I Told You So 549


Remember that I have been teaching you that the upper class trash and their idiot puppets are really inbred stupid?

It seems that Poland has seized the school for the children of Russian diplomats and military officers in Poland, claiming Russia had it illegally, you know, Russia seized it decades ago and Poland just found out about it.

Most likely, the Polish leaders are stupid enough to take bribes to start a war with Russia, with Poland being the main battlefield, while being promised that NATO, you know, the US and UK, would defend them, so the upper class trash royals can fight a war with Russia to get Russia out of their way to set up their evil global dictatorship.

So what if all of the Polish people get killed off in the war the way the people are being killed off in Ukraine, the corrupt Polish politicians can always run away to live lives of luxury in the UK or US.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash royal idiots are going to force Putin to invade the US and Europe, you know, while we are also being invaded by China, North Korea, Africa, and Latin America and the US only has a one front military with only one month of munitions and with Europe not having enough combined military to fight off an invasion by a group of nuns?

Talk about power mad, reprobate minds!

With everything else they are doing failing, the idiots want to start a war with BRICS?

The first thing I expect Putin to do is seize everything that is Polish that is in Russia, he has also threatened to kill all Polish mercenaries in Ukraine and, if Poland persists, Putin will invade Poland as a last resort, you know, like he did with Ukraine.

Then I found this video "of a strange object falling from the sky in North Poland" outside of a big city.

My guess is that Putin had an unarmed missile fired into an uninhabited area just outside of a Polish city as a warning to Poland to back off. The next one will have an active warhead.

Keep an eye on this.

Rome II

Remember that I have been telling you that the West or Rome II is falling right now?

This video tells you more about that and he even says, "NATO is on the skids" and she says that Macron is trying to step away from US foreign policy. The Western upper class trash royals are only going to fail so much before the rest of the nations flee to BRICS for safety and to save their butts.

As more and more of the truth comes out about the things they started out talking about, fewer and fewer nations will want to be part of this insanity. The upper class trash royals and their puppets are destroying the West and themselves and more people are waking up to it.

He tells you that it is the globalists who have caused this mess and he feels that these globalist governments are going to collapse or fall. Just like I have been telling you for several decades now, these globalists are not going to be the one world government and one world church of the soon coming Tribulation, I don't care what their power mad aspirations are.

Towards the end he very effectively describes the upper class trash royals and their goals with their simplified goal being they get to have absolute rule over everyone and get to steal everything from everyone so that "you will own nothing" because they will own it all.

The upper class trash royals have always caused better than 90% of the problems we humans cause and are still doing it today because of their geed and lust for power. They have been doing this for thousands of years and refuse to stop. The only thing that ever stops them is their death.

Command and Control

Remember that I have taught you that, when you go to war with someone, you always kill from the top down. The military calls this taking out command and control to create disorganization and chaos.

This video shows you that Putin understands this very well and keeps doing it to Ukraine. Believe me, if Putin could get to and kill Zelensky, he would. Hey, when he invades the UK, he will get his chance.

Putin and his people are trying to avoid war with the West but know they must take out the ultimate leaders or the Western upper class trash royals making these decisions for their puppets to follow.


Remember that I have told you that China is trying to set it up so India will not invade China when China goes into Taiwan because India and Taiwan have a mutual defense treaty so that, if one of them is attacked by China, the other must attack China?

I already told you about what China is trying to do with both Pakistan and India to decrease the number of troops India will attack China with.

This video shows that China has increased her fleet in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of India, which will decrease the number of ships she will be able to use in a war in the South and West Pacific against Taiwan, the US, Japan, and others just like I told you would happen.

China is being forced to spread her forces out more and keep them spread out to invade Taiwan so Taiwan will not face the full force of the Chinese military, probably not even 1/3 of it and China knows she cannot win that fight.

Do you believe me yet?

China is being overestimated and Taiwan is being underestimated. Taiwan has as many allies as China has enemies.

Upper Class Trash Royals

Remember that I keep warning you about the upper class trash royals working together to set up their global dictatorship? Remember that I told you that Klaus Schwab's father is a member of the German Royal Family and was a member of the German Nazi Party during WWII?

This video shows you some of how they are taking over Western governments to use those governments to set up their evil global dictatorship.

You can bet that all of those people the WEF is putting into power are members of the tens of millions of European royals being brainwashed to help set up their global monarchy to rule their planet and murder off most of you.

Do you get the picture yet?

Right now people are "being encouraged" or pressured to swear an oath of loyalty to King Charles.

Hold it, I thought Britain was a democracy and not a monarchy? Why would the people in a democracy be "encouraged" to swear an oath of allegiance to a monarch? You don't think the British Royal Family is about to come out of ye ole closet to set up their global dictatorship and they want to people supporting them, do you?

