I Told You So 548


Remember that I have been teaching you about countermeasures systems and espionage?

This video starts out by telling you about the Russians destroy 4 S-300 systems, a German system that was supposed to protect the S-300 systems, and a significant portion of upper level officers for the Ukrainian Marines.

The way it works is like this, Russia is using her satellites and other spy systems to keep a close eye on Ukrainian troop movements and positions, including fuel and munitions storage, which is why she is very capable of destroying munitions and fuel depots from a few hundred miles away. Russia knows their exact locations.

She saw the Ukrainians deploy the S-300 systems and the German unit to protect them and also move the Ukrainian Marine officers to some specific buildings. Russia launched drones to take out the S-300 systems and the German system that obviously did not work against Russian countermeasures, which is why it is super stupid for the West to send top weapons into the Ukraine War for Russia to study and develop countermeasures for. Then Russia used missiles to take out the Marine officers.

Also, I am pretty sure I told you about how Russia could develop a 2 to 3 sided cauldron to destroy troops in Kherson and along the river where she destroyed those Marine officers by positioning where she did.

You can see in that video where Russia is causing so much damage and death to the Ukrainians in so many areas. They are working on destroying enough troops to break through the lines.

Remember that I told you that the lying lefty media were telling us that Ukraine had 300,000 troops for an offensive, then they dropped it down to 200,000, and I was seeing intel that it was really 80,000 about a month ago and more recently it was only 60,000?

This video tells you towards the end that inside sources are saying Ukraine has an offensive force of 48,000 troops for now. By the time they start their "offensive" it could be 20 or 30 thousand or less.

The lefty media have not told you anything that was true about the Ukrainian War, have they? Do you believe me yet that you can't believe a thing they say about anything?

Then he tells you what I have been telling you about Russia building up her troops while destroying Ukraine's troops.

I just found this brief video that tells us that Putin has unleashed his Tu-95 bombers, missiles, and drones on Kyiv and other cities. Those bombers are similar to our B-52 bombers so it should tell you that the Russian offensive is underway, at least the bombardment portion.

Putin is attacking an area from Kyiv, through central Ukraine (not the east), to the south, where Ukraine has a lot of her reserve forces, munitions, and weapons, you know, Ukraine's offensive forces.

Then I found out that the Ukrainians are saying that they have evacuated their best and most experienced soldiers out of Bakhmut and they have only left behind a rear guard, which means they probably won't be able to hold Bakhmut until May 9, which was their goal.

BTW, that May 9 goal tells me that is probably at least close to when Ukraine is planning to stage her "offensive", you know, to distract from losing Bakhmut.

The left is starting to admit that Ukraine cannot defeat Russia just like I have been telling you for almost a year. They are trying to change boats in the middle of a river in the rapids to save face, hoping everyone will forget all of their lies.

I found out that Putin and his people are so angry at the US and UK that he is planning complete destruction of the Ukrainian forces and their leaders Putin can get his hands on, which will make the CIA, upper class trash royals, NATO, EU, US, and UK look extremely bad, which is why they are trying to distract you from them utterly failing in Ukraine with wars in China, Iran, North Korea, and Sudan.

Question: Did the upper class trash royals start the fighting in Sudan as a distraction from Ukraine losing the war?


Remember that I have been teaching you that the people on the left pretending to be journalists either say what their bosses tell them to say or their lefty bosses will fire them?

Fox just proved that to be true because Tucker was the highest rated person on cable TV making his company more money than anyone else on cable TV and Murdock fired him because Murdock didn't like the truths Tucker was telling, costing Fox TV more than one billion dollars.

THAT is why the lefty media keep lying to you because they either tell the lies they are told to tell by the upper class trash or get a job at MacDonald's. They just proved me right.

You cannot blindly believe anything you see in the lefty media, which is why I don't waste my time watching TV.

I just saw a headline saying that, "The press is in Biden's pocket" and it could not be more wrong. This is where everyone is getting it wrong and why the upper class trash use our corrupt politicians as fronts to hide behind in doing their evil.

It is not that the press is in Biden's pocket but that they are owned and in the pocket of the same upper class trash that own Biden so they are all in the same upper class trash pockets.

If you people get mad enough to start taking off heads, the upper class trash want you to take off the heads of their puppets and not the upper class trash heads. That is why the upper class trash royals have been using front men (and women) since Bastille, when the French people took off royal heads. The greedy and power mad upper class trash are cowards.


In "I Told You So 546", under the heading, "Realizations", I told you that, as I played games showing the pomp of rich, ancient Egyptian and Greek upper class trash royals:

"I have not had access to the Internet for more than a week, so about a week ago, I started playing a really old video game I have not played in probably at least a decade. It has an ancient Egyptian theme to it so there were images of Egyptian royalty and their pomp everywhere and God kept making me notice that all of those great Egyptian rulers, who used the people to make those grand monuments to themselves to appease their pathetic egos, are right now burning in Hell, NONE of that grandeur means anything to them and it will be all destroyed on Judgment Day. It was all for nothing but their vanity to try to get people to remember them forever.

