Bible tells us when it says that God's spirit moved over the waters before it began teaching about God's creation. I even told you why God used water.

Basically, the evidence tells us that God started that ball of water spinning before He began creating everything else, which explains why all of our galaxies are spinning in the same direction. When God started that ball of water spinning, the centripetal force turned it into a massive spinning disc of water.

When God began the creation of Earth at the center of that spinning disc of water, at the point where he created our atmosphere for the planet, He created a hole in the center of that disc that caused the centripetal force to cause that water at the center to start moving towards the outside of that disc opening up the space for our cosmos so that all He had to do was grab tiny bits of that water as it moved away from Earth to make everything in our cosmos.

This morning I realized that science is about to discover that ring of spinning water because NASA keeps putting more and more powerful science instruments in orbit around Earth that can see further and further into space. They are only going to be able to see so far into space before they see the outer limits of our cosmos and that will be when they find the ring of water proving Yahweh is not a religion but is reality.

Let me give you a hypothetical example. Let's say we have a small village in a valley and the people worship or pay homage to a king they have never seen so it turns into a religion with fewer and fewer people believing the king exists. Then, one day, the king comes into that valley with his army proving he is real, he lives, he exists, and he is not a religion. He is reality.

In the Bible, God gave us signs or events that will happen just before He comes with His army of angels and other beings to provide us warning and proof of His existence and coming. Those things are happening at a rapidly increasing rate RIGHT NOW! Every day we get one day closer to the coming of that King, proving He is real, He lives, He exists, He is not a religion, and He is our ultimate King. Yahweh is reality and you not wanting to believe it is not going to keep it from happening. It just means you don't believe it...yet. Soon every knee shall bend before Him because EVERYONE will know He is our King. The King is coming. He said so.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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