One thing I am watching is whether the British Royals have destroyed Britain to get the people to turn from being ruled by a fake democracy that has failed them to being back under the monarchy because their fake democracy has failed and you just know the King will save them.

When you watch the Common Wealth people's obsession with the British Royal Family, that is very likely to happen.

Is that also why the upper class trash royals in the US are destroying the US, so King Charles can save them?


The Pope has told Hungary that they should open their doors to migrants.

Maybe the Pope should be more concerned about the countries those people are fleeing from should change so their people don't feel a need to flee those countries? What about the people who are still in those countries; doesn't the Pope care about them?


Remember that I have told you that the upper class trash will get rid of Zelensky when he no longer serves their purpose?

I just heard that they are now expecting Zelensky to be removed or retired within the next year but that will probably happen when Putin finishes off Ukraine.

Assuming Russia does not eliminate Zelensky during this war, another thing to keep an eye on would be for Russia to wait until he has retired to some mansion somewhere and then take him out.

God's Will

I am not exactly sure where God is going with the Russia, Ukraine, China, and Western conflicts except to destroy the WEF efforts of setting up their Western based global dictatorship but I do know that God has shown me that Obama will seize control of the US to invade Israel to prove he is the Mahdi of Islam to get 1.4 billion Muslims behind him to conquer the world and set up his Muslim dictatorship that the Western upper class trash royals are currently failing at do with their Western based WEF program AND because they are failing at it, lead an army composed of armies from the nations listed in the Bible plus the US for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, cause and lose the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, Israel will take everything from the Euphrates River south to the Nile River and to the Indian Ocean (I don't know how much of the Arabian Peninsula she will take to the east), splitting the Muslim nations in half, the Muslim nations will form the last Caliphate with 5 leaders from the Muslim nations west of Israel and 5 leaders from the Muslim nations east of Israel just as prophesied by Nebuchadnezzar, and start quickly building Mystery Babylon, and a few years later, the Tribulation will begin.

I need a few more dots to connect.

I think the Ukraine War and potential Chinese war causing the West to fail and implode will force some of the royals to form an alliance with the Muslims to build Mystery Babylon as their global capitol because their Western efforts will have completely failed and they will see this as their only way to get their global dictatorship one way or another. When the royals get desperate enough, they will be willing to share that power with the Muslim leaders.

They are already starting to bail out on the Western effort at setting up their global dictatorship but don't expect all of the royals to completely give up on their global dictatorship because of that. They will just regroup, reorganize, and try to do it as part of the Muslim Caliphate, which will make them the iron mixed with the Muslim clay of Nebuchadnezzar's feet for his image in his dream.

Will Russia and Africa invade and conquer Europe?

Maybe and that may be what causes some of the royals to flee to Iraq to build Mystery Babylon and set up the last Muslim Caliphate.

Will China and Latin America invade and destroy the US?

Yes, God has shown me that but they will fail at conquering and holding all of the US so the people will be able to rebuild most of the nation and annex some of those nations in the Americas and Caribbean into the new nation with China probably getting her butt handed to her. I think that the conservative people getting most of the US and other American nations back will cause at least some of the lefty upper class trash to flee to Iraq and join the Muslim Caliphate to continue to try to set up a global dictatorship.

I believe that most of the lefty upper class trash in the Americas will flee to Iraq because the conservatives are watching and know who they are so the conservatives will hunt them down and kill them, if they remain on American soil.

Every day we get one day closer.


One thing I am seeing Putin do is significantly destroy the Ukrainian "offensive troops" and their weapons, munitions, and fuel while they are moving them into the area to weaken those forces and diminish any effects of their offensive, maybe even prevent it.

In just one missile attack at just one location Putin destroyed 1,000 troops, 200 tons of munitions, and a significant number of officers with no troop loses for Russia.

What do the Western idiots expect?

They tell everyone that they are about to stage an offensive so all Putin has to do is watch the major roads and rail lines leading to the front lines with his satellites to see when and where those resources are congregating for dispersal and blow them up.

When I was in the service during Nam, things like offenses and troop movements were classified and you didn't even tell your wife because that is very valuable intel for attacking your troops. You definitely didn't tell the entire planet.

I think their offensive is already a dud.

Macgregor tells you about some of this in this video.

He tells you like I have been telling you for months that the Russian intelligence is "excellent" because they know exactly where the command headquarters are. Remember that Putin was in the KGB during the Soviet Union and he knows intelligence.

Macgregor tells you what I told you about the people getting fed up and it is increasingly probable that the people will stage another Bastille in some countries, killing at least some of their leaders to get rid of them.

He also shows that many of our "leaders" are just puppets that were groomed and made into leaders by the upper class trash until they are no longer needed and then they will be gotten rid of. They are just disposable front men and women who can be dumped when they are no longer needed.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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