The irony is that, until the archaeologists started digging up their royal graves, everyone had already forgotten about all of them because fame is a lie just like God taught me before I graduated from high school.

Then I played another game I have not played for at least a decade that showed the pomp, wealth, and obsession with sex that the Greek royals had, knowing that almost all of them have been burning in Hell for thousands of years.

If you study true history and archaeology and not the bull crap they teach about how wonderful the royals have been, you realize that these evil spawn of Satan are brutal savages. Just think about it, for thousands of years the royals have been about 2% to 3% of the population and have controlled better than 95% of the wealth, while better than 97% of the people have had to share less than 5% of the wealth and the royals are so evil that all they can spend most of their time doing is figuring out how they can steal what little wealth the rest of the people have so the Royals can have more wealth and luxury at your expense.

People, preying on people that are poor is not a good thing and Jesus warned the royals that the poor are special to Him."

Mark sent me a link to this video showing just how true that really is. Those greedy, power mad rulers left everything they had and stole from the people behind, INCLUDING THEIR BODIES, that you can see in the video. The only things they took with them to Hell were their souls to burn forever.

Do you really think that all of that pomp and wealth means anything to them after them burning in Hell for almost 3,500 years?

Then he took you to see the once great palace of Amenhotep II in Avaris, Egypt and it is just ruins beneath a farmer's field. He and everything "great" he had, including his great palace, was brought down by God to ruin just like the upper class trash royals today and everything they have will be brought down to ruin by God by 2033.

Then he showed you the magnificent pomp of Ramses II, who is also burning in Hell.

Remember that I taught you that these people were all members of the ancient international royal family, who are related to today's greedy, power mad royals, and who will end up the same way for the same reasons. Remember that, during the "Golden Age", when all of the rulers throughout that area married each others' daughters, including King Solomon of the Bible, with his 300 wives, who were all princesses, and they are the ancestors to today's royals?

Look at today's royals, who have not learned a thing from history, and see all of their wealth and pomp just like their ancient ancestors and by 2033, that will all be ruin and rubble with them burning in Hell with their ancestors, which is why God gave me those dates as a warning to today's royals and their supporters. NONE of their wealth, pomp, and ancestry will matter to anyone in just 10 years so "it is all in vein".

Their great empire is right now falling just like every great empire run by their ancestors before them because they refuse to learn from history because of their insane greed and lust for power. Soon their bodies and palaces will be rotting in the ground and they will be burning in Hell just like almost every royal before them, just like Jesus said about the rich.

Remember when looking at those bodies of Pharaohs, those are the bodies of the rulers who were, at their time, the richest and most powerful people in the history of the world. All of that wealth and power is not doing them any good, any more good than wealth and power will do anyone today.

And God said, "Nothing is new under the sun."

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

The Bible tells us that, on Judgment Day, God will destroy the entire planet and make a new planet so everything on Earth that people lie, murder, steal, and commit other crimes for will perish forever.

Are you going to choose for your soul to perish forever for things that you will only have for a little while on Earth and then will also perish forever?

God is having me warn everyone that, except for the few who have chosen good over evil, you know, salvation through Jesus, all of the royals will be burning in Hell by 2033.

The only thing that will matter to you after Judgment Day will be your soul and its eternal destiny, Paradise or Hell, and you get to choose between good and evil and God and Satan. Choose wisely because it will be an eternal choice.

Is all of the temporary junk in this solar system worth as much as your eternal soul?

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

Mark, thanks for the link.


I see shadows moving in the background telling me that it looks like China may have made a deal to bail out Pakistan in their financial crisis on condition that Pakistan starts a war with India to tie down Indian troops to help China fight a war with India to free up enough of China's troops to invade Taiwan.

China is trying and failing to make a deal with India right now to keep India from going to war against China when China tries to invade Taiwan.

Remember that I warned you years ago that China was working on spreading out the US troops so China and her allies could defeat our troops?

Right now, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea are ramping up to fight the US and UK with most of the West trying to bail out on us.

Remember that I warned you about Chinese nationals immigrating illegally into the US just when the US and China are ramping up for a war?

Gee, what a magic coincidence.

This video shows groups of just Chinese citizens sneaking into the US.

Don't you find it interesting that the Chinese illegal aliens are not individuals mixed in with people from other nations and that they are in large groups of just Chinese with them all military age with no children? Gee, you don't think this is a Chinese military invasion, do you?

It sure looks like one. It looks like they were all brought as a group directly from China, with big groups of hundreds of them all entering in the same place at the same time with no one from other nations. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

And, hey, the cop out or excuse is really great; just blame COVID.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you since early in the fakedemic that the government, media, and others were lying to you?

This video shows that was very true, especially the government and media.

Gee, I wonder if they were taking bribes from certain companies making and selling the wonder junk that didn't work?

I want to see their offshore bank accounts they use for taking bribes; that will tell the story.

Know that these criminals killed people and are still killing people for money because people are still dying from the vaccines.

The Dollar

This is a really good video because it shows just how extreme and deceptive most of the media are. They keep trying to make it look like the US dollar is already dead and the Yuan is right now replacing it as the number one currency, which is obviously far from the truth.

Yes, the US is falling but still has not hit bottom yet. We still have time to make the right moves but every day, we have one less day to make those moves.

You still can't believe a thing the media are telling you.

She also shows you that India is making big ground in rising to the top. She still has quite a ways to go but is making the right moves to get there.

I quit watching when she started talking about black holes about 5 minutes into that long video.

Trade Route

Remember that I taught you that Babylon became so wealthy because it was on a trade route between Western Asia and North Africa and Babylon was deserted because the Muslims conquered and destroyed the North African civilizations, carrying many of the people off into slavery, about 1,000 years ago so the Asians began trading with Europe, which caused the trade route to move north to Baghdad and people left Babylon to move to Baghdad, where business moved to?

This video provides proof of this when they found a small statue of Buddha in Egypt that is about 2,000 years old.

This proves what I told you about Babylon never being conquered and destroyed, she was just abandoned and covered with sand when the trade route moved north to Baghdad about 1,000 years ago because the Muslims destroyed the prosperous civilizations in North Africa, shifting the trade north to Europe.

He even tells you that goods were moved from the "East" across the desert to the Nile River, which meant they traveled through Babylon.

Until the Muslims destroyed the North African civilization in about 1,000 AD, the biggest east/west trade was between North African (part of Rome) and the Persia/India area. The North African civilization was a very important and prosperous civilization for about 3,000+ years and part of the Roman Empire for about 1,200+ years until the Muslims destroyed it. Most people don't know that.


First, Mark and I have been discussing that the lefties, including the royals, act like 2 to 5 year olds and they are proving that right now.

Look at all of the pomp and flash they wear in public just like little children playing dess up. They look like 5 year olds putting on everything they can to get attention and make themselves look superior and special. They look like they never matured past 5 years old. I am glad I am not a royal.

Also, I am looking for confirmation that Obama turned down an invitation to Charles' coronation, which will say something about him not acknowledging the rule of the other royals over him while Obama is clearly using Afghan Joe as his puppet to run the US.

Obama could be behind Afghan Joe also turning down an invitation to the coronation.

Personally, I only keep a distant eye on this royal crap to know what is going on because I have studied too much about them, their ancestors, and their elitist beliefs to have respect for more than the few good ones. Their inflated egos are bigger than their inbred brains.

Chemical Industry

Remember that I have been warning you about the corruption of the chemical industry?

This video shows you how it works and this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. It is much worse than they show you.

The chemical industry is easily one of the most corrupt and greedy industries in the world and getting worse quickly.

One other example is that they bought out the IUD businesses that made the best birth control in the world that was the only one rated at 100% effective with no known harm or medical problems and started making a chemical based IUD that causes massive harm to users including death.

They were not making money from the harmless and very effective small metal IUDs that were taking a big bite out of the chemical companies' birth control industry so they got rid of the small metal device and replaced it with a chemical device that is very deadly.

They also bribed politicians to pass laws forbidding women from getting their tubes tied until they were a certain age and/or had a minimum number of children so those women would be forced to use the chemical companies' birth control pills longer.

I have told you other things in the past where the chemical companies were doing things to make money that were based on lies and misinformation, usually causing harm to people and the environment. It is all about the chemical companies making big money at everyone else's expense. In my opinion, they are horrid monsters that will burn in Hell.

When I look at the corruption of all of the major businesses, I realize that God caused me to be so ill but stay alive to keep me out of that horrid corruption with my M.B.A.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to tall evil."

Then they started talking about the left passing laws so they can legally rape, molest, and sexually abuse your children, you know, like those homosexuals who wanted to have sex with the two angels in Sodom and Gomorrah. These evil monsters are making it legal to sexually prey on children.

I can't wait for Judgment Day.

Greatest Threat to US

Remember that I have been telling you that the greatest threat to the US is not China but is the lefty upper class trash and their supporters?

At 4 minutes into this video he tells you that the lefty upper class trash are also communists and they are a big part of the threat to the US, just like I have been telling you. They are the greatest threat to the US because they have done and can do far more damage from within than any threat from without.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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